it's nice that they have a pool

Autistics in water are the best.

Seriously, I love water. Do any other autistics get this? Where you can just really relax in the water, feeling your hair flow in the water(if it’s long), running your fingers through the water, making waves and little showers. It feels amazing! Especially having your ears submerged, not hearing any of the other sounds in the area.

Man Face Monday - The Face That Launched 100 Eps Edition

Survived Thanksgiving. Had all kinds of good pie. Hope you had a great week last week. Now, we have 99+1 reasons to be thankful as we (finally) approach the much-anticipated episode this week. I am very happy to be here and to be able to share my little flights of face (and other attributes) fancy with you. 

I’ve decided to revisit some early Oliver this week. What a handful he was, right? Let’s  just jump into those blue pools and recall what a self-loathing bag of trouble this pretty dude used to be. But holy cabooses, such a gorgeous face. 

So dark and broody. This picture is less intense, so you can recover from the last one. 

So many moods. So much pretty. 

Super hot and heroic. Even when his makeup got smudgy. Where did he buy all that goop anyway?

An achingly beautiful face. It has seen so much tragedy and looked in the face of much love. 

To close, just a bit closer up so we can worship those pillow mountains. They give us so much. 

I hope that you have a great week ahead. I’ll be watching and rooting for our guy. Rooting for the Arrow. Rooting for Oliver Queen.  

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Summer Bucketlist

1.       Have a nice picnic at the park with cheese and crackers, hummus, veggie sticks, grapes, apples, strawberries, wine etc….

2.       Have a camping trip with all my friends and toast marshmallows, sing songs, dance around and tell secrets.

3.       Visit a local castle and learn about its history

4.       Go swimming at the pool

5.       Stargaze and look for constellations and shooting stars

6.       Visit a local museum- gem rock

7.       Go ice skating and skate without holding onto the sides

8.       Kiss someone I just met

9.       Play spin the bottle

10.   Climb a tree

11.   Go to the zoo

12.   Go berry picking

13.   Do a body shot/ have someone do a body shot off of me

14.   Go golfing

15.   Build a really cool sandcastle with a moat and decorate with stuff I find on the beach

16.   Swim in the sea

17.   Collect unique sea shells and sea glass on the beach

18.   Go skinny dipping with a bunch of friends on the beach at midnight

19.   Press over 10 different flowers

20.   Go on a nice bike ride somewhere and take in the surroundings

21.   Find a four leaf clover

22.   Read 20+ books

23.   Draw/paint/create 10 different things from scratch

24.   Learn how to say the alphabet backwards

25.   Carve my name into a tree

26.   24 hour silence

27.   Learn the name of every bone in the body

28.   Learn a really cool magic trick

29.   Do a jigsaw

30.   Go the entire day blindfolded

31.   Memorize 5+ of my favourite poems

32.   Learn how to play a song on the harmonica

33.   Learn how to juggle

34.   Make ice cream floats

35.   Get a piercing

36.   Release a sky lantern

37.   Beat a world record

38.   Learn how to blow smoke rings

39.   Learn to knit and make something

40.   Drink the milk straight from a coconut

41.   Make my own ice cream/ice lollies/snow cones

42.   Have a giant water fight with water balloons, water guns, buckets of water etc…

43.   Go out barefoot more

44.   Try a new food in a restaurant

45.   Learn to cook 10 new things and write down the recipes

46.   Take more pictures and get them printed out before I go back to university

47.   Plant some of my favourite flowers in the garden and water them every day

48.   Run through long grass barefoot in a floaty dress and flowers in my hair

A/N: Here’s another trans!Alex fic! It’s summer, I thought it was only necessary to write a pool-side story. Also, this releases some of my own binder woes (I haven’t gone swimming since the beginning of summer vacation RIP). Anyway, I hope y’all enjoy! (By the way, the fic is 1,619 words so I put it under a read more.) (Requests are open; send me a prompt and I’ll see if I can write it!)

Alexander was sitting on his bed, gripping the edge with shaking arms. His entire body was tense and despite sitting in the nice air conditioning of the house on top of his cool blue sheets, he was already sweating. It might have been because it was summer and his hair was down. Or it might have been because he was so nervous.

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anonymous asked:

srry im bad at this but in ur post when u mentioned the poetry references/allusions, what are u talking about?? are there master posts or any users that i could read into to learn about this (or could u tell me real quick if its not too many) im not v goo at navigating thru the skam fandom yet but it's all so nice and amazing i wanna know all about it


well theres the romeo and juliet references, the talk show host scene, the kissing underwater scene, the 21:21 church scene: this

The isak being reborn or ‘baptized’ and accepting himself during the pool scene:

“so people have pointed out that isak was born at 21:21 and genesis 21 is called the birth of isaac, and that the pool scene from the 21:21 clip in which isak and even first get together symbolizes baptism, which in turn symbolizes rebirth, as isak starts the process of accepting himself.the o helga natt clip also follows the birth/rebirth theme. it starts at a christmas concert - christmas celebrates the birth of jesus. it’s raining, so the water motif representing baptism is back. when isak storms out, the flashbacks play in reversed chronological order, like a rewind of his history with even, up until 21:21 when isak finds even where they first met and they get to start again from the beginning. “

I have this and this masterpost though if you wanna see everything, it pretty much covered everything

Do you see what I have done
to escape the lust of men?
I have become solid, with an armor of rock, 
the cracks in my skin are pooling

Goddess of prophetic dreams,
yet I did not dream my fate,
the stars did not show feathers, nor sand, 
only sisters birthing twins with my aid

I carry the weight of my island 
like a ball and chain, 
my escape, my punishment, my earthly tether,
trapped in the sea, drowning

Do you see what I have done
to deny the God of the Sky,
and the God of the Sea?
death is more desirable than these stars

I am Asteria, 

I am Delos,

I am many things,
but I did not
fall prey to him

no, never,
no, never,
no, never

—  Asteria // SN
Closed RP - with darlingmistress.

Kylie sighed, looking around her now empty room. They’d taken most of her things that morning, to be brought to the new house she and her arranged bride would occupy. It was a nice house, she’d snuck a look at the plans. Large, with a pool, gardens, everything. And of course: nurseries. She didn’t entirely hate Thera herself, she hated that they would be forced together. She shouldn’t have expected any better though, that’s what rich girls were for, after all.

They were brought up and sold- sorry, married- off to another rich family, creating ties and future heirs. But Kylie had been one of the many girls who had hoped their future spouse would be someone they were in love with, or their soul mate or something. Thera had certainly not been any of that for Kylie. Although, she should have felt lucky. Most of the girls she knew had been married off to guys or women, who she’d heard had been less than kind to them. Kylie had heard enough horror stories to never want to come near her wife alone, especially as she had a good half a foot on her at the least. 

Finally the servants came to tell her it was time to go. She’d been dressed in a white, simple dress, as was tradition, even though they’d been married earlier. All the way there in the car Kylie fidgeted with the dress, hating it entirely. She’d never liked dresses. Eventually they reached the house and Kylie was shown inside and left alone to wait for Thera, who apparently wasn’t there yet. Sighing, Kylie wandered to the kitchen, spotting the bottle of mead on the table with two glasses. Mead, to warm the blood. Also tradition.


when people are like ‘well, I went to SeaWorld and nothing looked wrong to me, you just have to go for yourself’ like ??? like of course seaworld are going to make sure they look nice, public image is important, what were you expecting?

a tour round the park like 'ah yes, this is the pool where we drill into the broken teeth of our animals for fun and if you look over there, one of our animals has chewed the corner of the stage off and over there is a mother and calf being separated because we said so. Don’t all the whale look sad? We feed on Shamu’s tears and broken dreams.’

「2PM's Private Photo Book "Making Photo from Phuket"」 Junho's Q&A

JP > ENG: jngwyng | TH > ENG: charunsap | Read the other members’ Q&As here and here!

1. Thoughts about Seasons Greeting 2015’s shooting
- It was great that I was able to have a shooting in such a wonderful place with the members and I was also able to relax. Even though it was my first time to go to Phuket, I had fun because the weather was nice and the sceneries were beautiful. I want to go there again!

2. It was hot during the shooting in Phuket. Do you have a high tolerance for heat?
- I’m weak against the heat so during breaks, I get into the pool. When I was a child, I took swimming lessons because my dream was to be a swimmer! And I overcame heat by drinking Thailand’s watermelon juice!

3. For 2014, you had shooting in Germany. How is it different from this year’s?
- Germany has its own atmosphere. This time, the shooting was in Nichkhun’s hometown. All of the members had a lot of fun. Also, the food was really delicious.

4. Compare to 2014, which part of yourself do you think that developed?
- There was a lot of things that happened last year. I filmed 2 movies and accomplished having the final concert of FEEL tour in Budokan. (During this tour, the fans also celebrated the 1st anniversary of my solo debut.) I think it was the brightest moment of my life so far. There will be many different things after this but I won’t forget that moment. But I promise, 2015 will be so much better.

5. What necessity do you bring from Korea whenever you visit Thailand?
- Readiness (laughs) I went prepared to eat all of the food in Thailand.

6. Your own special way to relax?
- Sleeping. When I can’t sleep, I massage myself. Massage can cure your fatigue. Massaging your feet, hands and temples feels really good.

7. Best memory in Thailand?
- I had so much fun strolling around the resort!

8. Difference between Thailand and Korea?
- I think the weather is the biggest difference. There’s a lot of tropical plants and more than anything else, I like places rich in delicious fruits!

9. What’s your favorite word in Thai or the word that you usually use?
- Tang-Mo-Pan – watermelon juice

10. Meat-eater or vegetarian?
- Both. But if I were to choose, I think I would be a vegetarian? I like salad without the Caesar salad dressing.

11. Most unforgettable trip?
- Okinawa! I want to go there again. Please! I want to do a concert tour in Okinawa!

12. In private, which member are you going to go with if you plan a trip to Thailand?
- All members! I want to go with everyone! 2PM members are so funny that no one can relax if we are all together!

13. How was the MV filming of the song “365” that you composed?
- I’m happy that we were able to film the video in a very nice place. From now on too, I’ll write good songs and I want to film it again even in another place!