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On Powerful Wings

So… I’ve wanted to write a Wings AU since i’ve been seeing all these beautiful drawings of the sides with wings (i’m looking at you @randomslasher and @artistwave!! Everyone else also go look at them. I am. They are sooo talented oh my gosh.) I was stuck on what to write about for a long long time until it hit me to try and write wings that weren’t bird wings. So… this is what came of that. Also, everyone thank @didsomeonesayprince if you like this nonsense.

Another Polysanders. Apparently it’s my thing now.

Wing AU!!!!!

Logan groaned as he sat up in his bed. He wasn’t exactly looking forward to today. One of his boyfriends was dragging the rest of them to a party. They had all been dating for a long while now, but they only had been living together for a short time. He was in his own room, they agreed it would be nice for each of them to have their own space, even if a good portion of the time they tended to fall asleep in each other’s beds anyway. As he swung his legs over the edge he began to stretch. His wings unfolded out from behind him as he let them get some air. One of the problems with wings was definitely waking up in the morning and finding you had slept on one of them weird.

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Before I Loved You || Peter Parker x Reader [Part 1]

Request: “Reader has been friends with Peter since before his parents died, making them childhood friends. She’s loved him for as long as she can remember and has always been there for him through thick and thin. But he starts to become distant with the whole hero thing, making her feel like she isn’t worth it anymore to him. After she sees him and Liz kiss at homecoming, she moves on to date someone but doesn’t realize Peter was actually going to tell her his secrets and ask her out.” -By Tumblr Anon

Title: Before I Loved You
Pairing: Peter Parker x (f)Reader!
Word Count: 2k+
Warning: Fluff, language, shy-stammering/blushing Peter Parker. Slight se.xual situations/dialogue. Angst? Future Homecoming Spoilers.
A/N: Reposting/Plagiarizing is not appreciated, reblog is fine. Wow I posted finally~ I really hope it came out I didn’t edit this one much. Thank you for reading ♡

This may become a 3-4 part series because it is pretty long, and I don’t usually go over 3k words with oneshots.

The day you and Peter met, all started down by the lazy river at the waterpark; a school field trip provided by Midtowns elementary and middle schools. He was the first to come up to you complimenting your Captain America hat, which lead onto a fangirling conversation between you.

“She your little girlfriend now? Look at this~ Puny Parker’s got a girlfriend!” Your moment was ruined though, of course, when some older kid came from behind Peter, just pushing him around, then flicking your hat off into the water“That’s enough!

When you had, had enough you pushed them into the pools river, satisfied they couldn’t get out because of the pools flow. After that, you had offered Peter your favorite gummy eraser of Iron Man to help cheer him up. And from then on, the two of you became good friends.

During the Stark Expo, you had gone with Peter and his parents. But everyone got separated when it ended up in crisis. Much to your surprise, when you had finally found Peter, he stood in front of one of the killer robots with the biggest toothy grin you had ever seen on him. Peter had told you he saw Iron Man, and of course you believed him.

“I stuck out my hand towards the robot?! And then it started pointing its gun at me, then out of nowhere, Iron Man takes it down from behind me! A-and, I was like Woahhhh! And then, then he was like… “Nice work kid.” That’s what he told me, Y/N, it was the coolest thing ever!”

You were Peter’s first kiss, and him yours. It was an accident of course. But when you two were in your last years of middle school, you had gone to a pool party, and the two of you were splashing waves at the other, just having a good time until he decided to try and impress you by jumping off the tall diving board… But ended up doing the world’s worst belly flop.

When he never came up you panicked and swam towards him while everyone laughed, only for him to pull you under. You guys laughed underwater until someone pushed your heads together purposely, making you share your first kiss. And that’s when you knew, you always loved him.

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the signs as faeries

Aries: salamanders 

Salamanders are fire faeries. Their bodies are red and gold. They are long and tapered and look like streaks of light and sparks as they dance in the fire. Their energies are as fast and unpredictable as fire itself.

Taurus: rock faeries 

These faeries live among the rocks and are very wise.

Gemini: sylphs 

Sylphs are faeries of the air. They are transparent and elusive. They seem to be surrounded by a glow. These are the type of faery usually found in children’s books.

Cancer: elves 

The word ‘elf’ (or ‘elves’) is derived from the word ‘alfar’, from the Nordic and Teutonic languages. The word is associated with mountains and water.

Leo: sidhe 

Sidhe are Irish faeries who are attracted to beauty. Sidhe (Shee) is Gaelic for ‘people of the hills’. Originally it referred to the mounds in which faeries lived, though it has now come to refer to the inhabitants as well.

Virgo: garden faeries 

You will find these faeries among the flowers dancing and playing wearing flowing gowns with transparent wings. At dawn they pour out blessings upon the world.

Libra: gnomes 

Gnomes prefer to live in the forests. They are the guardians of sacred grounds, locations and monuments. They have a weakness for gem stones and things that glitter. They are the knowers and are extremely clever.

Scorpio: goblins 

Goblins are vicious little creatures that can appear as animals. Phooka are Irish goblins. They are usually friendly but they like to play pranks.

Sagittarius: leprechauns 

Leprechauns are Irish faeries who are said to be very cunning. They are usually found among clover.

Capricorn: dryads 

Dryads are tree faeries, living within and around trees. They look after the tree and control its energies.

Aquarius: pixies 

Pixies are cheerful and mischievous. They often take the form of a hedgehog. They are also well known for their pranks. They adore music and dancing.

Pisces: undines 

Undines are water faeries. They can be found in forest pools and waterfalls. They have beautiful voices and can sometimes be heard singing over the sound of the water.

The signs and/in hotels

Aries: can now sing in the hotel shower to their hearts content #NoOneIsJudging

Taurus: Admires the hotel coffee machine and proceeds to make a cup of coffee before they examine the room service menu for yummy treats.

Gemini: considers themselves a ‘hotel connoiseur’ *actually judges each hotel by how good the pens and shower gel are*

Cancer: watches tv in a language they dont understand while lying like a starfish on their huge bed *understands 1 word*: “look at me, I’m already on my way to fluency and its only been 10 minutes”

Leo: is at the pool making new friends.

Virgo: feels so official and fancy when they plan out their itinerary of the day on hotel stationery. #NotepadGoals

Libra: First thing they do when they enter the room is post a picture on snapchat/insta-stories of their beautiful hotel room.

Scorpio: is most excited to have a nice warm bath and put on those fluffy hotel robes and just bask in the glory of holidays.

Sagittarius: barely ever in hotel room, constantly out. Always forgets where their room is or they get lost in the corridor.

Capricorn: purposely turns the AC to the coldest temperature possible and then rolls themselves in 10 blankets and falls asleep. 

Aquarius: is here for the fast wifi

Pisces: Created a tradition that they must visit the spa of every hotel they visit, they are keeping a scoreboard on which is the best.

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Got7 in high school

-a freshmen
-friends with everyone
-competitive gamer
-tried to play resident evil but got too scared
-makes a lot of dick jokes
-is probably in VAPA
-suprisingly high grades
-like, top 10% of his class
-makes meme videos
-don’t give bambam the aux cord cuz he’ll blast meme af songs
-“all star” “all u ladies pop ur pussy liek dis” “dab on em”
-spam account for “real hoez only🍆”
-dates another memey person and their relationship is actually real like they stay together throughout hs
-dabs when he gets an answer right
-dabs when he corrects someone
-always dabs

-a freshmen
-new girlfriend every 2-3 weeks
-influenced by the fuckboys in the all male hip hop team
-Bambam’s best friend
-smol but tall
-hella eyecandy but also hella player
-the annoying af classmate that always goes “wait bro what did she just say?” “aye did u do the hw?”
-procrastinates on homework
-people always look for his dancing at pep rallies
-“aye whats ur snapchat?”

-A sophomore
-comes to school in a white T shirt, jeans, and a black jansport backpack
-in ASB
-friends with everyone bc everyone loves him
-president of the eco club or conservation club or smth like that
-class president
-the mediator of his group. everyone tells him the secrets but he doesnt tell bc friENDSHIP
-in show choir or something
-honestly just wants to get his work done
-gets froyo with his friends every friday

-a junior
-#NotMyRodrick #RIPHarambe
-has never had a girlfriend
-#wildin whenever they go to public places
-gets invited to all the parties bc he’s lit af
-gets a lot of recognition for fencing
-has a lot of money
-falls asleep in history class
-too shy to talk to his crush
-sometimes annoys the guys in the hip hop team because he’s extra
-but its also good thats he’s extra cuz he’s the go-to person to help with stuntZ
-has probably gotten high once
-has a family picture on the back of his phone
-friends with everyone

-A Senior
-judges all of the kids in the class who can’t pick up on the lesson right away
-“hey jinyoung do u have an extra pencil?” “did you not bring one? don’t you know we’re in school?”
-sits in the front of the class
-hella smart
-also hella smartass
-doesnt like most of the kids in his class
-doesnt fight / is all talk
-100 done™ with high school
-gets a scholarship for academics and also choir
-always on key in show choir
-talks shit about the people who can’t really sing
-low key fake but not to his friends
-isnt allowed to have a girlfriend but has one anyways
-she’s probably in show choir or in the girls hip hop team or something
-he stalked her social media when he first realized he liked her

-Nice guy with mean friends
-Also a senior
-shy/quiet type in class
-everyone loves watching him dance cuz he’s also in the hip hop team and bro mark tuan dancing at rallies 😩
-friends with his peers
-low key judging some people
-“bro wtf”
-always asking for a pencil
-has nothing in his backpack
-on the basketball team
-never brings food to school
-always asking youngjae or jr for food
-pool parties
-doesn’t do drugs
-asks his best friend to prom anD THEY’RE POPPIN AF
-dynamic duo with Jackson
-says hi to all his friends on the way to class and all the girls hug him as a greeting

-A senior
-also quiet in class but #wildin with friends
-low key has a soundcloud and its bumpin af
-used to have a girlfriend but doesnt want to get into another relationship because he’s still hung up on it
-fights bambam bc bambam always makes memes of him in the group chat
-captain of the boys hip hop team
-taking all AP’s and honors
-will throw hands™
-has probably skipped class a few times
-in the group but never really physically there but no one knows where tf he actually is
-falls asleep in class sometimes but still gets like a 5 on the exams gdi jb how did u do it
-a lot of girls like him but he doesnt really care lol
-goes to prom by himself but ends up meeting another girl there and they hit it off pretty well

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I don't know if you're still into servamp and the c3 ot3 (was that what you called them? lol). And I also don't know if you read fanfiction, but there is like one now on ao3. I just thought I'd let you know about that

Thank you!!!!! For letting me know!!!!!!!!!! Holy heck I’ll be sure to read it asap!!! *O*

Anon said: the other day I was listening to the weather forecast on the radio and they talked ab it very poetically, at some point they said “we might get the appearance of a shy lightning in the afternoon” and I just… Denki.

This is THE CUTEST THING I’ve read all week thank you oh my g o d …………. a shy lightning……………………… so cute…………………….h e c k I’m smiling so hard r i p

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Pairing: You / Jaebum 

Rating: PG

Word Count: 1,857

Summary:  You’re the owner of a jewelry store. Prone to working late, staying overnight and not worrying about your safety. Until one night you’re robbed. 

- admin shanna

r e q u e s t

Originally posted by got7kings

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Wow guys! As of today we’ve reached 1000 followers!!!! Thanks to everyone who followed and shared the love of music from Cytus, Deemo and the other music games from Rayark!!! You’re the best!!

To celebrate, rayarkmusic will be hosting a giveaway for 3 copies of Melody’s Escape, a fun rhythm game that can be customized to each person’s musical preference. It’s perfect for all you peeps out there who want to experience Rayark’s songs in a different way! (Note that a Steam account is required to play, since I’ll be gifting the game through that platform) This giveaway will be spanning 3 weeks (21 days!!).  On April 2nd the three (3) top winners will be selected from a pool of reblogs and likes!

For anyone who isn’t aware of what Melody’s Escape is, I’ll be posting a few videos highlighting its features in the near future so that you know ahead of time! If there are any other questions that I’ve failed to address feel free to send a message!


1. Reblogs of THIS POST count for 2; Likes of THIS POST count for 1
2. You don’t need to be following this blog but it’d be nice!
3. On April 2nd, I’ll be picking 3 winners from the pool of reblogs and likes and messaging them so have your asks open! You have a week to reply and if I don’t receive a response within that time frame, I’ll be picking another cool peep.

Keep up the music! ~♫ ♪ 

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Hey guys! I'm new to making cosplay and I thought you guys could help me out. I want to make a 2B from Nier cosplay but I'm not really sure what material to use, or how to get the skirt to be as wavy as it is. Any advice? Thanks!

Ooh boy! 2B is a fun one.

Fun fact: I work for Henchmen Studios, and we recently did 2B for Square-Enix’s booth at PAX East. My part was mostly in casting the katana, but I did a teeny bit of consultation for the appliqué and skirt because I have experience with laser cutting and horsehair. 

Extra fun fact: You can infer that anything I’m telling you here is an approach approved by Square-Enix.

Anyway, here’s our girl here:

Look at that skirt! Gil (@gillykins) and Kiga (@blackwatercosplay) nailed it, in my opinion. (Also, @paulhillier for that photo.)

Here are some general thoughts and feelings about 2B’s design:

In my opinion, there is no better fabric option than velvet/velveteen. Aside from taking the fabric nap into account it’s fairly forgiving for beginners and it is beautiful. It has a lushness to it and a level of luxury that suits her O-esque blindfold-and-boots, leather-and-lace aesthetic. Velvet also sucks light in and gives nothing back; nothing looks as black as velvet, and nothing captures a nice velvet’s ability to have dimension while remaining fairly matte. The game textures support it being velvet, too; satin just ends up looking the mildest bit cheap and overly shiny, even when care is taken to find a more matte satin.

The skirt owes its flare to two main elements: its gore-style pattern and horsehair braid. The gored skirt adds trumpet-like shaping seams up the hips to the high waistline but flares out at the bottom in a way that a regular circle skirt simply wouldn’t provide. The horsehair braid –– ideally as wide as 6″, but at minimum 2″ –– sewn in around the bottom of both the skirt and the lining forces the skirt hem to stand out. You’ll want to make sure you pull in the drawstring on the horsehair, too, in order to get it to curve nicely, but the result is a skirt that sits out beautifully on its own. (The weight of the fabric comes into play here, too; anything too light/loose will collapse at the top, but a fabric with enough weight will have the integrity to hold up.)

Here’s one of my shots of the skirt from PAX East the other week; see how the fabric has that dimension to it but resists being blindingly shiny? See how the skirt sits out in big body ripples instead of pooling? Velveteen and horsehair braid, my friend.

And applique –– even if you didn’t ask, a couple other anons did! Today I put together Henchmen’s digital pattern for Nier’s skirt and bodice appliqué. Shameless plug, ahoy, but it includes a skirt pattern! For methods, we did ours with peau-de-soie appliqué. If you want to do the same, iron a double-sided fusible adhesive to the reverse side of your fabric, trace out your appliqué pattern and then cut out (or laser-cut) all of the filigree. Apply to the surface of the skirt, and then topstitch for security and aesthetic. Time consuming but a) not as time consuming as painting or satin stitching and b) extremely clean results. I’m basically never going to do super delicate appliqué any other way from now on.

(I don’t have any good pictures of it but the inside of the skirt is done the same way, but black on white liner.)

Both layers of the skirt (self and liner) are finished by being bound together at the hem. Be careful, though; really thick bindings plus two layers of horsehair can be TOO stiff, so keep your bindings as light as possible.

- Jenn

Yoon Jisung soulmate au!

Next up, our beloved meme Jisung~ Enjoy!

• So the first words your soulmate says to you appears on your arm when you’re around 7,

• Soulmate stories always seems so romantic and fluffy,

• With the first moments all sweet and perfect,

• By the sounds of it, not you,

• Your mark is beneath your armpit, on your left side ribs,

• And you’re so lucky it’s not on your collar bone or wrist,

• Because what you have written made your parents frown and your friends crack up,

• You have no idea in what weird situation those words may ever pop up,

• But one day they will,

• And you often spend history classes thinking about what sort of person would say that to a stranger,

• Because while history is important the personality of your soulmate is a pressing matter,

•Who the hell says ‘Bitch I might’ to someone they don’t know,

• You already like their attitude,

• But the question is,

• What are you doing to trigger that phrase?,

• You can’t wait to find out because, honestly, you just want to solve the mystery,

• Soulmate keys are normally a hot topic of conversation,

• So when some people show tattoos that stretches across their back that will match their soulmates that’s unbelievably beautiful ,

• Or their hair changes to the same colour as their soulmates and can always be connected in some way,

• Or they see each other in the mirror and get to watch each other grow up,

• And you have to say you have 'Bitch I Might’ on your ribs,

• People generally burst out laughing,

• You can’t tell if you find it funny too or not,

• Or if you’re kind of embarrassed and slightly Jealous,

•So it’s a really hot summer and one of your friends is having a pool party,

• Because you’re all so cliche and cheesy,

• It’s hot okay you just want relief,

•  Heat is pain,

•  (And a chance to wear your new swimsuit / bikini),

• You’re lounging around in a deck chair chatting with a couple friends, 

• Some music plays in the background and you watch a group of cute boys make funny poses as they launch themselves into the water,

• And then your friend has the idea to play a game of tag,

• In this heat,

• You want to scream,

• But whoever gets caught gets thrown in the water,

• While going in the water sounds nice and cool,

• You don’t want your head to go under as it took you forever to get your hair styled,

• So you run like your life depends on it because hell no are you ruining your hard work,

• You watch a few people get dunked before it happens,

• But if you have one message for your past self,

• It would be try harder at track because you gone get yourself caught,

• The boy grabs your wrist and you slip to a stop,

• A watery end is unfortunately within your reach,

• You contemplate praying,

• But you’re going to face it like a woman and be strong,

• The dude is carrying you to the pool because you aren’t going to walk yourself to your doom,

• Everyone is cheering but you can’t help but think its kinda nice to be in this random dudes arms,

• The you realise how thirsty you are,

• You need to stop okay, calm down,

• This dude sentenced you don’t go being soft for him,

• Maybe you’re being to vain about something as simple as hair but does it look like you care?

• You make eye contact as he reaches the side of the pool,

• You make a last ditch effort,

• All those years in debate class has lead to this moment,

• “Hoe don’t do it,”

• Worth it? Can’t tell,

• “ Bitch I might,”

•  He smiles warmly, sending you mixed signals, before it kicks in,

• You watch the recognition click in his eyes,

• He drops you into the pool in surprise,

• You fall in slow motion, staring at his face, not believing what he’s just done,

• And that he’s your soulmate, that too,

• You hit the water and wave good bye to looking anything other than a wet dog all night,

• There’s some appeal in wet dogs, right?

• They’re cute?

• You like to imagine you look like a mermaid breaking the surface of the water to come up,

• But you probably look like a clumsy seal,

• You tug yourself up into dry land and you can see tears in the boys eyes,

• Yeah, you got an emotional one,

• He lifts his trunks slightly and you can see 'Hoe Don’t Do It’ written delicately on the outer side of his left thigh,

• You shift your bikini / swimsuit to show him the delicate writing you have,

• The words versus the writing is such a juxtaposition it’s hilarious really,

• He kinda just searches your eyes for a second and you don’t know what to do, 

• His eyes keep leaking and your panicking,

• What does one do in this situation?

• You reach out to wipe the tears away because you don’t know what else to do and he seems to soften under your fingers,

• It’s actually adorable and your heart Flumps,

• He kinda throws his arms around you and you gently place little kisses along his hairline,

• Damn, screw your hair you couldn’t care less,

• You’ve found your fluff ball and nothing could dampen this,

• You guys just take off from there,

• You’re no longer ashamed of your soul marking at all,

• You love it, it’s the best Soulmate key there is,

• Because it truly represents the two of you,

• And every time you look at it you’re reminded of your first moments and of Jisung,

• He always brightens your moods with his jokes and meme like qualities,

• “Look at Daehwi and Gualin jumping into that pool, what it is to be young and free,”

• “Jisung, we’re still in our twenties,”

• Little inside jokes 24/7,

• You guys just don’t hold anything back and you’re so open and show each other such raw emotions there’s never my problems when it comes to feelings,

• The honest truth all the time no escape,

• A lot of affection displays at home,

• Cuddles and quick pecks and not quick pecks and cozy nights on the sofa under a blanket,

• But you guys don’t show as much in public as you like to keep it more special?

• While people may laugh at your soulmate words, they means a lot more to you two than anyone can comprehend and that’s all that matters, 

Thanks for reading, if you have any requests just send them to me~

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Pool sex with the adorable wonwoo

not sure if he’s all that adorable here but I hope you like it! ♥

It might have been past midnight, but to you and Wonwoo the night was still young when you walked by the swimming pool, talking quietly as you did so. He lived with his father, who had more money than you would probably ever be able to comprehend, and one of the things you’d never stop being fascinated about was the swimming pool of their large penthouse. The whole top floor, including the roof of the building, belonged to the Jeons, and the pool had been built inside of glass walls and a glass roof. There was a door that led to a luxurious terrace, but the swimming area with the glass surroundings in itself was luxurious to you.

You had planned to go for a swim, but so far you were both just observing the way the moon was, even through the glass, reflected on the surface of the water, and Wonwoo’s hand was starting to slide inside of your shorts more and more often. Eventually he just kept his hand there, holding your ass and playing with the rim of your bikini bottom absentmindedly.

Quirking an eyebrow, you cleared your throat. “What are you doing, Wonwoo?”

Instead of answering your question, Wonwoo smirked and moved his gaze from the pool to your eyes, his own sparkling mischievously. “Have you ever had sex in a pool?”

You mentally thanked all higher powers for the fact that you hadn’t been drinking anything, because as a result of his sudden question, you began coughing. Wonwoo laughed as he patted your back with the hand that had been on your ass, incredibly amused by your reaction.

Once you had caught your breath and were no longer coughing, you looked at your boyfriend with wide eyes, although you were unable to deny the way you felt blood rushing to your lower body. “We… we can’t, we can’t just do that.”

Wonwoo rolled his eyes, the smirk never leaving his face. “No one’s going to come here at this hour, and come on, it wouldn’t be the first time that would happen in this pool.”

You grimaced at the mental image, easily picking up that he was talking about his father, who you had not once seen with the same woman during the seven months you had been dating Wonwoo. While some rich people kept getting new maids, houses or cars, Wonwoo’s dad seemed to keep getting new lovers.

Taking in Wonwoo’s appearance, his sharp features and solid body, you found yourself agreeing to his proposition. While you got rid of the large shirt and shorts you had been wearing and Wonwoo pulled his shirt over his head, you looked at the water with narrowed eyes.

“When was the last time the pool was cleaned?” you asked, looking at your boyfriend as he sat down on the edge of the pool and threw some water on himself. He chuckled and looked at you, motioning for you to sit down, too.

“Today,” he stated simply, smiling when you finally sat down next to him and let your legs below your knees into the water. It was a bit cool, but you knew you’d get used to it quickly.

“Good,” you sighed, leaning down to get some water with your hands that you could pour on yourself, while Wonwoo took in every curve of your body, hardly able to refrain from touching you. He was ecstatic, to say the least, about the string bikini that you were wearing, which gave him a nice view of your breasts and only seemed to cover what was necessary; while it might not have been something you’d wear in public, you had figured that with Wonwoo it would be more than fine, considering how he never forgot to tell you how much he loved your body among so many other things about you. And, well, considering it was him who had gotten you the bikini in the first place, it seemed even more appropriate.

You got in the pool, and once you were both more or less used to the water and its temperature, Wonwoo caught you with his arms and pulled you into a hug, both of you laughing.

“Well, isn’t this nice,” you giggled and wrapped your legs around Wonwoo’s waist, your hands on his shoulders as you rubbed your nose against his, your lips merely brushing against his wet ones. The corners of his mouth tugged upwards as he caressed your ass and gave you a couple of sloppy yet sweet kisses.

“Nice is a bit of an understatement, but yeah, this is nice,” he stated with a smile, and you shrugged. The two of you made out, starting with more of those sweeter kisses that slowly turned into a passionate dance of tongues, and he was starting to move closer to the edge of the pool. You got one hand in his hair and took a hold of the edge of the pool with the other, just to give yourself some extra support, with more of your focus being taken by the man in front of you and the way his lips were moving against yours. Wonwoo’s hands were playing with your ass while pressing you against himself, and with your legs loosely wrapped around his body, it wasn’t all that difficult to feel that he was starting to get hard.

It was a lot more sensual than you had thought, to be kissing him sloppily and being so close to each other while surrounded by all the water, and the atmosphere provided by the night sky and the moon visible through the glass roof only made it more breathtaking. You could feel him starting to fiddle with one of the knots on the side of your bikini, and it didn’t take too long for you to feel it open and your lower body be exposed. Giggling against Wonwoo’s lips, you pulled back and looked into his eyes.

“You seem very excited about this,” you noted amusedly, playing with his hair and shaking the bikini bottom off your other leg. Wonwoo smiled at you and reached his free hand to your chest, where he pulled your bikini top down so that your breasts were free. He took one of them in his hand and squeezed it lightly while kissing the other, making your nipples harden under his touch and your heart beat faster.

“Aren’t you?” he asked in a mumble, slowly moving his hand from your breast to between your legs, and smirked at the hitch of your breath when he began massaging your clit. The water didn’t exactly allow you to feel wet in the way you usually would, but you could feel the effect of the attention to your sensitive nub nevertheless, with heat starting to pool in the pit of your stomach and the growing need to be touched more.

“I am,” you breathed, tugging at Wonwoo’s hair so that you could claim his lips in a needy kiss, every movement of his finger’s on your clit making tingles run down your spine. You held the edge of the pool clumsily, trying to grasp onto it but barely being able to, while the fingers of your other hand curled in his dark hair and your lower body bucked against his hand. He grinned against your lips, rubbing your clit in patterns that eventually had you moaning out loud, shaking all over and rushedly begging him to give you more.

Wonwoo broke the kiss and breathed heavily with his forehead resting against yours. He pushed his swimming shorts down his hips and got them off himself before looking at you with hooded eyes and making you yelp when he got one hand under the back of your left knee, lifting his arm and thus parting your legs.

“What are you–”

“Just wait and see,” Wonwoo hummed with a low voice, moving the hand of the arm holding your leg to your core from the back and slowly easing a finger inside of you. You gasped, hiding your face in Wonwoo’s neck as he fingered you, sometimes more shallowly and sometimes a lot more deeply, and not much later were you whimpering against his skin, your toes curling and your fingers, which were now on his shoulder, digging into his skin. He added a second finger when you started to sound impatient, and a third when you were desperately bucking against his digits, trying to get them deeper.

The acoustics of the large room - if it could be called one, really - were truly showcased when it became obvious just much your moans echoed, and while it made you a bit embarrassed, it also made you aroused, and you definitely weren’t alone. Wonwoo was starting to grind against your thigh that was resting against his side, his cock hardening with each pump of his fingers inside of you, and if his grunts were anything to go by, he was more than ready to move forward.

“Wonwoo,” you said, your voice having a whiny edge to it, and moved your hand to his length to stroke it, teasing the tip with your thumb. He grunted in response, and you kissed him by his ear, a playful smirk spreading to your lips. “Weren’t you supposed to show me what it’s like to fuck in a pool or something?”

Wonwoo felt tingles go down his spine at your words as well as the lustful tone you had, and he nodded determinedly, the mere thought of being inside of you making blood rush to his crotch. Removing his fingers from you, he let your leg down and placed both of his hands on your hips, holding you close as he leaned down to kiss you. His voice was husky when he spoke. “Let’s turn around, then.”

You shifted around so that you were between him and the edge of the pool, and he was standing in front of you, his hands holding yours as your arms were stretched out on the edge. His lips were hungry against yours as he grinded into you, his cock raw against your clit, and you whimpered at that, kissing him with even more vigor. Wrapping your legs around his waist again, you began bucking your hips against him, your fingers curling against his hands.

“Are you ready?” Wonwoo asked, panting, and you nodded desperately. He guided himself to your entrance and began pushing in slowly - being your first time in a pool, it felt a bit odd, somehow seeming like you weren’t wet at all, but it didn’t stop it from feeling awfully _good. Wonwoo grunted, his hands tight on your ass, where they had again gone to, and leaned down to pepper your breasts with kisses. “Damn, you feel so good, Y/N.”

You arched your back, both to simply lean into the touch of Wonwoo’s lips and because you were in so much pleasure, and moaned as Wonwoo filled you up completely. “Ah, please.”

Please?” Wonwoo repeated your words with a dark chuckle, and merely smirked when you glared at him.

“Please fuck me you damn tease,” you groaned, digging your heels into Wonwoo’s lower back impatiently, but he merely chuckled.

Giving a few more kisses to your breasts, Wonwoo pulled back and, with a steady hold on your hips, began thrusting. He was amused with how challenging it was to do that underwater, but he didn’t let it stop him. Instead, he just leaned down to suck on your neck and moved his hips in a steady rhythm that, while it wasn’t the fastest possible, was still incredibly pleasant. You let your head fall back and looked out of the glass roof, your eyes focused on the big moon in the sky and loud moans leaving your lips every time Wonwoo pushed into you.

“Y/N,” Wonwoo grunted with a sharp thrust that ripped a broken moan from your throat, “I know that the moon’s beautiful, but…”

You let out a laugh that was cut short by a whine from you as Wonwoo gave you another sharp thrust, his hands on your hips pushing you down on himself whenever he thrust.

“Okay, oh God,” you gasped, hinting that you’d be focusing more on him and less on the moon, and lifted your head again. The fierce look on Wonwoo’s face had you swallowing hard and your core clenching around his cock, and when you felt his finger slide to your clit, you couldn’t help but whimper.

With his thumb moving in circles on and around your clit, your hips started moving on their own accord as you rolled them and mirrored his movements, giving him a new angle to thrust from, which only made the pleasure more intense for you. Wonwoo groaned, burying his face in your neck as he sucked and nibbled lightly on the skin, his thrusts getting faster and harder, and if you hadn’t been so succumbed to how good it felt to have him slamming into you while practically floating in water, you would’ve been amused by all the waves you were creating.

The feeling of him rubbing into your walls was amazing, and what only heightened the pleasure were his teeth on your skin. One of your hands flew to his shoulder when you could feel your orgasm starting to build up inside of you, and you dug your nails into his skin, definitely leaving crescent moon shapes in their wake.

“Wonwoo, I’m gonna,” you gasped unsteadily, your hips moving uncontrollably and your eyes screwing shut as your orgasm began washing over you. Wonwoo almost growled at the feeling of you clenching around him, your legs tight around his waist and the most beautiful moans leaving your lips with the intensity. He continued chasing his own high, your sounds echoing in the room in a way that soon, accompanied by how you felt around him and _on him, he was cumming inside of you with a low groan of his own.

“Damn,” you breathed once your haze had toned down a little, and merely panted as you relaxed against the edge of the pool. Wonwoo breathed heavily, clinging onto you and kissing your slightly bruised neck gently while his hands ran up and down your sides.

“Definitely worth the try,” Wonwoo noted, and you agreed with a grin, moving some of his damp hair from his forehead.

“I kind of always wanted to try that,” you admitted and giggled at Wonwoo’s surprised, almost dumbfound expression. You raised your eyebrows playfully, a grin playing on your lips. “Bet you didn’t see that one coming.”

Wonwoo chuckled and kissed you on the lips, his hands now sliding down to your hips, and slowly pulled out of you. You hissed at that, but focused on hugging Wonwoo as you held him close to you, enjoying the intimacy and the romantic atmosphere that came with the moonlight and scarce lights in the room.

“Do you still want to swim?” you asked, and got what you assumed to be a smack on your ass (the water made it so weak that it was difficult to tell), and then Wonwoo laughing and just squeezing you for a moment.

“Definitely,” he replied, giving you another quick kiss before pulling away. You both took a look at your pieces of swimwear floating some meters away, and shared a knowing look together - this one, as far as you were concerned, would be a skinny dip, and Wonwoo took the pleasure of opening the strings of your bikini top.

While you swam next to each other slowly, barely able to stay away from each other, you suddenly stopped and looked at your boyfriend with a mischievous grin. “You have a jacuzzi, right?”

“Yes?” Wonwoo replied, a bit confused but definitely curious to know what you had in your mind.

“How about we try that next time?”

You giggled at the way you could see his Adam’s apple bob and his jaw tighten, and then a timid nod. It seemed to be a definite yes.

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An Update on Izzy

Hey Fam,

So here’s the skinny on what’s going on with Izzy. In the last two weeks, I’ve lost the girlfriend, going to be losing the job, and gave away my pet. 

Things were going well with Kyla, but randomly she did every cliche in the book. Saw a text of “we need to talk” and the phone call was full of “It’s not you, it’s me” “I’m not ready for a relationship”. I only allowed that to last 1 minute, because if she’s going to give me practiced recited lines to “protect my feelings” then she wasn’t worth talking to. Communication is a huge thing for me, and the fact she didn’t voice any concerns along the way makes me angry. She basically lied to me the entire time instead of talking things through.

So, I was a little down about that. You know there’s not a huge dating pool for the trans folk. And dating and being vulnerable is hard after an abusive ex. So it’s just kind of blah. I just got used to sleeping next to someone, and having a best friend. It was nice. And now its like she doesn’t exist. And I can only assume which part of me turned her off so much. 

I can no longer say that I animate Yo Mama jobs for a living. Youtube’s algorithm has changed so much in this last month. Basically, as you know a lot of people are being hurt by Ad sense lowering. The biggest issue right now is “Safe Search” and options that Advertisers now have. See, it’s not just that views are dropping for a lot of channels due to them no longer being on the safe search, but advertisers can now choose to allow their ads on exclusively safe search content.  And with Google’s safe search settings randomly taking videos off regardless of being child-friendly(for example the word “gay” get flagged a lot), it’s hurting a lot of channels. Yo Mama, for example, lost 60% of their ad rev. And I’m not sure what the state of the channel is going to be. And it’s not official, but I’m pretty sure I’m going to be let go.

I’m going to do my best to find some freelance to keep myself afloat. But honestly its going to be really hard to find anything as secure as the monthly paycheck I got from the Yo Mama crew. There was a lot of security in knowing that a check was going to be there.

I’m super nervous and stressed because of a lot of uncertainty. Some of my friends have expressed joy as this being the thing to get me off Yo Mama jokes as if it’s something beneath me. It was a “studio” job that helped me pay my student loan and rent. I was pretty happy with it. 

We do have a last ditch effort planned and the animators I’ve talked to about it seems really excited. If this falls through, I might still have a job. I’m not going to put all my eggs in one basic, but I’m gonna do my best to support it. You will hear more about in 12 days.


I gave away Kaiju to a loving family. Honestly, he deserves a lot better than me. I never got him out to play with anymore. He was stuck in the cage most of the time. As much as I had comfort knowing he was here. He deserved a family who would cuddle him, get him out, and let him live the fullest of lives. I’ve cried a bit about it yesterday. And looking at his old spot makes me sad. But financially I rather not his life suffer more if I do loose my job. And He deserved better. It was logically the best decision. Emotionally it hurts. 


I have a few plans in the work. I might try working at a Starbucks or a Kroger to help with things. Both companies are avid Trans supporters and will help with transitioning. And maybe I can get health care through them? I’m also developing an easy to animate show for Youtube that’s kid friendly that might help a little on the side. I’m gonna be applying for some freelance from some studios from remote, cuase I couldn’t live in LA or anything with my student loan consuming almost all of my money. You may see a patreon and comissions back to help.

April 2017, you suck.

itishebihime-samaforyou  asked:

asdfghjkl welcome to the fandom! I wish you good luck! It's always nice to see new blogs. :D I hope I didn't break any rules for characters, but could you write a scenario with Nash and his gf going to the pool and she's been hit on when he wasn't around. Jelaous Nash is my weakness. If you can't write for him then I'd ask for Oikawa. Hope you have a good day! (~^_^)~

thank you cutie! you’re so sweet aw and don’t worry you didn’t break any! i really hope you enjoy this as much as i enjoyed writing it ヽ( ´ ∇ ` )ノ

i may have decided to write for the both of them because why not


You looked really good in a bikini, and it wasn’t just Nash who noticed, but everyone else too.

Your boyfriend needed to use the bathroom, so you were all alone. You decided to go and sit by the pool. You sat on the edge of the pool with only your feet dipped in the water.

You were sitting peacefully until two guys who were swimming near by came closer. The two of them were now beside you, one on your right, and the other on your left.

They were still in the pool, but also too close for your own comfort. 

“You’re really hot. Shame you have no one to show you just how hot you are.” the one on your right bit his lip.

“I can show you, if you’ll let me.” the one on the left spoke with an obvious smirk on his face.

You rolled your eyes. You couldn’t deny the fact that those were actually pretty good pick up lines, but you didn’t appreciate how close they were.

You chuckled, “Sorry boys, but my boyfriend will be right back, and trust me, you do not wanna be seen this close to me.” 

You knew how much your boyfriend adores you, and you knew how just much he adored embarrassing every guy that ever laid his eyes on you.

Though you wouldn’t admit it, you loved how jealous and protective he gets of you, so you may or may not have been a little excited to see him come back and watch his reaction.

And, of course, your excitement did not go to waste.

You saw him swimming from behind the boys, and making his way towards you.

“Hello! What do we have here?” he put his arms around the two boys, with him being in the middle, and his eyes never leaving yours.

He laughed, “Isn’t she just beautiful? Like honestly, I’d do her right here, and right now.”

“Too bad I already have like ten minutes ago.” he continued.

You saw how pissed the two boys looked, and you saw how miserably they failed at getting out of his grasp.

The both of you never left each other’s eyes.

Finally, he let them go, and did not waste a second to grab you by the waist and pull you down in the pool with him. 

You were now leaning on the pools edge, with your legs wrapped around him, your arms around his neck, and his hands supporting you.

He smiled

Slowly, he pulled you into a kiss. More like a 10 minute heated makeout session.


The weather was really hot, and even with you wearing only a one piece, it was still hot. You felt really thirsty so you told your boyfriend you were off to get a drink.

“Bring me one too please!” Oikawa shouted.

“Okay!” you shouted back.

You headed to the drink bar and ordered two iced teas. You were resting your arm on the table, with your chin on the palm of your hand, waiting.

A guy approached you, and stood right in front of you. Taking his arm, he rested it on the table, and imitated the same position you were in.

He grinned at you, and winked. 

“Uh?” was all you managed to say.

“I’m lonely. Will you come with me and keep me company?” he asked.

“Sorry, I’m with someone.” you chuckled, and awkwardly scratched your head.

Your drinks were ready, and you were just about to grab them when he put his hand on top of yours. 

“What the-” was your first thought.

He grabbed your hand and started pulling you away from the bar, you were trying to resist and even kept telling him you really were with someone, and that you couldn’t leave them, but he wasn’t listening.

Before you knew it, the guy who was grabbing your hand and tugging you, was now the guy who was drowning in the pool.

You were even more surprised when an arm had slipped behind your back, and held you tight.

“Are you okay?” Oikawa asked.

Oikawa had got up the minute he noticed you weren’t alone anymore, but was being dragged involuntarily by a random guy. He didn’t know why but his first instinct was to grab the guy and throw him in the pool.

If there was anything that pissed him off more than losing, then it was seeing his girlfriend get hit on by a random dude who doesn’t take a no for an answer.

Luckily, it was a kids pool, and though it didn’t take long for the guy to notice it wasn’t that deep, it was still a nice view to watch and laugh about.

You turned around, now looking at your boyfriend, with both eyebrows raised.

Oikawa chuckled, and held you by the waist with one of his arms, while the other embarrassingly scratched his head. 

“Sorry, I think I was a little over jealous.” he said.

You raised another eyebrow when you could have sworn you heard him whisper something under his breath.

“I’m not even sorry.”

Before you could even say anything, he planted a kiss on your lips, and grabbed you back to the bar, with his hands in yours.

Requested by my feels-twin, @miyakokurono ^^- 

Hope you like this hon!

(I did this in a HC-esque style, if you don’t mind. ;w;

The other one is on the way~ ;3)

It got kinda long, so under the cut it goes! ^^-

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This is another post covering the healthpack locations and tips on which are useful to hack. The previous post is HERE.

I’ve included all healthpack locations available on the map, but usually only marked the ones I find useful.
The neon-yellow ones are the most important ones that you and your team can use or are necessary to deny heals for the enemy team.
The pink ones are good to hack for yourself.
The orange ones are optional and depend on your personal playstyle or situations.

Maps like this are mirrored in their architecture and healthpack placement. The healthpack usage is the same, no matter which spawn you’re attacking from, so I won’t specify which side you are on this time.

This is the Nepal Shrine map. Similar to all the Nepal maps, the map is mostly providing big healthpacks, in this case with just 2 small ones. The Nepal maps all have in common that healthpacks are more hidden and you’ll have to walk around a little to reach them, which makes them arguably less effective than maps where the healthpacks are more near the objective or with much less obstacles in the way of reaching them (walls, stairs, the elevated character of parts of the map, the different buildings, the choke points..).

Just like the Nepal Village map, there are no neon yellow ones marked on the map as usually the case - this map is difficult in defining absolutely needed healthpacks to hack for your team each time, because more often than not, the hacked healthpacks for your team depend on the current situation - so I marked them as orange.

Much of the previous post is also applicable here - the objective is relatively small, it has walls in the corners of the objective which turns every entrance at north, west, south and east into a small choke point, especially with the stairs leading up to it that limit you in how to access the objective. Together with the roof and the big pillar in the middle of the objective, there is limited space and lots of confrontation. The main way leading up to the objective is really straight forward through another choke point, which makes it easy to stall the other team at that point while still sitting on the objective. The elevation of the objective adds into that advantage. The side ways through the buildings are less focused.
While the previous map was less effective in health pack healing, denying the enemy team heals through hacking the healthpacks in side paths is much more effective.

Focusing on the pink ones, these are the ones in the usual side paths outside from the main way to the objective. You’ll usually encounter heroes like Genji, McCree or Tracer here, and denying them healing while centering a 1v1 around one of these healthpacks will usually guarantee you to win it. These aren’t only good for controlling the health pool the enemy team has at its disposal or catching flankers, but they’re also good for translocation loops and harassing the backline. Hacking both of them makes sure you have two for yourself you can interchangably use, and one of them that also denies the enemy healing.

The orange ones slightly above that are optional and situational. On your team’s side, it’s nice to hack that one in the beginning of the match if you want to give your team a bit of support there. Hacking it and then moving on to the pink ones through the buildings is usually very feasible considering your short hack cooldown. If anything happens in the first big confrontation, your teammates can retreat to that one and get healed up. The first minute of a match on any map can be crucial, but I think this is especially the case for this map because of the map design, as mentioned above, is favoring the team holding the point. So this is good for the initial first minute in a match, but after the first hack, not usually worth keeping hacked.
In case you’re stuck at that choke point because the enemy team is sitting on the objective and shooting down whoever is appearing in the entrance/choke point, this is also a great boost to have on your side for your team.
On the enemy’s side, this is great to undermine their backline. Going back and forth between the pink ones and the objective, you can occasionally make a run for the orange one on the enemy side through the building where the pink ones are, and hack it. This is especially good when your team is holding the objective for now and the enemy team is pushed back.

The upper middle orange one is another great healthpack to hack, in case you prefer it over the bottom pink ones.
Using it is situational. Maybe the bottom pink ones are constantly frequented by your team (taking away your healing when you translocate) and the enemy team (ganging up on you as you translocate, waiting for you at your translocator; very popular is McCree waiting on the enemy side pink one, flashbanging you the second you translocate and killing you).
You might actually prefer this one because it’s a bit more near the objective, but it also comes at the cost of people seeing where you go because of the translocation marker showing the general direction of where you’re going, or because you’re running there without invisibility, or throwing your translocator in that direction (a risky throw). You’re not being as sheltered as in the buildings, and potentially getting pushed off the edge by Lucio, Orisa etc. if they’re following you.

If you catch the enemy team using this healthpack a lot, it’s of course also worth hacking. In lower ranks, people usually don’t pay attention to this one, so your team as well as the enemy team probably don’t use it and it’s safer for you to use - but if you already use the pink ones, hacking this top one might be useless and a waste of time. It’s a waste if your team doesn’t use it, you’re not using it, and you can’t take healing away from an enemy team that isn’t intending on using the healing in the first place - which means it doesn’t create a disadvantage for them.
In healthpack hacking, you need to be sure either you or your team are using it or it’s working in the teams advantage by denying healing the enemy team would use or has used before you hacked it, especially in terms of pivotal and important healthpacks that grant a geographical (dis)advantage on the map. Otherwise, you’re wasting time in healthpack hack upkeep and even though the hack cooldown is low, it might be missing in important situations. You need to keep in mind each second you’re walking around the map babysitting the healthpacks, it’s time you’re not actively in the teamfight, so choose wisely.

In upper ranks, people tend to use this healthpack a lot more and it might be smart to hack this one as soon as possible if you’re in a higher competitive rank, since this can turn into a pivotal healthpack then. Professional Overwatch tournaments as well as Training matches (scrims) of professional teams have some impressive multikills around that spot and seem to focus this spot much more than lower ranked matches and teams.

Since the picture above alone doesn’t make clear where exactly the healthpacks are, how to reach them and at which level they are, HERE is a video showing them all while going through the map.


Quick tip write up for cuphead and mugman heads. Here you go @kazupazu (Not really a tutorial)
These were pretty much eyeballed in a short period of time but between 3 pwople and some pizza It was fun.
Essentially the base shape of both heads are a dome with a cylinder.
I cant give patterns since we eyeballed everything but the dome by far is what took up most of the time.
I would recomend watching Evil Ted Smiths video on making eva foam domes
The dome should be large enough to cover up to your forehead so that you can see out of the mouth. It is really importand to get the dome in a near perfect hemispere because if the dome is more then half a spere it will push on the cylinder and warp the head. Take your time with the dome its pretty much the core of the head and it will determine the dimentions of everything esle. Once you have ypur dome figured out the cylinder is next. Its pretty simple just make a cylinder the same diameter as the edge of the dome. A eva foam ruler may come in handy. Try to keep your seems as nice as possible when glueing and heat shaping everthing. The handles and straws were made from various pool noodles. The faces were drawn on and we used that to template the eyes and get an idea of how big the noses would be. I 3d modeled and printed both noses but the can be made with eva foam as well or model magic. The eyes were rounded with a dremel and glued over the drawn parts We used colored duck tape to color the straws. But we painted the handels and heads with latex paint. After mayby 9 or 10 coats of latex paint to get everything sealed and opaque we painted the eye and nose with acrylic paint.

Here is a list of things we used
1/4inch eva foam.
Pool noodles.
A hot knife
A heat gun
Contact cement
Latex paint.
Acrylic paint.
Black mesh
Colored duck tape
Music and pizza.
And friends @the-deadly-donut @skeleton-snowflake

siseja  asked:

For Tokoyami his spirit could basically just be dark shadow except to human eyes they only see a tiny part of it but the more dark its surroundings, the more of it's true form it is able to materialize. Tokoyami's quirk isn't actually manipulating shadows, his quirk is being a medium through which his spirit can materialize.

I LOVE THIS IDEA, it’s perfect

it takes ages for izuku to realize that he’s only supposed to see parts of dark shadow in the daytime. that would explain a lot, actually. like how no one seems to notice the vast pool of shadows that always spills out from under tokoyami’s cloak and cover the floor.

Snow Lodge Skinny Dip**



This trip was supposed to be a fun trip with you and your girlfriends but when you accidentally mentioned your plans to Joe, he suggested that he and the boys should come along too.

The lodge that you and your friends had picked rented out for the week was perched high up in the Swiss Alps and wasn’t near any ski villages as none of you were big skiers or snowboarders. You hoped that this would turn the boys off from coming but it only made them want to go even more and ‘be one with nature’. You sighed at the fact that your girls week away was being intruded by your best friend and his mate but nonetheless the trip still commenced. 

It was the last night of your stay and everyone decided that tonight should be a night of drinking responsibly as a group in the lodge, but unfortunately, things got pretty out of hand quickly which left 2 of your friend absolutely wasted so everyone ended up calling it a night pretty quick.

You on the other hand weren’t ready to call in a night and decided to take advantage of the piece and quiet and go for a last nightly swim in the pool. 

You walked out side and watched as the steam lifted off the heated pool as goosebumps formed on your arm from the icy cold air. You didn’t want to wake your sleeping friend who you were sharing a room with so you opted out of grabbing your swim suit, plus, it was dark and everyone was asleep. 

You threw your towel on the chair and stripped down before entering the warm pool. You felt your muscles relax as the water warmed your frozen body. You swam to the edge of the pool that looked over the side of the mountain you were on. It was dark so the only thing you could see were the outline of the trees and the stars. 

You loved to look at the stars. Ever since you were a kid, you and your mom would lay out for hours and hours and look up at the sky as she pointed out the constellations to you.

“Enjoy the view?” A voice spoke behind you causing you to whip around, your body quickly sinking into the water to hide your bare chest. 

“What the hell are you doing, I thought you were asleep?!?” You spoke watching Joe as he leaned agains the door frame. 

“Could say the same to you love” You shook your head that the annoying teasing tone in his voice that you were oh so familiar with. 

“I wanted one last swim.”

“Naked?” He said looking down at the pile of clothes next to the pool.

“I didn’t want to wake anyone by grabbing my suit because everyone was suppose to be sleeping” You said narrowing your eyes at him. 

“Well love, what if I also wanted one last swim?” Joe said as he came and sat done at the edge of the pool, letting hims legs fall into the water. “Its still a nice temp. I think I’ll join you if you don’t mind” 

“You’re annoying Sugg you know that” 

“What? Me, annoying? Don’t know what your on about love.” He said standing before ripping his shirt off followed by his swim shorts. 

“What are you doing?” you said adverting your eyes as he stripped down in front of you. 

“You’re not the only one who can have all the fun Y/N” he spoke before there was a loud splash and a wave of water hitting you in the face. 

“So annoying” you mumbled as you moved back to the ledge and continued to name the stars in your head. 

“Joe.” You warned after a finger brushed up against your back. 

“What?” He said moving his hand lower down your back. Goosebumps surfaced on your arms but it wasn’t from the cold. 

“Everyone’s asleep Y/N” His other hand went for your cheek, turning your face towards him as he licked his bottom lip. 

The atmosphere between you and Joe had always been flirty with a whole lot of teasing. You two had a very similar sense of humor, mix that with the fact that you both were pretty sarcastic in your day to day lives and you’re left with two very sexually frustrated best friends.

You had often thought about what it would be like sexually with Joe in the past years that you have known him and there was no doubt in your mind that he didn’t do that same. 

Deciding that you were tired of dreaming, you quickly closed the gap in between the two of you with a forceful kiss that was quickly reciprocated. You moved your arms around Joe’s neck as you pulled him closer, wanted to deepen the already lust-filled kiss. 

Joe’s hand moved down your back to your bum where he gave it a little squeeze before moving it to your clit where he waisted no time in rubbing harsh circles around it. You left out a shaky breath once you felt a finger slip into you.

Joe worked his finger in and out of you for a while longer before he added another. Your head found a comfortable spot on his shoulder as you bit your lip trying to conceal your moans. One of your hands traveled down his torso and took a hold of him hardened length, your thumb running over the tip. 

“Fuck Joe” you breathed out as his fingers worked themselves deeper inside you bringing you closer to your high. 

Joe removed his fingers from your and picked you up by your waist, something that was more easily done in the water, and positioned you just above his cock. You brought you hands up to cup Joe’s face, smashing your lips together with his once again as he guided you down onto him. 

The two of you moaned out as you sat down farther on his cock. You pulled away from the kiss, placing your forehead against his as you gripped his shoulders. Joe started to thrust up into you at a pace you were able to match as you also came down on top of him. 

“God Y/N” Joe said between thrusts. “Never thought Switzerland would be where we finally do this” 

You let out a staggered pant, your attempt at a laugh, before letting out another moan. “Didn’t…didn’t think this would ever actually h-happen.” you struggled to get out as Joe lifted your thighs higher and picked up the pace. “Shit Joe” 

You let your head fall backwards, the ends of your hair dangling in the water as the waves you two were creating splashed over the sides of the pool.

You clenched around Joe as you felt your orgasm built more and more up. You heard Joe moan out your name, something that he only did in your dreams, as you felt him start to twitch inside of you. Joe thrusted into you a few more time before the both of you released together, a sea of moans escaping your lips and drifting off into the quite nature around you. 

Joe’s lips found yours again as you tried to control your breathing, your arms now going slack over his shoulders. 

“Holy shit” He said pulling away and puling himself out of you. His hands still wrapped around you as you weren’t sure if you were able to keep yourself a float. 

“That was better than I ever imagined.” You said once finally calming your breathing. 

“You imagined us having sex before?” Joe said with a smirk.

“Shut up. Clearly you have too or that wouldn’t have just happened.” You said giving him a look. 

“Now what? We can’t exactly go back to being friends, unless you’re fine with this just being a one time thing.”

“I most definitely don’t what that, but can we make it work between us? I don’t want us to end up ruining out friendship.” 

“I’m willing to try if you are” Joe said with a smile you knew all too well. 

“You’re annoying” you said swimming back to the lodge. 

“So is that a yes?” He said following you. 

“I’ll have to sleep on it, goodnight Joe.” You said getting out of the pool and wrapping your toweling around your body and quickly running inside before your wet hair froze. 

Alexander was sitting on his bed, gripping the edge with shaking arms. His entire body was tense and despite sitting in the nice air conditioning of the house on top of his cool blue sheets, he was already sweating. It might have been because it was summer and his hair was down. Or it might have been because he was so nervous.

It was the first day of summer, and it was already hot, but the community pool had just opened its doors to the public after being closed all year. It was usually opened by spring break, but apparently the city manager put it under maintenance to fix a large crack in the foundation. Wise on the city’s part, but that left the citizens to suffer in the heat until it was fixed.

As soon as the pool was reported to be open for business on the news, Lafayette instantly suggested going. Alexander had agreed easily at first and even watched Lafayette excitedly call their friends, but after closer consideration he realized that he’d be swimming. Which meant that he’d have to take his shirt off.

He was currently wearing a large white t-shirt and a pair of black nylon shorts. Beneath his shirt was a nude binder, something that Martha had gifted to him on his birthday. He had been saving it for a day like this, where he’d have to take his shirt off, and he was so confident at first. But after seeing himself in the mirror, he felt so inadequate. He felt that he couldn’t pass, he felt that people would know. Well, of course they would know after seeing him in a binder, and that’s what made him so nervous. His breathing was growing fervid.

He nearly jumped to the ceiling when there was a knock at his door. “Alexander! Hercules and Laurens are downstairs!” Lafayette called from the other side. “Are you ready?”

“Y-yeah!” Alex replied, eyeing the towel that hung from his chair. “Um… Just go downstairs without me. I’ll be there in a bit!” He waited for Laf’s cheery reply of “Okay!” and the sound of his footsteps galloping down the hall. Alex sighed and hopped onto his feet, a little wobbly, and stood in front of the mirror that was installed on his door. He pulled off his shirt to examine the binder once again. It almost perfectly blending into his skin and it wasn’t too tight, yet it compressed his chest to near perfect flatness while still giving him the ability to breathe normally. He exhaled through his nostrils and slipped his shirt back on. He could do this. He grabbed his towel, threw it over his shoulder, and headed downstairs to join the others.

As soon as he reached the bottom step, John went over to him to give him a tight hug. “Ready, babe?” he asked as he squeezed his hand.

“I’ve been ready since the beginning of spring break,” Alexander huffed with a grin. The others nodded in agreement. Before they left, Martha made sure that they had enough sunscreen and plenty of snacks in their little beach bag before sending them off. The pool was about a block away from their apartment, roughly a five to ten minute walk.

By the time they arrived, they were ready to jump into the cool chlorinated water. Lafayette, John, and Hercules all pulled off their shirts, relishing the fresh air felt on their bare skin. Alexander was ready to throw off his shirt as well, but hesitated and instead ended up rolling up his sleeves and tying the excess hem so it sat above his waist.

They all helped each other apply on sunscreen, specifically on their backs and shoulders. John hummed happily as Alexander massaged the lotion into his shoulders and upper back, already having applied the sunscreen to his shoulders and legs. He turned his head to look at Alex with a grin, and realized the blank expression on his face. He leaned forward so their noses would touch. “Hey, babe. Is something wrong?” he asked.

Alexander blinked before shyly retreating, his cheeks burning. He’d blame it on the heat instead of the embarrassment. “N-no,” he insisted, though he didn’t sound too sure.

John tugged at his shirt. “Well, are you going to wear this when you swim?” he asked with a quirked brow. “Looks like it might get heavy…” Alex was small, and not all that strong, so John was worried the heavy fabric would drag him down.

“I’ll take it off,” Alexander replied, rubbing his arm nervously. “It’s just… I’m wearing my nude binder right now, and this is the first time I’ve ever worn it. I’m just… nervous, y’know?” he finally admitted. He felt a lump forming in his throat and tried to swallow it. He’d hate himself if he was the reason they didn’t have fun today, especially after looking forward to this day for the past week.

Laurens shifted his head as he heard Lafayette and Hercules race each other to the pool, their bare feet slapping against the concrete. After they had both jumped into the water, they were scolded by the lifeguard for running. As much as John wanted to join them in the cool water, he knew it was more important to keep Alex company. He sat beside his smaller boyfriend and wrapped his arm around his shoulders. “It’s alright, babe. I’ll just sit with you until you’re ready,” he assured.

“John, you really don’t have to-” He was silenced when his boyfriend placed a finger to his lips, leaning forward to kiss his forehead. He rested his head on John’s freckled shoulders, hugging his legs to his chest.

Thirty minutes later, Hercules and Lafayette emerged from the pool soaking wet, sloshing back to where they had set up their mat under the shade of a tree with large grins on their faces. “Hey, you didn’t join us,” Hercules said.

“Yeah, Alex isn’t feeling so well,” John said without the slightest hint of condescension, rubbing Alex’s shoulder comfortingly.

Lafayette sat beside his adoptive brother. “Mon ami, what’s the matter?” he asked, squeezing the water from his hair. “Are you feeling ill? Does your stomach hurt?”

Alex shook his head, squeezing his legs tightly. “I, uh… I’m just not feeling so good about my body right now,” he explained, shuffling his feet. “Y’know, since I’m not really a, uh…” He gestured to himself, resting his chin on his knees with a sigh. “Sorry, I’m such a downer…”

Hercules scooted towards him and pulled him away from John into a tight hug, squeezing him close to his wet body. Alexander sputtered, shoving at him playfully. “Hey- Herc! What the heck!” he laughed, finally scrambling away, already half wet.

“Just thought you needed to get wet somehow,” Hercules said with a large grin. He slumped his arm around him and pulled him close to his side, half to get him drenched and half to comfort him. Alex groaned but leaned into him, his head resting on his chest. “Alex, you just need to know that we care about you man, and we’re not gonna judge you no matter how you look. We’re not gonna force you to get into the water if you don’t want to, but it’d be cool if you came to swim with us.”

Alex sighed, “I know…” He looked around at all three of them, guilt swirling in his stomach. “I… I guess I can try,” he whispered. Hercules patted him on the back.

John grinned, pushing himself onto his feet and darting for the pool. “Then come on! What are we waiting for?” he shouted, ignoring the whistle of the lifeguard as he cannonballed into the water. The three on the mat laughed before Hercules and Lafayette went to join him. Alex chuckled at the sight of his friends splashing each other in the water, ignoring the lifeguard as they scolded them for running and diving into the shallow end. He sighed before grabbing his shirt, slowly tugging it off. He rolled his eyes when he heard someone whistle. Probably Herc. He neatly folded his shirt and set it on top of his towel, slowly walking to the edge of the pool and sitting with his feet in the water. His friends lingered around, admiring his nude binder and his toned upper body.

“Damn, Alex, how come you didn’t tell us you were ripped?” John asked, squeezing his bicep.

Alex jerked away with a blush. “Wha- I’m not!” he denied, rolling his eyes when his friends disagreed with him. He placed his hand on his chest to feel the flatness, breathing deeply. He looked down when he felt someone touch his hand. It was John.

“You look great,” he assured, squeezing his hand.

Alex couldn’t help but grin. “I know I look great, babe,” he said confidently, and his friends smiled at his returning positivity. He exhaled and ran his free hand through his hair, cringing at the feeling of the oil and sweat. “Jeez, I really want to get in the water… Martha says that this binder is waterproof, but… I dunno.” He shrugged.

John grinned before grabbing his wrist. “Well, there’s only one way to find out!” As Alex was in the middle of screaming, “John, no!” as Laurens pulled him into the water, wrapping his arms around him to lift him above the surface after dunking his head below. He gasped for air, instantly splashing the freckled teen once he had semi-regained his composure. John laughed and swam away backwards with Alex chasing him in an attempt to pull him under.

All in all, it was a fun day at the pool.