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Percy/Annabeth, meeting again at a high school reunion au

Annabeth has no idea why she’s here.

No - that’s a lie. Piper made what had seemed like a perfectly sensible argument at the time and convinced her to come ‘show off’ at the this place.

“Come on!” she’d said. “You’re successful, you look amazing. You’re literally the person people dream of being when it comes to a reunion.”

It had appealed to Annabeth’s ego, just like Piper had known it was. Standing in the hall now, abandoned by her best friend and clutching a punch cup like it’s a lifeline, Annabeth decides that her ego needs to go on a holiday somewhere. Like hell, maybe.

Of course, that’s when she spots Percy Jackson, and realises that she’s already there.

She recognises him instantly. None of this slow downing he’s hot, but where do I know him from? bullshit. The second she sees that messy head of hair bobbing through the crowds of sadly dancing adults, she knows that the sea-green eyes will follow, the mouth that—

Oh, god, hide, he’s looking this way.

But Annabeth has never been one to hide from anything, much less an ex-boyfriend. Even an ex-boyfriend who never, technically, did anything wrong. Time and distance and money had broken them apart, not any lack of feeling on their parts.

Seriously, hide. You know what’s going to happen if you start talking again. You’ll be swapping cell numbers and catching up on Facebook, which you swore you’d never do, and—

“Percy!” She waves, ignoring the half dozen heads that turn at the sound of her voice, and then don’t turn away when they realised who she is and who she’s calling to. Ten years out of highschool, and people are still incurable gossips.

Those impossibly beautiful eyes zero in on her immediately, and before she can kick start her brain into gear, a wide grin is breaking across his face. “Annabeth!”

He breaks into a jog, nearly knocks someone into the buffet on the way. He barely stops to apologise, and by the time he skids to a halt in front of her, she’s hiding a laugh - badly - behind her hand.

“Some things never change,” and it’s so easy to just slip back into teasing him, as though they’re teenagers again and this is just another school dance. He looks about the same way he did back then, a nice jacket buttoned wrong over a t-shirt, dark jeans, Chucks. They’re blue, and she’s not even a little bit surprised.

“I dunno.” He glances back over his shoulder. “No one broke anything, right?’

She laughs again, and he’s still grinning and that’s - it. Her laughter fades into its own smile, and his softens a little, and maybe anyone else would call the silence between them awkward.

But it’s not. It’s perfect, the two of them standing maybe a foot apart, almost-but-not-quite touching as they drink in the sight of each other.

"I…” Annabeth starts, and doesn’t bother finishing the sentence. What could she possibly say, to cover so many years?

“Yeah,” Percy agrees simply. His hand, calloused and brown, reaches out tentatively to take hers. Annabeth winds their fingers together instantly, and without a further word, they both head for the exit.