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My third and final piece for @kh-worldsconnected . My first time writing any of the BBS characters, this was written to accompany the art created by my good friend @princess-wasabi. She gave me a lot of fodder for this fic, and I dedicate it to her.  I really enjoyed working on this, and I took a different approach compared to other works.  I hope everyone enjoys it.  Also, if you haven’t seen the accompanying art already, it is HERE and it is just breathtaking. I hope I’ve done it justice.


Castle Oblivion had, for a long time, been silent. Ventus had grown used to the silence.

Once, the silence had been disturbed by those that sought him, but even then it had been brief, just a moment of static that quickly faded away. Their search had been fruitless, anyway, their objective hidden so well that even those that were meant to find it couldn’t, not without help.

And that help never came.

So the room where Ven slept remained undiscovered, and the world met its fate, even as he waited. And waited. And still, neither Aqua nor Terra came to wake him, and really, without his friends, he had no reason to wake. So he slumbered on.

No matter how well protected a place, or a person, there was always one thing that would find a way, past wards, and locked doors.


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Fitzsimmons and every song from ‘25′

our love ain’t water under the bridge 

No Other Will Do (3/3)

Summary: An unexpected fire leaves Michael and Gavin the only survivors, trapped out in the wastes together. Michael knows how to survive, but Gavin’s fresh out of the Vault. The nearest town is miles away. Michael didn’t ask for this - but now he’s gotta get the idiot across the wasteland alive. (Fallout AU)

(Prompt: 5 times Michael defended Gavin and 1 time Gavin protected Michael.)

Part 1  Part 2  AO3


“Okay, you said this place was shit,” Gavin says, staring around. “But it is really shit Michael, what the fuck.”

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