it's natural instinct

BTS as things my friends have said in the group chat
  • Seokjin: *sends a selfie* I'm looking all kinds of fabulous today guys
  • Yoongi: Sorry, I had the chat muted... I think it's just my natural instinct to mute chats
  • Hoseok: *sends a picture of a rainbow* GUYS!!! #magiconearth
  • Namjoon: Just wanted to make sure you all know that I love you and appreciate you. Very much. Goodnight.
  • Taehyung: *sends one of those scary messages telling you to forward it or there will be consequences* I know these are stupid but I'm not risking it mate
  • Jimin: which one should I post? Please help! *sends two basically identical selfies*
  • Jungkook: wait... did you add me last? Do I mean that little to you? Don't you know how many people would beg for me to be in their group chat!... I'm kidding. Hi guys

okay but i’m totally digging the whole vampire dynamics concept, like baring your neck is a sign of respect but also a sign of trust?? and like raphael keeps baring his neck to simon, something he’s never done before, because he trusts him?? and simon doesn’t even know he’s doing it until someone explains it to him and he’s like…. oh

D6 non-encounters! (with possible plot hooks)

By Applejaxc: 

Here are 5 monsters and a bonus 6th item [because there’s no d5, and d4 seemed too low effort] for your party to encounter. If you have a party of murder-hobos like I do, hopefully this will give them the opportunity to see the good in Evil. Otherwise you can verbally chastise them when you show the underlined part of your notes that says “not a combat encounter.”

1 That’s no innkeeper!

This one is relatively simple: The next innkeeper, store proprietor, librarian, or exposition-giving NPC is a succubi/incubi. And not the sinister, disguised-as-an-attractive-cuckholder type that plots the destruction and ruination of mortals. In fact, the NPC isn’t disguised at all; s/he has his/her tail and horns visible at all times, as well as a magic, glowing symbol of the local Good god branded on his/her face.

Nearby is a paladin of a respectable holy order, the same symbol proudly emblazoned on the chest, who claims to be “guiding the demon to salvation.” By forcing the creature to display its demonic lineage clearly, it forgets its desire to conceal and deceive; by branding it with a magic symbol, it has a 24/7 reminder of what glory and righteousness looks like, and the consequences of denying it. Once the succubi/incubi completes its journey to consecration, the brand disappears, and it is transformed into a beautiful angel (or deva, or whatever tf Gygax makes next).

The challenge here is for the party not to assume it’s all a ruse, that the succubi/incubi is either faking cooperation or that the paladin itself is an even more sinister villain pretending to have the demon under control. Either way, the demon flips between flirting and insulting, as it is difficult to resist its natural instincts and the constant chastising of the paladin tends to put the demon in a foul mood. If a party member attempts to attack the demon, it will fight back-and so will the paladin.

2 Didn’t Aesop write this?

I saw it on Tom and Jerry first, so who cares

The party finds a bear trap, covered in blood and floating a few inches off the ground. It appears to have caught an invisible creature! - no, wait, there’s a Displacer Beast a foot away, laying on its side, with one leg in the air.

The party can choose to remove the bear trap from the displacer beast, which requires a simple DC 13 strength check, but the DB assumes the party is responsible for the trap and attacks (with magical displacer beast advantage that ignores the fact that the bear trap would totally defeat the displacement ability). If the party has the foresight to first engage the Displacer Beast in conversation (using any combination of Deception, Persuasion, and/or Intimidation) they can attempt to convince the creature not to attack.

A Good party gets the satisfaction of knowing they helped a creature in need, and may have helped convert an Evil monster. A Neutral party is a bunch of annoying anarchists so who cares. An Evil party may have gained a new animal companion. Either way, consider having the Displacer Beast appear at a crucial time in a fight later in the adventure to repay the party’s kindness (or several displacer beasts, if 1 isn’t enough to appreciably tip the scales). A Good party can’t expect to receive that benefit again, though.

3 Aaah! Kill it just to be safe!

Unfortunately I get that response to this random encounter constantly

The party encounters a chest with centipede legs desperately trying to get through a closed door. It continuously bumps into the door, scuttles back, and bumps into it again. This is so loud, in fact, that the party can hear a rhythmic thump…thump… from a room away. This chest is, of course, a mimic-but not the evil kind that eats the hands of anyone that reaches inside.

The mimic does not respond to being spoken to, prodded, or even attacked. It just wants to get through the door. The party can even attempt to open to chest-though doing so only reveals an impossibly deep void, in which any placed inanimate objects disappear.

If the party opens the door, the chest scuttles inside and begins cleaning. The next room (in addition to its regular contents, which you as the DM should be designing, not relying on a random table, shame on you, jk I do the same thing) is dirty. In a dungeon, this might mean bones, rotting flesh, cobwebs, and scraps of clothing; in a noble’s estate, this might mean soiled towels and platters of unfinished meals. Either way, a large, prehensile, tongue-like, slimy muscle extends out of the chest, sticks to various objects, and pulls them in like a frog’s tongue.

The chest continues to do this so long as it does not reach another obstacle. If the party does anything to produce a mess (such as discarding an empty vial of Cure Wounds or breaking a trap), the mimic is not far behind-and quickly sets to cleaning! Not only does this mean that the party has all of its footprints mopped up (making them harder to track indoors), but if the mimic survives the rest of the adventure, it follows the party wherever they go.

This leads to two possibilities:

  1. The party discovers a means of retrieving items stored in the mimic. If that is the case, they have received a much more interesting version of the Bag of Holding, which takes 10% of all stored coins/gems in exchange for being able to protect itself, protect the party when it sleeps, and entertainment.
  2. The mimic’s endless void contains a phylactery of your campaign’s eventual BBEG. The only way to destroy the BBEG and save the world is to sacrifice the mimic. If you RP the mimic right, this should be a crushing, tear-jerking decision.

4 Do you want to play a game?

The party encounters a sentient plant, mushroom, speaking animal, or similar, nonthreatening, small creature that asks if any party member would like to play “Poker.” The game consists of two contestants throwing a stone and declaring a number, in turn. Whoever declares the highest number wins. You could have the encountered creature know the answer to a riddle or a vital piece of information which the party must win through a best 2 out of 3, or this can be a brief and nonsensical aside in the middle of a dungeon desperate for comedic relief.

The creature is only capable of declaring numbers in Common, and will accuse anyone who uses numbers in any other language of cheating. That being said, a party member can say anything and convince the creature on a DC 10 Deception check that it’s a higher number-even if the party member said a lower number.

5 The Half-Dead Drow

This adventure suddenly got a lot worse.

The party encounters a severely injured Drow Elite Warrior who claims to be on a quest to hunt down an exiled Drider, which he claims has gone into hiding nearby. He encountered the Drider, another monster, or a trap which has left him too damaged to continue. If the party kills him (it’s not that far fetched of a possibility) he has on his person a vial of Spider Repellent, which functions like the Fear spell, except with no saving throw and can only be used to target arachnid-like creatures. If the party offers to heal his wounds and/or take up the quest, he gives them the vial and becomes a short term ally.

You can either choose to add a drider to your random encounters list for the same adventure (if your party is strong enough and has enough time to fight one), or you can add it to your wider random encounters list, or you can let the party hunt down the drider after the current adventure is finished.

6 But, I’m not dead!

The party encounters a ghost.

The ghost incorporeal, with most of its features fading off into whispy nothingness. They can make out enough features to tell that in life the ghost was a modestly attractive half-elf woman, who calls herself “Isael.” She has a rattling, persistent cough and a very pleasant disposition. She’s excited to meet new people, especially wizards and sorcerers. She can identify any kind of spell caster that she can see, and doesn’t react well to divine spell casters or warlocks.

Isael is waiting for her father. The party can infer that she has been waiting for her father for a very long time. She refers to the land around her with natural features that no longer exist (complimenting trees that have been cut down, or a lawn that hasn’t been trimmed), and refers to various people who are no longer around (a baker whose shop is abandoned, a nearby monster that has been slain).

Isael says that when she got sick, her father left to go find medicine. She promised him that she would wait for him to return, and she wouldn’t leave until he did.

Any attempts to convince Isael that she is dead (even irrefutable evidence, such as sticking an arm through her) confuses or infuriates her. Her response can be as mild as childish insults (her vocabulary doesn’t include anything vulgar) to a random 1st-3rd level nonlethal spell.

If the party is nice to Isael, she is capable of casting Mass Cure Wounds once, and Goodberry enough times to feed the party once. If they offer to cure her cough, she’ll “leave to go tell father I’m okay”; if they offer to find her father, she isn’t able to offer any helpful clues, as it has been an untold number of years since his disappearance.

if you compliment my art there’s a 2739283829% chance I will proceed to silently squeal and praise your name to the heavens while hugging my phone/laptop


Ok But Get This Guys:

(I know some of you probably hate this because it’s not a quicksilver gif but this has been bugging me for a while now)
How reasonable do you think it would be if Warren was afraid of dogs? Like, I’m a sucker for bird!warren, (give me it if you find any I’ll bless you for life) and birds are afraid of dogs, because well, dogs hunt birds, right?
I bet he would especially be scared of smaller dogs because of how yappy and loud they can be.
Just imagine Warren being charged at by an overly excited dachund, and just backing away until he spreads his wings subconsciously and takes off, no questions asked. Leaving behind his confused and rather surprised friends. (Because Warren hides shit like this)
I bet if they see a hound dog or certain hunting dog of any kind, he just freezes and his feathers fluff up full height like an angry owl,and everyone stares at him like ‘wtf.’ Warren would probably ignore them and stare dead on at the dog incase it made a move, or got any closer.
It’s not that Warren WANTED to hate dogs, he just couldn’t help what the animals thought of him. He had tried owning a dog once when he was younger maybe, but he chooses not to think about that. It hadn’t worked out for these very reasons.
Even the most lovable lab could be happy to see him with a wagging tail and smiling mouth, oblivious to its natural instincts, and he’d still freak out? I’d guess he’d do a thing where he smacks frantically at it and backs away quickly, falling over furniture and yelling curses or excuses of ‘Oh, dogs are stupid I don’t care!’ And, 'I’m allergic, get it away!’
Of course none of the group members would notice this obvious yet subtle fear of his, or how every time any animal of the canine family showed up, he’d come up with a random excuse and fly away.
And he wouldn’t just fly away, he’d fly UP. I bet he’d fly to the highest point he could find as fast as he could, and just sit there after a dog had long gone and been done barking up at him for many minutes.
And I bet dogs would just CHASE him.
What predator animal doesn’t love birds?
I bet big hounds that pop up at the mansion or on their days out, would sprint after poor Warren, who is also sprinting away from this barking beast that is snapping at his giant wings and trying to grab a hold of him, and the group would watch as a frantic Angel with beating wings took off away and into the air as dogs would bark and go after those fancy feathers of his.
I bet it isn’t until a bad event like this that the team really notices Warren wasn’t just being mean to cute dogs and puppies.
So obviously they do something about it, because they really do love Warren, right?
It’s a nice day out, the gang having a blast at a park in the hot sun, going about their business, and Warren of course being too cool for everyone in his black leather and mean expression. But then a dog shows up, maybe a mixed breed, no higher than the knee, and is totally off leash. Warren notices it right away, and immediately tenses up. 'Fold your wings in, don’t move, maybe it will be a good boy and pass by,’ he thinks, but doesn’t show it of course.
Only this time the others do notice. And so does the dog. As the fluffy beast runs up to Warren, the angel shoots up, getting ready to bolt, just as Kurt himself bamfs in front of Warren, snarling at the dog and stopping it dead in its tracks. The pup would whimper, because Kurt is a down right bad ass, and back away, running off with its tail between its legs because damn it Warren is KURTS, not yours, you dumb dog.
And Warren would stand in shock as Kurt turns around, beaming up at Warrens blue eyes and flashing his pointed teeth in an award winning grin. “You don’t have to worry about them anymore, ja?” He would say happily.
And when Warren would look up from Kurt, he’d see all his other friends around him giving reassuring smiles.
Because to Warren, dogs are terrifying. And it’s taken one too many sharp-toothed mouth fulls of lost feathers to establish that.
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Spark Headcanons

I wanted to share some Spark headcanons because tumblr sees him as this soft cinnamon roll who only catches Pidgys and wheedles and isn’t much of a Pokemon trainer. And yeah you can have a sense of humor and be a memechild, but this guy is the leader of a team of thousands and other very capable trainers so he can’t be a complete doof. 

Spark’s Pokemon have a wildness to them. He doesn’t train his Pokemon so much as he lets them grow up naturally. In battles half the time his Pokemon are doing their own thing, and it makes them extremely unpredictable. 

Spark is a person who Willow sends Pokemon. Wild caught Persians and Ursaring that can’t be released and are too dangerous to be trained. He is that guy who starts a Pokemon sanctuary. He understands these are too dangerous to interact with so he keeps them in enclosures and only interacts with them through the fence. It’s not their fault they don’t interact well with humans, they’re only doing what comes naturally to them and he loves them dearly despite it.

Spark teaches the members of his team the dangers of taking Pokemon out of the wild. He encourages instead they breed Pokemon for competition, and rather than train them intensely and try to shape them into something a trainer wants, to support them and work around the strengths of the Pokemon.

The majority of his Pokemon were either bred in captivity or rescued and for that his Pokemon are fiercely loyal to him, more so than Candela’s or Blanche. They won’t listen to anyone but him. Yeah they tend to disobey him and do their own thing, but they wont ever leave him and don’t you dare lay a hand on him. 

Many people consider his technique of keeping Pokemon relatively untamed to be dangerous. People who think you need to break a Pokemon completely to get the most from it. But he has a deep respect for what nature has made and believes nature can do a far better job training pokemon than any human can. 

Nature has made a beautiful thing and sometimes the best strategy is to let a Pokemon follow its natural INSTINCT.

anonymous asked:

Do you think Sebastian is a misogynist? I have spoken to my friend and quite some friends of her agree with this...what is your point of view on this?

Oooh, good question!  It’s a tough one, though.  :)

Part of the issue arises in that what we consider sexist in today’s world would be considered to be normal in Victorian London.  Though the word “misogyny” is quite old, its usage (according to a Google Books word frequency graph) spiked around the late 20th century.

We can retroactively look back at something a historical figure had done or written and call is misogynistic in today’s terms.  But we have to keep in mind the social norms of the day.  Women have been disenfranchised throughout history, and gender roles were quite different in Victorian London than they are today.

Let’s define misogyny first:

—a hatred of women  (Merriam Webster)

—hatred, dislike, or mistrust of women, or prejudice against women. (

Let’s look at some traits of misogynists, as written in Psychology Today.  Towards women, a misogynist is:

—cocky, controlling and self-centered


—won’t keep promises to women

—choose a woman as a target and get her natural defenses down by being flirtatious and charismatic, then as time goes on, become rude

—see little value in women

—unknowingly treat women differently than men

—make women feel miserable using anything within his power

Now, some of those things may be jumping out at you as something that can be applied to Sebastian.  Yes, he is cocky—but!—this is important—he’s cocky with both men AND women.  I don’t see him as controlling, or competitive with women, either.  If Mey-Rin did a good job, he wouldn’t put her down and try to be better than her.  (He puts all the servants down—equally—but not because of who they are, but because of their incompetence.)

(If he were a misogynist, he’d be singling out Mey-Rin here.)

Likewise, I think he sees great value in Mey-Rin.  She’s a valuable member of Ciel’s personal army, and I think Sebastian assembled the team, which meant he chose her himself.  If he were a misogynist, he would’ve chosen a male sniper instead.  He’s pretty patient with her; maybe he teased her a bit during the Murder arc, but that’s all—he could be having his way with her if he really wanted to, but he’s never done anything even close to that.

I also don’t see him doing anything to make the women in his life miserable, nor to assert his power over them.  He’s been nothing but kind to Lizzy, and he doted on Sullivan pretty well.  (Maybe he was a little forceful with the whole silverware lesson, but I think Sebastian is just a strict teacher.)  He didn’t treat Irene wonderfully, but he didn’t treat her date wonderfully, either, and Irene also caused trouble at the party.  He doesn’t quite get along with Nina, but Nina is a forceful personality—and her attire for the time was quite inappropriate, and Edward was put off by it, too.  Not only that, but Sebastian disagrees with Nina artistically, to the two just aren’t going to get along.  I think it’s less that she’s a woman, and more that she’s a woman who happens to rub him the wrong way.

In other words—a misogynist has to treat women worse than men.  I don’t see too much of that with Sebastian.

Nina is a strong woman, yes, but to counter this, think of how Sebastian treats Frances: he respects her, and during the Campania arc he seemed worried for her safety.  He seems to have no trouble in dealing with her–in fact he’s a bit afraid of her (there are schools of thought that misogyny is a fear of women–but Sebastian, I think, is only afraid of Frances because she is Frances.  So is Ciel.)  If anything, he’s quite passive and timid around her–look at how quickly that hair goes back when she’s within a five-mile radius.  If he were a misogynist, he’d be telling her a woman has no right to tell him how his hair should look because he’s a “man” and he knows better.

Also think of how other male characters treat women in the story and think if Sebastian treats women any differently than they do…nothing is quite jumping out to me.  (If there’s one person Sebastian picks on and asserts his power towards—it’s Soma.)

The one thing that complicates everything, of course, if the whole incident with Beast.  She was, for whatever reason, the one he used in his scheme to get information about Kelvin.  Did he single her out because she was a woman?  Perhaps.  Or did he single her out because she was the most emotionally vulnerable, and therefore, the easiest target?  Would his charms have worked on a male character?  (That probably would’ve been a harder sell, given that Joker and Dagger are attracted to women.)

He could’ve threatened the information out of any of the other members—but that would’ve blown his cover, and picking on someone like Dagger or Doll would’ve made him look like a real jerk.  Having him seduce a woman shows us first hand the idea that demons can seduce humans—a concept Will brought up earlier—plus I’m sure there is the fanservice aspect to it, too.

So let’s say he did choose to use Beast because she was a woman.  He didn’t have the opportunity to interact with her later, but according to the above list, he should be rude and hateful.  The one scrap of evidence we have about his thoughts on that incident is this:

He looks down at her scarf.  His expression is open to interpretation, but I don’t quite see hatred there; I’m not really sure what it is.  What I see is a demon who had to follow an order, couldn’t do so because a grim reaper got in the way, and he wound up using a woman for information as his backup plan.  (And did any of the Circus members get treated any better than her?  Joker got his arm cut off and suffered on the floor, bleeding for quite a while.  I think Beast fared better than him.)

Now, on top of all this (the fact that we have little evidence, the fact that we are judging a 19th century character with 21st century morals,) is the fact that we are judging a non-human by human standards of morality.  If Sebastian is amoral (has no morals,) or follows his own “morality” (if demons have morality,) perhaps his treatment of women, and humans in general, isn’t “wrong” in his mind—it’s just what he knows.  After all, a demon’s signature ability is to seduce prey.  This is what demons do.  It’s akin to saying, “a cat stalks things and eat them” and then saying the cat is wrong for killing a mouse and leaving it on our doorstep–the cat just doesn’t get it, and keeps doing it.  We as humans may consider the taking of a life to be morally offensive, but to the cat, it’s just in its nature: its instincts are telling it that it needs to kill things to feed itself and its family.

I assume demons have this ability to tempt their prey because they need this ability to lure humans into contracts, and then take their souls, and therefore, be able to “eat” and continue existing.  Asking Sebastian not to lure his prey into contracts would be like asking a lion to stop sneaking around in the grass and surprising gazelles.

So, in summary, I don’t think it’s fair to label Sebastian as a misogynist.  I see no singling out of women.  I think he would use anyone—male or female—if he had to, and Beast just happened to be the easiest target.  He’s treated Mey-Rin, Nina, Lizzy, Sullivan, and Frances in keeping with Victorian social norms.  It’s also hard to accurately judge a non-human character who is from a different time period than us.

Is he the guy you’d take home to your parents who is a perfect gentleman?  Maybe not.  But I don’t think that makes him a misogynist.

Thank you for the question!  I hope my answer is helpful.  :)

Love for a stranger

I wanted to ask why some VIPs think that they are the only ones who understand GD, when in reality, more people who aren’t VIPs feel that bond to his music than they do. I’m not asking this to instigate any arguments, but I feel deeply a bond I haven’t been able to shake off. When I first heard of GD, I thought he was an egotistical jerk, and I’d heard so many people say the same thing about him, I thought it must be true. But I started listening to more of his music and I didn’t see the arrogant persona, I saw a depressed soul, burdened and crushed by his sadness. And in him I saw much of myself. And I connected to him because its a natural human instinct go connect to those with similar experiences. I have my own demons in trying to deal with, which I won’t elaborate but, I want to know why some VIPs think they’re the only ones with connection.

Thank you.
21 things hiring managers wish you knew
Get hired by thinking like the employer.
By Alison Green, U.S. News & World Report

This is a good break down of what hiring manager want to see. And things like this are necessary. Interview etiquette and resume writing is not taught in school. Once we leave school we are left to fend for ourselves. No one teaches people how to interview properly, or write a cover letter, or even mention thank you notes. Applicants aren’t idiots, they are ignorant, but through no fault of their own. Young people spend their entire lives in school then are expected to know how to get a job like its a natural instinct. The fact is, interviews are hard to come by and even harder to land. And hiring managers need to understand that the job seeking and interview process is difficult and highly stressful for would be job seekers.

For one, job seeking is expensive. When you’re unemployed and have no income, travel costs add up quick. $5 for interviews (depending on your transit system), or gas (not to mention monthly insurance/car payments) when you don’t have income to replace it gets really expensive. Many people have to choose between eating and their interview because sometimes they can’t afford lunch or dinner that day. That’s one thing hiring managers never think about, the cost to the people they interview. Doing two, three plus interviews, only to not get the job is financially and emotionally taxing.

Deceptive job descriptions, group interviews, and other mindless questions that can be answered over the phone waste a lot of time and money better invested elsewhere. As a hiring manager, you can get annoyed that people you interview don’t know the rules. But remember, people aren’t taught this. People are annoyed and frustrated that they have to do a dog and pony show JUST TO GET BY. They have to suck up to get a job so they can feed themselves and put a roof over their head. So your inconvenience pales in comparison to someone stressing over how they are going to pay their bills. How quickly people forget how stressful job hunting is once they have one.

I’m now going to tackle each point listing in the article:

1.) Honesty: You want honesty? Most people can do most jobs with a little bit of training on your part. Most people want the job so they can make money. We live in (blatantly obvious) capitalist society. Money is the number one reason why people work. We don’t want to make your business better. “Why do you wanna work for us?” “Uhh… because I need money to live, that’s why”. You and your business are not that important. Working for THAT company in particular is not a dream come true. You want to make sure we would be a good fit. We just want to have stability. Wrong job or right job, a job is a job and it pays. Most people will figure out how to work with it.

2.) Attention to detail: I can agree with this. Keep a professional demeanor when corresponding. And don’t be rude. Obviously, you might be working with that person.

3.) Asking questions: Not every interview requires them. Some job descriptions are self explanatory. Sometimes we look up the company beforehand and that answers our questions. Maybe we get a glimpse of the working environment before or during the interview. Or maybe the interview hit all the key points and there’s no need for clarification. Regardless, not asking questions does not equal not being interested. If the person wasn’t interested in the job they wouldn’t have rolled out of bed that morning. Don’t dismiss and applicant simply because they couldn’t think of a question. Half the time, interviews are from some online ad that didn’t even list the company. There isn’t always much to go on. Again, you and your company are not that important.

4.) Thank you notes: No ones is ever taught this. Ever. Expecting one is ridiculous. Getting one is a nice gesture, but do not expect one. Again, many interviews start with an ad that don’t have direct emails. Also, if you don’t hand the applicant a business card, they may not remember your whole name, title, floor, etc. Even then, maybe the mail didn’t get sorted properly. Or your mail room attendant threw it out or forgot it. Things happen.

5.) Enthusiasm vs Desperation: So we have to pretend like you’re doing us a favor? That we happy to give up our time and much of our lives to work for a company who profits off our our hard work? Again, with the dog and pony show. Jobs are a necessity. We have to get one, or live off grid in the woods. There’s nothing appealing about waking up at 6am and getting home at 7pm, all the while scarfing down food while we run out the door. But we need to be enthusiastic. Because you doing your job is a favor? We must appreciate your time? What about our time? Are you enthusiastic to interview us? Or is it just another mundane part of your job (that you wake up at 6am for)? As for desperation, you do know that we NEED the job right? That’s why we are looking for one. We NEED the job for money. Money to pay our bills, to eat and clothes ourselves. And after countless interviews and failed job prospects, desperation creeps in. As a hiring manager, you should be sensitive to that. You should recognize that people NEED money. And after spending their savings on interviews, desperation sets in.

6.) Weaknesses: This question is a lot like the “about me” section of a profile. Not everyone is great at talking about themselves. And those who are don’t focus in the negatives. Asking about weaknesses is tantamount to asking “why should we NOT hire you?”. You may not be intentionally tripping up the applicant, but you are none the less. You should care more about the person in front of you than the job. Asking about area’s of improvement might be a better way of asking this question. Not only does it show where they might be weak, it shows introspectiveness and gives an idea on how to improve.

7.) Overqualificaiton: This one is tricky. On one hand having years of experience and having higher degrees shouldn’t bar you from a job. On the other hand you shouldn’t be applying to those jobs to begin with. Let someone with less experience have a shot. However I do understand that desperation can call for it (don’t forget to be enthusiastic about it though). But stating that you are willing to take less because that’s what the position pays? That seriously undermines your worth as a worker. That gives the company a get out of jail free card when it comes to determining your salary. No. A company is purchasing your time as a person. You set your rate. Not them. If a position only pays X amount of dollars then they will get what they pay for. You should never undersell yourself unless your about to lose your house or be evicted. Overqualification is nonsense, in that if you’re qualified but have more than what’s required then you should be compensated. Sure, state that you’re overqualified. But do not give any indication you’re willing to devalue yourself. As a hiring manager, you get what you pay for.

8.) Resume objective: Yes, these are stupid.

9.) Phone interview: Yes, it is an interview. However, managers, keep in mind that you can call them and they can pick up and they could be in the middle of something. Maybe they are cooking and can’t leave the stove. Or maybe they are on the phone with tech support and can’t talk for too long. Or maybe they were in the middle of having sex (happened to me lol). Regardless, expecting that person to go from relaxed and at home to professional within the space of a “hello” is unrealistic. Phone interviews should be scheduled ahead of time via email. It’s only polite. You don’t want to hear the TV in the background? I don’t want to talk while watching TV. A simple email with the time and a confirmation is all it takes.

10.) Job offer: No, you shouldn’t count on it. Also, with that in mind, managers, remember that you are NOT the only job these people apply to. Expecting them to know who you are, when they applied, what the business is, etc. is ridiculous. People have multiple interview. And send out even more resumes. Also remember, you may not be the only company that extends an offer either.

11.)  References: One, don’t be dick. We give you a list for a reason. Two, if we don’t provide names and numbers how do you know who to call? Three, we tell people we used them as references so they aren’t caught off guard. Which leads me to four. Four, calling people not on the list is odd (how did you find them) and rude (because they weren’t expecting). Don’t be a dick.

12.) Stalking: Agreed. Hiring managers are people too. They say by Friday? Give them until Monday.

13.) Candidate care: That’s a good thing. You should respond in some way with every candidate as to not leave them hanging. However, to further this, keep in mind how much stress they are under. Other managers don’t care and just see them as paperwork and that’s a problem.

14.) Cover letter: Individualization is only possible when you know the company you are applying to. If you’re just emailing anonymous ads off of craigslist this is not possible. Writing an individual cover letter is important for all known jobs. But from craigslist or monster or careerbuilder? No. Half the time they don’t even read it. If you’re sending out 100+ emails a day with your resume, you’re not going to write a cover letter for each one. That’s not realistic. Helpful? Yes. Realistic? No.

15.) Showing up early: Don’t. It is better to be early than late. But if you’re there a half hour early wait a block away. If it’s really hot or really cold, wait in a store. Worse comes to worse go in and tell the front desk not to call your contact yet.

16.) Subjective phrasing: Everyone does it. Everyone is a hard worker. Everyone is a leader. With that said, you should back up those statements with accomplishments of some kind. By doing so you erase the need to include those statements in the first place.

17.) Accomplishments: Include these. Describing your previous job is alright, but stating what you did is better. However, not every job as that potential. If all you did is data entry then there’s no way you had a stellar accomplishment to brag about. Some people just do their job and that’s okay. Not everyone has to seal a million dollar deal.

18.) Recent grads and experience: This is where it gets good. With a full school schedule, homework, papers, projects and god forbid a social life, where are these people supposed to get experience? Internships? For one, they don’t pay very often. How are they supposed to pay for anything? Internships (as I’ve said in the past) is essentially slave labor. No compensation but you get experience and skills. Did anyone hear about the Citi intern who worked himself to death? An INTERN. UNPAID. DEAD. No. Slave labor. Part time job? With what experience? Most part time jobs have nothing to do with that person career choice. Because most of those jobs are 9-5. And volunteering also leaves you with no money to pay for anything. But you need to pay to get lunch and transportation. The fact no experience means you can’t get a job in your field is circular. And insulting. A recent graduate, who has bachelors degree, is obviously intelligent enough to do a simple entry level job. Hiring managers who disregard a degree and point out “no experience” are the problem. It’s insulting and cheapens the 4+ years they spent in college (and racking up huge amounts of debt btw) to get the education to GET THE JOB. If experience was the only thing that mattered in the first place, then why do they need a degree? I don’t think learning about the Trojan War, the date The Parthenon was built or explaining why the curtains were blue have anything to do with data entry and sorting mail. Or any job for that matter that doesn’t directly involve history, art, or literature (I’ve made my point about college and the scam before). In short, if they have the education. FUCKING HIRE THEM.

19.) Personality: Because that’s professional. I understand you want a productive working environment, but if someone is otherwise completely qualified for the job, but you, personally, don’t really “feel” them. That’s unprofessional. If they are being rude or they are completely arrogant then yes, I understand. But if they are introverted but you’re looking for someone who’s extroverted, but it has NO baring on the job, its just what you, the manager, wants, that’s unprofessional.

20.) Being concise: Yes, important. Talk and get to the point. Important in any situation other than interviews. Personally, I hate talking on the phone for long periods of time. Just get to the point. Same holds true in interview. Talk, but be direct. Otherwise you’re rambling. I understand this. Agreed.

21.) Honest, again: Instead of stating the reason why you left, saying you are looking for something bigger and better. Don’t bad mouth your boss because then it’s assumed you’ll just bad mouth them later. Overall, interviews should be positive experience. Manager’s should be aware that people don’t always leave on the best terms.

Everlark One Shot

I wrote this Everlark fic for the hunger games fic exchange a while back and I’m currently updating my one shot page. I didn’t have this story posted on Tumblr. What is wrong with me? So it’s here now.

Prompt: Au or Canon: Write an Everlark story inspired by the lyrics to any Sondheim song. Some suggestions: “I Wish I Could Forget You” or “Loving You” from Passion; “Not a Day Goes By” from Merrily We Roll Along; “Move on” or “We Do Not Belong Together” from Sunday in the Park with George; “No More” from Into the Woods.

Author’s Note: Though I love all of these songs the first one that popped into my head was “Not While I’m Around” from Sweeney Todd. I hope you like it my dear msdisdain.

Written for Msdisdain for Hunger Games Holiday Exchange.



Nothing’s gonna harm you, not while I’m around.
Nothing’s gonna harm you, no sir, not while I’m around.

Demons are prowling everywhere, nowadays,
I’ll send ‘em howling,
I don’t care, I got ways.

No one’s gonna hurt you,
No one’s gonna dare.
Others can desert you,
Not to worry, whistle, I’ll be there.

~ Stephen Sondheim~


Not While I’m Around


The rocking motion of the Capitol’s luxurious train put almost everyone on board fast asleep, but three victors. Alcohol was the source of peace, if you could call it that, for one of them, but the other two feared the dark of night, for it brought the unconscious state that left them unprotected and vulnerable to the unknown. There was no security in their dreams. No shelter they could hide out in. No place was safe once their bodies gave into its natural instinct and the need for rest.


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My friends and I have been developing a board game for some time and suddenly everybody’s been pitching in and it’s gotten me really inspired! My 10 year-old sister even came up with a name for me: The World of Kuno.

I just got our first finished artwork back from zakeno and I am stoked!

The first one is our “Frogcatcher.” A young girl living out in the middle of nowhere in some sort of stereotypical bayou. Her surroundings are really dark and bleak, yet she seems to have no care beyond catching little frogs. Assuming her poor village can go without eating the frogs, she keeps them for herself as pets to the best of her ability. She is dirty and free-spirited. She thoroughly enjoys her work and takes pride in it, even if the people of her bayou village would rather her do more productive things than keep potential food lying around.
The other is a card associated with the Frogcatcher. It’s the Llamhigyn Y Dwr (or Water Leaper, as is more easily readible). This is a Welsh mythical creature that resembles a legless frog with bat wings and a long tail with a poisonous stinger on the end. This “monster” is typically mischievous-seeming, given their tendency to snap fishing lines and harass passersby, when in reality, it just goes about its natural instincts as any animal would, magical or otherwise. 

"Shiizakana" Part 1, or "Animals for the Unethical Treatment of People”

S2E9 Shiizakana pt.1

(Part 2 here)

Poor Will Graham. He can’t catch a break, even in his dreams. “Shiizakana” begins with black and white bondage porn dream sequence, where Will has Hannibal trussed up like a pork roast and seemingly at Will’s mercy. Will demands Hannibal make an admission of the monster he really is… and Hannibal replies with a classed-up version of “I know you are, but what am I?”

 Will has embraced the Ravenstag as his symbol, or at least the symbol of his Darkness, the indefinable quality that he and Hannibal share. In his dream, Will has the Ravenstag subdued and acting as a beast of burden pulling at the ropes that are both restraining and strangling Hannibal. Will has such control of the stag that he can use its power against Hannibal. Will walks closer, even as he bids the stag tighten the ropes on Hannibal.

 This drawing near while simultaneously inflicting pain on Hannibal reflect Will’s conflicted state of mind about Hannibal. Dream Hannibal talks a lot about the beloved and the beloved’s potential etc, which is disturbing once you realize this is Will’s dream. (We can’t control our dreams but Freud would have a frickin’ field day with “I had my psychiatrist tied up and he told me he loved me, then I squeezed him until he exploded.”)

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anonymous asked:

Feeding your dog raw DOES make it agressive. It makes it realize its natural instincts to eat animals. Please do some research before you post stuff.

Oh my GOD you can’t be serious. Do YOUR research.

I’m gonna cry

Also I was really pleased seeing Oikawa’s dark side this much and how fast he goes back and forth between his intense/carefree personalities. They put a lot of emphasis on Oikawa’s value as a player and it just makes me really proud.