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Sinclairs-Demians Theory

Most of the theories now are focused on Demian by Hermann Hesse…

Hence the book suddenly being sold out everywhere…

If you are asked for three words that would explain HYYH what would they be?

  • In my opinion… it would be… Youth… Struggle… Dreams
  • My three words for Demian? Youth… Struggle… Will

Overarching summary of the book:

Demian is the coming of age story of Sinclair. Hesse's Demian dealt with the problem and experience of change. It was written during the First World War which is often seen as a time during which the world was robbed of its innocence. In the story, Sinclair meets this older boy named Demian who comes in different points of his life to usher him into maturity. Demian opens Sinclair’s eyes to see the world in a new perspective.  One of his main perspectives was that there is no pure evil and no pure good. That if one is not limited by what society deems as good and evil then one can attain his will or want better.

Another important character is Eva, she is Demian’s mom. She is beautiful in both masculine and feminine sense. She is, for Sinclair, what Demian cannot be. Demian is Sinclair’s friend and mentor; Eva acts as Sinclair’s mother and the object of his romantic love. Like Demian, Eva’s primary role is to help Sinclair develop appropriately.

Sinclair does meet more people along the way, all helping him figure out more about himself. But Every so often his path crosses with Demian. Eva taught Sinclair a trick to find her, he said that Sinclair just needs to will all his energy and she will send someone like her to be with him. (take note of this, I’ll explain it later) He tried it once and was surprised when it worked and Demian stood beside him. During the war, Sinclair did the same thing and Demian was suddenly beside him.  Demian tells Sinclair that if he ever feels like he needs help, he no longer needs to call Demian. He simply needs to look inside himself and he will see that Demian is within him. With that, Demian gives him a light kiss on the lips—a kiss that he says is from Frau Eva—and vanishes into the night.

Sooo… who is who… and what is what… in my opinion:

I think… Each pairing are each other’s Demians and Sinclairs helping each other reach the enlightenment that maturity supposedly brings.

Yes they each have their individual roads of struggle towards self discovery and they did some things that society would deem bad/evil while they were together. 

Messing up restos… 

Causing traffic…

but none of them were bad enough to cause themselves true harm. They had more difficulty traversing through their lives alone though, Damien without Sinclair… Sinclair without Damien… meant a road of self discovery alone and that’s when things got messier.

Remember, you can smile as long as we’re together? 

All symbolisms in the short films point towards this. Kookie being first, showed the connection of HYYH story to Demian. It shows the importance of the pair ups and how relevant they are to each other. Shout out to Namjoon for the narrations that finally led us to interpret the stories this way, with their deeper meaning…

In terms of story lines, each pair has one and the short films gave us a peek on what happened to the pair. The short films I think are their mid-points where they have to come into terms with losing their Demians.

Sugakookie: Sparrow Hawk

In my opinion, SugaKookie shows that they are each other’s Damien and Sinclair the most. The way they were both struggling but were supporting each other and watching over the other was very evident. To Suga, he is Sinclair and Kookie is his Demian, his companion to self discovery. And Kookie is the same way with Suga. Story wise? Either they both died or just Yoongi. You probably read other theories, birds are omens of death. Yoongi legit caught fire so many times in so many ways. 

I do think something happened to Kookie that led to Yoongi’s decision to have a need for this hot gif.

Their fight in Run was the turning point in their relationship. Suga, the raged-alcoholic fighting the run-away angst-y teenage Kookie led to Kookie leaving and the accident. Suga felt the guilt, which is why in Run Jap MV you could see him with all the broken shards of glass. The fight was his biggest regret. (BTW: I think that was what Run Jap MV showed, each HYYH character’s biggest regret. I never wrote this down, I just shared this to anyone who will listen.)

All other symbolisms in #Begin were proof of their pairing and Yoongi’s fire bending. You’d think Kookie died too due to the crash but the sparrow hawk in the end of #Begin makes me hope that death is not the only possible ending. 

What is the sparrow hawk? The bird represents a desire to break free, to be independent. We’ve seen birds all throughout this era. Symbolically, this shows that this yearning has been present from the very beginning, as with the book. The big sparrow in the end indicates that Kookie has reached within himself to activate the part of him that longs to be set free.

Suicides see death as a form of freedom. Another possibility? Kookie didn’t die and #Begin is not the afterlife but a state of limbo one enters during coma. While in the subconscious he found out and came to terms with losing Yoongi and will learn how to live independently (If you are the optimist). So this could be the case or not… 

JiHope: Apple 

Well, Safe to say, in #Lie Jimin was in the loony bin. Probably trying to cope with his loss of his Demian, Jhope. 

If Sugakookie had the sparrow hawk, Jihope had the apple. The apple, which like in the Bible, was what Sinclair would point out as the cause of his first misdeed. To relate with the village boys, Sinclair lied that he stole apples from the orchard. A character named Kromer blackmails Sinclair to pay for Kromer’s silence. This led Sinclair to do another misdeed. He stole to pay Kromer. The apples started his loop of misdeeds and him being under the control of blackmailing bullies who threatened to turn him in. Who saved Sinclair from this loop? Damien. 

This only leads me to believe that Jimin is also Sinclair, lost without his Damien to stop the loop he is trapped in. How many times did Jimin try to kill himself in I Need U? Showcasing depression and addiction as the misdeed that loops is very fitting, in my opinion.

Speaking of addiction, Jhope. Jhope could be dead or just not with Jimin inside the loony bin anymore. We did see them both in the hospital in Run. Jhope may have had drug dependency issues due to his Narcolepsy and wanted to cure himself of this. Hence the throwing of pills and the hospital, or in my opinion, rehab scene with Jimin (the kid with depression/suicidal tendencies).

People think that Jhope died on the bridge. He admitted to being a narcoleptic though and the fall could have been an episode. So this could be the case or not…

VMon: Abraxas

VMon’s struggles portrays the idea of no pure good and no pure evil concept the best in all the story lines which is why #Stigma showed a significant name from the Demian story, Abraxas

Demian was the one who told Sinclair about Abraxas. He explained that the God Christians worshipped was pure good and for us to understand the world, we should understand not only what is good but also what is evil. That is Abraxas. He is a mystical deity? entity? who is both God and Satan, good and evil rolled into one. Hesse wanted to further show the blurry line between all good and all evil. This pair shows that not everything is just black and white. They were the only pair who legit committed a felony together. YOLO much?

We have always seen Namjoon going about his life as if dis-attached from everyone (aside from their ot7 and paired up flash backs). He had work and lived alone, just normal day to day. 

Two significant clues that link Namjoon to #Stigma are the spray paint and phone booth. In the end of #Stigma, V requested his one call. Remember Jap Run MV with Namjoon in the telephone booth? He was never able to answer that call, I think. Does this make him bad? Is he purely bad for living his own life?

V, Sinclair has been left behind by his Demian, Namjoon. The puppy in #Stigma? The puppy was V’s innocence. It was trusting and innocent and it left him when the walls came down. He lost his innocence along the way, due to everything he had to go through. 

V jumping towards the water in prologue and re-emerging after much struggle doesn’t necessarily mean that he died. In most cultures, water is a symbol for cleansing and renewal. It could be a symbolism of his road from wanting freedom to finally attaining it in himself. His freedom was attained through murder. He willed for his freedom and did an act that society would deem immoral. Was that act pure evil though?


Jin, I think is Eva, the compassionate character watching over the Sinclairs and Demians. In te book, she loves and coddles Sinclair, commiserating with him about the hard times he had during his adolescence. At the same time, however, she is strong and commanding, exhorting him to become more in touch with and confident of his desires. Eva is a symbol of perfection and completion; she encompasses everything.

Jin oversees everything, he is part of each one’s journey but at the same time has little control over it. I am seriously looking forward to how they will cap off Jin’s story.

Summoning Trick:

So Eva told Sinclair that if he willed all his energy she will send someone like her to be with Sinclair, right? Can you list down how many times these happened in HYYH Series? Where one person just opens a door or closes their eyes and suddenly another person (or more would suddenly) be beside them?

I didn’t want to go through every little detail and assume a different meaning for each little hint and symbolism. So there. 

 (This next question might bring me hell… but… ) What do you think guys? 

“Youth has no age. It just stays there, beautifully. And it is everyone who id chasing their dream. Rapmon, Jin, Suga, J-Hope,Jimin, V, and Jungkook. We are also part of the youth who are chasing the stars. So you can call us young, and we will never get old.” ~ RM, Youth Intro

I will be updating this post as more stuff unfold so make sure to check the original post to see the updates! ( ˘ ³˘)♥ Thanks, guys!

laquaylovee  asked:

Hey Des . I was wondering if you could give me a few pointers on writing a story . I plan on starting a story on here but I improve my writing and make it something people will love . 😊

Hey beautiful girl, I would love to give you some advice !!

SO here are some main key points you should use for delivering your chapters 

  1. Detail - I think detail in the chapter adds a lot to the experience for the reader. Even if its the simplest thing such as, ‘As my eyes were glued to the current movie that was playing, I continued to clean the mess around the lounge room that the boys created’ . Even if its a pointless sentence it still gives the reader a insight on the characters life making it more realistic.
  2. Length -  Lets be serious no one wants to wait two/three weeks and only end up getting a short ass chapter. I know I hate it. Give the readers something worth their while . It keeps them interested when its longer.
  3. Space your paragraphs- Seriously its not that hard for ppl to just space your paragraphs. I for one wont read a story if its in massive ass paragraphs, as I feel like its so cluttered and messy. Confuses the shit out of me aswell cause I usually lose where Im at. 
  4. Be active - Dont make your readers wait 3-4 weeks for a chapter, shit is painful as hell for the reader and eventually they begin to lose interest because they cant be bothered waiting and keeping up.
  5. Spelling - Standard. Just spell check if your not a great speller. make sure you proofread and check for incorrect spelling mistakes. (Dont stress too much if you have a few mistakes, I know I do)
  6. Visuals- Add outfits, houses etc. Again it makes it more realistic for the reader and also gives them an idea on what the character looks like during the chapter .
  7. POV- Try and give different POV’s of the main characters frequently. It gives the readers a chance to see what’s going through each of their mind as well as understanding their personality and mentality. It also makes the chapter more interesting .

Because you’re starting a new fanfic I would suggest choosing a storyline and events that isn’t very common in fan fics. Come up with unique ideas that haven’t been used often or at all because those stories usually capture a bigger audience as its something new and exciting for them.

Also I cant stress this enough, Research & Plot Planning . I believe the best stories are when they are well thought out and planned.

- Research ; If your going to use a particular character, for example : rapist, celebrity, basketball player, kidnapper, drug lord, murder, or someone with a mental problem, health problem etc etc. You must do at least a little research to have a least a basic idea of what you’re writing about. Also it helps you to understand  and be able to write the characters feelings, actions and his overall mental state.

-Plot Planning; Im not gonna lie, when I started writing H.O.E I only had the first 6 chapters worked out in my mind and no idea what path it was gonna take after or how this ff was gonna end. This can be very frustrating for you and often is the cause of writers block . SO! Open up a word document and type out the numbers 1 - to how ever many chapters your planning on doing, and write in one or two sentences , your ideas for that chapter.

Example;  1.  Girls POV, introduce character, reveals a bit of her history

                 2.  Girls POV, new job at club, makes friends with girl, sees hot guy

                 3.  Boy POV, introduce his character, eyes out girl, takes home                               stripper

Etc etc etc

Its pretty much just a little guideline for yourself so you have at least a small idea of what will be happening in each chapters, as well as working out your entire plot so you don’t get stuck later down the track.

ONE LAST THING: Do not stress about having the ‘perfect’ story and just enjoy writing. When you write for yourself, thats when it usually turns out the best .  I honestly began writing KillaKings for myself because I wanted to read a Chris Brown thug story and I couldn’t find any that really captured my interest so I just thought well shit and began writing one that was exactly how I saw it in my mind . Just use your imagination girl, thats the best advice ever given to me. Imagine it in your mind and write it out how you see it playing in your head »> thats honestly my technic. Thats why I always say when posting a chapter ‘Its exactly how I pictured it in my mind”

Hope that helped and hope at least a little bit of that made sense ! P.S I tried to reply privately but It wouldnt let me because I think I wrote to much lol !

Id wish you good luck, but Im sure you dont need it beautiful ! <33333