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Inktober #18 - Vampire AU Cherik, as prompted

Some of my favourite relevant fanfics, where at least one is a vampire:

- Vampyr by shizuke
- And the Gunslinger Followed by musical_emjay
- The Beginning by beren
- Dear Neighbor Mine by issabella
- Does Not Ebb by StarkMad
- vampire au ficlets by madneto

Below cut is the first vamp au pic that I refuse(d) to post:

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Choose wisely, Pacifica

(haha i just wanted to draw my version of older! dip and mabes. Feel free to tag as either dipcifica or mabifica

or both because both is good

both is awesome)



  • "Ninety percent of the time the very sight of you makes me want to commit murder."
  • "What about the other ten?"
  • ---
  • "Ninety-one percent."
  • ---
  • "I hate you."
  • "Nine percent of the time you don't."
  • "Nine percent of the time I don't want to kill you. I always hate you."
  • ---
  • "Ninety-two percent, going on ninety-three."
  • ---
  • "I really want to know when Coach figured out that you only want to kill me ninety-three percent of the time."
  • ---
  • "Am I at ninety-four yet?"
  • "You are at one hundred."
  • ---
  • "One hundred and one, going on one hundred and two."
  • "You're a terrible liar."

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it started off as Nat just pulling Mae’s hair back like he always does in the game but then I wanted them to kiss (or at least go in for a kiss) cuz I’m trash hah ah a h a.…


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Has there been a fic with pining roadhog and oblivious junkrat? I mean I bet there’s variations of that idea but I’m thinking something a little more domestic, maybe they’re in overwatch and it’s just little drabbles of everyone noticing how bad roadhog has it for junkrat except junkrat

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According to british legends and myths, the Knucker is a sea dragon that lives in Knuckerholes, in Sussex.
My painting teacher said I had to paint something unreal so I did it, this is just a redraw of the actual thing I made.

Draw the ships

based on this “draw the squad” post, cuz it fits my disastrous shipping aesthetic too well

Sorry for the crappy notebook doodles but its late and I didn’t want to get out my tablet (that I already put away) for this


1.) Sunny Bees

2.) Noah’s Arkos

3.) French Vaschneela (I’m sorry for how ESPECIALLY CRAPPY this one is)


5.) Seamonkeys

6.) SSSNSet

7.) French Vaschneela (AGAIN… better doodle tho- aND IT FIT TOO WELL I COULDN’T RESIST)

I've decided!

I’m going to start doing ficlets again 😊 but for dirk gently (and others but probably mostly dghda). I’ll post prompt submission details later along with some examples of my more recent prose because boy my style has changed but yeah watch this space

‘A One Time Thing’ mini fic. (Post fic, pre-epilogue.)  
I dunno what this is but I wrote it a few months ago because there was this image that wouldn’t get out of my head. And there are questions in my inbox that I haven’t answered because I suck, so have this to tide you over until I get to those. 
(Untitled because I couldn’t think of anything.) 

            She wakes up quickly, and it takes her a minute to realize why.

            There are soft whimpers coming from down the hall, and she sighs. She’s so ready for these nightmares to stop. She shifts, sitting up to go to Aidan when Killian stirs behind her.

            “What’s wrong?” he mumbles.

            “Aidan’s having a nightmare again. Go to sleep, I’ll handle it,” she tells him. He grabs her arm and she turns to him.

            “I’ll get him. You need your rest,” he says, and he can barely keep his eyes open he’s so tired. She rolls her eyes at him.

            “I’m pregnant, not dying.”

            He smirks, leaning forward and pressing a kiss to her lips, his hand falling to caress the slight swell of her stomach.

            “Go back to bed, Swan. I’ll take care of him.”

            As if on cue, Aidan lets out another cry, and Killian quickly gets up and makes his way out the door.

            She hears a weak Daddy? and her heart aches.

            And God but it’s one of her favorite things.

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have some chaorian headcanons bc im having Feelings and am sleep-deprived (modern au i guess idc i just want them to kiss)

  • they get their own apartement as soon as they leave high school; its not rlly big since they dont need the space and there are lots of plants !! they are a mess most of the time but at least the flowers are okay; who cooks?? they dont know either, neither one is particularly great at it so they take turns
  • unlike dorian, chaol isnt that much of a reader (esp of things that arent historical bc he is a History Nerd™) but he enjoys period dramas; so whenever dorian is reading chaol is either taking a nap in his lap or sitting next to him maybe even feeding dorian chocolate cake from time to time; they have movie nights once a month and when they watch pride and prejudice chaol totally cries
  • when they first got the apartment it had just one big bed so they had to share,,, if they woke up tangled together nobody mentioned it (later the bed was replaced by two separate ones; the spooning was missed by both but again neither made a comment)
  • chaol is the one who is half-dead w/out his favorite black coffee in the morning while dorian can perfectly manage w/out his overly-sugary monstrosity (and is unafraid to mention it every five minutes) and chaol is just ??? amazed™ bc its not fair that somebody can be so cheerful so early in the morning
  • dorian is The Aliens Guy, they exist they are gr9 and he will fight you on this; on their days off they go on roadtrips to look at the sky maybe search for ufos; thats actually what happens to be their first date which started out as bros doing bro things like looking for aliens while holding hands and sneaking loving glances at each other; one minute they were looking at the moon and the next oh look your face is rlly close,,,, what would happen if like ??? i lean in a bit ??? o-oh look,,,, oops we’re kissing !! ha ha isnt that funny; it was honestly just a matter of time nobody is surprised some are actually confused that they have started dating just now ??? are you kidding me you were literally sitting in his lap two days ago !!!!
  • now chaol only needs dorian to wake up (tho he stills drinks his coffee bc he Likes coffee); occasionally its just opening his eyes and seeing that beautiful boy in his bed that makes him go !!!, others is that beautiful boy kissing his neck or trailing a hand along his back and chaol is definitely not one to complain more often than not returning the favor (they eventually return the small beds and get one they both fit on)

 i  just  finished  re-doing  my  muse  pages,  but  i  think  i’m  gonna  end  up  moving  blogs  entirely  because  although  i  haven’t  done  much  since  my  last  archive  in  november,  i  added  a  bunch  of  my  original  characters  &  want  to  change  my  tags  &  i  just  feel  the  need  to  start  fresh  if  i  have  any  hope  of  ever  actually  writing  over  here.   i  hope  you  guys  understand!

Everlasting life? I imagine it would be kind of lonely. Well, maybe if you had someone to share it with. Someone you loved. Then it might be different.

Barduil Stardust!AU, based on this post from starlightelvenking

→ Bard as Tristan Thorn
→Thranduil as Yvaine
→ The Arkenstone as The Ruby of Stormhold
Not Pictured:
→ Thorin as Septimus Stormhold
→ Gandalf as Captain Shakespeare
→ Smaug as Lamia the Witch

if you don’t see me around, don’t panic. i know this week is going to be crazy spoiler wise, so i’ll be limiting my tumblr time because of that. you can still catch me on mesenger (it’s on my phone!) and i’ll be answering asks/writing fic, so i won’t be completely gone. i’ll see you folks post wedding!


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