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“Brotherly love!”
“K-pop brothers!”
“Brotherly teamwork!”
“Brothers till the end!”
this is just in one article !! lmao it’s so obvious! you can feel how’s everybody scared of taekai and whatever their relationship is especially after the dating rumors. they even replaced bestfriends forever with brothers and they try too hard not to freak out it’s really funny and seriously creepy. they try to convince us and convince themselves at the same time but i bet taekai will shit on that with their gay under the cover of “it’s a natural skinship” and “we’re bestfriends from childhood” like always ! ~ i’m enjoying this too much

i mean 











natural skinship

and about the dating thing …  they asked taemin 4 times if it’s not more about him dating kai! (kang in, radio, managers and some fans),that means he had 4 chances to say he doesn’t date kai so the rumors or whatever is going stops but he never does. he never answer that he doesn’t date kai !! he didn’t deny it, he always laugh and say they always get caught when they are together ! ~  and then there’s kai who keep touching taemin and never say anything about the dating rumors . they have the perfect cover if they’re really gay, they can do whatever they want because they’re best friends and they like natural skinship and always have late night dates  …. no one knows .

so yeah it’s a very brotherly relationship obviously !!!!!

[EXO's SECRET BOX] Among exo members, who is the free-est spirit?
  • <b> Suho:</b> If it's not Tao, it's Kris.<p><b>Baekhyun:</b> It's just Kris.<p><b>Luhan:</b> In my opinion it's Kris.<p><b>Kai:</b> But it doesn't seem to be...(he) really cares what other people think of him. I don't think it's Kris or Tao. It's D.O..<p><b>Suho:</b> D.O.?!<p><b>Baekhyun:</b> D.O. is a free spirit?<p><b>Sehun:</b> Ahehhhh~<p><b>Suho:</b> Yah yah yah!<p><b>Kai:</b> He really doesn't care what others think of him.<p><b>Chanyeol:</b> He much! Spends three hours getting ready before going out!<p><b>Kai/Chanyeol:</b> But in the end he just wears sweats out!<p><b>Suho:</b> Black socks, black pants, black...<p><b>D.O.:</b> What are we doing now?<p><b>Kai:</b> It's me (I'm the free spirit).<p>
  • (fan message: chanyeol oppa, how do you always smile? you're a happy virus!)
  • DJ: so do you smile a lot?
  • CHANYEOL: yes, i think i'm almost always smiling.
  • KAI: can you stop smiling, please?
  • CHANYEOL: i want to do that too.
  • KAI: he goes around smiling all day.
  • DJ: what's your secret to it? that's really hard too.
  • KAI: exactly!
  • CHANYEOL: um, well i...
  • KAI: in my opinion, it's because he's healthy.
  • trans;itsaconspiracy
I really wasn‘t gonna say anything about this incident but..

this #stopsment is bullshit. do you really think that just because you trend this stupid crap its gonna shut down? really????? you don‘t know ANYTHING about the company. all you people hear are rumors about the company and sometimes they get sued. but sm ent actually created exo, girls generation, super junior, f(x), shinee, etc. they support them well and no one else is complaining except a few. yes, sm has made some mistakes and are very strict with the sm idols. but isn’t that what an idol is? the people that join the idol industry know that its not gonna be easy. they know what they’re going to go though. but if sm ent really treated them that bad (like the rumors are saying), i‘m pretty sure more than half of the idols in the company would have either left or sued them as well.

basically what i‘m trying to say is, stop trying to make a stupid petition when you people don‘t even know half of whats happening in the company. you might think you know saying “oh suho would never say that.” but hey, which one of you are actually friends with exo or have relations with them other than being a fan?

just wait until the exo solo concert or when sm releases a statement. wait for the lawsuit to go quietly and stop making stupid petitions or trends like this. its better to just stay quiet until we really know what happened.

like those people who are saying that sm took their phones away, slapped Baekhyun, etc. really?????? were you there when it happened? or are you just gonna say “my dads uncles friends sisters friend is a staff for sm” kind of shit?

and in the end, we might not ever know what happened but still. do you think that exo or girls generation or any of the sm family will be happy that you people made a petition and got rid of sm ent? i dont think so. there‘s just going to be more news/rumors about this and its going to get bigger.

so stop acting like you know whats going on when all you heard was rumors and a bit of what kris said.

stop making petitions, and just quietly support EXO and Kris until the end. nothings gonna change if you guys keep on making things bigger and crazier.

(i know im gonna get bashed and unfollowed for this.. but oh well. its my opinion.)