it's my new wallpaper for everything

 (wallpaper version!)

for a friend that was down and i thought u guys might enjoy a lance showing u how proud he is that u made it today :D its hard, but you did it. each day brings new challenges but remember you made it despite everything thats happened and thats worth celebrating :D

i got new photoshop software so this was my test piece to get to know it better! im still trying to figure everything out (it took me 5 mins to find the bloody sharpen tool even though i was looking right at it smh) 

this is my first finished desktop wallpaper! its of my 3 aqours babies who fight for top spot

please like/reblog if you use!

(edit: im still working on the dimensions since this is my first try! ill make my future desktops better quality)

New Year Same Blog!

Happy 2018 everyone!!

this is my start of the year welcome to new followers (hey!) and welcome back to everyone still following me (thank you so much i know it’s been wild lol).

here are some links to stuff around my blog; feel free to browse, like, reblog, etc.

my aesthetic posts, linked and organized by team, color, league, etc.

my faq and my blacklist

wallpapers and lockscreens i’ve made! (no real organization here, i’m so sorry lol)

also you can search my blog for specific players or people, i tag everything religiously and thoroughly so hopefully you find what you’re looking for! (requests are always open for new things too)

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thank you to everyone who stuck with me or joined me in the tire fire that was 2017, let’s hope 2k18 does better :)

(side note, if you’re a blkhwks blog, this is the year of me blocking you without remorse immediately when I see you in my notifications so pls just like,,,, don’t interact with my things thank you!)