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Get a partner who will break the laws of physics with you.

Stormy Weather / Climatika

shou drawing ritsu is as sweet as I can get I guess

(thank you anon for the request!! its nice to draw pastel happy stuff without it turning into angst. also ritsu isnt as emo as usual which is a nice change too)

you know what else is pastel? the request post. Im not even joking it really is take a look

  • Sasuke: (barging into the kitchen) I swear he couldn't be more stupid! Who would do such an reckless mistake, especially on a top secret mission...
  • Sakura: Sasuke-kun...
  • Sasuke: Obviously, the Uzumaki idiot! The master of idiotic Uzumaki things!
  • Sakura: Darling, calm down, please and-
  • Sasuke: I know you want to defend him, Sakura, but a lecture about friendship and teamwork is the least thing I want to heat right now. We both could've died if I ha-
  • Sakura: Darling!
  • Sasuke: (sighs) What?
  • Sakura: You just poured breast milk into the coffee.
  • Sasuke: (spits the liquid, red from embarrassment)
  • Sakura: (lauging) Well Sarada won't be too pleased... welcome home, Sasuke-kun.
  • Sasuke: (still tomato faced) Hn.
so i follow/am mutuals with alot of fakes

lmao if ur a louie/ot4 stan who dOESNT HATE the other boys, freddie, their families + significant others, then follow me on @donnylilshit !!!! im! so! over! the! bullshit! I! see! from! y'all!

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I am so much in love with this little flower on top of Namjoons head 😭💖



11:49am 10/23 II this week’s bujo spread was filled with mail from my bff, jonghyun, and other things that make me happy :D


[VIRALHOG] Two Complete Strangers Perform Improvised Piano Duet At A Paris Train Station.  (Oh my gosh, I absolutely love this!!!!!!)


Dd: Kanaya goes to like a ball like, staff ball and shes a senior researcher or something, and Rose like flattered some creepy teacher enough so she could be there and kanaya could see her and be like “fuck”
Dd: Kanaya drinks all the sparkling wine
Stephanie: gets a little tipsy and agrees to dance with rose and gets a little handsy
Stephanie: wakes up like that was SO INAPPROPRIATE SHES BASICALLY 15
Stephanie: rose is like, im 22
Stephanie: BASICALLY 15!!
Stephanie: kanaya’s like 30 or something
Dd: and she hates her self for jerking off to an undergrad or whtever
Dd: “I am going to hell”
Dd: tells karkat all about it, “i am going to be arrested and sent to jail karkat” and hes like “wait wasnt she like 22” and Kanny is like “that is not the point”
Stephanie: karkat is like, do you know how jail works
Dd: “Kanaya, that is not even the law, stop”
Dd: “terezi tell kanaya that it is not the law”
Dd: and tezz is like “it is so the law you are going to jail also send pics”

theres this new au where rose studies abroad and seduces a beautiful older woman. its all about shipping and at one point kanaya gets on a plane and flies to italy just to punch dave in the face.

Overwatch Fan Fic Rec List #1

these are my personal favs!! i’m a multishipper so i hope this helps y’all.

notes: i don’t really read aus and theres a few ships i dislike so you won’t find stuff for them on there. ;;/ pls recommend fics to me too. <3 most of these tend to be multi-chapter too. (i didn’t mark everything.)

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