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“Who needs romance when you can have bromance”

@awkwardfortuneteller of course i’ve seen that tweet

vernon: *sees a cute person*

vernon’s brain: ok, think of something to say that will interest them and make them want to talk to you

vernon: *walks up to them*

vernon: I was vernoff but you turned me vernon


Two, four, six, eight. Who did we annihilate? -  Badass female antagonists of Leverage


I’ve read quite a few horror tales in my time, and I’ve got a certain fondness for Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde by Robert Lewis Stevenson. 

There’s something about man seeking to become his best self, only to unleash his inner demons and desires, that truly fascinates me.

I also like to think that Jekyll is not so innocent. He uses the identity of Hyde as an excuse for his immoral behaviours so not to feel any consequential guilt.

“If it wasn’t me in control, it’s not my fault.”

Jekyll is a truly evil character, and his potion is just a ploy to satiate his needs for violence and chaos.


Cairo’s homosexuality posed one of the biggest obstacles to securing overall approval of the picture. Hammett didn’t mince words in the novel. “This guy is queer,” says Sam Spade’s secretary as she hands him an engraved card bearing his name - Mr Joel Cairo. He speaks in a “high-pitched thin voice,” carries “gaily colored silk handkerchiefs fragrant of chypre,” and walks in “mincing, bobbing steps.” … Hal Wallis realised that American audiences - not to mention the Hays Office - were not ready for a candid look at homosexuality, which traditionally drew laughs and jeers out front. 

After seeing Lorre’s first day’s work, Wallis dashed off a memo to Huston: “Don’t try and get a nancy quality into him, because if you do we will have trouble with the picture.” Huston bent to Breen’s will. In the scene, Effie presents Cairo’s calling card to a bemused Spade, who holds it to his nose.

“Gardenia,” says Effie.

“Quick, darling, in with him,” replies Spade.

The rest Huston left to Lorre’s subtlety and the viewer’s imagination.

The svelte 137-pound Lorre who stepped before the camera seemed younger, fitter, swifter. More was asked of him and he asked more of himself. The role was the best of its kind to come his way in years and Lorre knew it.

“I’d often shoot a scene with Peter and find it quite satisfactory, nothing more,” recalled Huston - 

But then I would see it on the screen in rushes and discover it to be far better than what I had perceived on the set. Some subtlety of expression was seen by the camera and recorded by the microphone that the naked eye and ear did not get. He’d be doing little things that the camera close on him would pick up that standing a few feet away you wouldn’t see. It was underplaying; it was a play that you would see if you were close to him, as a close-up, as a camera is close. Things would flicker there and burn up slightly, like a lamp, and then dim down, and come on again. You’re watching something as if it were in motion.

from The Lost One: A Life of Peter Lorre -Stephen D Youngkin

Ed is a simple, very easy going, grounded guy. And Ed is an incredibly talented song writer, musician and  performer, way more out of the ordinary than we’re used to. Ed is also ambitious, self confident and aware of his possibilities, determined to be as successful as his talent allows him to be. 

Excuse me, I’ll be here counting to 5.297 while I look for reasons why any of this should be considered a problem.


Cloudy With A Chance

Part 14: …of fire.

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I just started watching Naruto and I love this nerd tbh 

drowsyfairy  asked:

what are the connections of nicole dollanganger's "in the land" to david parker ray? could you explain them?

she doesn’t explicitly like say his name or anything in the song, but when i first heard it i knew a few things were definitely about him! the lyrics that relate to him are “hell has a name, ‘satans den’, got a lock on the trailer, got the tape recorder in, he’s gonna strap her to the table, pull apart her legs, and pull her soul out of the body that it’s in”. in david’s trailer where he would (mainly sexually) torture his victims, there was a sign on the wall that said “satans den”, when victims woke up in his trailer he would play a tape for them he made extensively detailing what he was going to do to them while they were in his power. he had a gynaecologists table that he would strap them to for the torture ; there are pictures of his trailer + a very long transcript of the tapes if u want, personally i found them hard to read and look at though! sorry that this answer is long! i hope i explained it well :-) 💐