it's my last week of college for the semester

Dickkory Week, DAY 1

“Dick, hold my bouquet.”


Kory carries Dick ok and I will NOT *punches wall* accept any other scenario.

“I’ve heard some rumors from some heartbroken students that you’re currently in a relationship, Elric. Care to inform me?”

“Oh ha ha, wonder where they got that idea, with you following me home everyday. You’re grading your own papers tonight, bastard.” 


*Throws my favorite RoyEd AUs*

Have I told you that I love College Professor AUs? 


let me tell you about the worst job i ever had. (i sent an ask talking about the smell of cigarettes about this place)
So summer of 2016 i graduated hs and i was looking for a job before i started college. My birthday is in august so i was 17 at the time so it was hard. finally in july i get a call from the giraffe toy store. i get an interview, the manager tells me i got the job. yay! i thought.i didnt bring my social security and documents so she said to call to give her the info…ok. i call. no answer. i call again at another time…no answer. i call the next day…no answer. i take it upon myself to walk in the summer heat (the only good thing about the job it is a 15 min walk from my house) to bring in the documents to the store. I ask if i could speak to -the manager’s name- and she comes talking to me with all this attitude. “We didn’t do the background check yet so you cant start working!” (she was yelling idk why) Me: “But i didnt even give you my papers yet??” Her: -sighs- OK. Goes into the office gets my papers and then says she will call me for training. I dont know if im wrong, but is it supposed to take THREE WEEKS for a background check? During the first week im calling the store at least twice a day to know when im starting. after that i just said fuck it and started my job search again.

The second week of August the manager has the nerve to leave me a voicemail saying “Hi -my name- your background check went through and i want to know what day your available for training.” I was really desperate at this point, so I called back. Training was basic cashier stuff, easy. The only thing was some of the customers were too much for my social anxiety. Also my coworkers would make fun of how quiet i was? Like how i looked standing at my register (i have rbf at times and dont even know when im doing it) i almost cried at my register because of that (im really sensitive about my appearance) Plus when black friday and christmas time came i was already worn out from studying for midterms/finals. (my first semester grades suffered i partly blame this job) Also, they would have me stay until midnight (2 am on really bad days) to finished stocking returns KNOWING i have a 8:30am class on mondays. (plus i commute which is an hour and have to get ready so i wake up at 6:00)

Since i only worked weekend my shifts were long, which was good, more money. But sometimes i would go an 8-9 hour shift with no break. No one would tell me to go on break and when it got busy i didnt even bother to ask. During christmas time it was the worst. Everyone buying last minute gifts, returning toys, every other customer if we have those damn “hatchimals” in stock. I was glad the holiday season was over. And you know what they did? gave me one day the next week. And you know what ELSE they did? called me saying they didnt need me that day. I know its bad to leave a job unexpectedly but that job ruined my first semester of college experience and made me scared of working anywhere else.

On a happy note i got my gpa up from a 2.7 to a 3.5 and im on the deans list PLUS i got a job at an art store that im enjoying so far :)


4 December 2017| Finals Week
•finals week has officially begun! The last 2 weeks of the semester, but also the busiest/most study filled weeks of the semester. Today I revised for my Lab Exam and for tonight I made a good big cup of coffee and am going to tackle Bio revisions I have 250 flash cards left!!
•also currently reading chamber of secrets bc it’s that time of the yr again anyway: Hermione is currently bustling to make the polyjuice potion before another student gets petrified. Hermione had always been my original study/life inspiration here’s to //the brightest witch of her age// ⏳✨

softbabyj  asked:

about jeongguk and seokjin going to school: i feel like jeongguk maybe has some sort of pass from school to skip some days? or at least it's all good if he does his hw? he goes to sopa after all…(its my opinion though…) and jin could easily take online courses and few subjects per semester (i read somewhere that 95z are taking college classes online? is that true? or did i dreamt it lmao)

Yeah, I actually made a post last week or so about all the members and their university information. Here it is~

Jungkook and Seokjin are the two members who attends school in person. Jungkook goes to SOPA and is in his final year. Honestly, due to his hectic schedule he does not go to school very often but since SOPA is a school that many celebrities/trainees so go (as it is an arts school in Seoul), they are a bit easier on those with schedule issues. Seokjin attends Konkuk University and is majoring in acting. It is most likely that Seokjin is part-time student. Both Jungkook and Seokjin probably struggle the most with attending school, but they seem to try to go whenever their schedule allows them. (Apparently Jungkook seems to tend to not study for his tests though due to his schedule. I remember on fanaccount that stated he filled in the same letter on his multiple choice exam for all the questions, then left the classroom.)

From what I have heard, Hoseok, Yoongi, Jimin, and Taehyung have attended/are currently attending Global Cyber University. Therefore, they probably have an easier time taking classes since they are online.

- Kylie

pokemaster-flowerchild-deactiva  asked:

Hi! Okay so I'm starting my first year of college in a couple weeks, and I'm going to be majoring in Biology, and I was just wondering, do you have any tips on doing well in organic chemistry? This first semester I have OChem and its corresponding lab, and I'm kind of terrified (we only covered it briefly in AP Chemistry last year, and never tested on it, so I don't know how well I actually know it). So any advice would be awesome. Thanks!

I found O Chem to be one of my most challenging courses.

Not because of the difficulty of the concepts, but because there is just SO MUCH to learn. Lots of mechanisms and reactants. 

I would recommend re-reading your notes and finishing and asking questions about practice sets regularly.

Good luck!

If any of my followers have any other tips, feel free to share them with her. :)

I really hate to do this but I need help

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