it's my job to be so handsome

im laughing cause….well @mat-murdock isn’t totally wrong (we do hate mon-el for everything he does always) but this post is so ignorant im dyin. so here are some real reasons why everyone has a beef with him just existing in general that y’all kremlins like to ignore!!! 

Mon-El: *admits he misses objectifying women, is hyper-possessive and is jealous and generally misogynistic on multiple occasions*
Karamels: OMG MY SPACE PUPPYYY!!! he’s so cute he doesn’t know any better!!! its his culture omg c h i l l y’all are reaching….look @ him defending kara…mr. mxy man get away from MON-EL’S girl!!! im glad he disobeyed her cause he did it cause he LOVES her.

Mon-El: *demeans Kara on multiple occasions, in private and in public*
Karamels: this is what she gets for being so bossy and controlling like i don’t blame him for getting mad….he deserves RESPECT bc he is SO respectful to her!!! anti’s are just mad cause blonde barbie kara isn’t kissing girls on the show!!! stay pressed!!

Mon-El: *ignores Kara’s wishes on multiple occasions, both while on the job and in a personal setting*
Karamelsshes asking WAY too much of my sweet puppy like she holds him at a higher standard than EVERYONE…i cant believe she’s so selfish and controlling…WHY IS SHE SO DEMANDING!?! he doesn’t know any better ok!!! my puppy is LEARNING its his CULTURE to blame!! she is just trying to control my handsome space blob.

Mon-El: *gets broken up with for lying about who he is and expects implicit forgiveness from kara, always*
Karamels: kara is just so…..unreasonable. so prejudiced and unforgiving. look at how hurt my space puppy is! :(:(:( he said he was sorry and that he LOVES her!! she should be forgiving him it’s not like he’s the only liar on the show. like.. mon-el only lied to her to stop ppl from thinking he’s as bad as other ppl on his planet… he totally isn’t what show r u watching where he’s terrible???

And last, but certainly not least…

Mon-El: *not only owned slaves but benefitted from/did nothing to even attempt to stop slavery on his planet despite being in a high position of power*
Karamels: ok lets be clear his FAMILY owned slaves, HE didnt!!!! like his mom put him in time out when he said he didnt like it….he’s totally doing all in his power to stop this!!! plus he said he hated it. like, im not excusing slavery im just not gonna get mad at someone over their views on slavery you know???? thats lame… 

Manga Character! Jihoon [2]

if you haven’t read part one please take a moment to go to that post to read it! (for a backstory sort of? HKLDHF) 

Manga Jihoon Pt 1

listen these are about to be super long so if you guys don’t like long bullet fics then I understand! 

  • so the next morning you wake up with your loud alarm (yknow like the song seungkwan sang as a morning alarm? that one)
  • you get up dead on the inside half asleep walking towards the kitchen
  • you smell food and you just sit down at the table bc your brain right now is thinking 
  • “wow my parents must be back already”
  • you have completely forgotten that jihoon is a living thing for a second because as soon as he steps out of the kitchen with food you make a huge gasp 
  • “what’s wrong?!” 
  • he kind of like hurries towards you and suddenly memories of last night are rushing back and now you’re at the point of just trying to grasp it all yourself since you were busy making him comfortable last night. 
  • “o-oh nothing, I just was half asleep so seeing you made me think I was in a dream for a second” 

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CS FF- A Chance at Love: Part 1/2

Summary: Princess Emma is being forced to marry Prince Neal.  Unable to go through with it, she runs out of her wedding and escapes in a rowboat.  Her father hires the pirate, Captain Killian Jones, to bring her back.  But the feisty princess and snarky pirate don’t exactly hit it off right away.

Rating: G

Note: Thanks for the responses to Every Little Thing.  This was originally supposed to be a one-shot, but it got too long so I broke it up into two parts.  Part two will be posted in a couple of days.   I hope you enjoy it!  ~Steph

…A Chance at Love: Part ½…

Princess Emma stared at her reflection in the mirror.  Her wedding dress was beautiful.  It had a full skirt with beading all over it and the bodice.  A sweetheart neckline left just enough to the imagination.  A diamond encrusted crown sat atop her hair, which was piled into a mass of curls.  She looked every bit the princess she was.  But she found herself frowning at her reflection.  

Her mother appeared by her side.  “You look beautiful, sweetheart.”

“I can’t do this,” she said softly.

Queen Mary Margaret sighed.  “Emma, not this again.  Please, it’s your wedding day.”

She turned to face her mother.  “I don’t want to marry Prince Neal.  We’ve only met once and for only a few minutes.  I don’t love him.”

“You will come to love him.  This is what’s best for our kingdom and our people.  We can join two kingdoms together today.  I know it’s a sacrifice, but as royalty we must put the needs of our people ahead of our own.”

Emma felt tears fill her eyes, as her father, King David, walked into the dressing room and smiled at his daughter.

“You look lovely, honey.”

“Dad, I can’t marry him,” she said.

David glanced at his wife. “This again?”

Mary Margaret shrugged, as David approached Emma and placed his hands on her shoulders.

“I know you wished to marry for love, but that is not possible when you’re royalty.  You’ve been betrothed to Prince Neal since before you were born.  He is a good man.  You will learn to love him.”

“You and mom married for love,” she countered.

“It was different for us,” her father said, smiling at his wife.  “Fate played a part in our union.  As you know, I was out in the village market one day when I saw your mother.  It was love at first sight.”

The queen nodded.  “I didn’t know who your father was and he didn’t realize who I was.  We gave false names to each other.  He pretended to be a simple blacksmith and I pretended to be a peasant.  When you’re royalty, it’s difficult to know when someone is interested in you for you.”

“We began a romance, but we were already betrothed to two people we had never even met.  We planned to run away together, but we each knew we couldn’t hurt our families or our kingdom in that way. We finally revealed our true identities to each other.”

Mary Margaret smiled as she placed her hand in her husband’s.  “And when we did, we realized we were already betrothed to each other and didn’t even know it.”

Emma nodded at the story she’d heard a thousand times.  “But it doesn’t change the fact that you still married for love.”

“Our point is that we were meant to be, so we would have fallen in love no matter what.  The same can happen for you and Prince Neal,” her mother said.

“You two were lucky.  Not everyone is.”

Suddenly, they heard music begin to play.  

“It’s time,” King David said.

Emma took a deep breath as she looked at herself in the mirror one last time.  She then slipped her arm into her father’s and he led the way out.

They walked to the grand ballroom and the doors opened before them.  Emma looked at all of the guests, most royalty.  She felt her stomach begin to do flips as she walked down the aisle toward Neal.  She couldn’t even stand to look at him.  This would only be the second time they had laid eyes on each other, but Emma knew right from the start that he was not the one for her.  

They finally made it to the end of the aisle.  Her father lifted her veil and kissed her cheek.  He then placed her hand in Neal’s and took his seat.  

Emma looked at Neal for the first time since she’d entered the room. She searched his eyes for something, anything, that told her love could grow between them one day.  But she found nothing.  She knew she would never grow to love him.  She knew it deep in her heart and soul.  

“I’m sorry,” she whispered.  “I can’t do this.”

She pulled her hand free of Neal’s.  Emma yanked off her veil and crown and tossed them into the aisle.  Then she ran toward a side exit.

“Emma!” her parents called after her.

Emma kept running right out of the castle, past guards who were too stunned to react.  She lifted the skirt of her gown and ran all the way to the harbor.  Once there, she found a rowboat and jumped in.  She began to row out into the water.

Captain Killian Jones sauntered into the grand ballroom.  The guests were now gone, but it was still decorated with thousands of flowers.

“It’s about time,” the king said.  “I summoned you hours ago.”

Killian ignored him and gestured around the room as he came to stand before King David, the lone occupant of the room.

“Seems there was a rather extravagant event here.  My invitation must have been misplaced.”

The king’s jaw tightened. “You know exactly what was to occur today.  My daughter was to wed Prince Neal.”

“I’m sensing things did not go off without a hitch.

“Emma ran out of her wedding.  She took a rowboat out into the ocean.”

Killian grinned.  “Rather dramatic, isn’t she?”

King David ignored him.  “I need you to bring her back.  Your tardiness has given her quite the head start as it is.    I would send my own men, but they’ve known her all of her life and she is quite persuasive.  I fear she would convince them to let her go.”

“But I wouldn’t?”

The king shook his head. “You’ve never met her and you’re a pirate.  You care about one thing and one thing only: yourself.”

He shrugged.  “I’m afraid I can’t argue with that.”

“Bring my daughter back to me and I will reward you handsomely.”

“How handsomely?”

King David held a 3 carat purple diamond out to him.  It was the rarest of jewels and something sought by every pirate. Killian had been chasing it for years.  His eyes lit up and his hand reached out to touch it.

“It’s magnificent,” he whispered in awe.

King David pulled it out of his reach.  “Bring Emma back within 24 hours and it is yours.”

Killian nodded.  “I can do better than that.  Your daughter will be returned to you before daybreak.”

“See that she is,” he said.  

With that, Killian turned on his heel and exited the ballroom.

Emma rowed until every muscle in her arms ached.  She kept looking behind her, certain that her father’s ship would soon follow.  But it didn’t.  She rested for a few moments and then continued to row.  Suddenly, she felt her boat hit something and come to an abrupt stop.  She groaned as she looked down into the water.  She had hit a reef and the boat was damaged.  Water had already begun to slowly seep in.

Suddenly, a ship seemed to appear out of nowhere.  Emma flooded with relief at the sight of the ship.  Even more so because it wasn’t her father’s.

She waved her arms and the ship pulled up beside her.  A man came to stand on the deck and looked down at her.  

“Ah, princess, it looks as if you have run into a bit of trouble.”

Emma’s mouth turned downwards as she realized who he was.  She had never met him, but she recognized his ship and knew that he did her father’s dirty work from time to time.

“Allow me to be of assistance,” he said.

“I don’t need or want your help.”

“Where are my manners?  Allow me to introduce myself.”

“I know who you are.  You’re the pirate who does my father’s dirty work.”

He cocked an eyebrow.  “I see my reputation precedes me.  Captain Killian Jones, at your service.”

“My service?  You’re only here because my father hired you.  You don’t really want to help me.”

Killian shrugged. “I’m afraid I can’t argue with that.  But your boat is rapidly filling with water.  I don’t see that you have much of a choice.  Climb aboard.”

“I always have a choice.  I can repair the boat somehow.”

He laughed.  “What do you plan on doing exactly?  Stuffing your ample gown into the hole?”

Emma didn’t reply.  Killian sighed and lowered himself down into one of the emergency rowboats.  He rowed over to Emma and held out his hand.  

“Come on, princess, let’s get on with it.”

Emma was taken aback by his sparkling blue eyes and impossibly gorgeous face.  

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Careful what you wish for Chapter 1

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She loses hope she will ever see him again. And even if she does, will he remember her?

Fantasy AU

Main character - Monsta X Kihyn

It all started after I woke up in a hospital. At first I was terrified, confused and I thought I was crazy. Fifth or sixth time it happened I already enjoyed it way much I wanted to admit to myself. But after months and months I was exhausted. I just wanted it to end. But I didn’t have the idea how.

Working in a broadcast station was all I ever wanted. My current job was, well, not even close to where I wanted to be. But you have to start from somewhere. And oh boy, I started straight from the bottom.

I am a staff assistant. So not even staff on its own, but their assistant. Yeah, you guessed it right. There wasn’t lower position than mine. I do whatever I am told, and that basically means I run those errands no one wants to.

But I can’t complain. All I need is to work hard and I know I will progress and get that dream job one day. Also, seeing handsome idols every day at work is something I never get tired off. Even though I just pass them water or towels, collect their mics and other minor jobs I actually get to see them up close.

Or I could be deceiving myself. I can’t even tell lately. My life has gotten to its lowest point and I have been walking around miserable, with no actual friends, boyfriend or money. And seeing idols up close did get boring at one point.

Mostly because they don’t mind me at all. It’s like I don’t even exist. If I do make eye contact with some of them it looks like they are looking straight through me.

I’m sick of this. They all act like I don’t exist, but I just wish we could be closer, I’m sure we would get along so well.  I’m a human being too, you pretentious little… I grab the towel that someone threw at me and start kicking and hitting the air out of frustration.

Loud bang and before I could do anything, huge speaker was falling right at me.

And that was the last thing I remember before waking up in that hospital room.

My face is washed and I’m in soft pajamas, snuggled in warm bed with new episode of drama on, happy that I’ll get to sleep in tomorrow since I got few days off.

At some point I doze off, yawning so hard my whole mouth is wide open and my eyes shut. I stretch my whole body and open my eyes again.

“You had a long day today, huh?”

“Yeah, you can’t even imagine how tired I am right now.”

Wait. Who am I talking to?

I rub my eyes and take a look around me.

This is not my room.

I look at the other side and jump out of the bed from shock.

“Hey,  what are you doing?! Get back to bed and go to sleep. It’s already late.”

I rub my eyes again and shake my head. He’s still there. Tall and skinny with milky white skin, high bridged nose and round lips.

He catches me starring and smiles, his lips getting rectangular shape and his eyes squinting.

“I know you like me but let’s not make it that obvious.”

“K…K…Ken” I somehow stutter and point my index finger in his direction.

“Ken? You never call me that.” Confusion is on his face but it quickly fades.

“For you I’m Jaehwani oppa” he says it cutely and turns the lights off. “Now go to sleep.”

And just like that he shuts the door, leaving me alone lying in what I suppose is his bed.

The next morning I woke up in my bed. It was all a dream I was telling myself just because how crazy it sounded.

Until the next time. And let me tell you, my reaction was even worse than the first time, because I was pretty sure I have gone crazy.

By the fifth time I got used to it. It was then when I met Rap Monster. Or Namjoon how he told me to call him. We spent the whole night talking and drinking, laughing and reading poetry to each other.  

It was always one idol per week. All the same. I get ready to sleep, and just when I yawn, I open my eyes and puff, I’m in their rooms. They act completely chill, talk with me a little and then put me to sleep. I’m always their best friend, but what’s interesting is that I always have a different name. At first I was correcting them but they just ended up telling me not to joke and went on with that name. So I let them. I wanted to be their friend even with different name, so I pretended it didn’t matter.

After few months and various idols I met, Namjoon appeared next to me again. I was out from happiness.  After we spent that beautiful night together, all I wanted was to meet him again.

But, he called me different name than the last time we were together. When I told him about all the things we did and what we talked about he told me I was crazy for making it up.

And then was when I realised. After I go to bed they completely forget about me. Like I never existed in their lives before. Well, the truth was I have never been part of their lives, so I don’t know what made me think otherwise? Just because I spent half an hour with them, or that they called me their best friend we were actually friends?

No. I was there for these mere few hours a night, and after that it was like I never existed.

Another few months have passed and I was tired of this. I just wanted to make it stop, somehow cancel this crazy thing that was going on, but I had no idea what started it, yet alone how to stop it.

And that takes me to tonight and what I believe is the beginning of the end to this.

Always the same routine, I get ready to bed, yawn and I’m there.

I open my eyes and see unfamiliar dorm.

“You’re sure you want the upper bed? You always sleep down.”

He’s right. I hate bunk beds because I have this crazy fear I will roll over and fall down.

I turn my head to side to see who it is tonight.

I’m met with small face with pointy chin and prominent cheekbones. His raven black hair is ruffled and parted in middle. His face is bare, glistening under the room light.

“Yeah… I would like to sleep down if it’s not a problem.” I shyly say after I take the time to admire his face.

“Sure, not a problem at all.” He smiles and steps away from the bed frame, leaving me space to get down.

Once I’m on the ground I notice he’s not that tall, and rather skinny, but his eyes shine so bright and his smile is so wide it keeps me mesmerized.

I carefully turn around and bend to get into the lower bed when he grabs my hand.

“Hey, Y/N, is everything okay?” His voice is gentle and concerned, so melodic that I almost miss what he just said.

“How did you just call me?”

“Y/N. Why?” Dark haired boy seems even more concerned now.

My name. It’s the first time someone called me by my name. But what is this supposed to mean?

“Are you not feeling well? Do you want me to get you something?” His concern is so touching, I don’t know why but I have this weird feeling, I say to myself looking at the guy in front of me who’s now holding me carefully with both of his hands.

Kihyun-ah come on, hurry up! someone is shouting from outside the room.

I’m coming in five. Kihyun responds and turns his attention back on me.

Suddenly I feel dizzy and my body is becoming heavy, my tongue twisted and I find it hard to stand. It feels like someone is not allowing me to stay awake. Kihyun carefully puts me to bed, never letting go of my hand.

“I’m sad. There is people all around me but I feel so lonely.”

Kihyun tightens his grip on my palm and I feel his soft skin against mine. His hand is not that bigger than mine, but it fits perfectly. He holds it with so much care and delicacy, that there’s growing heat in pit of my stomach.

“You’re not lonely, you have me. Whatever it is, you can tell me Y/N.”

My eyelids start to shut and I feel light. My brain is working but the words I want to say don’t get out.

“Next time. I will tell you next time.” I hazily say. “Just promise me one thing.”

“Anything you want” Kihyun softly says, his tender voice lulls me to sleep even more.

“You’ll remember.”

“Remember what?” Kihyun’s confused but doesn’t raise his voice. He sits next to me, carefully listening to my words.

“Just remember me.”

Chapter 2



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Goodbye | Park Jimin

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A/N: I am currently reposting my drabbles from my AFF account. Might be spamming for a while…

Genre: Angst (Oneshot)

Summary: In which a girl moved on from a heartbreak with Park Jimin.

Count: 3071 words

“Let’s break up.”

I widened my eyes.

"Why, what’s wrong?” I asked searching for his hand to hold.

Without saying anything, he slipped his hand away from mine and took a step back.
“I’m sorry, but we can’t go on like this,”

My heart clenched. I didn’t understand where this was coming from. It was difficult to decipher his expression as he looked hard at me.
Where did the all smiles Jimin go? The always happy Jimin I fell in love with?

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Guys seeing Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad: Yo Harley Quinn is so fuckin hot I love this version of her ;)))

Girls seeing Pennywise in the new IT: He’s kind of cute, his actor is handsome and did a great job with the character


Just let people be happy, ffs

Just Watch (Kikwang)

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Type: Fluff

Request: Can you a Kikwang scenario where you guys watch his drama (Circle: Two World Connected) together and you fangirl over him?

~so I’ve only seen the first episode of the show and I don’t know what he’s like completely. Sorry its really short as well like I said I don’t know the show too well~

You squeezed him every time he came on screen. He would tell you to loosen your grip as you didn’t take your eyes off the screen. The show in general was very good. “You look like really love your job” you joke as he was a very fake, like he knew just how act. He smiled as you guys cuddled more.

“My baby looks so handsome in pure white” you hum and he makes a similar sound. “Almost makes you look innocent” you told him. “Keep calm” he told you as he laughed. “I know but I just miss you lots” you coo as he looked down at you. “We spent all last night in your bed. What do you mean, you miss me?” he teased as you brought him in for a kiss. “You should watch” he says as you kissed him lightly again. “I could or I could make out with my handsome boyfriend” you comment as he pulls away “watch” he whined as you pouted again. “Fine” you say crossing your arms turning away from his chest.


As the episode came to an end you could feel Kikwang’s fingers against your leg as you simply just tried to ignore it. “Good?” he whispered into your ear. You moved your head away as he gave a confused look “so good I’ll watch the next” you comment. “What?” he asked “yeah. You’re right I should pay attention” you comment “you’re doing this to get back at me?” he asked as you shrug. “Why don’t you go make popcorn” you say to him as he sighs. “Should have been willing before hand” you cooed as he walks towards the kitchen. “Evil” he mumbled as you smiled starting the next episode.

Shadowhunters fanfic: Mon petit chat

(Based on episode 2x8 when Iris disguised herself as a cat. I’ve been thinking about this since then soo here.)

Jace had to admit his brother acted a bit strangely sometimes, but this was weird even for him.

They’d been walking to a mission, all geared up and strolling through New York, on their way to slay some demons, when Alec spotted a cat walking along a low wall beside them. And he started talking to it

“Are you serious? You can’t follow me everywhere, I told you I would be fine!”

The cat looked guilty, or as guilty as cats can, and nuzzled its black head against Alec’s arm, making the usually stoic Shadowhunter laugh and scratch between its ears.

“You’re being ridiculous, and don’t give me those kitten eyes, they don’t work on me.”

Jace stopped walking and watched his Parabatai pat the cat, his big hands running along the dark fur and scratch those flicking ears. The cat purred and rubbed its head all over the Nephilim, letting out a pleased meow as Alec bent to kiss its forehead.

“You’re so cute. But you really don’t have to worry about me, I’m actually pretty good at my job, if you’d forgotten.”

Jace had no idea what was happening, and turned to his sister to see if she did. She was biting her lip to try and stop from laughing as she watched Alec fuss over the cat. Jace whispered to her as Alec continued to talk to the feline.

“Do you know what’s happening?”

The Lightwood shook her head, smiling. “I guess he made a friend? Doesn’t Magnus have a lot of cats? Maybe it’s one of his.”

Well, Alec was certainly talking to it like he knew it well. They looked back to him, to find he was putting the cat on the ground beside him.

“You can walk with us, but only because I know you’ll follow anyway, like you have been all week.”

Jace was more than a little concerned, and it only increased when the cat meowed in annoyance at his comment, making Alec laugh again as they walked down the street together.

“Yes, you have! I saw you yesterday!”

Izzy let out a snort of laughter and slapped a hand over her mouth. Jace just…

He threw his hands up and turned around to keep walking. “You know what? Alec has never been good at making friends, so let’s just count this as a very weird, possibly concerning, win.”

It only got worse when they were around the corner from their mission site, and Alec turned to the cat.

“You have to go home now, I won’t have you getting in the middle of this.

He watched the cat expectantly as if it actually understood what he was saying, and put his hands on his hips when the cat looked up at him and let out an unhappy meow.

“Don’t whine, this is my job, I have to go. And you have work to do at home.”

Jace rubbed at his temples as Alec bent down to pick the cat up, cuddling it as it snuggled its head to his neck and rubbed it’s face under his chin.

Alec smiled looking down at it. “I love you too, now turn back so I can give you a proper kiss.”

Okay, that was enough. Jace stepped forward to intervene when the cat began to shimmer, it’s form morphing and growing until it was no longer a cat at all but a handsomely dressed Magnus being held in Alec’s arms. The warlock smiled and pressed a kiss to his boyfriend’s happy mouth.

“I’m sorry, darling, I just hate to think you’re in danger every day. I worry.”

Alec cradled him in his arms, like a groom carrying his bride over the threshold, and kissed him back before rubbing their noses together.

“I know you do. But it’s okay, you’re so cute as my little kitten.”

Jace watched them with a frown, Isabelle erupting with laughter as he yelled, arms waving around him. “WOULD YOU TWO STOP BEING SO WEIRD, WE HAVE A MISSION TO GO ON!”

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you’re gonna be the guy who tells people what’s good for them? of course it’s my job. it’s physically my job. that’s why i do it.

carriebella  asked:

Can i get a laxus as the ceo of a company and the character is like his assistant or vice president of the company and they tease each other in the office.During the anniversary party shit goes down when they are dancing and then sexy time happens😁

This is dedicated to my tumblr bestie who wrote this request :)) I really hope you like it and thanks for everything <3 you’re the best :**

Warning!! NSFW!! Lemon!! Teasing and a lot of hot stuff!!

Reader P.O.V.
When I signed the contract to be the new assistant of the CEO of the company, I did not know I signed up for so many other things too. Let me explain what I mean; the CEO of the company I now work for is Laxus Dreyar, first I thought that he’s probably a very old and grumpy man, leading such a big and successful company but I probably have never been so wrong in my entire life…he’s easily one of the hottest man I’ve ever seen in person. The type you think only exist in books but this guy is my boss and I’m enjoying it.

The first few weeks were nothing special, I did what I had to do, fangirled a little over my hot boss and tried not to stare to much. After a month things started to get more interesting, he sometimes didn’t do his hair which made him even sexier, loosened his cravat and leaned back while stretching so I could see all the muscles and to top that he once even open the first few bottoms of his shirt. I had to watch out not to drool over his sexy appearance. And the best thing was I noticed that he did it on purpose, the hot look he gave me and his motions, I knew he did it on purpose. But I know how to play along. I have some features to show off too and I did show them of…ohh how I showed them off. I started wearing tighter jeans at first, then shirts which made my boobs look as good as they are, short skirts and one time even some hot stockings. That time I put on these sexy black stockings together with a black short skirt and a blouse with a reeeaally deep neckline, Laxus choked on his coffee when I entered the room. He didn’t say anything just tried to steady his breath and not to undress me with his eyes and I acted as innocent as possible. But I felt the stares he gave me and the best part was, when I wanted me to get something from the drawer. I had to bend over to get the papers he ordered me to get so I bended over so he had a perfect view of my nice ass. I got the papers and when I turned around he had a deep red on his cheeks and I could see the temptation in his eyes….and god I enjoyed teasing him so much. I handed him the papers and he looked at me, it was hard to hide that vicious smile of mine. Then he suddenly asks if I’d like to come to the anniversary party, my work time here is pretty short and normally only the employees who work for the company for a very long time are invited, so I was a little surprised but of course I agreed to come…at the back of my head I saw that one specific dress in my closet ooh poor Laxus, hopefully his jeans aren’t to tight.

The day of the anniversary came and without sounding conceited I looked hot as hell. My dress is all black with one slice on the left up to my tight till you could nearly see my underwear…if I’d wear any. It has short sleeves which don’t over my shoulders but my arms (like that for any confusion <- link) and you can see my whole back. My hair is up in a messy but fabulous looking bun and I wear makeup but not too much, just to underline my natural features. I enter the building where the anniversary is set and a nice guy leads me to the ballroom. The room is not to bright which gives everything an elegant aura. There’s a bar and a band which is playing some soft music. I look around, greet some of my coworkers and go to the bar. On my way there I found Laxus and sweet jesus on an airplane he looks fire! He wears a black shirt with a loose wine red cravat, together with some black jeans, his hair is kinda messy but still looking professional. I think ovaries explode every second. He caught me while I was staring because when I looked into his handsome face he had that vicious smile of knowing on. But I knew exactly what to do now, I walk up to him and greet him with a nice smile, he then offers me to buy a drink and I agree with a thank you. i follow him to the bar and sit down on one of those bar stools, then I cross my legs so the slice of my dress does its job and shows my perfectly shaped legs nearly up to my non existing underwear. When the bartender hands Laxus the drink he’s so focused on my legs that he spills the drink all over his black shirt. What a shame. I grin and he knows that I know. Still acting innocent I offer him to help him wash the stain out. He hesitates for a second but then agrees with one of this smiles again…what is now going on?

We head to the mens bathroom because there’s less action well actually non because we took the bathroom at the second floor. I can wash out the stain without Laxus taking of his shirt…but with the opportunity? I ask him to take the shirt of because it’s easier for me that way…I’m such a lying bitch. He grins again but takes of his shirt. He really is the hottest looking male I’ve ever seen and he has a tattoo…I’m so sold! I take the shirt and a little bit of soap to get the stain out when I notice Laxus standing right behind me, he leans forward to whisper in my ear “I know what you’re up to and I think you know what I’m up to as well, you really know how to tease a man and I’m very hard to seduce… but you are something really special, my love” I look at him threw the mirror and I grin “ Well, seems like you got me…what are you gonna do now?” Letting out a short laugh he says “What happens normally when someone misbehaves?… They get punished.” My eyes open and he turns me around into a forceful kiss, he picks me up so I can sit on the edge of the sink. We start to heavily make out and he touches everything he can get. Then suddenly he stops and looks at me, I’m a little bit confused but then “I can’t wait.” he locks the door to the bathroom and takes his cravat off while I kick of my shoes and greet him again with open arms. We start to make out again when he asks how much that dress was, I couldn’t think straight anymore so I said that it was about 100, he stops for a second “ah, I’ll buy you a new one” and rips my dress apart. Now I sit there completely naked because I don’t wear any underwear and it seems like Laxus is surprised too. “ Since it’s you I dare to think you planed this…and I don’t mind at all” he continues touching my whole body with his strong and rough hands, he grabs my boobs and squishes them while he places kisses on my neck which slowly turn into hickeys. Continuing kissing down my cleavage he lifts my leg and caresses it with his fingertips. Kissing my breasts he gets closer and closer to my core with his fingers. My head feels dizzy already and I’m probably not even able to stand straight anymore. As he reaches my core he starts kissing me again to oppress my moans, he’s so perfect with his fingers oh my god. I’m a mess in his hands and he knows it. When he though he’s driven me crazy enough he turns me around again so I’m facing the mirror…oh gosh I know what he has in mind. He leans forward again whispering “ Look at that pretty face of yours while I fuck you senseless.” oh. my. god. He really isn’t a man of empty words. I can barely breath while he literally fucks my senses out, his low moans, his hot body on mine and seeing mine and his face in the mirror is what I hope heaven looks and feels like. His strong hand grab my waist hard, so there’re going to be bruises the next day but I don’t care! He kisses my neck and sometimes bites into it when he feels like a louder moan is coming from him. I don’t mind if he hears my moans and screaming, I think that’s actually exactly what he wants me to do. I feel that I’m reacting my limits as this is probably the best sex I’ve ever had. At one point I just can’t hold it anymore and grab the sink hard while I try not to scream to loud. I hear Laxus cursing something behind me “Shit you’re so damn perfect!” as he comes too. Not being able to stand on my own yet, Laxus steadies me a bit while trying to catch breath again. I can’t believe I just got fucked in a bathroom…by my boss…at the anniversary of the company. As Laxus is able to talk normally again he mentions something I haven’t thought about yet “ Ahm…sorry for ripping your dress apart…you maybe ahmm….have nothing to wear now…ups” my mind goes blank for a second…how am I supposed to get home now?

I feel sooo dirty right now xD hopefully you like it because I owe you so much and this is my way to give at least a little bit back <33 

Big Reveal (Part 2)

It was the day after your reveal and the boys hadn’t stopped going on about it. Which made things even worse considering you had this meeting today.
“Hey Mrs Minter” Tobi grins when you walk into the house.
You roll your eyes and check that everyone’s here.
“Your boyfriends upstairs. I think he wanted to speak to you” Josh mentions and you jog upstairs to see where Simon was.
“Hey gorgeous” Simon smiles when you walk in.
“Everything okay?” You ask.
“I was going to ask you the same thing” He comments, “I know the boys went on a bit last night, I just wanted to check you were alright”
“We can’t blame them considering we did just randomly kiss in front of them” You shrug, “They all seemed happily surprised anyway”
“Yeah definitely” He nods, “One question though. Why did you have to look so good today?”
“No no none of that” You shake your head, “If these people find out we’re dating I might lose my job”
“But you work for us? Why would we fire you?”
“It doesn’t work like that handsome” You chuckle, kissing his lips quickly, “Its all to do with your management”
“Can I not just fire them?” He questions, reluctantly following you out from the bedroom.
“And how do you expect to cope on your own?” You raise your brows.
“I wouldn’t!” He retorts, “You could be our management”
“Let’s keep that as Plan B” You laugh, leading him into the kitchen where all of the others were, “Right you ready?”
“Come on Miss give us another run through” Vikk jokes.
“Vikk dont be so rude” JJ shakes his head, “Its Mrs now”
“Guys shut up about that for today” Simon states quickly.
“We’re only joking Simon” Tobi squeezes his shoulder.
“The cars are waiting guys. Four in each” You call as you start walking to the door with all of them following behind you.
Simon, Ethan and Josh sit in the car with you and JJ, Tobi, Harry and Vikk are all in the other.
You are already nervous and Simon can tell. These people could be big sponsors for the guys and if you got it for them, your boss might finally accept that you were doing your job properly and not only being a friend of the boys.
“Don’t worry babe” Simon raises his brows, squeezing your knee as it shook up and down subconsciously.
You got to the offices quickly and luckily you were early enough to sort everything out before even if all of the boys seemed as relaxed as ever.
“JJ can you move that chair over here please?” You ask as he was slumped in one of the chairs you needed for round the table.
“Get your boyfriend to do it” He calls back and some of them laugh.
“Jide” Simon warns and his friend reluctantly gets up to carry it over.
“Remember what I said?” You say when the time nears to when they will arrive.
“Me, Josh and Tobi do the talking” Vikk starts.
“And the rest of us sit and look pretty” Ethan pipes up.
The meeting went very successfully. You spoke as much as possible and the team seemed very impressed. Simon even made them laugh and he squeezed your leg under the table again to reassure you. The boys spoke when asked and made sure that you felt as comfortable as possible until the moment the team left.
And they had decided to sponsor. Thank god.
“We did it!!!!” Josh cheers and you sigh in relief.
All of the boys burst into conversation as Simon walks up behind you, kissing your cheek.
“You did it babygirl” He mumbles into your ear and you chuckle.
“Thank fucking god” You reply and cock your head to kiss him quickly.
“(Y/n) is that our manager?” Tobi calls back.
“Oh shit” You mutter and Simon quickly lets go of you as your boss begins walking up towards the front door of the building.
“Act casual” Simon quickly says to all of the boys who opt to engage in light conversation until she walks through.
“Hello boys” She smiles.
Ever since you started working with them she didn’t really engage with them much as you did everything for them that they actually had to sort out. She just did the behind the scenes bit.
All of them say hello in return until she turns to you.
“How did the meeting go?” She questions.
“Very well” Vikk grins, “We got it”
“I think its fair to say (y/n) got it” Simon pipes up, “We barely did anything”
“Of course you’d say that” JJ scoffs, loud enough for everyone to hear and they all instantly glare at him.
“What’s that supposed to mean?” She frowns.
“I-” Jide starts but with no success.
“(Y/n) can I see you in my office please?” She tilts her head, pursing her lips patronisingly.
You nod and walk behind her to the office, noticing the look of worry on your boyfriends face straight away.
(Well my sick days have got me writing a bit more so here’s another imagine! Enjoy)

magic-owl  asked:

Hey! Just wanted to say I ADORE your DP art :D Like seriously, your Danny is the most gorgeous cartoon design for me! It's just so cute yet handsome yet still toon-ish at the same time!!! Great job :)

Thanks so much!! ^_^ Honestly i’m just thrilled that people *still* love Danny Phantom as much as I do!! My history of DP art goes waayyy back, I’ve been drawing fanart since around the time the show first came out over (holy shit) 10 years ago?? Ow, that number hurts…


oh fuck its the weed number!!!!!

i love you so so much youre one of my best friends!!! youre so funny and great to talk to and good at art and you sing so well and youre so handsome and good at improv and youre just??? amazing???? i just love you so much and im so glad we’re friends and i hope youre having a good day and also i hope that you can get a better job soon i think abt that all the time kjdfhdf

Omg the most handsome guy was like to me “you are so beautiful” while I was walking past w my friend past hongdae Burger King and I was like oh thank you! And then I was like to my friend “haha he was sort of cute” and I turned around and he heard and was like “please come back here!” But I was too shy so I just laughed I should have let him eat honestly he had a suit he looked like he had a job

Liam Dunbar Imagine: "Its a Date"

Liam Dunbar Imagine: “It’s A Date”


Words: 569

Rating: G

            You stood across from the handsome young man as he smiled at you. You were nervous seeing as it was your first day at a new school. You walked with him out of the office and around the school. “So where are you from?” He asked as you walked into the lunch room. You shrugged “Georgia, but my dad got a new job so me and him moved out here” you weren’t a big fan of California and now that you lived in Beacon Hills you weren’t the most excited kid ever.

            You walked toward the science wing with him as he looked at you. “So what kind of things do you like?” He asked you as you guys walked around the halls. You smiled up at him; “I really enjoying reading, and listening to music, writing in my journal.” You saw him smile as you guys came to the lacrosse field. “Do you like sports?” he stood in front of you with a sense of wonder in his eyes. You shrugged. “Ive never really paid attention to them before.” You said as he chuckled. “Fair enough, well listen, theres a Lacrosse game tonight and the team and I would love to have you come out and cheer us on” he flashed a cute grin and you blushed.

            You nodded at him. “Okay, Ill be here” You guys walked back inside and finished out the rest of the day with Liam showing you around more. Once you got home you dashed upstairs, took a shower, dried and styled your hair. You did your make up and wore a cute grey sweater with black leggings and grey boots. You walked downstairs when your mom looked at you. “Where are you going?” You smiled and held your hands out at your sides. “this boy at school asked me to come watch him play Lacrosse tonight!” You grinned as she smiled. “Well, that was nice! Go have fun! Be home at a descent time!” You nodded and rushed out.

            When you got to the school there were cars everywhere. You walked around nervously until you saw a girl you knew from your history class. “Hey, its Kira right?” you said smiling at her. She grinned and nodded. “Hey! Your Y/N! Here join us!! This is Malia, and Lydia!” You smile and wave at them as they smile at you. You look on the field to see Liam looking toward you guys. The whistle blows and the game begins.

            You sat in the stands and cheered when Beacon Hills made a shot. You heard the end of the game buzzer and saw Beacon Hills won. You cheered and laughed alittle as everyone flew onto the field. You grabbed your purse and your jacket and began moving toward your car. “Hey! Y/N wait up!” you heard from behind you and saw Liam running toward you. You smiled at him. “Hey! You did great out there!! Good job!” You said as he grinned down at you. “Thanks for coming! I’m glad you made it! Listen, I was wondering if you maybe would want to go grab some pizza with me?” he smiled nervously at you. You grinned, blushing as you looked to the ground. “Like a date?” he chuckled and blushed as well. “Uh, yeah…like a date” You smiled and nodded. “It’s a date” 

findmgc  asked:

Louis and Piper Headcanons? Could you share them?

Hhooooo boy im glad you asked!

(this is based off a discussion I had with the sin squad a few weeks ago)

  • piper and louis grow up very close friends (obviously, since we’ve already seen that)
  • around the age of 12-13 (so about how old they are right now) Piper develops a bit of a crush on Louis.
  • she’s hanging out with him more and more, starts blushing around him for no reason, gets super defensive when the kids at school say they are dating- that kind of middle school non-sense
  • of course Louis is #oblivious and Piper isn’t about to admit to anything
  • Alya and Marinette just shaking their heads fondly as they watch this all go down. oh gee, girl falling head over heels for blonde boy… where have we seen this scenario before?
  • Adrien and Nino are as dense as ever.
  • the teen years roll around and Piper has just kind of come to terms with the fact she’s in love with her best friend.
  • she knows it, everyone (except Louis) knows it, it doesnt ruin their friendship.
  • they both occasionally go on dates with other people, it doesn’t ruin their friendship
  • Louis takes Piper to prom (LOL AS FRIENDS Y’KNOW SHES FINE WITH THAT THAT’S FINE) and they have a blast as always.
  • Finally, college time rolls around and the dream team gets split up.
  • Piper gets a scholarship out of the country (or, i guess the sim equivalent would be in a different town) and maybe Louis does too.
  • either way, they have to say their goodbyes
  • from there, the friendship becomes texting and skype calls and maybe a yearly visit if theyre truly lucky.
  •  both of them briefly date other people but nothing really pans out.
  • they both graduate, they both get jobs in their chosen fields, they both decide to stay in their respective towns after university.
  • lets say like three years pass in which they dont see each other and barely message, just becuase… y’know… busy trying to be real adults for the first time. 
  • then, in a stroke of fate worthy of one of my horrible fanfictions, they both get called back to (paris?? the sim equivalent of Paris??) the town they grew up in for a job opportunity
  • i think we all know where I’m going with this
  • Louis sees Piper and its just a fucking killshot to the heart 
  • like “oh my god shes so grown-up and gorgeous and successful. is this actual goddess really the same girl who used to stuff smoke bombs down my pants??? help mom, i need an adult”
  • and also “damn, I thought my stupid middle school crush was over but look who fucking turned out to be disgustingly handsome and still lovable as shit. time to pummel my own feelings into submission again”
  • cue mutual pining
  •  cue “how do i tell my childhood best friend that I want to take them out on a date?
  •  cue “oh… you’re also looking for a roommate? what a coincidence!”
  • cue me dying
  • (eventually they get their shit together, of course)
  •  (Adrien, Alya, Marinette, and Nino are forever crying over the fact they are in-laws and now SHARE GRANDCHILDREN)

(super mega bonus points if Louis goes into the crime career track and Piper is the investigator/secret agent tasked with taking him out imagine the DRAMA)