it's my job to be so handsome

im laughing cause….well @mat-murdock isn’t totally wrong (we do hate mon-el for everything he does always) but this post is so ignorant im dyin. so here are some real reasons why everyone has a beef with him just existing in general that y’all kremlins like to ignore!!! 

Mon-El: *admits he misses objectifying women, is hyper-possessive and is jealous and generally misogynistic on multiple occasions*
Karamels: OMG MY SPACE PUPPYYY!!! he’s so cute he doesn’t know any better!!! its his culture omg c h i l l y’all are reaching….look @ him defending kara…mr. mxy man get away from MON-EL’S girl!!! im glad he disobeyed her cause he did it cause he LOVES her.

Mon-El: *demeans Kara on multiple occasions, in private and in public*
Karamels: this is what she gets for being so bossy and controlling like i don’t blame him for getting mad….he deserves RESPECT bc he is SO respectful to her!!! anti’s are just mad cause blonde barbie kara isn’t kissing girls on the show!!! stay pressed!!

Mon-El: *ignores Kara’s wishes on multiple occasions, both while on the job and in a personal setting*
Karamelsshes asking WAY too much of my sweet puppy like she holds him at a higher standard than EVERYONE…i cant believe she’s so selfish and controlling…WHY IS SHE SO DEMANDING!?! he doesn’t know any better ok!!! my puppy is LEARNING its his CULTURE to blame!! she is just trying to control my handsome space blob.

Mon-El: *gets broken up with for lying about who he is and expects implicit forgiveness from kara, always*
Karamels: kara is just so…..unreasonable. so prejudiced and unforgiving. look at how hurt my space puppy is! :(:(:( he said he was sorry and that he LOVES her!! she should be forgiving him it’s not like he’s the only liar on the show. like.. mon-el only lied to her to stop ppl from thinking he’s as bad as other ppl on his planet… he totally isn’t what show r u watching where he’s terrible???

And last, but certainly not least…

Mon-El: *not only owned slaves but benefitted from/did nothing to even attempt to stop slavery on his planet despite being in a high position of power*
Karamels: ok lets be clear his FAMILY owned slaves, HE didnt!!!! like his mom put him in time out when he said he didnt like it….he’s totally doing all in his power to stop this!!! plus he said he hated it. like, im not excusing slavery im just not gonna get mad at someone over their views on slavery you know???? thats lame… 

Goodbye | Park Jimin

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A/N: I am currently reposting my drabbles from my AFF account. Might be spamming for a while…

Genre: Angst (Oneshot)

Summary: In which a girl moved on from a heartbreak with Park Jimin.

Count: 3071 words

“Let’s break up.”

I widened my eyes.

"Why, what’s wrong?” I asked searching for his hand to hold.

Without saying anything, he slipped his hand away from mine and took a step back.
“I’m sorry, but we can’t go on like this,”

My heart clenched. I didn’t understand where this was coming from. It was difficult to decipher his expression as he looked hard at me.
Where did the all smiles Jimin go? The always happy Jimin I fell in love with?

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Careful what you wish for Chapter 1

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She loses hope she will ever see him again. And even if she does, will he remember her?

Fantasy AU

Main character - Monsta X Kihyn

It all started after I woke up in a hospital. At first I was terrified, confused and I thought I was crazy. Fifth or sixth time it happened I already enjoyed it way much I wanted to admit to myself. But after months and months I was exhausted. I just wanted it to end. But I didn’t have the idea how.

Working in a broadcast station was all I ever wanted. My current job was, well, not even close to where I wanted to be. But you have to start from somewhere. And oh boy, I started straight from the bottom.

I am a staff assistant. So not even staff on its own, but their assistant. Yeah, you guessed it right. There wasn’t lower position than mine. I do whatever I am told, and that basically means I run those errands no one wants to.

But I can’t complain. All I need is to work hard and I know I will progress and get that dream job one day. Also, seeing handsome idols every day at work is something I never get tired off. Even though I just pass them water or towels, collect their mics and other minor jobs I actually get to see them up close.

Or I could be deceiving myself. I can’t even tell lately. My life has gotten to its lowest point and I have been walking around miserable, with no actual friends, boyfriend or money. And seeing idols up close did get boring at one point.

Mostly because they don’t mind me at all. It’s like I don’t even exist. If I do make eye contact with some of them it looks like they are looking straight through me.

I’m sick of this. They all act like I don’t exist, but I just wish we could be closer, I’m sure we would get along so well.  I’m a human being too, you pretentious little… I grab the towel that someone threw at me and start kicking and hitting the air out of frustration.

Loud bang and before I could do anything, huge speaker was falling right at me.

And that was the last thing I remember before waking up in that hospital room.

My face is washed and I’m in soft pajamas, snuggled in warm bed with new episode of drama on, happy that I’ll get to sleep in tomorrow since I got few days off.

At some point I doze off, yawning so hard my whole mouth is wide open and my eyes shut. I stretch my whole body and open my eyes again.

“You had a long day today, huh?”

“Yeah, you can’t even imagine how tired I am right now.”

Wait. Who am I talking to?

I rub my eyes and take a look around me.

This is not my room.

I look at the other side and jump out of the bed from shock.

“Hey,  what are you doing?! Get back to bed and go to sleep. It’s already late.”

I rub my eyes again and shake my head. He’s still there. Tall and skinny with milky white skin, high bridged nose and round lips.

He catches me starring and smiles, his lips getting rectangular shape and his eyes squinting.

“I know you like me but let’s not make it that obvious.”

“K…K…Ken” I somehow stutter and point my index finger in his direction.

“Ken? You never call me that.” Confusion is on his face but it quickly fades.

“For you I’m Jaehwani oppa” he says it cutely and turns the lights off. “Now go to sleep.”

And just like that he shuts the door, leaving me alone lying in what I suppose is his bed.

The next morning I woke up in my bed. It was all a dream I was telling myself just because how crazy it sounded.

Until the next time. And let me tell you, my reaction was even worse than the first time, because I was pretty sure I have gone crazy.

By the fifth time I got used to it. It was then when I met Rap Monster. Or Namjoon how he told me to call him. We spent the whole night talking and drinking, laughing and reading poetry to each other.  

It was always one idol per week. All the same. I get ready to sleep, and just when I yawn, I open my eyes and puff, I’m in their rooms. They act completely chill, talk with me a little and then put me to sleep. I’m always their best friend, but what’s interesting is that I always have a different name. At first I was correcting them but they just ended up telling me not to joke and went on with that name. So I let them. I wanted to be their friend even with different name, so I pretended it didn’t matter.

After few months and various idols I met, Namjoon appeared next to me again. I was out from happiness.  After we spent that beautiful night together, all I wanted was to meet him again.

But, he called me different name than the last time we were together. When I told him about all the things we did and what we talked about he told me I was crazy for making it up.

And then was when I realised. After I go to bed they completely forget about me. Like I never existed in their lives before. Well, the truth was I have never been part of their lives, so I don’t know what made me think otherwise? Just because I spent half an hour with them, or that they called me their best friend we were actually friends?

No. I was there for these mere few hours a night, and after that it was like I never existed.

Another few months have passed and I was tired of this. I just wanted to make it stop, somehow cancel this crazy thing that was going on, but I had no idea what started it, yet alone how to stop it.

And that takes me to tonight and what I believe is the beginning of the end to this.

Always the same routine, I get ready to bed, yawn and I’m there.

I open my eyes and see unfamiliar dorm.

“You’re sure you want the upper bed? You always sleep down.”

He’s right. I hate bunk beds because I have this crazy fear I will roll over and fall down.

I turn my head to side to see who it is tonight.

I’m met with small face with pointy chin and prominent cheekbones. His raven black hair is ruffled and parted in middle. His face is bare, glistening under the room light.

“Yeah… I would like to sleep down if it’s not a problem.” I shyly say after I take the time to admire his face.

“Sure, not a problem at all.” He smiles and steps away from the bed frame, leaving me space to get down.

Once I’m on the ground I notice he’s not that tall, and rather skinny, but his eyes shine so bright and his smile is so wide it keeps me mesmerized.

I carefully turn around and bend to get into the lower bed when he grabs my hand.

“Hey, Y/N, is everything okay?” His voice is gentle and concerned, so melodic that I almost miss what he just said.

“How did you just call me?”

“Y/N. Why?” Dark haired boy seems even more concerned now.

My name. It’s the first time someone called me by my name. But what is this supposed to mean?

“Are you not feeling well? Do you want me to get you something?” His concern is so touching, I don’t know why but I have this weird feeling, I say to myself looking at the guy in front of me who’s now holding me carefully with both of his hands.

Kihyun-ah come on, hurry up! someone is shouting from outside the room.

I’m coming in five. Kihyun responds and turns his attention back on me.

Suddenly I feel dizzy and my body is becoming heavy, my tongue twisted and I find it hard to stand. It feels like someone is not allowing me to stay awake. Kihyun carefully puts me to bed, never letting go of my hand.

“I’m sad. There is people all around me but I feel so lonely.”

Kihyun tightens his grip on my palm and I feel his soft skin against mine. His hand is not that bigger than mine, but it fits perfectly. He holds it with so much care and delicacy, that there’s growing heat in pit of my stomach.

“You’re not lonely, you have me. Whatever it is, you can tell me Y/N.”

My eyelids start to shut and I feel light. My brain is working but the words I want to say don’t get out.

“Next time. I will tell you next time.” I hazily say. “Just promise me one thing.”

“Anything you want” Kihyun softly says, his tender voice lulls me to sleep even more.

“You’ll remember.”

“Remember what?” Kihyun’s confused but doesn’t raise his voice. He sits next to me, carefully listening to my words.

“Just remember me.”



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you’re gonna be the guy who tells people what’s good for them? of course it’s my job. it’s physically my job. that’s why i do it.

just wanted to share this with you if i could ^-^ its my mate as a Yinvaht Kuros. His element would be electricity and his job would be a scientist/alchemist where he uses his own electricity to power his machines. I think he looks super handsome :D Thank you for making such awesome dragons/breeds! its so inspiring >w<

OOOOOOOO!!! Oooo this is a lovely bab! Nicely creative with the feather ponytail and that shoulder marking IS NICE!!! Jebus wonderful work HE LOOKS AMAZIN!!! Thank YOU! 

~Weird Hyenas

//I feel like I should be in one of those relief groups.

“Hello. My name is Silver, and I’m unreasonably angry about the Soldier 76 skin.”

Most Others I’ve Talked To: “Hey Silver” they speak in also unreasonably angry tones.

//You know Blizzard I don’t ask for much just a skin that doesn’t make my handsome scarred muse look like a discount robo cop with a shaved head and a shitty halloween-costume version of his visor. Honestly its not that hard just be better at your job.

//And don’t even get me started on those legs oh my fuck what even are those things why the hell do u do dis to me blizzard se;gbth;rsbht;rsb

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alarm clock by shinee

its true what they say……………we are all stan shinee wtf jonghyun n keys voices 👅

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Hey! Just wanted to say I ADORE your DP art :D Like seriously, your Danny is the most gorgeous cartoon design for me! It's just so cute yet handsome yet still toon-ish at the same time!!! Great job :)

Thanks so much!! ^_^ Honestly i’m just thrilled that people *still* love Danny Phantom as much as I do!! My history of DP art goes waayyy back, I’ve been drawing fanart since around the time the show first came out over (holy shit) 10 years ago?? Ow, that number hurts…

anonymous asked:

You do really amazing AU's!! Please do one where Lily works in a coffee shop and James gets a job there to see her (it's one of his spur-of-the-moment ideas but he turns out to be great at it) and she has to train him and he just screws up on purpose and pulls a bunch of pranks on her? Sorry if it's too specific, love your blog xx :)

Coffee shop AU’s are fun af thanks babe x

James only getting the job because he helped the owner untangle his huge ass beard from a stop sign one time and then James yelling at people who kept saying that the guy should just cut his beard because HIS NAME IS ALBUS PERCIVAL WULFRIC BRIAN DUMBLEDORE AND HE LOOKS MIGHTLY HANDSOME WITH THIS BEARD SO FUCK YOU

Lily teaching James how to use the cash register and

“are you making bunny ears behind my head because you had better not be”

*lying* “wait no why would you say that”

James telling Lily he bets she can’t eat a whole mouthful of coffee and shIT LILY IT WAS A JOKE I’M DRIVING YOU TO A HOSPITAL YOU COULD DIE

James paying Sirius to come in panting and say that there is a fire over the road and Lily runs out and James and Sirius lock the door and eat all the brownies while she yells at them through the window like YOU FUCKING GITS LET ME IN YOU ARE UTTER PIECES OF TRASH


James swapping her name tag with one that says ‘Assbutt’ and Lily is so confused at why people keep laughing and angry mothers keep telling her she’s not funny

Lily getting James back by going to the park and telling him to climb inside the tunnel and when he does he can’t  gET OUT AND LILY LAUGHS FOR LIKE TEN YEARS WHILE JAMES IS YELLING AT HER THROUGH THE RED PLASTIC THEY ARE SUCH LOSERS DON’T TOUCH ME

James doing that thing where you balance water on the top of the door and when Lily walks in she gets soaked but she’s wearing a white shirt and WHAT lily I WAS NOT looking at your BOOBS what do you TAKE me for some sort of ANIMAL

For Christmas James gets post it notes and sticks them all over the shop and they stay things like



‘oh and Sirius says hi’


(Lily gets Sirius to help her put up post it notes the next day, but these ones say POTTER WE SHOULD GO OUT ON SUNDAY CAUSE I KINDA LIKE YOU A LITTLE BIT I PROMISE WE WON’T GO TO THE PARK)

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HI!!!! I'm really glad I have found your tumblr!!! Because I loved all your drawings, and when I found your tumblr I couldn't stop fangirling!!! hahahah You're really wonderfull, I love how delicate you draw sasuke, I REALLY LOVE YOUR SASUKE. And I love how you draw naruto, strong, handsome and elegant. I love the image you show about they, it's more realistic and and beautiful, it's just like I love^^. Well, I just wanna say I'm really your fan :) don't change, you do really good job, THANKS.

Hi!!! Thank you for the message!! I feel so glad that you greet me happily!!!(ノ≧∀≦)ノ*・°☆.。

I like sasuke the best and then naruto!

Sasuke is so pretty and naruto is so handsome. They are perfect couple( ਊдਊ) 

They look so good together. So I always try my best when I draw them hahah

Thank you for liking my narusasu! I will continue enjoying narusasu^^ Let’s enjoy together hehe


“I’ve had so many crappy jobs in my life. I loaded trucks downtown – coal dust, dirt, everywhere. Every orifice. People yelling at you, ‘Cranston! Move faster, work harder!’ And the only thing that got me through was imagining, dreaming, that one day I could actually make a living as an actor, and that’s what got me through, thank god. We are the luckiest people in the world, those who can say, 'I am an actor.’”

Happy 58th Birthday, Bryan Lee Cranston (March 7, 1956)

Fanart Monday!

Another week of precious fanart!

I can’t believe I got fanarts for the stick. I just can’t believe it.

And yeah, sorry if your fanart is not posted here! I can only remember to post those that go to my submission box, and even I don’t see all of them, it seems! Tumblr is just a bigoli baby :C

Fanart of the week by: @mango-dolphin (HOLY COW THE STICK IS IN HEAVEN NOW)

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Louis and Piper Headcanons? Could you share them?

Hhooooo boy im glad you asked!

(this is based off a discussion I had with the sin squad a few weeks ago)

  • piper and louis grow up very close friends (obviously, since we’ve already seen that)
  • around the age of 12-13 (so about how old they are right now) Piper develops a bit of a crush on Louis.
  • she’s hanging out with him more and more, starts blushing around him for no reason, gets super defensive when the kids at school say they are dating- that kind of middle school non-sense
  • of course Louis is #oblivious and Piper isn’t about to admit to anything
  • Alya and Marinette just shaking their heads fondly as they watch this all go down. oh gee, girl falling head over heels for blonde boy… where have we seen this scenario before?
  • Adrien and Nino are as dense as ever.
  • the teen years roll around and Piper has just kind of come to terms with the fact she’s in love with her best friend.
  • she knows it, everyone (except Louis) knows it, it doesnt ruin their friendship.
  • they both occasionally go on dates with other people, it doesn’t ruin their friendship
  • Louis takes Piper to prom (LOL AS FRIENDS Y’KNOW SHES FINE WITH THAT THAT’S FINE) and they have a blast as always.
  • Finally, college time rolls around and the dream team gets split up.
  • Piper gets a scholarship out of the country (or, i guess the sim equivalent would be in a different town) and maybe Louis does too.
  • either way, they have to say their goodbyes
  • from there, the friendship becomes texting and skype calls and maybe a yearly visit if theyre truly lucky.
  •  both of them briefly date other people but nothing really pans out.
  • they both graduate, they both get jobs in their chosen fields, they both decide to stay in their respective towns after university.
  • lets say like three years pass in which they dont see each other and barely message, just becuase… y’know… busy trying to be real adults for the first time. 
  • then, in a stroke of fate worthy of one of my horrible fanfictions, they both get called back to (paris?? the sim equivalent of Paris??) the town they grew up in for a job opportunity
  • i think we all know where I’m going with this
  • Louis sees Piper and its just a fucking killshot to the heart 
  • like “oh my god shes so grown-up and gorgeous and successful. is this actual goddess really the same girl who used to stuff smoke bombs down my pants??? help mom, i need an adult”
  • and also “damn, I thought my stupid middle school crush was over but look who fucking turned out to be disgustingly handsome and still lovable as shit. time to pummel my own feelings into submission again”
  • cue mutual pining
  •  cue “how do i tell my childhood best friend that I want to take them out on a date?
  •  cue “oh… you’re also looking for a roommate? what a coincidence!”
  • cue me dying
  • (eventually they get their shit together, of course)
  •  (Adrien, Alya, Marinette, and Nino are forever crying over the fact they are in-laws and now SHARE GRANDCHILDREN)

(super mega bonus points if Louis goes into the crime career track and Piper is the investigator/secret agent tasked with taking him out imagine the DRAMA)

tanekore  asked:

DILF Squad reporting! Pining Levi has a praise kink & it's becoming exceedingly hard to keep himself under control, especially when Eren is so full of compliments. "Good job on that test Levi, Izzy said you pulled a B+", "Nice job on dinner Levi, those wings were delicious", "Great job at the competition today Levi, those backflips were amazing", "You're so flexible Levi this old man is jealous", "You clean up good Levi; always said you were handsome". Eren thinks Levi's blush is adorbs too...


Liam Dunbar Imagine: "Its a Date"

Liam Dunbar Imagine: “It’s A Date”


Words: 569

Rating: G

            You stood across from the handsome young man as he smiled at you. You were nervous seeing as it was your first day at a new school. You walked with him out of the office and around the school. “So where are you from?” He asked as you walked into the lunch room. You shrugged “Georgia, but my dad got a new job so me and him moved out here” you weren’t a big fan of California and now that you lived in Beacon Hills you weren’t the most excited kid ever.

            You walked toward the science wing with him as he looked at you. “So what kind of things do you like?” He asked you as you guys walked around the halls. You smiled up at him; “I really enjoying reading, and listening to music, writing in my journal.” You saw him smile as you guys came to the lacrosse field. “Do you like sports?” he stood in front of you with a sense of wonder in his eyes. You shrugged. “Ive never really paid attention to them before.” You said as he chuckled. “Fair enough, well listen, theres a Lacrosse game tonight and the team and I would love to have you come out and cheer us on” he flashed a cute grin and you blushed.

            You nodded at him. “Okay, Ill be here” You guys walked back inside and finished out the rest of the day with Liam showing you around more. Once you got home you dashed upstairs, took a shower, dried and styled your hair. You did your make up and wore a cute grey sweater with black leggings and grey boots. You walked downstairs when your mom looked at you. “Where are you going?” You smiled and held your hands out at your sides. “this boy at school asked me to come watch him play Lacrosse tonight!” You grinned as she smiled. “Well, that was nice! Go have fun! Be home at a descent time!” You nodded and rushed out.

            When you got to the school there were cars everywhere. You walked around nervously until you saw a girl you knew from your history class. “Hey, its Kira right?” you said smiling at her. She grinned and nodded. “Hey! Your Y/N! Here join us!! This is Malia, and Lydia!” You smile and wave at them as they smile at you. You look on the field to see Liam looking toward you guys. The whistle blows and the game begins.

            You sat in the stands and cheered when Beacon Hills made a shot. You heard the end of the game buzzer and saw Beacon Hills won. You cheered and laughed alittle as everyone flew onto the field. You grabbed your purse and your jacket and began moving toward your car. “Hey! Y/N wait up!” you heard from behind you and saw Liam running toward you. You smiled at him. “Hey! You did great out there!! Good job!” You said as he grinned down at you. “Thanks for coming! I’m glad you made it! Listen, I was wondering if you maybe would want to go grab some pizza with me?” he smiled nervously at you. You grinned, blushing as you looked to the ground. “Like a date?” he chuckled and blushed as well. “Uh, yeah…like a date” You smiled and nodded. “It’s a date” 

Seventeen Reaction

“Seventeen reaction to you always hanging out with the other members and them getting jealous”

Seungcheol: “Who said you could hang out with them and not me?” he said pulling you closer to him and pouting. 

Jeonghan: “What does he have that I don’t? I mean I’m perfect” 

Joshua: “No it’s good Vernon take her away just remember I share a room with you” 

Jun: “Him really.. clearly you don’t know all the weird shit he does when he's alone” 

Hoshi: “babe do you want to go out tonight” “Why don’t you just ask your bff Seungkwan” 

Wonwoo: “why are you hanging out with Mingyu so much.. its not like he’s better then me.. right..” 

Woozi: *appears out of know where while you’re with scoups* “Oh my gosh No she didnt!!! uhhh i can’t believe it damnit becky! k bye Seungcheol” 

Seokmin: “What does Hoshi hyung give you that i don’t! I’m your boyfriend you’re mine!” 

Mingyu: “i know Wonwoo is handsome, and funny, and.. im sorry where was i going with this” 

Minghao: “Stop hanging out with Jun so much he can’t stop talking about you and that’s my job” 

Seungkwan: “Ahh really He isn’t serious.. Yah! y/n this isn’t a three-way relationship tell him to leave” 

Vernon: “Friends don’t go out at night for a movie and come back at 1am.. I’m yours y/n dont forget” 

Dino: “no no no don’t mind me keep underestimating the wrath of baby dinosaur dino” 

best beauty of 2015

insp by miranda @lilpunkin​ !!


  • ogx smooth hydration argan oil & shea butter – because i have curly hair i basically use any taming oil or cream you can throw at me when it’s wet just to tame it but this does a good job of smoothing it down and making it feel nice and soft when it’s dry
  • amika nourishing mask – so good!! so good. i got this as a sample in a birchbox. i haven’t been using it very long so i haven’t seen like crazy amazing results but it smells incredible and makes my hair SO soft
  • spring valley biotin – i got this from will after i got my hair cut way too short and i actually did notice a marked difference in how fast it grew!!! very pleased w that


  • neutrogena oil-free moisture for combination skin – holy heck you guys. this is hands down the best moisturizer i’ve ever used. it’s specifically for combo skin (which ya girl has) and i put it on every night and when i wake up my skin still feels so hydrated and soft!!! HOW DOES IT DO IT!!!!! I’M IN LOVE
  • boscia clear complexion tonic – this is a spray for when i’m breaking out too much (i had to buy this after i tried the imperialis moisturizer from lush. i do NOT recommend that, my face was covered in pimples). this does a great job of evening out my skin and taking the oil away!! i spray it on after i’ve washed my face and sleep with it if i’m having a bad breakout.

makeup (i think this is gonna be super long so bare w me)

  • becca shimmering skin perfector in champagne pop – are we surprised?? is anyone surprised??? becca makes incredible highlights and i LOVE the way this looks on the skin. it lasts forever, it’s super smooth, etc etc nothing that hasn’t already been said
  • the balm’s mary loumanizer – a pale gold highlight that gives you an incredible inner glow look that i’m obsessed with. a little more powdery than other highlights but who the fuck cares right?? it’s perfect
  • colourpop highlighter in fanny pack – this is a pure white highlight. there’s no champagne or gold tints, it’s JUST white. it goes on pretty subtly but you can definitely build it. it makes me feel like an Ice Queen which is nice because it’s been one million degrees in new york city and i need some sort of stability
  • becca backlit primer filter – Y’ALL!!!! Y’ALL. this primer is incroyable it gives your skin such a great luminous look while not making you look greasy, it actually lays really well under foundation, it smells nice, you can wear it as its own liquid highlight, i love everything about it
  • too faced born this way foundation – i am going to cry this honestly might be my favorite 2015 makeup product period??? you have no idea how amazed i am by this foundation. it’s medium to full coverage which normally i stay FAR away from but it doesn’t look cakey, it blends so incredibly well with my skin, it has amazing staying power, everything. i’m so much in love it’s painful. (pro-tip: you should moisturize before using this because it’s a little annoying to apply if you don’t)
  • anastasia brow wiz – this is how i do my eyebrows! it stays forever and it’s really easy to be precise with it
  • l’oreal brow stylist plumper brow gel – this is the brow gel i use and it’s so great!! like i mean it’s just a brow gel but it does its job and is cheap. so.
  • the balm’s tall dark & handsome mascara – favorite lengthening mascara. not clumpy or spidery at all!!
  • revlon photoready 3D volume mascara – favorite volumizing mascara. the most impressive drugstore mascara i’ve ever used i 1000% recommend
  • colourpop ultra matte liquid lipstick in trap – literally every single time i wear this lipstick i get complimented on it. it’s a greige nude and it’s my favorite nude i can’t say much more than that
  • nyx liquid suede lipstick in kitten heels – i love this formula and it’s such a classic red that i’ll almost always reach for this before mac’s ruby woo
  • colourpop super shock shadow in la la – it’s an ultra metallic rose gold and it looks so good w every eye color. i’ve been wearing just this all over my lid recently bc i’m that obsessed
  • maybelline fitme concealer – super creamy and blendable and highlights really well!! i don’t use concealer often bc i’m scared i’ll look cakey but i don’t usually have a problem with this product
May 1st, 2014 - Sing Sing Sing

ARTIST: alfiewithfries

AUTHOR: backwardswriter

May 1st, 2014 - Sing Sing Sing

It was this bloody prohibition. It gave him a right headache trying to get good liquor around here. And not the good kind of headache either, the kind that the good liquor gave him. No, this was one of those “I’m tired and I want to go to bed but I can’t without a shot of scotch first” headaches. The kind that always came up after a day of work he’d been volunteered for.

He still had no idea why they thought he was the best man for the job. They knew he had a drinking problem. He knew he had a drinking problem. Everyone knew he had a drinking problem. But they decided to send him to the only bloody country in the world that outlaws alcohol. Honestly.

Needless to say, it made his job that much harder. Well, maybe not the specific job he’d been assigned to- Capone might have been behind a few speakeasies they’d busted, though those hadn’t really been relevant to the case- but working as a whole was much more conflicting. He was a detective of Scotland Yard sent over to help these ruddy Americans get rid of some crime lord taking over the whole city. It would be nice if they’d at least tell him where they kept all the liquor they confiscated. Maybe then he’d be a little more inclined to help move the case along.

Either way, things were moving slow, and it didn’t look like he would be going home anytime soon.  So he’d finally decided to hell with conflict of interest. He was going to have a drink and he was going to like it. He’d left his badge and any authoritative paraphernalia at home, donned his favourite trenchcoat with the collar turned up against the bitter Chicago wind- and against any who might recognize him- and gone scouting for one of the speakeasies he’d heard one of the younger detectives talking about. Apparently, he wasn’t the only corrupt officer on the force.

A rap of knuckles against the door, a murmur of the secret word- Hollocher? Honestly, these people didn’t have any mind outside of drinks and sports- and he was suddenly engulfed by the smell of body odor and homemade liquor. God, he hoped they at least had a decently aged Scotch.

It was more crowded than he’d expected an underground tavern to be. Then again, that might have been his own fault for underestimating the human tendency towards corruption. He squeezed his way through two busty flappers and a pair of even bustier men with drinks overflowing with some foul smelling liquid. I wrinkled my nose in distaste and tried to find where exactly the bar was. I just wanted a drink. I didn’t need to associate with these people very long. Just long enough to have my sip and get the hell out.

Of course nothing was that easy.

I managed to find where people were getting their drinks with more difficulty than I’d hoped. But eventually I was hidden away in a corner, drinking what the barkeep had claimed was scotch but actually tasted a bit more like southern moonshine. Whatever. I had been assured the alcohol content was more than satisfactory and, in the end, that was all that mattered. I was actually starting to enjoy myself, watching the loads of men and women dance and drink and ultimately make utter fools of themselves. There was a slight buzz in the back of my head that told me the alcohol was doing its job. I snagged another, but before I could make it back to my reclusive table, I was stopped by a tall man that somehow managed to be even louder than the entirety of the rest of the party.

“I don’t think I’ve seen you around here before,” the man said, a huge grin on his lips.

I stared up at him, only an inch or so up, but up nonetheless. He was handsome, by conventional standards, and not the type I would expect to see in a place like this. He seemed more the “mother’s little angel” type, with his wide, innocent, blue eyes hidden behind a pair of glasses and a smile that nearly lit up the whole room. But there he was, glass of questionable liquid in one hand while the other was tucked into the front pocket of his trousers. He had the confident-yet-casual stance of someone who should be negotiating business over a glass of wine, not chatting up a stranger in a shady tavern surrounded by ne’er-do-wells and a handful of desperate men.

I stared up at him for only a moment before turning and brushing past him, not really in the mood for conversation. But I was already beginning to think that two drinks would not cut it tonight. But I’d only be so lucky to run into the only man in the whole tavern who seemed determined to chat up someone who clearly was not there for the company. “Hey!” he yelped, and I could hear him shuffling through the crowd in a mixture of “excuse mes” and “sorrys” even as I tried to get away. “Wait, I was talking to you.”

“Yes, but you see, I’m not really here to talk,” I said, channeling every ounce of blunt energy I had as I continued to slide between the mass of humanity. “I’m just here for the liquor.”

“Neither is anyone else,” the handsome man said, suddenly appearing in front of me with a much too excited look on his face and now no glass of liquid in hand. “I mean, no one is here to talk. They’re all here to drink. I guarantee none of these people have ever met before tonight.”

I spared him a slightly longer glance this time before deciding that no, he was not in fact worth my time, and turning to take a different course back to my corner. Unfortunately, and despite his looks, he was apparently a smart one and anticipated my escape, sidestepping to block my path. “Is there something specific I can help you with?” I asked shortly, letting my temper shine through finally. “Or are you just here to bother me until I hand you my drink and leave?”

Oddly enough, the boy actually seemed hurt by my words. I didn’t have the stomach for that and I sighed, rubbing the heel of my hand against my damp forehead. The room was starting to get unbearably warm. “What is it you want?” I asked, biting out the words in what I hope at least appeared to be an attempt at patience.

He perked up a bit at that and held out his hand. “A dance,” he said, jerking a head at the throng of men and women throwing themselves about. “You and me.”

My eyes widened and my jaw dropped and if it weren’t for the flush already glowing about my cheeks I’m sure that would’ve been an obvious change as well. “I beg your pardon? I don’t dance with other men.”

As I desperately tried to ignore the way my heart was racing in my chest despite the best efforts of the alcohol in my system, the brazen lad before just tipped his head back and laughed. Outright laughed, as if I’d said something extremely hilarious. “Calm down, it’s not like anyone is gonna see us! No one pays attention in there. I’m pretty damn sure the girl in the yellow would’ve been arrested a dozen times over if anyone cared. Come on now, gimme an honest answer. Dance with me?”

I opened my mouth to give a very, very honest answer, but nothing came out. I don’t know if it was the way his smile hooked to the side a little bit or if it was how honestly excited those blue, blue eyes looked at the prospect of dancing with me or if it was something inside myself that had me drawn to him. Either way, something caused me to knock back what was left of my drink and wipe my mouth on my sleeve. “Only if you buy me another drink afterwards,” I grumbled. “Lord knows I’m going to need to be properly drunk to forget tonight.”

He laughed again, a full, deep sound that seemed loud even in our raucous surroundings. He snatched my empty glass up and shoved his hand into a crowd, pulling it back empty like a magic trick. “Everyone’s desperate for a lick of something,” he said in answer to my astonished expression.

I was going to give some sort of proud snark of an answer, but before I could say anything, I was dragged onto the dance floor. And it soon became clear that I would not need that other drink tonight.

We danced. I don’t know how long it went on, but it was the most confusing, maddening, exhausting and exhilarating all at the same time. I lost myself in the twirling and the kicking and the dancing and before I knew what I was happening I’d lost myself in him as well. That perfectly strange stranger that had the audacity to laugh and smile and seem wholeheartedly happy as he dragged me around the dance floor and between sweaty bodies of raunchy prostitutes and morbidly obese men.

“What’s your name?” he shouted over the music and shrieks of the dancers around us.

“Arthur,” I shouted back without even thinking and by God I was smiling like a fool for that stupid boy. “And yours?”

I saw his lips move as he said his own name, but the music was so loud and I was so drunk from the liquor and the atmosphere and from him I couldn’t hear what he said to me. But I didn’t care. It added to the thrill, no knowing his name. It added mystery and beauty to him that suited him better than any name could.

And it wouldn’t matter what his name was anyway because halfway through the night my memory left me. I kept drinking, I know that for a fact, and I kept dancing and the whole time I know, I know I was with him. And I don’t know why I was so drawn to him but I was. And I don’t know a lot of things about that night or what happened when back at my flat or what happened the next morning. But I know he was there for all of it.

And when I woke up the next morning with the hangover of my life and legs that felt like lead, I somehow didn’t mind at all. Not when I saw note beside my bed with the scrawled words, “Guess you weren’t just there for the liquor.”