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I absolutely LOVE the new Power Rangers movie and I ended up scribbling down a pic of myself as a ranger 😉💜 I think my favourite characters are Trini and Billy (I can’t believe how well they portrayed someone on the spectrum!) 🌸

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How would the UT, US, Feraltale Sans and, US, SF and UF Papyrus's react to waking up next to their S/O for the first time?

Okay, so my cousin was looking over my shoulder when I was writing this and she knows what Undertale is, but reading through this ask, she has no idea what it means. I find funny how the Undertale fandom basically has its own language. 

Also, I have no idea what Feraltale is so I won’t be doing that one. 



This is the most relaxed and happiest moment of his life. Just to see you in his arms, breathing slowly and hypnotically, Sans just wants to stay in this moment forever. He likes to touch you, not sexually, but to feel your body under his fingertips as he traces circles on your back. Eventually, he falls asleep again. 


Papyrus nyehs softly and moves slowly so he doesn’t wake you. Since he doesn’t like to stay in bed too long after he wakes up, he get up, and change into his clothes, all while keeping his eyes on you. Just waking up next to you for the first time, puts in him in a good mood for the rest of the day. 



You must be a heavy sleeper if Blue wakes up before you. The small skele moves around a lot in bed and is a serious kicker. You’re probably gonna wake up with bruises. Blue is just so excited that you slept with him, he wakes you up to celebrate with him and the two of you head into the kitchen to make breakfast together. 


Stretch wakes up and memorize every detail of your sleeping face. He spends hours just staring at you and marveling at how well you two fit together like a puzzle. Even if you wake up, he just wraps his arms around you, preventing you from escaping, and the two you of you just spend the entire day in bed. 



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When Fell wakes up next to you for the first time, he has an overwhelming urge to coddle you. Since he usually works in the morning, he wraps you up in a blanket and kisses you on the forehead before leaving. He prepares breakfast for you and leaves it in the fridge for when you wake up. 



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Rus has never loved you more than the moment he wakes up next to you for the first time. To him, it just shows how much you trust him to protect you at your most vulnerable moment. Even if you’re still asleep, he’s whispering small murmurs of ‘i love you’s and feeling your body pressed against his bones. This is everything he wished for. 

#5 Mitch Marner

Hey! I’m kinda going through a rough time right now but your imagines make me smile❤ could you do a fluffy mitch marner one where you injure your wrist playing sports and he’s trying to help you with your physio so that you can get back to playing?? Thanks ily


Warnings: language

Song suggestion of the day: My boo by usher & alicia keys

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“This is bullshit.” you proclaimed, throwing your hands up in frustration. Your physio always left you a little achy and despite how simple the exercises appeared at first glance, they were anything but easy. At first, all the weird flexes you had to do had kinda grossed Mitch out but once you explained it was part of your rehab, he was all up and nagging at you. It was kinda cute at first. He was so eager and ready to help. Now, though, physio was frustration and you’d seen no marked improvements whatsoever and it was such a drag.

“It’s not. It’s going to help you actually get back out there.” Mitch reasoned smoothly, taking the foam stressball from your hand, throwing it up and catching it as you cracked your wrist to relieve some of the tension. 

“well it’s been like a week and I still can’t pick up a fucking cup of water.” you grunted, clearly still unimpressed with the painfully slow process it took to just do simple things again. Mitch was pouting at you like a wounded puppy and it was not helping. He was your weakness and it was not helpful having him giving you all those little expressions he made.

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Hi! I just came and to drop by to tell you your blog is amazing and funny when my I have my bad days or be depressed from personal things in my life, and seeing each of the diaboys and yui does cheer me up a whole lot! I am kind of nervous and shy of sending this in since its my first time sending this in so I'm apologize if this is weird for you, but besides that I hope MTK, diaboys and yui have a great day! :D

[MTK: Aw, this is very kind of you! Don’t worry, it’s not strange, I was rather pleased by it! °w°♥]

Reiji: Indeed, there’s still polite people in this world. Have a good day likewise.

Carla: … a great day, huh… *glares at Karlheinz*


Karlheinz: Thank you dear, you too.

Kalrheinz: And now, maybe I should return to my responsibilities… *disappears*

Carla: Since when do you even have them.

Still they try to take over, control my life, but no one can do it but me.

I’m not that easy, I’m a blank file in their memory…

–”Blank File” by Sonata Arctica


A Jackaboy and woosher in the Night In The Woods style! 

A little thing I’ve been working on and off for the past couple of days. I’m loving the play-through and the style is super cute so I decided to play around in Illustrator. I did Jack as a Jack Russel but didn’t know what animal to do Wiishu, hopefully a stylish bunny is ok!!

There are some things I don’t mind and other bits that are meh. (This is my very first time posting any art to Tumblr and I know its not great but vector drawing in illustrator is hard shhhh)

Pixie the purple cat :) @dailycatdrawings for the kitten day~! :D

They’re watching baby animals videos

( @greyhairsowhat happy birthday dear !!!!  (ノ ´ 3 ` )ノ  ❤️️💕)

Some Cinder in her coronation dress cause I’ve never tried drawing her, and it was so fun honestly!

I’m also addicted to saturated colors so let’s all have in count that the dress is actually silver and it looks purple cause I like messing around lol.


Even Bech Næsheim laugh and smile Compilation. 

Please if you use it for any reason give me credit. (Because i worked really hard)


have it as proof that i’m still alive


bangtan pokemon au! 


can you believe alex danvers is a lesbian? like a year ago it was merely wishful thinking that she’s not straight but now it’s real and true and beautiful