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Okay so this is the third time I try to post this, let’s hope it works haha!

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I don’t take any (normal) selfies these days so this is all I have to offer, I’m sorry haha! Also, look at me being 100% got7 trash 👅 I love Paradise so much, it’s one of my faves from Flight Log Arrival! 🐢

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Omg, you're a Conan fan, too?!? I now love you even more than I already did for all your amazing ZoSan fanfics!!! :D

dude. Let me try to explain. 

Detective Conan is seriously good. I am a huge fan. It has a huge cast of lovable characters, cute as hell protagonist, badass as ALL HELL real and relateable female characters!?!?

( I would wear EVERY. SINGLE. OUTFIT. IN. THIS. SHOW. no panty flashes or stupidity this is real people wearing real clothing.) Except the gentleman thief but he’s like the biggest adorkable attention hog nerd look: 

-all this plus gruesome murders and mysteries in almost every episode for you to try to solve?! What more can you want?? IT HAS EVERYTHING I LIKE except pirates. One piece has that front covered plenty.

but seriously guys, you don’t get like ~800 chapters published of something unless it’s good yo. I’m recommending, it give those old as balls looking first episodes a chance. The art and animation gets better, I promise. This series has been running for 20 years ok. Trust me it gets better.

At the start It’s really old-timey and fascinating though. There’s a hilarious episode in the early seasons where they are trying to hunt down a floppy disk with pictures on it and they explain how computers work.

you know. because this story started in like ‘94. YOU GET TO SEE THE FIRST CELL PHONES BEING EXPLAINED. and murder. Lots and lots of mysterious gruesome murders. I haven’t watched ~800 eps for nothing guys.  

(Also i know the premise of a 17 year old being turned into a preschooler and living with his unknowing sort-of-girlfriend doesn’t SOUND good at all, but trust me. It’s comedy fucking GOLD when it’s not BEING INTENSE AND EMOTIONAL.)

also everyone should watch One Piece and Gintama.

It’s okay my darling, just go to sleep
The night has fallen and new day awaits
I’m here, I’m here, I’ll keep you safe
No bugs will ever creep on you
No hard time can ever reach you again

Here in my arms, I’ll make you warm
The dead of night won’t scare you
The monsters won’t hurt you here
Just stay strong for one more day
Stay go for one more night

Don’t fear, my dear love
Don’t you fret either
Believe me I won’t leave
Not even an inch from you
I’ll stay with you until the end

Soon we’ll be free from this hell
Soon we’ll fly away from this place
We’ll fly to somewhere happy,
Where we can build a home together
And we’ll forget this hopeless past

—  Alby’s lullaby for Newt when the blonde guy can’t sleep.
  • Mom: I don't understand why you don't like school.
  • Me: Well maybe its because I feel judged by everyone. When I was bullied in 5th grade, it never stopped. It's still happening to me today. People cuss at me and tell me I'm not good enough, then my anxiety takes over and I freak out. But don't forget that I have depression too. I can walk into school fine, but when I see this one guy in my first class, I forget how to speak. Maybe thats why I say I hate school so much.

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You know what's really saddening? At first glance when someone see Sans in playing Undertale they think that he's just a funny guy who crack jokes and puns. But in reality some don't realize how depressed Sans truly is. Just from being aware of the reset and having to live with that knowledge and fear of constant resetting his life has broken his spirit. It's even more apparent that he's depressed when he says "just give up already, I did" Sans is broken and that makes me sad and want to hug him


“never judge a book by its cover” as the old timers would say

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Ok so I am insecure about something and I see that you help others out w their insecurities so I'm telling you. I just think my vagina area looks weird and different then most I've seen in pictures or porn. I feel like every one else is small and mine is big. Like my whole private area sticks out a little bit. It's noticable when I lay on my back. It doesn't go straight down from my stomach to my vagina, it sticks out. Also my labia look different I think. I just hope guys don't judge me. :(

First off all I don’t think any vagina is attractive, neither are dicks. They come in all different sizes and even different colors. No guy is going to judge your vagina and if he does he doesn’t deserve to look at it.