it's my favourite time to be alive

YOO if you haven’t read dirty laundry I don’t know how you are still alive. ITS MY FAVOURITE FIC OF ALL TIME EVER. nothing can beat dirty laundry.

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Alive, Alone

Alive Alone is the haunting final track on The Chemical Brothers’ debut album, Exit Planet Dust. Like most techno, what vocals it does have are sparse, but its chorus - sung by folktronica artist Beth Orton - repeats over and over.

And I’m alive
And I’m alone
And I’ve never wanted to be either of those

And she shines
And she shines for me
She shines for me…

As the last song on his favourite band’s first album, Dylan undoubtedly would have heard Alive Alone innumerable times. It’s easy to imagine him up late at night, writing while listening to this refrain and feeling its sentiments hum in his own mind, body and soul. 

my mind never stops… music runs 24/7 (xcept for sleep), just songs i hear, not necessarily good or bad, & thinking…  Existences, March 31, ’97

I want to find a room in the great hall & stay there w my love forever. sadness seems infinite & the shell of hapiness shines around. Yet the true despair overcomes in this lifetime. Existences, October 14, ’97

She is my soulmate, my bliss (?), all the imaginative halcyons & pure existences I have with her (to me) are almost happiness… – Existences, June 8, ’98

i’m here, STILL alone, sill in pain, so is she. – Existences, January 20, ’99

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I just wanna say thank you to everyone for making these final few weeks extra fun. Tumblr just feels more alive than its felt in a long long time. Whether we’re discussing a serious theory, throwing around “what if” ideas, reminiscing over previous seasons or flat out mocking the convoluted and unrealistic plot, Tumblr activity is skyrocket high recently. There are new posts every time I refresh my dash. Everyone is getting involved. Everyone is buzzing and these final few weeks have low key actually been my favourite on this site in years. I just wanted to say that. I’m going to miss this so much in 4 weeks 💙😢

I loved Janeway.
She could be mean when she wanted to be and one of the most lovable captains other times.
Her dedication to keep her crew alive throughout her 7 year journey put other captains *AHEM Kirk* to shame.
VOY is to this day my favourite series even though it has its fair share of bad points, it had character and you really grew attached to each member of the crew.

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Halloween thing! Ok! How about derek trick or treating for the first time in a while? Like, after the fire, he never had a chance to trick or treat ( to busy staying alive). Stiles hears this and is LIVID. like, it's been HOW LONG since you've been trick or treating?!?!

Oh my gosh, this is my new favourite headcanon! I am willing to bet Halloween is Derek’s favourite time of the year becasue when he was young his mum told him it was the only time of the year where they didn’t have to hide who they were. But nowadays, Derek has mixed feelings; he loves Hallloween, he loves trick or treating but he misses his family.

Remember this scene?

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Remember how upset he looked? And then when the kids showed up, he looked so grumpy that the kids were genuinely afraid of him, but his whole ‘bad guy’ image was ruined by the fact that he had a bag of candy in the car with him? IN THE CAR! HE CAME PREPARED!

But it gets better! He gives the candy to the kids and then pauses for a moment, staring at them and scowling; making them scared again. Then he scares them!

Yep, we all remember that bit, and the smug smile after it.

But this is Derek’s way of trick or treating as an adult. He give the kids candy then scares them (trick) and then his smug little ass goes home with a nearly full bag of candy (treat).

But when Stiles finds out, he “forces” Derek to dress up and go about trick or treating with him; Derek makes a huge fuss about how he doesn’t want to and how he’s too old and never liked trick or treating (ALL LIES!) but really he goes along with it because he really wants to.

It is the year of our Lord 2017 and Catherine friggin’ Tate is honestly out there playing my favourite Disney comics character, completely out of the blue, opposite David Tennant who is playing Scrooge McDuck

Never, not in my wildest dreams, could I imagine I would be typing this one day. 

What a time to be alive guys. 

This is not a sacrifice play.

Daisy Johnson, 4x15.

4x15 is one of my favourite AOS episodes of all time, for many reasons, but since this is #SkimmonsWeek2017 Day 6, let’s focus on the Skimmons.

First, Daisy. This is an important moment for her as her S4 arc reaches its climax, with her realising not only her value and the team’s desire to have her around, but also the depth of her own desire to stay alive, to stay with them, and to live her best and most heroic, and most fulfilling, life. (Interestingly, this arc also has a fair bit to do with Skimmons, as her first major/lasting reunion where she begins to re-solidify the “people love you and we’re all in this together” element is with Jemma.)

It’s also significant that Daisy’s major climactic moment this season came in the midst of what was basically a Skimmons Zombie-Robot-Apocalypse AU. And even though it was framed somewhat in defense of Fitz.Simmons, I firmly believe that Jemma would have been as distraught “killing” her best friend of 10+ years with or without the romance, and that Daisy would be just as determined to rescue the both of them anyway. (In fact, I ship both ships and I’d still kill for the amount of gayness + high platonomy that would entail. **hallelujiah sounds**).

Then - almost done, I promise! - there’s the (very subtle, almost definitely unintentional, but w’ever) parallel I see between Daisy and Jemma’s motives in their relationship coming through here. Though the tactics haven’t always been the greatest, they’ve always had this protective element; so far the ball has mostly been in Jemma’s court, with her rarely being in direct danger in Daisy’s vicinity for a grand and sweeping rescue but rather, her being in charge of almost every single one of Daisy’s injury/recovery efforts (and of course at one point specifically saying it: “I just want you to be safe.” Here we have Daisy return the favour: seeing that Jemma has a limited capacity because of Emotions, Daisy finds her something she can do to help and then GOES TF OFF. SHE BRINGS IT. I don’t have the gif creation/image edit power to insert that scene here but holy sh*t the hallways scene gives me chills. She is a woman on a mission, and at that moment - canon or non canon - that mission is Make Simmons Safe.

Tldr: 4x15 is a masterpiece, esp for Skimmons, Daisy is a #boss, and this line ties it all together amazingly. Thank you for listening to my feels.

Ride Me Baby (Harry Styles Mature One Shot)

Ride Me Baby (Harry Styles One Shot)

 Hi guys, Kourtney here! Someone requested a Harry and Y/N One Shot where they dry hump. I guess its different than my ordinary storylines, but ill give it a go, and I hope you guys enjoy this one!


 WORD COUNT: 1,438

Y/N’s P.O.V

 ‘Goodnight Ohio, you have been amazing, hope you had a good night’ I heard Harry’s voice fill the entire stadium while the crowd roared in response. Being on the road with Harry and the rest of the crew felt amazing, its a one time experience that ill never forget. ‘Y/N wasn’t that an amazing show?’ Lou, their hair stylist asked me while we were walking from under the stage. ‘They always put on a stunning show, I love it’ ‘Yeah especially when your dating one of the members’ We both started giggling immensely as we walked into the guys dressing room. ‘Y/N there you are, was looking for you baby girl’ Harry shouted as he made his way over to me holding out his arms. ‘Hey you, you did amazing out there, it was sick’ I complimented as I wrapped my arms around his broad shoulders, massaging them gracefully. ‘I seen you checking me out’ ‘of course, couldn’t stop staring at that hideous outfit’ Harry’s face dropped as I burst out into laughter. ‘Well then why don’t we go to the hotel and you can take it off?’ He whispered in my ear, making sure that no one would have heard. ‘Such a little charmer’ ‘of course’ His smirk could get me wet in seconds, and he knows that. He let go of my waist and grabbed my hands, dragging me to the rest of the gang to blend into the conversation.

 *        *        *       *        *          *         *         *         *        *         *         *         *    

 ‘Seriously these are the best cookies ive ever tasted, the fans spoil me’ ‘Hey you said that to me last week, how dare you just move on and dump my cookies’ I joked as we walked into our hotel room. ‘You know you make the best cookies, but I’m just saying the fans take care of me’ I looked over at him, squinting my eyes. ‘That is such a punch in the face, huh, I feel so used’ I started to walk into the bathroom, and I shut the door, locking it. ‘C’mon baby I was kidding, you know you can take care of me so well. Actually, you take care of me the best way possible, that no fan can do. And I wouldn’t want anyone to take care of me like that other than you, your so good to me baby girl’ Him talking to me through the door like that made me wanna jump his bones, but I need to keep it calm and tease him good. Mine and Harry’s sex life was amazing, I mean beyond words. But sometimes I loved doing stuff to put a twist on it, and make it even more enjoyable, for both of us. We need some adventure in out sex life to keep it alive. I mean, who doesn’t? It clicked that I forgot I had on Harry’s favourite underwear on, and it wasn’t even intentional. This is the time I’m guna tease the life out of him. I slowly opened the door revealing Harry standing there, his arm leaning on the door frame, smirking. God that damn smirk again. ‘I am?’ ‘Baby you get me hard just by looking at me, it hurts. You know what you do to me, its amazing’ His lips slowly lowered to my neck, kissing it slowly with his plump lips. ‘You treat me so good baby, you know you do’ His hands lowered to my bum, squeezing, kneading it. ‘Even when your standing there being mad at me I just wanna lick you out, I wanna make you feel good Y/N’ I grabbed his face in my hands to turn his glace to my eyes. I went straight for the kill and moulded our lips together. First it was intense, heated and certainly passionate, then he grabbed under my bum and lifted me up. My legs wrapping around his torso while he walked to the sofa in our hotel room. He sat down and moved my legs so I was straddling him perfectly. A moan escaped his mouth as I slowly put my hands under his shirt, massaging his lower abdomen. I quickly removed his “ugly” shirt and threw it behind me. His hands done the same with my shirt, as his eyes focused on my bra. ‘No you didn’t, baby girl no’ I giggled in response, I knew what he was thinking, and I liked it. ‘What? What did I do?’ Smirking down at him he looked up at me, returning the smirk. ‘You know I cant contain myself when you wear this’ ‘Oops, my mistake’ My hands lowered over his butterfly tattoo, tracing it with my fingernails. ‘Your guna pay for this baby’ ‘Bring it on’ I responded as his hands quickly retreated to unbutton my trousers. His hands sunk under them and cupped my bum as I sat up on my knees and helped him to push them down. Obviously I had to get up to properly take them off. When I removed my trousers and my shoes, I kneeled in between his legs, immediately unbuttoning his trousers and pulling them off of his long legs. He pulled me up to the same position as I was before, taking in the thong I was wearing before him. ‘Baby you make me so hard’ Harry moaned as I felt his hard member against my core. ‘Dido, oh wait’ Harry started to chuckle as he took hold of my head, bringing it close to him to kiss him. Our kiss quickly heated up, his tongue slipping in smoothly. He took charge of the kiss as I slowly moved my hips against his. A moan escaped our lips at the same time, taking in the sudden pleasure of the friction was making. ‘Faster baby girl’ His hands swiftly moved to my bum, pushing it harder against his erection and also helping me grind against him. I started to feel my core clenching from the pleasure going straight to my clit, creating a loud moan to push from my throat. His mouth moved to my chest, kissing my cleavage hard. His hands moved from my bum to wrap around my waist to keep my bosoms close to his kiss. My grinding got faster and harder as my release was approaching. ‘Y/N I’m guna come, say something’ His speech slurred from the pleasure he was feeling from my touch. ‘Oh Daddy you wanna cum for me huh? I’ll take it baby, I just want you to cum so hard, show me what you got Daddy please’ I exhaled in the one breath, needing his release to give me mine. Knowing that I get him off so easy gets me off, even just with dry humping I can get him where I want him. ‘Ughhh Y/N call me Daddy again, fuck’ ‘Daddy’ I repeated into his ear while I felt him twitch near my core, I knew he was so close. His face went straight to my neck, his mouth so close to my ear. His release quickly came, him shooting his load into his underwear, helping to quickly dampen my thong. ‘Yes baby girl, you come for Daddy. Once were done here im guna ram so hard into your tight little pussy your guna regret wearing that tight little thong that Daddy loves so much’ My clit was red hot when my walls started clenching repeatedly, I knew I was cumming, and it was going to be a big one. My screams filled the hotel room as I rode out my orgasm. Feeling my juices soak his underwear gave Harry the satisfactory smile I love seeing after we have sex, or well, in this case, dry humping scenario. I lifted my head from his face, and slowly let a sigh come from my lips. ‘Baby we have never done that before, but I wanna keep doing it. I’ve never cum so hard in my life.’ Harry whispered as we grazed my waist with his hands. ‘That was amazing, wow’ ‘If you think were done then your mistaken…’ His hands lowered to the seem of my thong, and slowly dragging it down my thighs. This is going to be a hell of a night.

Thank you so much to whoever requested this! I had a lot of fun writing it! Sorry I forget who requested it, but if you remember that it was you that requested it, please message me and let me know what you thought! And for the rest of you I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! Have a good day/evening, Kourtney xox

Kinsey Two - Phandom Big Bang 2015

Title: Kinsey Two

Author: @thatsmistertoyou

Artist: @phanbunny - art here!

Beta: @demisexualhowell

Word count: 23,800

Rating/Warnings: NC-17/sexuality crisis; biphobia & homophobia, internalized and from others; homophobic slurs; sexual content, including masturbation, detailed sex scenes, short descriptions of porn; panic attack; alcohol/drunkenness.

Summary: The Kinsey scale, also called the Heterosexual–Homosexual Rating Scale, attempts to describe a person’s sexual experience or response at a given time.

Author’s Note: So it’s a bit of an understatement to say that this fic is my baby. It just kind of took over my first PBB idea and worked its way into being one of my fave things I’ve ever written, and also one of the biggest efforts I’ve ever given in writing a fic. I’ve put a big piece of myself in this fic, and I hope that yall can relate. huge hugs and love to my beta and artist for being flexible and offering so much support and encouragement of this idea, and for their hard work throughout this whole process. extra shoutouts are also due to @hearteyeshowell and @philslesters, who were with me every step of the way and, as always, whose impact on my work is immeasurable. Enjoy. <3 [You can also read on AO3]

Dan sits on his doorstep, legs stretched in front of him, knocking the toes of his trainers together until he sees Ella’s car pull up. To be fair, he heard it before he saw it, and she waves at him as she quiets the noisy transmission and gets out of the car. He grins and waves back, nearly losing his footing as he stands up. Dan pokes his head into the house to tell his dad he’s leaving. When he locks the door and turns around, Ella’s right in front of him, dangling keys in his face.

“Guess who’s got a car?”

“How many guesses do I get?” he asks, snatching the keyring from her hand and holding it out of reach.

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After thoughts on call me by your name

I won’t be using emojis mid sentance like i know many who have enjoyed this book do because i feel that a work of such great literature deserves every word in every language and even then they cannot do it justice.

Edit: i planned on not using emojis but i see now that tumblr uses them automatically on my phone which is quite annoying and I’m going to find a way to turn that off.

Edit 2: it was emojify in tumblr labs which i forgot i turned on, please excuse my ignorance and stupidity but i hope my views still hold value, if they indeed ever did.

Excuse my poetic tone but as a budding writer with an active imagination i cannot help but adapt the tone of the book, perhaps to use my words in a way to honour it even more. However i know that i can never come to reflect the beauty in speaking phrases from different languages that mean so much more in their native tongue than they do when translated.

Also, if you wish to avoid spoilers i don’t recommend reading this.

I am so at peace with the ending of this story. I know many deny that the two used-to-be lovers have long gone their separate ways because of the way they still cling to the past and their memories. However i think this may just be to reflect how they were truly each other’s first love even though in the days that love was being played out it seemed more similar to infatuation. Either way, they were so special to each other and they will never not love the other but i think that feeling of being in love faded when they had to let each other go to continue with their respective lives. And while those lives seemed but a coma to them both i think their re-wording of that fits so perfectly for it was not as if they were not there or they rather those years did not happen, it was just as if Oliver and Elio’s moments were so long ago and in a different world completely that the years that followed were like living a whole new life.

I am in love with the reflections the book makes to its beginning while it draws to a close and the perfectly placed last line is perhaps my favourite. I have cried many times during the ending but, i find, not necessarily out of sadness but out of peace and joy and love for this beautiful piece of writing that made it’s story and characters so alive and real that it’s hard for me to believe that i haven’t just been listening to the life story of an old relative which, i think, is just credit to André Aciman and his writing.

The way that the story flowed is so clever, i felt wrong to put it down (or in my case pause it, as i was listening to the audio book) except for in it’s natural stops where i heard Armie Hammer’s calming voice say “Part 2” which leads me to my next point. I am, in a way, glad that it was Armie that voiced the audio book rather than Timotheé despite being Elio’s mind because it suggests that even after all those years, Elio’s inner monologue, his deepest thoughts and darkest truths have Oliver’s voice. They speak in his tongue for like is mentioned many times throughout the book, they became like one, hence the namesake of the book. It just seems fitting that Elio’s inner voice is infact Oliver’s voice.

I’m also glad that they didn’t meet after a long time apart and rush together despite Oliver’s family because then would produce a typical rom com which the story has so far done brilliantly to avoid become. This, for me, promotes the sense of realness again. It shows the humanity and life-like feel of the novel because in real life, depsite your childish urges that, on most occasions, doesn’t happen. In real life, you move on. You live your life, never truly forgetting them but living on despite them because they are now, for better or worse, the past. And while you may cross paths again you are ultimately different now from “when we were together” (to quote the book directly) and it would be a whole new relationship and a whole new story that i don’t think would fit in Elio and Oliver’s lives.

What they had was brilliant and painfully short lived but it was what it was and it ended. And in the end the memories don’t bring back pain for either of them but instead fond memories of a summer long ago where two strangers found each other. Their story is not one of sadness or missed opportunities but instead it is one of “I’m so glad it happened but now it is over and i am at peace with that fact. I will still miss those days but not in sorrow or pain but remember the good times we had and be thankful for that little bubble of happiness that we found together.”

In short, i have a lot of feelings about this book and im not sure if anyone will want to read these ramblings but if you have im sure you share a similar opinion or at least love for this beautiful novel. And i hope to god that the film does it justice because that would be a perfect ending to a few weeks that I’ve spent watching trailers and grasping at clips, and eventually finding the book to listen to.

This book has taken it’s place as my favourite and i hope it never leaves this spot.

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Hi there! I recently discovered the world of fan fiction and I've been hooked to all of your writing! What I love is how you're style has evolved and gotten refined over time. It's lovely to see. My favourite story is 'Silencio' - and then I read the sequel and realized it's not complete. I was just wondering if it is abandoned? Not sure if you get this question a lot- and my sincerest apologies if I upset you by asking. Thank you for taking the time to bring alive the Harry Potter series again!

It is not abandoned. I am in Camp NaNoWriMo, sharing a “cabin” with a bunch of other HP fanfic authors, and just today I managed to finish first draft of the next chapter. It’s about 11k words, so may try to cut some off during edits. :)

one of my all time favourite moments in all of true blood was right in one of the first episodes of s1, where sookie just disbelievingly goes, “fang-tasia??” and vampire bill gets a lil defensive like, “some of these vampires are very old. puns used to be considered the height of humor!” like how frickin cute is that

what im saying is, give me ancient vampires who have been alive for millennia and can still be reduced to tears by a well placed pun

Out of curiosity, I googled the physicist behind the Bose part in Bose-Einstein statistics, since he also has a type of particle named after him. Turns out, he was an Indian polyglot and knew Saha (as in the guy behind the Saha equation), who was also Indian. Fun fact: Bose sent his paper to Einstein, even though he didn’t know Einstein. Einstein recognised its importance, translated the paper into German and got it published in a German physics journal for Bose. Dirac later named Bosons after him. I love this so much because a) there were probably as many significant Indian physicists alive at the same time when there was a significant number of German and American physicists who don’t get talked about nearly enough and b) physicists helping and acknowledging other physicists is one of my favourite things because it reminds me that all physicists aren’t assholes 

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E, F, and J

Probably @jaytupper16 we sit in math class and wink at each other and its a time

Probably a tie between Napoleon Dynamite and Only Lovers Left Alive. Both very different but both extremely amazing

I’d like to be a writer or an english teacher. But it’d also be cool to get into acting or music