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Men beating and raping and getting off on the degradation of women is a men’s issue, yeah. But what happens when we ask male allies to address these issues? They a) write books (that women have usually already written) and make money off of them or b) join feminist/women’s lib groups aka invade women’s spaces in order to be seen as doing something to address these issues. They never actually c) speak only to men about rape/male violence against women/porn/prostitution or protest men’s magazines or whatever, because that would require more effort than hanging around with and getting treated like heroes by feminists.

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keep on unintentionally isolating myself its so frustrating! every time i get remotely busy i dont see anyone for like weeks and then wonder why i feel so bad . spoiler alert its because i never talk to anyone as my default state of being . its just so much effort all the time to create social situations

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i feel like my default state is loneliness. most of the time its bearable and comfortable but its starting to get jarring again. i want to meet someone new, someone whom i like and likes me back, but i cant think of a good way how to go about it. the only ways i can think of seem inorganic. what should i do? try to bear it more and wait?

maybe try to be more social and see where that takes you. visit some new places and start up conversations with strangers. or you can wait, but i can tell you from my experience that you don’t know how long you will be waiting and the loneliness won’t really go away once it’s there