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Men beating and raping and getting off on the degradation of women is a men’s issue, yeah. But what happens when we ask male allies to address these issues? They a) write books (that women have usually already written) and make money off of them or b) join feminist/women’s lib groups aka invade women’s spaces in order to be seen as doing something to address these issues. They never actually c) speak only to men about rape/male violence against women/porn/prostitution or protest men’s magazines or whatever, because that would require more effort than hanging around with and getting treated like heroes by feminists.

akaomoide  asked:

Heeye, may I ask what pronouns you'd prefer? I think I remember you mentioning you're genderfluid a while ago, so I'm asking because I don't want to use the wrong ones when I refer to you

Thanks so much for asking, I really appreciate that you care ^ ^

As it is, I‘m really not particularly sensitive about which pronouns people use for me ^ ^; I’m most used to she/her, as I don’t really feel the need to tell/explain to people that I’m genderfluid on a daily basis, and I certainly don’t mind it. I wince a wee bit when someone explicitly refers to me as “girl/woman,” but it’s not a big deal and I understand it’s the easiest to assume ^ ^;

Because people assume I’m feminine most of the time, I’ve been quite tickled the few times people have called me he/him, as it tends to be less recognized, but again, no big deal ^ ^; I certainly won’t ever refuse masculine pronouns haha.

They/them is fine, it’s technically probably the most accurate but just from a personal preference standpoint, I guess I prefer her/him ^ ^;

Long story short, I tend to have low awareness of my gender most of the time unless I’m intentionally crafting a temporary image so legit just call me whatever you feel like, I won’t be offended either way, but thank you for taking the time to ask ^v^)b