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22/100 days of productivity

quite confused with maths right now and my brain is fried from the four tests i’ve had to go through today but i’m persevering because i have a math test tomorrow aND ITS YOONGI’S BIRTHDAY 🎉 MY DARLIN’, HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU CUTE LITTLE PIECE OF BUB!!

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hl with kitties!! (or all the boys) that's always a good idea!

idk what exactly these creatures are. but h&l love them.

So Kishou posted this photo on Twitter today, and ofc he just reminded me of Chuuya 😊

Also, his hand pose reminded me of:

Anyway, the point is, the more I love Kishou, the more I love Chuuya. And the more I love Chuuya, the more I love Kishou. It’s an endless loop I don’t mind getting trapped in for the rest of my life. 😭

And can you see Kishou’s smile, his dimples? He gives me life. Thank you.


I met a McCree in quickplay today who sounded exactly like McCree I honestly wish i wasn’t freaking out so much about it so I could’ve recorded the game but i was SHOOKETH

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Hi!! If you're still doing the colourpalette challenge, may I request Bandit!Saitama with "pumpkaboo"? 🙊💕

happy belated birthday @hslt69 💛

5am, cold sweats, wakin up to the sky

I’m usually a pretty chill person, but if you call me ‘sweetheart’ when u don’t know me there is a 1000% chance I’m mentally fantasising about smashing your face in with my fist