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Joe Teague → tank top [requested(ish)  by: anon]

James Carstairs (◡‿◡✿)

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Jessa children (˶◕‿◕˶✿)

Jem Chronicles (◕▿◕✿)


One of my prints for Toronto Fan Expo~ will probably make a new tumblr soon with less sidlink shenanigans/ shit posts and more actual art/sketches.(less LoZ stuff, more my own illustration, character stuff) Stay tuned friends! 


i am 1000% convinced that cecil palmer’s favourite song is fireflies by owl city

and he doesn’t even understand the memes because he’s an Old Man™ who isn’t Down With The Kidz™ but he still loves the song

and he plays it to carlos any chance he gets because ‘IT’S THE BEST THING EVER CARLOS AND YOU CAN’T TAKE IT AWAY FROM ME’ and he sobs dramatically at the bit before the chorus where the guy’s voice gets all low and sad


cecil loves fireflies

Exploring (Tom Holland Imagine)

Disclaimer: Okay so this is my first Tom imagine so please bear with me. I just really wanted to write about him.

Late night adventures in the city with Tom


I put in my earphones as I get comfy in bed. As I am about to click play, I get a call from Tom.


“Hey Y/N, wanna do some exploring?”

I check the time. “Tom it’s almost 10. You really want to go out this late?”

“Yes, I’m bored and thought of going around the city with you. But I guess you’re not up for it so I’ll jus-”

“What did you have in mind?” I cut him off. I knew if I didn’t say yes then he’d guilt me into it.

“Well I figured we could just see what happens.”

“Okay but if we end up stranded somewhere, it’s your fault.”

He laughs. “Okay, I’ll be right over.”

I change out of my pj’s and into my favorite tee and a comfy pair of jeans. I slip some sneakers on as I hear a honk outside. I shiver a little from the cool breeze. Crap. I should’ve brought a sweater.

As I get into Tom’s car, he reaches over to the backseat then hands me his sweater. I smile. “Thanks.”

“I figured you’d forget something.”

“You know me so well.” I put it on and can’t help but smirk a little because it smells just like him.

“Ready to have the best night of your life?” he says with thrill in his eyes.


He revs the engine and we speed off into the night. I roll down the window and feel the wind blow through my hair. I shout a bit then look over at him to see his reaction. He has a huge smile painted on his face.

He pulls over at a diner that’s open late. “We’ll start this adventure off with some food.”

“Good idea.”

We head inside and instead of sitting in the booth, he jumps and lands on it. His legs are strewn across one side so I have to sit on the other. I shake my head. What a show off.

A waitress comes over and hands us some menus. “Let me start you off with some drinks. What would you like?”

“One chocolate, one strawberry and one vanilla milkshake”, Tom says, not missing a beat.

She writes down the order and asks me next, “And for you?”

Before I could answer, Tom interrupts. “The three shakes will be fine.” I shoot him a look after the waitress leaves. “We can share, right? Plus we get to try all three flavors! It’s a win win. Unless you wanted something else..”

“That sounds more exciting than what I was going to get. We’ll stick with the shakes.”

I skim over the menu and feel like ordering one of everything. I look up and catch Tom staring at me. His eyes look away, pretending he wasn’t just watching me a moment ago.

“See anything you like?” I tease.

“Umm…” His cheeks begin to turn a light pink.

“I have no idea what to get. If I could, I’d get everything!”

He chuckles. “Probably not the best idea to go out to eat when you’re practically starving.”

“Definitely not.”

“Why don’t we get some burgers and fries?”

“That sounds good.”

The waitress comes back with our shakes. “Ready to order?” she asks then takes our orders and the menus.

“Which of the three do you think will be the best?” Tom asks.


“You sure? Isn’t vanilla too plain?”

“Not to me. I find that it has a good balance, the perfect amount of sweetness.”

“I’ve never looked at it that way before.”

“You shouldn’t judge something based on the outside. You got to dig deep and maybe you’ll find something sweet inside.”

“Good point. So since vanilla is best, shall we save it for last?”

“Sure.” He hands me the strawberry and he takes the chocolate. We sip at the same time, taking a few seconds to rate the taste.

“Wow, that is really good!” I gush. “What about yours?”

“Not bad. Let’s switch.” He switches our glasses, takes a sip and nods his head. “That is delicious.”

“You were right about this one, it’s alright.”

We then move onto vanilla. Tom takes a straw from one of the other glasses, wipes it then dunks it into the glass. We sip at the same time and ‘mmm’ in unison. I try not to keep eye contact with him as we continue drinking the shake. 

The waitress comes back with our food, making the moment a bit more awkward. 

“I’m starving”, Tom says, breaking the silence.

“Me too.” As we enjoy our burgers and fries, an idea comes to mind. “Say, have you tried dipping your fries in a shake?”

“I haven’t.”

“You have been missing out my friend.” I place the vanilla shake in between us and dip a fry in. I take a bite and savor the taste. Tom does the same and his eyes go wide.

“Wow. That is amazing!” 

I laugh. “You’re welcome.”

Late night dinner fills with chitter chatter about anything and everything. After we finish, we decide to see the touristy sites. And boy, are they more beautiful at night! 

“Let’s pretend we’re visiting the city”, Tom says. I take some quick snaps of him and laugh at his idea. “Aww don’t tell me you took bad ones!” He runs over to me to look at my phone.

“You never take bad pictures. Your idea is what amused me.”

He grins at me. “We should try their Starbucks over here! See if they have any interesting drinks.” 

We head on over to the 24 hour Starbucks and find no line. “We should go here around this time to avoid the busyness”, I joke.

He laughs. “For sure. What would you like?”

“Just get me the usual.” As he places our orders, I take out my phone, open up my camera and capture this moment. I flip through the pictures I took as we wait for our drinks.

He goes up, grabs them and motions me to go outside. “Since there’s no one else in there, I thought we should enjoy our warm beverages in the park.”

We walk to the park which isn’t far. Tom sits down on the grass, placing his coffee beside him and lays down. I follow his lead. “Wow”, I say out loud as I take in the beautiful sight of the stars above us. 

“Incredible, right?”

“Absolutely.” I look over at him and just smile. “We should do this more often. Maybe, make it into some sort of tradition.”

His eyes meet mine. “Yeah, I’d like more nights like this. As long as it’s with you.” 

a-lighthouse-a-man-a-city replied to your photo “The scar the trailer didn’t show. Well, my speculation about what it…”

Hey folks, this artist is actually racist af. Feel free to message me for more info, it is a great pic but I refuse to support the artist because of some huge past issues they are apparently trying to “fix” with this. No more notes on this post, pass it on. They don’t deserve credit for POC representation after what they’ve done

“Huge past issues” = Me drawing a caveman Kylo with matted hair (that I called “dreadlocks” for lack of a better word, english isn’t my first language and in french, there’s only one word to describe it) 1 year ago and telling you all to fuck off when you went crazy on me and my friends for this one doodle because I refused to consider myself racist for drawing it. What is considered racist or problematic in your country might not be in another, I know how shocking it can be to learn that North America isn’t the center of the world and designated world leader of what’s considered politically correct. 

Jfc take a step back and look at what your life has become.

Yesterday, one of you made a post and compared me to a klan member. I have been told to choke and die, to kill myself. About 50 hateful posts calling me slurs have been reported to me in the past 6 months. You are all acting as if I have been posting the worst hate speech in the fandom and been harassing me for a year because I drew a picture you don’t agree with.

I know people who would have hurt themselves or fallen deep into depression for less, how do you sleep at night after telling someone to die over a picture?

And now you get mad because I have been drawing Finn and it has gotten a lot of notes.

But guess what? I have been successfully drawing him multiple times in the past, and I’ll draw him again. And I’ll get better at it and my pictures of him will continue to gain attention. 

Because I like Finn.
I don’t give a shit about your “POC representation” points, contrary to you I like a character because he’s special to me, not because it will make me look better and “woke” to my online friends. 

You don’t like it? That’s cool, then block me. That’s the magical door to the land of to never having to see my art again.

Because if you don’t, then believe me, it’s not the last time you see my art on your dashboard.


A list of personal faves - 10 sitcoms


Atlantis AU: You’re brooding brother

-You’re brooding brother.

The voice of his brother was a little muted by the sound of the wind blowing all around them. Of course he would have come looking for him when all Hanzo wanted was to be alone with his thoughts. His younger brother kept on with his banter:

-How odd of you. Usually your sulking time is not this early in the morning.

Hanzo sighted.

-Weren’t you busy with the courtship of a beautiful blonde doctor?

-We’re gonna have dinner tonight. What about you with your handsome archaeologist? He must wondering where you’ve disappearred. 

-He’s not my…, said Hanzo, looking over his shoulder.

They stared at each other for a second. Genji’s expression dared him to deny his claim. With another sight, Hanzo focused one more time on the scenary, his shoulders dropping a little. After a moment, Genji sat next to him. They looked at the amazing view displayed under them for a moment, until Genji broke the silence.

-Is this what it is about? You’re upset because he’s going to leave?

He sounded almost sad. Hanzo furrowed his brows, not liking the pitying tone of his brother. But he was right, even if it pained him to admit it.

-He has to go. It was his dream to come here, but once he will have his fill and finish the study of our city, he will want to go.

-Maybe he will want to stay…

-He has a home on the surface, people who’s waiting for him. He can’t stay. Outsiders can’t stay here, it’s not their place.

His tone ended the debate. It was foolish to hope for something so wonderfully impossible. He couldn’t put that kind of pressure on Jesse. They would enjoy the time they were having together and once the time came, they would go their separate ways. Even if he was the most gentle, kind, interesting and beautiful man he ever met. Hanzo shaked his head. He couldn’t allow his thoughts to go in this direction and swallowed himself in self pity.One more time, Genji filled the silence between them.

-Hanzo, I have to tell you something.

Genji said that with a solemn expression, grave even. It get Hanzo’s attention, fearing what he had to say.

-When they’ll go, I’ll leave with them.

Hanzo’s head almost whiplashed in the direcion of his brother. Multiple emotions filled his heart, tearing it apart. Feelings of sorrow, jalousy and betrayal mixing with relief and delight. Before he had the chance to say something, Genji said:

-I know what you and father expect from me. But you know I don’t want to be part of it. We have been stuck on this tiny rock for thousands and thousands of years, while there is an all world just above us. I want to see all of it.

He almost looked shy for a moment, scratching his neck.

-And…to be totally honest with you, I happened to fall in love a little…with a very very brilliant woman. And I’ll follow her all around the world if I must. 

All the things Hanzo had wanted to say died on his tongue. What could he say to counter that? He was young and in love and deserved literally and figuratively the world.  Genji put a hand on his shoulder. The gesture helped to ground him a little.

-Brother… Come with me.

Hanzo looked at his brother like he had growned a second head.

-Genji, you know I can’t. I must…

-When we were little, you were as curious and eager as me to see the outside world. I’m sure that this dream never went away.

He squeezed his shoulder.

-Come and share this adventure with me brother. Don’t do this for me, or for father, but for your own happiness. I see the way you look at Jesse and the way he looks back at you. Don’t let him go away.

Unable to lock eyes anymore with his brother, Hanzo turned his head, the weight of an agonizing sorrow on his shoulders. He knew all that. He knew all of this things. But he couldn’t allow them to happen.

-Genji. If you want to go, I will not stop you. But I can’t leave. Atlantis needs to have a king.

With a motion of his arm, he designed all the island.

-This is my city. My home. And all its inhabitants need me. I am the only one who can hold the power and legacy of our blood.

He couldn’t countain the little waver of his voice when he said:

-Even if I want to, I can’t leave.