it's my birthday in like 6 days

Confession Pt. 6


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Hi guys!! 10 days till i go and meet the boys for the first time!!
oh today I’m doing my mini 10 facts about me questions. so lets get started.
1. I’m turning 15 in June
2. My birthday is on June 26!
3. I’ve been an army for almost 2 years
4. My first song i listen to from bts was dope
5. Since day 01 Jungkook has been my bias
6. 260517 is the day i get to see bts
7. I live in Australia
8. I’m in year 10
9. I’ve always wanted to go to Korea even before i liked K-pop
10. First ever K-pop song was gee gee by Girls Generation!

p.s I’ve started a new series called Love At First Sight, its a Taehyung x reader so go check it out and give it some love.

I KNOW I SAID I WAS ON A MINI BREAK BUT I HAVE A DAY OFF TODAY SO DECIDED TO UPLOAD CONFESSION AT LEAST!! The week after next week ill start uploading like usual.

Few months had passed since Jungkook signed the contract and at this point you’ve gotten use to not seeing Jungkook for more than 2 hours a day. 

You were happy whenever he made time for you, but when he left everything felt empty again. You hadnt realised that you needed Jungkook in order to maintain properly. No, you weren’t like those clingy, psychopath girlfriends, you WERE just use to being with him 24/7 before he became a trainee.

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Birthday: 14th of December
Gender: Female

Relationship status: Single

Favourite colour: Green and brown? Idk. I like all of em

Pets: Loads of fishes. 

Wake up time: If I have college, I wake up at 6:30 am. But if I don’t, its usually around 12. 

Love or lust:  Why choose when you can have both?

Lemonade or iced tea: Lemonade ( Queen Bee yo!…. Jk kiddin…lame ass joke)

Cats or dogs: Dogs <3
Coke or Pepsi:  Depends on the type of food I’m eating

Day or night: I’d like to say mornings. But I’m not awake half the time. So night (Why tf are group chats only lit at night? T_T) 

Text or call: Text. Calls with me are awkward af. 

Met a celebrity: Never met one. But been in the same room (restaurant) as one. 

Light or Dark hair: Dark. 

Short or tall: Short. Doesn’t fit my personality Y_Y. 

ChapStick or lipstick: I never go out of the house without lipstick 

City or country: City? But it doesn’t feel like one.  

Last song I listened to: “Oh, Pretty woman”- Roy Orbison. (I just love love love the movie Pretty Woman >_<)

Last Movie I Watched: Lee Daniel’s “The Butler”. My mom was watching this and I just joined in half way through. But I recently saw a Korean movie called The crucible (Silenced). It a definite recommendation from me but be warned. It has a lot of triggers. 
Top 3 Characters: Ooo This is a tough one.

                              1. Sun Bak (Sense8) 

                               2. Baby Groot (Absolutely obsessed with him!)  

                               3. Cersei Lannister…Dont even ask why (Game of thrones)  

Top 5 Ships: Another toughie. 

                     1. JuminV                     

                     2. I was a HUGE Reina X Kumiko shipper… well that went down the drain (Hibike Euphonium) 

                      3. Gaby x Illya (The man from U.N.C.L.E)     

                       4. Chirrut x Baze (Star wars: Rogue One)  

                      5. He tian x Mo Guan shan ><  

Books/Manga I’m Currently Reading: I might be like reading 5-6 books right now. I’ve been reading Catch-22 for 2 years now. I start all these books but never finish them. I’m reading War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy regularly right now (Funny thing is, Anna Karenina is one of the books that I’m stalling). As for War and Peace, I thought I finished like 3/4th of the book but my reader says I’m still at 5%. Smh. 

Mangas? You thought books were bad? I might be reading like a 100 mangas. But the ones I look forward to are Gangsta. , Otoyomegatari (By Kaoru Mori, has lovely art) ,Seigi no mikata and Machida kun no sekai. AND YOTSUBATO! I just have a lot of love for yotsubato!!! 

I’d absolutely devour any manga by Yamamoto Kotetsuko and Junji Ito!!

Top 5 Musicals: Like musical movies? 

                           1. Mamma mia (My happy movie!)

                            2. Chicago  (Cell block tango? Hell yes!) 

                            3. Hairspray (It has John Travolta in drag…so why the hell                                                                                                          not)

                            4. The lion king :D

                            5. I’ve heard some beautiful songs from Evita like “You must love me” and “Don’t cry for me Argentina”) 

                            6. Legally Blonde The Musical (Can’t believe I nearly forgot about this) 

Sadly I don’t know anyone on tumblr. Y_Y I’m such a loner. So if anyone’s reading this then please try this and tag me! I’d love to get know you guys!!! And hmu! I’d love to get messages!! 

Getting to know me, I guess?

Thanks, @elanev91 for the tag! 

Birthday: March 13

Gender: Female

Relationship Status: single AF is an official status, right?

Favorite Color(s):  black, screaming hot pink

Wake Up Time:  during the week, I have to get out of bed at 6, 6:05 at the latest. I’m tryinggggg to remind my ancient body how to sleep in on the weekends, like 7:30 is not that late okay

Love or Lust:  would love to be in love, but we’ll see… also i love love love my friends and family

Favorite Food:  oh gosh, depends on the day. Pasta is its own food group, right? and also cilantro…and pesto… and chocolate. and almond poppyseed ice cream {made by a local company - be jealous!}

Met A Celebrity: met? no. been in the same room {for a Con}? yes.

Last Song I Listened To: “Wish That You Were Here” by Florence and the Machine, for the film “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children.” i listen to this song CONSTANTLY

Tall or Short:  short, although i look tall compared to my mom

Nickname:  beks, obviously, or bek, bekah, and perhaps my favorite is Bee Gee

Zodiac sign: um, I think i’m the goat, but i’m not sure… don’t really follow

Last thing you googled: “how to re-pot bamboo” and basically I did the thing and the plant still looks like it’s dying but i have faith to wait another week at least

Favorite music artist:  oh gosh, Florence and the Machine, Andra Day, Birdy, Imogen Heap, Sia, Of Monsters and Men, Hans Zimmer… I’ve got a lot of favorites :)

Song stuck in head: nothing currently, but I did wake up singing “The Prince of Egypt” the other day, so there ya go

Last movie I saw: Guess the music got me into this, because i watched “The Prince of Egypt” last weekend AND IT IS STILL GOOD AND BEAUTIFUL AND DAMN

What are you wearing right now? leggings, flats {my life} and a blue striped top. Going go change into jeans, though, because i’m off to a birth and i need pockets

Why did you chose your url? Because “morphin3″ was taken

Do you have any other blogs? mmmm yes, but they shall not be mentioned here :)

What did your last relationship teach you? I want to be with someone who is crazy about me, not meh 

Religious or spiritual: just got confirmed in the Anglican Church

Average hours of sleep? i shoot for 8 {HAHAHAHAHAHA} but with books and anxiety and babies arriving, it’s closer to 7

Lucky number? 4 of hearts… wait that’s cards. um, idk 

Favorite characters? James and Lily Potter, Aelin Galathynius, Eleanor and Park, Anne Elliott, Ginny Weasley, Leslie Knope

How many blankets do you sleep in? in the winter, PILES! and in the summer, just a duvet, maybe one extra snuggly blanket for safety

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the bee and puppycat episodes as well as the next season of bravest warriors are posted to vrv now which is like a subscription service ?? its kinda dumb imo but if they havent been taken down since you should be able to find them on dailymotion episode 5-6 is called 'birthday game' and then the season finale is called 'toast dog wedding donuts' !!

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OH MY GOSSSH THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I had no idea it was on there! You’ve saved the day, Nonny!

Title; time travel

Description; Dan doesn’t know how he’s somehow in the year 2015 sitting in the middle of a stranger’s house. (Or the one in which 2009 Dan time travels and meets 2015 Phan.)

Wordcount; 1400+

A/N; I got this prompted so I thought I should write it cause why not. It’s not really a drabble, but um. I guess I’m making up for the day that I missed yesterday? (also I’m looking for prompts, so if you want smth short written I could write it maybe..) 

15 days of drabbles; day 9

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it's 6:21am and my girlfriend/fp just woke up!!! and it's her birthday!!! and we're spending the day together and i'm so happy and i've been thinking about it for the past like forever hours and listening to this playlist i made for her and thinking about how much i love her and i'm in such a good mood i love her so much

That’s so sweet!!! I’m so happy for you!!!! Awww cuties!!!

Send me the time and what you’re doing/what’s on your mind

@georghiousophia : Hey I love your writing !!!!! It’s so good. And I was wondering if you could do a avengers/ Loki one shot for me as its the readers birthday and she didn’t want to tell the others because she thought they had better things to do but Loki remembers and although he knows all the avengers dislike him he comes to Midgard and then there is loads of fluff happens ??? Sorry if this sucks its my 16 birthday and I just wanted a birthday imagine 😂😂😂 xx

TITLE: Four notes
NOTES/WARINGS: This was sent like 6 months ago xD It’s probably approaching your next birthday haha! Hope you had a good day!

I changed this up a bit. Loki is training to be an Avenger. No one likes him and still haven’t forgiven him for New York blah blah blah. All the over-used Loki story stuff XD

You groaned as you sat up in bed. It was that one day of the year you dreaded – your birthday. It’s not like you didn’t enjoy the day! On the contrary you loved the presents, the party, the fact that you’ve managed to make it through another year of you life! You just felt as if it was a burden to your friends considering they were all so busy. They were the Avengers after all. Due to this, you never told anyone when your birthday was. Of course Nick Fury knew, it was in your records. But he promised that he would not tell a soul. A promise he had kept.

You got up and tamed your hair before throwing on a pair of jeans and t-shirt and walked down to the kitchen. You looked a mess, but so did everyone else in the tower at this time in the morning.

“Here comes the lady of the hour!” Tony called happily as you walked into the kitchen. Shit, did he know? Clint and Bruce were sat at the table with Tony and all were watching you with large smiles on their faces. You shot them a confused look and Tony tutted. “Have you really forgotten? We’re all going on a mission later so you’re in charge of Loki.” You thanked Fury in your head for still not telling anyone about your birthday.

“And why does that make me the lady of the hour?” You asked confused as you began making your breakfast.

“Because you have to look after Loki.” Clint said as if it was obvious. “By yourself. That’s a task and a half alone.”

“I’m not exactly looking after him. I’m just going to be in the same building as him. Besides, Fury is visiting me later to brief me on a supposed mission.” You lied. Nick Fury always sees you on your birthday. Since no one else ever knew when your birthday was, he always made sure to at least give you a card.

“Stark, Banner, Barton, come on!” Steve said as he walked into the kitchen. “We need to leave. Now!” The three Avengers who were sitting at the table with you quickly stood and walked away with Steve, each giving you a goodbye wave as they left – Clint giving you his usual hug. They wouldn’t be back for at least a week and you had to admit, you wished they knew about your birthday. Maybe you could have had a party last night! But you knew deep down that they were too busy getting ready for the mission.

You finished breakfast and after washing everything up, you walked back to your room to fix yourself up. You put on your gym clothes and put your hair up properly before walking to the gym. Someone was always in there so now that they were all gone, you had it all to yourself. You were slightly annoyed you didn’t get to go with them but someone had to stay behind to make sure Loki doesn’t leave Stark Towers. No one wanted to but Thor and Thor couldn’t be trusted alone with him since they were related so it was left to you.

A couple of hours passed and you still hadn’t actually made it to the gym. You decided to catch up on your favourite television program instead.

“You’re in your workout clothes but I assumed sitting down was not exercise.” You internally groaned when you heard Loki’s voice. You and him got along together but you just wanted to be alone.

“I’ve got a week to do some.” You grinned, knowing you probably won’t. Loki chuckled and sat next to you on the sofa.

“Oh, I don’t mean to disturb your program but-“ He pulled something out of his pocket. “Happy birthday.” You looked between his face and the present and saw he was being serious.

“How the hell did you know it was my birthday?” You asked, cautiously taking the present in case it was a prank.

“When Fury briefed me on you Avengers, your birthday appears on your file.”

“Damn.” You sighed. You assumed Fury has removed it.

“Why didn’t you say anything?” He asked and you shrugged. “You know that present isn’t anything bad. This isn’t one of my tricks.” You watched him suspiciously but opened the box anyway. At first you were a little bit confused but once you looked properly you were slightly upset. There were four pieces of paper, each with a little note scribbled on it.

‘Show this when you don’t want Loki near you for 24 hours’

‘One free punch’

‘Show this when you don’t want Loki near you for the rest of the day’

‘Show this when you want Loki to leave the room for the specified number of hours.’

“I don’t get it?” You said, looking at the notes again.

“You guys are always complaining about me being around so…” He gestured to the card. “Since I can’t leave to get you a real present I thought these would do.” He got up and gave you a small smile. “I’ll leave you to your… Whatever you’re doing.” You watched him walk away and felt almost sorry for the God. You still hadn’t forgiven him for New York but that was over four years ago now and he was truly trying.

“Loki, stay here.” You said. He turned around and it was his turn to look confused. “You’re not a burden to me.” You tapped the seat next to you. “Come watch this with me.” He hesitated at first. No one but Thor was nice to him. “I don’t bite.” You laughed. This seemed to convince him and he joined you. “You can have these back.” You said, handing him his notes back. “It’s a sweet gesture but I would never use them.”

“Thanks.” He said a little bit awkwardly as he took the four pieces of paper off of you.

“Oh actually!” You called, taking one back. “I want to use this one now.” Loki looked away and was about to get up, assuming it was one saying leaving you alone for twenty-four hours but instead you punched him as hard as you could on his arm. “That was for New York.” You laughed.

“Remind me not to get in a fight with you.” Loki laughed, sitting back down next to you and rubbing his arm.

You both spent the rest of that day – and most of that week – sitting in the lounge watching that program. It was amusing to watch Loki’s life slowly get ruined by a program. Another good thing had happened though. Loki promised that the day he was allowed to go outside, he was going to take you out for a proper birthday dinner.

AN: Sorry, fluff is not my best thing. I’m better at angst aha.

One Bad Night

Not only did she get booted out of a lyft but upon stumbling onto the curb she broke her heel. She glared at her best friend Amber who shrugged. “What that fuckin guys was a misogynistic dick! I wont have someone critisizing my choices in showing my body just because he’s a prick.”
Y/n closed her eyes “how far are we from the club?” She sighed with an edge of anger lacing her voice. “Are you mad at me it sounds like you’re mad at me…?” Amber pried. Y/n let out a long sigh. Youre goddamn right im mad (is what she wanted to say) however she shook it off and asked again. “How far are we from the club?”
Amber looked at maps on her phone and scrunched her nose. “About 6 blocks?”
Fuck you Am. “How am I supposed to walk 6 blocks on a broken heel?” Y/ N asked. Amber fished through her purse “dont worry ive got back ups. What kind of friend would I be if I didnt have back ups?” The kind of friend to have me out here on my birthday ruining my favorite pumps and having to fricken exercise in tight jeans and a crop top thats what. Y/n kept it to herself and took the black patent leather flats.

By the time theyd made it to the club y/n had shoved her long beautiful mane into a bun disregarding the time spent curling and styling that she did earlier. Its bad enough Amber scared the fuck out of her while she was curling her hair leaving a burn the size of the state of California on the back of her neck. She hoped no one would notice. Upon approaching the lengthy line they ambled up to the bouncer who hardly looked up from their clip board. “Back of the line.” They said in a droll tone. “Arent you gonna like…” Amber started “back of the line like everyone else.” They said turning the page on the clip board still not looking up. Y/n sighed rolling her eyes and starting off toward the other direction. “This is stupid.” She mumbled. “Hey! If you wouldve worn that sexy black dress that I got you we wouldve already been in there. Who goes out in jeans?” Amber snarked. “Dude! That dress wouldve had my thighs rubbing together like there was no tomorrow especially since your narrow ass had us walking for 6 blocks.”
“Youre always complaining, if I had your body Id be running around naked.” Amber sighed locking arms with her. As soon as Y/n and Amber started toward the back of the line a motor cycle pulled up on the curb. Screams erupted from the back of the line, “what the fuck is happening?” Y/n asked. “Holy shit bitch…” “what???” “Do you not know who that is?”
“Amber I– ”
Amber turned and grabbed y/ns face “your baby daddy in your head…think girl!” “Thats not Jason Momoa…” y/n said. “No bitch the Vanilla one.”
Y/ns eyes went wide as the realization hit her. “No no girl nu-uh.” “Uh yes bitch.”
He approached the front of the line as they were leaving. “Where are you going?” He said to Y/n scanning her up and down before giving her his signature smile. Amber grabbed her arm and whispered “bitch Chris Evans just gave you THE LOOK.”
Y/n elbowed her. “We were headed to the back, yknow rules.”
“No that idiot bouncer doesnt know a goddess when he sees one!” Amber barked loud enough for the bouncer to hear. Y/n closed her eyes and let out a sigh. “Well I sure as hell do.” Chris said, still looking dead at y/n. He was looking at her like he already knew what she looked like under her clothes. She crossed her arms feeling suddenly vulnerable in her crop top. “Why dont you come in with me?” He said holding out his hand. Y/n turned to Amber who nudged her on.

The two women followed Chris into the club, about half way toward Chris’ booth Amber disappeared. Of fucking course when she actually needed Amber and her forever running mouth she was gone. Now she had to talk to him. What the fuck is she gonna say? Thoughts bombarded her ‘I hope I didnt sweat off my makeup.’ ’ I hope I still smell good..’ ‘what do I even say to him???’. He stopped and guided her to sit down with his hand at the small of her back. She sat down and undid the bun at the top of her head allowing her thick dark hair cascade down her shoulder. He watched in awe as she adjusted herself. “Wow.” He said breathlessly. She smiled softly “what?” “You’re so beautiful…” he said eyeing her. She let out a small chuckle. “And here i was thinkin you felt bad for us and had us follow you in.” “No.” He laughed. “I just. I dont know I dont see a lot of girls like you anymore. I really wanted to meet you.” He said.
“What do you mean girls like you?” She said quirking an eyebrow. “You’re just everything. You’re genuine and gorgeous. Its refreshing.”
She rolled her eyes “shut up.”
“I mean it.” He laughed. “Come on I’ll order us some drinks.” He said soflty brushing his hand over hers. Shivers ran down her spine.

“You know what I didnt even want to come out tonight.” She said taking a sip of her third drink. “No?” “Nuh-uh its my birthday I wanted to stay home and order thai food and watch x-files all day then get a little drunk and eat icecream.” She giggled. He smiled at her “what happened?” “I got fuckin dragged out here by my friend, and she argued with the lyft, uber, whatever the fuck, point is she fought the guy for like 20 minutes and he dropped us off like 6 blocks away and i fucked up a pair of $500 shoes.” She said. “Oh no.” He laughed. “Shush those were my favorite pumps they were sparkly red platforms and now theyre in Ambers purse probably getting granola crumps in them.” She said finishing her drink.

He sighed and finished his own. “Well the night of your birthday doesn have to be a total disaster. ” he said rubbing her thigh. She looked at him raising her eyebrows. “We can still get you that thai food.” He said grinning. She laughed “I cant leave Amber here.” She said stroking his hand. “She left you with me, she got you kicked out of an uber, I think its fine with the party gods if you ditch her just this one time.” He said. She sighed he was right this whole night all she had been doing was getting y/n in messy situations. Besides she wouldve done the same thing if she’d gone home with somebody. “Okay fine.” She smirked. He laughed before pulling her out of the booth. He left money at the table for their drinks and the two weaved out of the club. They made it back to his bike. He gave her his helmet and let her wear his leather jacket. The two of them peeled down the streets. This was exciting the speed of his bike, the smell of his cologne the brisk night air. This was turning out better than she thought. The two stopped at a hole in the wall thai place. The two took their orders to go and he drove them to his place. “Jesus, swank digs my guy.” She sighed upon seeing his house. He chuckled at her, “I guess you can say that.” “I guess? Bruh your house can eat mine and have my truck for desert.” She groaned. He pulled her into him and kissed her “I’m hoping I can just have you for desert instead.” He grinned at her deer in the head lights expression. “Oh…” was all she could manage. He unlocked the door letting her in and following close behind his chest grazing her back. Shivers ran down her spine as his hands ghosted over her exposed waist gently digging into the warm soft flesh. He dipped down and nuzzled the back of her neck taking in the scent of coconut and rose emanating from her thick dark hair. His teeth clipped her neck. She turned to face him standing what would be chest to chest if he hadnt been so goddamn tall. Her hands splayed across his chest as she peered up at him. Even in the dimly lit foyer she could see the color in his eyes go from sky blue to oceanic as they darkened with lust. She was surprised and proud of her self. She never thought someone like him would be looking at her like their last supper. “Are you gonna stand there staring at me or are ya gonna do something?” She smirked. With that he set the food down on the floor and picked her up hauling her into the living room. She shrieked letting out high pitched giggles as he squeezed her butt with his free hand. He lobbed her dowb on the couch before straddling her. “Tell me birthday girl.” He started before taking off his shirt. “What do you want?” He smiled down at her. She covered her mouth as a moan left her lips as she scanned the glorious expanse of muscle infront of her. “Oh damnit. That…that right there is just straight up rude. ” she said “what?” “That!” She said hitting his chest. “You are way too damn fine, just ….“she trailed off as her hands wandered about his chest. Him chuckling drew her out of her daze. Her eyes snapped up at him. He dipped down to kiss her. “I could say the same for you, doll.” He said grabbing her by the back of the legs and pulling her closer to him. “Shut up.” She groaned as he peppered kisses about her neck. She could feel him smile against her skin. “You never told me what you wanted for your birthday.” He said letting his hands crawl up her thighs. Heat pooled in between her legs as she searched for the words to say to him. He teased her with his denim clad bulge gliding against her cunt. “Whatever you got is what I want.” She said carding her fingers through his hair. “Yeah?” He said nipping at her neck again “yeah, surprise me.” She said grinding against him as his lips clamped down hard over her collar bone. He unbottoned her jeans letting her wriggle out of them before releasing her neck from his lips. “Well on my birthday a big fantasy I have…I getting fantastic head.” He grinned inching his way down her body. “Really?” She giggled as his fingers hooked her black thong. “Definitely. ” he peeled them down her thighs. She beamed at him as he disappeared in between her thighs ghosting his lips over her cunt before planting sloppy kisses about her warm thighs. She twitched and he hadnt even tasted her yet. She knew she was in trouble by the way he gripped her thighs holding onto them tight before drawing a broad stripe over her heat. She wiggled toward him, he looked up at her with a shit eating grin before giving little kitten licks on her aching clit. She smiled at him before tugging his short blonde hair. He gasped and let his mouth hang open as his tongue darted over her. She rolled her eyes “fuckin tease.” “The build up is my favorite part” he chuckled before swiping his tongue over her heat. He caressed her thighs as he drew the soft bud into his mouth rolling it in between his lips and tongue. Christ the boy had skills! She thought. He varied speeds as he alternated between licking and sucking using her sounds as cues as to what worked best. She hit a fever pitch as his finger slid inside of her he pumped slowly curling his finger againsy her g-spot. She let out a throaty cry as her back arched up off the couch. “Oh oh oh oh n..oh my god.” She moaned as he sucked and continued to curl his finger adding another for good measure causing her to grip his hair and pull hard. He winced and replied by pinching her clit with his lips. He could feel her clench and flutter around his fingers. He picked up speed moving to the rhythm of the soft “oh…oh…oh ooh! oh! oh!” Coming from Y/N. She came hard he could feel her gush around his knuckles. He drew his fingers out of her slowly watching her body flicker he licked her juices clean off his hand before wiping his lips with the back of the opposite hand. She was flush, her chest heaving a soft sheen of sweat making her skin glimmer. He kissed her. She pulled him into her wrapping her arms around him and jamming her tongue into his mouth. The kiss was hot and dirty, tongues swapping their different tastes into eachothers mouths he groaned into the kiss as she sucked his tongue. She pulled away to catch her breath staring with lust blown eyes at the dazed adonis ontop of her. “I can still have anything I want?” She breathed. “Y-yea.” He stammered. She pulled him closer so that she could whisper in his ear. “I want you inside of me.” She caressed the shell of his ear with her tongue illicting shivers from Chris. “I can do that.” He answered. He pulled off of her and fished in his pocket for a condom before peeling out of his jeans. There was a dark mark on the front of his jeans. “Did you?” She chuckled “Did I cum in my pants listening to you? Yes, yes I did. It doesnt help that.” He rolled on the condom as she took off her shirt “that you sound like a porn star and taste like heaven.” He said yanking her toward him by the backs of her legs making her slide down the couch. She giggled as his lips met hers again while he alligned his hips with hers. She gasped as he slid inside bottoming out in her wetness. He stuck his tongue in her mouth causing her to continue kissing him. “How do you want?..” he tried to continue speaking but she felt too good. “Slow, deep…” she groaned as he moved in and out each thrust deeper than the last. He felt her nails claw into his shoulders in respinse to the pain he slammed into her. She yelped pulling him in. “Yeah, pull me in, pull me in it feels good when you…” he moaned as she matched pace she wrapped her legs around him rolling her hips against his thrusts. “Fuck you feel…y/n you feel so…” she cut him off with her lips crashing on his. “Oh Chris, fuck…just…oh my God…I ..” “what is it baby? What do you need?” “I want..i want. I” she broke off with a long moan. Her hand gripped the back of his neck “harder please.” “You got it.” He bore into her. She screamed as he continued to slam into her filling her to the hilt “Im fuckin close please…oh pleease.” “Mhmm. I can feel it.” He continued feeling the familiar presure of her walls clenching around him. It was so different feeling it around his cock than around his fingers. She was going to make him cum before he could get her there. He kissed her messily as she tried to kiss back in between moans. He collapsed holding her closer to him and deepenig the angle fucking her desperately, spurred on by her sounds of ecstasy. “Chris.” She let out in a long whine.“Y/n?” “Chris.Chris. Chris…oh fuck.” She cried. Her walls fluttered about his cock as she spilled over onto his pelvis. He chased after her as she kissed him softly, peppering hot kisses about his neck and collar. She bit down as he grabbed her ass for leverage she could feel his thrusts becomming erratic. “Kiss me.” He ordered. She did kissing him hard their tongues meeting once again until his mouth went slack and his thrusts became sloppy as he came gripping onto her fucking through his orgasm. Watching him come was enough to illict one more sneaky orgasm from Y/n as he melted into her arms kissing her sloppily. He remained inside of her for a while letting her smooth down his matted hair. “Happy birthday.” He murmured. She let out a ragged laughand kissed the top of his head. “I’ll be right back.” He said before getting up and trotting off to the downstairs bathroom to dispose of the condom. He made his way back with the almost forgotten thai food and their drinks. “There’s a blanket on the back of the couch.” He said jutting his chin toward the soft grey and white blanket. She wrapped herself up and waited for him to settle down next to her. “I guess you’ve already figured out that you’re spending the night.” He said passing her the bag with the thai food. “Hey, as long as you have netflix I’m not complaining.” She shrugged. He chuckled before kissing her one more time.

so i started watching xiuhan and yunjae videos again bc whats worse than to torture my broken heart and then i realized xiuhan is like a mini version of yunjae then i started searching for xiuhan and yunjae and just literally mindblown my self bc

1. apart from them being the oldest in the group

2. both couples are born in the same year (yunjae-1986 ; xiuhan- 1990)

3. their birthdays are even next to each other and its only a few days apart (jaejoong-january 26 ; yunho-february 6 | xiumin-march 26 ; luhan- april 20)

4. yunho is manly and the other one claims he’s manly

5. jaejoong and luhan literally stepped out of a shoujo manga

6. their hugs

7. they love whispering intimately close to each other

???? not sure if luhan’s still whispering or????

8. and staring right into each others soul so deeply in love

9. and of course they have hardcore presidents of the ships.


It’s my birthday!!!

I’m 24 today though I’ve felt 24 for the past 3 months for some reason so this time its not a big deal or at least doesn’t feel like it. This was an outfit worn to my interview for Torrid the other day and its one of my favorites because when I got this skirt, I didn’t know how I was going to wear it but these pieces just felt perfect together and make me feel dainty and whimsical and adorbs. I am busting outta those buttons though, I do see that but I roll with it cause the top is too cute. It was originally meant to be worn the other way with buttons on the back but I like it this way. It’s my birthday, I’ll break rules if I want to! ;D

Tank: Dots: 3x, $6
Lace blouse: Torrid: 3x $8
Skirt: Torrid: 5x $11
Zipper leggings: Torrid: 4x $24 but half off with haute cash.

Oh yes and I also wanted to say that I try not to buy many clothes full price and I’m always hunting for those bargains and I encourage the same. It takes digging but you can get some good pieces.

Hoseok - Birthday Video

“Namjoon please behave.” You groaned, whacking the boy over his head. He frowned, rubbing it as he readjusted himself on his seat. Your boyfriend’s birthday was coming up, Hoseok, and you had been dragged into a plan of helping the boys film a birthday message for him. You agreed because it sounded easy and cute but if you had known it was this much hassle – you would’ve just done your own thing. Trying to get 6 children to sit still and say something without them making a joke or bursting into laughter was a really difficult task. You readjusted the video camera, telling Namjoon exactly what to do before pressing ‘record’ and moving away. You couldn’t help but smile as Namjoon described the moment the two met and their initial opinions of each other, all that sentimental type of stuff. God did that boy talk, he went on for what felt like hours but in reality was 10 minutes (Still too long) before turning the record button off himself, sticking his tongue out at you. You rolled your eyes and shoved him out of the room.
“Taehyung!” You yelled, he came stumbling into the room, plonking himself proudly on the chair, talking before the camera had even started rolling. You widened your eyes, fumbling towards the camera to click ‘record’ as quick as possible. You sat, watching Taehyung in awe as a huge amount of words spewed out of his mouth, you weren’t even sure he knew what he was talking about. Once he had finished, he took a huge sigh of relief and switch the camera off, walking over to you.
“Your turn.” He said, pointing to the chair. You looked from Taehyung to the chair and a back again; a blank look on your face. Taehyung took you by the shoulders and pushed you onto the chair.
“You need to record one too.”

You stared at the camera; what exactly do you say? You shrugged and decided to wing it – leaning off you chair to press the ‘record’ button for the 15th million time that day and stared into the lens.
“Happy birthday Hobi. I’m not entirely sure what to say here but I guess I’ll just sit and talk about how much you mean to me… which is a lot.” You stumbled over your words, feeling incredibly awkward.
“You know when we first met I thought you were a total nob, right? You had this stupid smile on your face and you’d spilt your drink all over me. I was mad as hell and what made it even worse was that straight after that happened, you had the audacity to ask for my number!” You giggled.
“I guess that’s why I love you so much, you always have a happy solution to a bad situation, always there if someone – not just me, needs to be cheered up. You’re just so beautiful inside and out and I find myself looking at you and I just think; Damn, I got lucky.. You’re getting all old and stuff now so I guess you’ll get boring too, huh?” You winked playfully – Hoseok was a real life peter pan, that boy never grew up.  Every day was different, every day he did something that hit home just how much of a child he was on the inside and it was fun. You cleared your throat, looking at the camera again.
“I love you, Hoseok. I hope you have a really good day… Which you will because I’m there, of course. Seriously though, happy birthday – thank you for making every day magical. Now its’ my turn to do the same to you.” You smiled your best smile and switched the camera off. Looking at your feet.. you took a minute to think about him. He was perfect and talking about him like that made you feel not proud but rather, in awe.

You were rudely interrupted in your daydream about your wonderful boyfriend by 6 very loud boys barging in the room.
“That was so cute oh my god.” Jungkook squealed as he shoved you off the chair, proudly taking your spot. Jimin kicked his shin as he walked past. You rolled your eyes. Ignoring him deliberately. Seokjin spoke up.
“Okay sh, one last thing - ____ take this balloon.” He ordered, shoving a yellow balloon in your hand. You held it tightly, standing between him and Yoongi as the camera began to play. Jin counted down from 3 quietly before all 7 of you screamed into the camera.
“Happy Birthday Hobi!”


Happy 37th Birthday John C. Mayer (October 16th)

        “If you want to freak out, freak out. If, all of a sudden, you feel like you’re 6 and you wanna cry and you don’t know why, just do it. Let’s just everybody accept that everybody else is gonna freak out. You’re gonna have at least one moment in a week where you just don’t feel right. But maybe it doesn’t feel so wrong if you know that it’s kind of supposed to happen. It’s the other side of being conscious and loving.”

Happy Birthday, listenforthelove! :3 I saw it’s your birthday today, and I wanted to draw something for you. Sorry it’s no Kingdom Hearts crossing over, but I hope you’ll also like a NezuShi pic. Have a great day! ^^

The signs as Taylor Swift's birthday posts
  • Aries: Happy Birthday, @ justintimberlake! Thank you for your music, comedy, daaaahncing, and for taking this selfie
  • Taurus: Happy Birthday to @ kendricklamar, one of the most talented and grounded people I've ever met in my life. This is the day we recorded the Bad Blood remix
  • Gemini: Some of the best memories have been with this girl, laughing in the kitchen. Happy Birthday to the ray of light that is @karliekloss
  • Cancer: Happy Birthday to a mommy who lets her little girl dress like a princess whenever she wants, and makes balancing a million things look effortless and fun. I'm so glad you invited me to a Kings of Leon concert 6 years ago. My life would be I recognizable without you @ lilyaldridge
  • Leo: HAPPY BEY DAY!!!
  • Virgo: Happy Birthday to @ caradelevingne- who lights up my life..and regularly steals my phone and does this:
  • Libra: it's the beautiful @ serayah's birthday today!! I wish I could be at your party but I'll be dancing onstage in your honor onstage in Germany.
  • Scorpio: It's Martha's Birthday and it's still technically Gigi's birthday week! I wish I was with them! @ GiGiHadid @marhunt
  • Sagittarius: Since '05.
  • Capricorn: One year old today!! #HappyBirthday1989
  • Aquarius: Happy Birthday, @ camila_cabello!! We all love you so much.
  • Pisces: Toshi hangs with fans every show and he makes my life brighter. HAPPY BDAY @ TOSHI_ATEAMLV!
  • Aries: *insert a billion curse words here* they shouldn't say anything bad about my brother. (They just said his brother's mean while I was internally screaming)
  • Taurus: I DON'T LIKE THEM S T O P Me: ;););););););) mhm ;););) o <- ;);););)
  • Gemini: Aren't us Geminis priceless? (because the Gem in Gemini....he's not lying though ;) )
  • Cancer: Oh hey, I wanted to say thanks for getting me a girlfriend.
  • Leo: *talking to that one hot math teacher I like* oH YEAH ISN'T THAT THE GIRL IN YOUR CLASS? (I'm not in the teacher's class, so I was dying)
  • Virgo: *takes a bunch of screenshots on me while we're skyping* Me: did you take screenshots of me? Him:....yeah.
  • Libra: Me: my hand hurts. Him: well I gotta HAND it to you...
  • Scorpio: Me: sO I LIKE THIS GUY Him: *scoots chair closer to me, faces me, and smiles*: MHM?
  • Sagittarius: me: *spills water* Shit. Him: Well I guess you're wet now ;)
  • Capricorn: Okay so x=7 and basically, all you have to do is divide 7 by 4 and multiply it by 6 and then subtract, it's easy. Me: what are you saying Him: ~Math~
  • Aquarius: Here's the cereal you wanted for your 4 month late birthday. (my b-day was on February 17, and I told him I wanted a family box of cereal, and my little chum got it <3 #bestfriendgoals)
  • Pisces: *genuinely talking* You're a great friend. :) *hug* me: *stiffens and poker face* oh. thank you. *me internally: w h a t ? *
  • @egg5548 bloody hell you're welcome ;) I memorize your words, you idiot, feel my wrath. d o y o u f e e l i t m r . k r a b s ?