it's my baby child

I (not so) low key bro-ship you guys….because you and keilattes are just too precious for this world with your adorable endering ‘I love you more’ squables.


I can’t believe you came back with a grapefruit child I’m 
how did you use my tags against me afgjfdkljg

I skeeetched my two newest ship babsss

I feeaking did lore in the car ride over here so it looks a lil wwweeeird

Better think about your game
Are you sure your next move’s the right one for you?
Are you sure you won’t get outmaneuvered again and again, my friend?

You’ll never see it coming!

The only one I can relate right now is Chloe flirting with the fucking turkey


Sweet summer child Yugyeom’s struggles during girlfriend-related missions

anonymous asked:

What are your top ten fave fics (or fic authors, since maybe all your fave fics are already on that poker pair list 😂)

oooooooo thats hard lmfao yeah ur right all my fav dgm fics are on that list lololol damn ten is a big number let’s see if i can do this esdrfg i’m gonna kinda chop and mix between the authors of my favourite fics and the best fics from my favourite authors, but i cant keep it to one fandom sorry lololol anD also i cant really ???? put them in a specific order???? lmao i love all the authors for their various styles and stories, but let’s see how i go ahahaha

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“As long as children suffer, we have work to do!”

“I have a great belief that every individual can make a difference and help a fellow human being. If so, start by ensuring that those who come to Sweden get the help that they need to contribute money to organisations that are actually in place, and make a difference and do something about it. The main thing is that we do something.”  

Princess Sofia of Sweden giving her speech at the Global Child Forum on 08.09.15 with an important, well said message. It was her first solo royal engagement as Princess of Sweden, held in Pretoria. [x] // Video source: Expressen