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Glen gives Gil a piggyback ride; Pandora Hearts by Jun Mochizuki

Favorite manga moment as requested by anonymous~


Hehehe, these are super old now (pre Suffering Game!) but since I’m on the road to probably revamping the way I draw Taako for maybe the 18th time I figured I’d toss up these sketch pages of good ol’ Tres Horny Boys™️

EDIT: Forgot that tumblr hates…. images…… click thru for hi res!


“What episode of “Glee” have you revisited the most?”

Probably the one when we went to New York in Season 2. That’s one of my most favorite episodes, and it was personally such a special episode for me because I had just left New York a year prior, and the next thing you know I was coming back one year later with this hugely successful show being followed by, I think, close to, like 200 fans and paparazzi. So, for me, it was crazy to be in these places that I’d walked through hundreds of times in my life, but now in such a different way. So, that was such a pivotal episode for me.


Here’s to the new me. The old me. The you-don’t-even-know-me. To the me that died twice before I met you: third time’s the charm. Been chewed up and spit out more than I’ve ever seen a sunrise, and I’ve only ever liked sunrises when I’m with you. I’ll become something you’ve never seen before, nothing borrowed, nothing blue. Set my head aflame, built a home out of the ashes, let the wind blow it away into the sun. The breeze sings, lo que está muerto no puede morir. And when there’s nothing left to burn, you have to set yourself on fire.

I don’t know that kid anymore, and maybe I never knew him at all.

Nocking Point Wine Tasting Party

Aka the event where I just had the most INCREDIBLE, amazing, fan-fucking-tastic night with Stephen Amell and my girls Jesi ( @jesileighs ) and Kristy ( @cbcbiology

After many requests on twitter to write this out on tumblr here I am. This is long so take a seat! pictures are included and before you ask me “HOW THE HELL DID THIS HAPPEN?” let me tell you “I HAVE NO CLUE I’M SHOCKED AND IN AWE ABOUT THIS TOO!” ok? On with the story

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❄ Chimney by @ellesanimalhaven | 5A00-0032-3944 🍁

I’ve been excited to visit this town ever since I saw it’s first WIP pics and let me say, I was not disappointed. The lightly falling snow and warm fall colors make this town breathtaking, and has quickly become one of my all-time favorite towns!

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Miranda, my angel, it's that time again: i need a new phone background and only Michael will do. SHARE DAT GOOD SHIT. i know your Michaelpics folder has to be ridic by now 😏

you didn’t specify how many… so… here’s my top three and some extras are under the cut!!!

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Hello! If it's not too much to ask, can you please make a compilation of all the times Mika smiles? It doesn't have to be from all sources (anime/manga/game/official art) but I was drawing Mika when all of a sudden I realised I don't have any proper (official) references for his happy expression >_< Thank you very much in advance!

No problem!

(^too pure for this world)

(^personal favorite)

Is this okay?

Hey All its’s that time for  “Spacey Subject 101″. I know its been a long week but it’s here.. Today’s subject should be easy for most of you. Today’s subject is “Kevin in the film “Shrink” This little independent film is  one of my favorite films of Kevin’s and he was phenomenal in it. If you can’t feel for this character than you’re officially dead. Please post your favorite pic/scene/gif from Shrink.  The doctor is out.. literally. 

Source: Shrink/2009/Triggerstreet


Monkey Park, Arashiyama, Kyoto, Japan

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it's unusual friendships time!!! got any hcs about Marius and Jehan as friends?

You always come into my inbox with the best things thank you

•vegan bros
•Marius collects neat things like shiny pennies and pretty rocks to give Jehan when he next sees them but usually forgets and Jehan finds them in his pockets when stealing his coats
•send each other pics of really fat cats usually of their own fat cats
•in other words the bode meme is their favorite
•make a point to have tea together every week where Jehan tells Marius all about the most interesting things they’ve overheard from strangers
•both really like pistachios and once tried to have a competition to see who could eat the most Cosette came home that night to find them chilling on the floor surrounded by shells and complaining
•roller skating happens far more often than in the average friendship
•Marius is always super stoked cause Jehan can somehow also sign in all the same languages he knows
•Jehan is always super stoked that they have someone to practice signing in these languages with
•they hang out in Jehan’s garden and find out the key to the universe every Wednesday night and then promptly forget the next day
•Marius compliments all of Jehan’s terrible outfits every day cause that’s what friends do
•Jehan finds (steals) books for Marius that they think he’d like
•Jehan tried to teach Marius how to knit once and it took him forever to get the hang of it and actually do the thing but he finally ended up making a pair of uneven socks that he gave to Jehan and they honestly fit their whole aesthetic pretty well
•get sick together a lot? Why are they always sick at the same time??
•Marius knows by now that calling Jehan when he’s lost just leads to getting more lost but he does it anyway cause they at least have fun together
•have the most exciting double dates with their partners seriously it’s wild more than once they’ve been arrested all together and it’s been Marius and Jehan’s fault
•have cacti named after each other
•super supportive and amazing friends who love and care about each other
•listen this friendship is so underrated and I will talk about it until im in my grave but here are just a few things before I make this too long
Body Language

Maybe it’s because it’s Valentine’s Day, maybe because I’m engrossed in writing and therefore all up in my feels but I’ve been considering body language. Now there are volumes and volumes written about body language and its many aspects but, this morning, I’m really interested in body language as it pertains to our most favorite Admiral and the gorgeous mommy-to-be Mermaid. Now since we have very few recent pictures or videos of them together I will be using some older examples. I think we can all agree that the recent pics we have tell us that little has changed in terms of their body language since the times of The View interview and NAACP Awards. 

Body language includes movements, gestures, facial expressions, and sometimes shifts in our entire bodies. It is generally accepted that these often subtle movements are an outward reflection of what is happening on the inside and much of our communication as humans depends upon body language. 

There are 4 zones that are considered when discussing body language: (1) Intimate zone, within 6-18 inches, (2) Personal zone (within 18-48 inches), (3) Social Zone (within 4 to 12 feet), & (4) Public Zone (more than 12 feet). For the sake of discussing our two loves it is only really necessary to talk about the first two. The intimate zone is an area reserved for only those who are emotionally close to a person and is guarded as if it were personal property. This area is reserved for parents, spouses, lovers, children, and relatives. They seem to spend quite a bit of time in this intimate zone, even in public where this proximity is often less socially accepted (according to body language researchers not me. I’m all for PDA between these two!! LOL). Our two NPBs also spend quite a bit of time in each other’s personal zone which is the proximity people would share at social functions and family gatherings. 

Intimate Zone

Close Intimate Zone

For comparison, the Christmas pic with JM would be personal zone at best.

Gestures of the hands and facial expressions are largely considered the most telling of what we are truly feeling. Bearing this in mind, let’s look at our pals’ interactions with one another.

We notice Kerry does quite a bit of nose touching when she and Tony are in close proximity. Nose touching is a sophisticated gesture indicative of having a secret or being less than honest. Next we move on to the tilted head gesture. This is indicative of interest either in what a person is saying or the person in general.

External image

Lip licking can be a sign of attraction or a sign of possible deception if it occurs right after the person makes a statement they believe less than truthful.

Male preening behaviors: smoothing his collar, touching his throat, rearranging clothing, and smoothing hair. Also turning his body towards the woman he is attracted to and angling his foot at her.

Female preening behaviors: touching hair, smoothing clothing, hand on hip, extended intimate gaze, increasing eye contact.

Ownership gestures: people lean against other people to show their territorial claim. In this way a man (or woman) makes the other person an extension of their body and in this way shows that person belongs to them.

In general, signs that a person is intimate with another person are:

Consistent prolonged eye contact

External image

Open Body language

External image


Multiple Complements


External image

I definitely have more but your eyes might be glazing over so TERRY ON!!

External image

(gifs NOT mine, thank you to the wonderful folks who made them!!)

Live Q&A with Marti Starting Now!  (Friday, September 10 at 6 pm eastern, 11 pm UTC)

I’m alone - except for my two doggies - and answering your questions and comments now, live!  Use the instant messenger and send me your thoughts!


reality-kinkI:   was wondering if there are any fetishes you have that you haven’t posted about on here for whatever reason. Also, i was wondering where you guys are from, I’d love to set up a shoot

Marti:  There are several I don’t like to talk about here because they tend to drive followers away instead of bringing them in.  The main one is urophagia.  We are in Florida.


jameshavinfun:  Just curious, if you met one of your fans out on the streets, and he/she asked to have sex with you, what would you do?

Marti:  Have sex!  The only catch would be they would have to use a condom.It wouldn’t matter what they looked like, as long as they didn’t smell bad!


gotjack1:  hi marti do you like to have your gorgeous nipples nibbled on

Marti:  The portal unto my complete sexuality runs through my nipples and tits.  Do what you will with them.


thompsonian-creed:  Finally got to make a Q&A!! What do you look forward to the most on your vacation?

Marti:  This!  And trying to make my site what it should be.  Well, having the girls over will be a close second.  Getting lots a sleep third, I have to admit.

And glad you made a Q&A!  Ask away!


reality-kink:  What are some others? Also, I just wanted to say thank you. A lot of the time i feel like there arent a lot of girls like me on tumblr.  Usually when I see women with sex blogs relating to incest and fetishes its like really deprived and unattractive women, but  its nice having another hot woman (not to sound so full of myself) who is unafraid to talk about these things on 

Marti:  It’s nice to hear from another lady.  More?  I like humiliation, I’ve recently discovered I like sucking a cock with another man.  Bondage - as long as it isn’t painful.  Golden showers - receiving anyway.  Cum drinking (as opposed to cum swallowing).


lizard10161:  Hi Marti do you take two cocks in your pussy at once

Marti:  Absolutely!  Though I do prefer one in my pussy and one in my ass.  The problem with two cocks in one hole is that one either needs to be stationary or they’ll keep popping out - unless the cocks are well trained for dp in one hole.


gotjack1:  when was the last time you milked your gorgeous tits marti

Marti:  I had a couple of fantastic letdowns during/after the Live Q&A’s with Michelle and Gina Thursday.  I just posted a Virtual 3D pic showing it!

Sorry, not all guys know the term “letdown.”  That is a lactation session, usually referred to during nursing. 


reality-kink:  Yeah haha I love cum drinking, bondage, and my boyfriend likes sucking cock with me.  What are some of your favorite/craziest stories? Its really nice to talk to you about this because i know you wont judge me lol

Marti:  My favorite stories are the first times:  the first extramarital sex; the first time with my daughter; the first time with my son; the first anal; the first gangbang; the first porn video.  I could write a book on crazy stuff!

reality-kink:  lol same.  i have always loved incest but i could never ask any family members to participate without them disowning me haha. any advice on that front? id love to fuck my mom, aunt, sister, or dad more than anything.  plus i think my fetishes go too much off the deep end.  maybe even more than yours lol

Marti:  Incest can be dangerous to a family.  Be careful.  But if it goes well, there’s nothing like it!


A lot of questions in a hurry, now nothing.  Is tumblr and my wifi working?  Come on, guys, ASK!


damien-nyght:  Hey love your blog. ❤️Im dying to know what your sons new fetish is..

Marti:  Glad you do!  Thanks for coming to the Q&A! I can’t tell you about my son’s fetish yet  

damien-nyght:  Its OK, I understand.  Its just very interesting. My question is how many loads have been inside you without cleaning up?

Marti:  damien-nyghtIts okay i understand. Oh, God, how many?!  50, at least  Probably more

damien-nyght:  I always dreamed of being like 51.  I had a girl who would set up things like that.  I love cummy holes.Im 29 by the way. And im afro latino.  And those long nipples you have are like a gift from the gods lol..  Why cant i find women like yourself more often. Id marry the next girl who likes to have sex like you do.  I live in nj/nj area. I would host you and your friends anytime

Marti:  Thanks for the nipples comments.  Lots of people want the sex life I have but won’t let themselves do it.

damien-nyght:  Oh ive had alot of fun. I just dont have a girl who wants to be as deviant as me. Im fearless lol  But youre right


Boy, I’ve never had a Live Q&A go this silent.  I’m signing off and will try again tomorrow.  Not sure this cabin’s wifi is working as it should.

The Command Wolf Irvine in the deserts of Zi

I wanted to post this one separately. I think it is my favorite photo I’ve taken of this model, possibly any model. I just really love how it came out, more than any of the others I took this time round.


August 22nd is Art Remembrance Day! That’s why I want to post some pictures I’m still proud of today. ^^  

Ever since I was able to hold a pencil, I was drawing. I even went to a special boarding school with extra art classes. :D Well, I don’t have that many pictures from back then. I’m not very proud of them, anyway. That’s why I want to show you some of my own favorites. 

For the dates and descriptions you can click on the pics. 

Whoops…most of them are No. 6 pictures. ^^ (There are even more I really like. For example this Safu picture I’ve drawn for Safu’s birthday: 

Or this one from 2014:

Ooor this one because it was sooooo much work. XD From 2015:

OK THIS IS ENOUGH! X’D OKAY! Thank you, whoever decided that we have Art Remembrance Day today. I learned that I can be proud of some of my artworks. Even really old stuff. And even though there are a lot of mistakes… I know that I can still improve myself. ^^

And I really want to thank you, my followers. Thank you for your support. 

now that my period’s ending i feel about 60% less insane so:

-feeling so so excited to present photos in a show finally and to look forward to new york again. need to decide what pics i want prints of, what theme i’m going for (if any), etc. hoping to make some new friends, i also miss new york a shit ton sometimes and i can’t wait to go to all my favorite places

-went on a photo walk around school after work today and the sun was kind of past its prime setting point but i still burned through so many pictures in a short amount of time. it was the same sensation when i went out last week. it’s like i’ve been itching to have a camera in my hands and i’m really going to push myself to make this a more regular habit before it gets too dark out

-speaking of which i’m going to start my zine layout this week and do some hardcore research to help narrow down title ideas. feeling really proud of the material i have so far

-playing flute with the other teachers at work reminded me of how much i miss playing music with other people and i’m excited to explore options in that realm. i have a decent amount of free time at night everyday during the week and i want to take advantage of it at least in part towards music making

-now that my first month of teaching is over and things are more settled, i feel like i have a better shot at being successful and falling into a groove. i’ve been pushing myself to show up to work more prepared so i’m not scrambling to get everything ready in too little time and i felt way more confident today. my students had some real moments of engagement and motivation and i felt myself smiling when i could see how invested they were in the task i made for them. i feel like i’m connecting with them more on a personal level as well and bringing in aspects of their home lives to the classroom. lesson planning takes a lot of time but in the past few days at least i’ve felt like i did while student teaching last semester where i would look forward to coming home and reflecting on the day and planning for how i could do better tomorrow. i hope tomorrow is a good day with tougher groups

-been feeling kinda discouraged lately at my wardrobe of all things but i think i’ve decided i should let myself spend more money on certain things i need, especially for professional wear, if i know i’m gonna get a lot of use out of them. i was thinking about how when i was younger i would always get clothes that were too big because i felt guilty about growing out of things too soon if my parents couldn’t afford replacements - funny how those feelings stick even after a whole decade

-i have several ideas for my next tattoo and i def have the money for one but none of them will work in the spot i wanna fill so i’m stuck there

-let’s hope this wasn’t all just a manic burst for the night