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I have a question, if want to gain muscle and lose some weight would it be better to get lean first then gain muscle?? Or what?? Thanks in advance, PS you're amazing 💓

its best to bulk to gain muscle and then cut to lose fat if your biggest goal is to get big muscles however if your not happy with how you look rn and would like to lose some fat go ahead and go on a cut just know that its very hard to make gains with your lifts(get stronger) if you choose this route because youll be in a deficit of cal or doing a lot of cardio… another route would be startinga bulk have mini cuts every 4-6 weeks 

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Hi, I want to ask about the azawahks in your last post, what qualifies each as "healthy" or "obese?" The healthy one doesn't seem to have enough fat or muscle to cushion its bones and the obese doesn't have near enough fat to impair movement or put excess pressure on its joints. Is their weight being judged by how healthy and comfortable the animal is or by how cool it looks?

Here’s another similar ask on the subject that came in:

“ You recently got into a discussion on dog body types and obesity and ended up comparing the body of a healthy azawakh and an overweight one, but in the picture you used for the healthy dog you could see its ribs. So I was wondering what about the breed or any type of dog could lead to that being a healthy appearance. Is is something with what the dogs were originally breed for or maybe the environment? (it was also mentioned that azawakhs are capable of withstanding extremely high temperatures) “

These are the dogs involved in the question, for those just tuning in:

Correct weight azawakh above, obese below. 

I asked @desertwindhounds to answer this for me because she’s got a huge background in sighthounds, both from her own breeding and extensive research. Here’s her take:

“ Azawakh have what is known as very ‘dry’ musculature and skin. The muscles are very flat and the skin is very thin and tight, and their coat is typically very thin with very short hair. Combined with the lack of body fat, what you get when you are looking at many Azawakh is the same effect as a human body builder (without the deliberate dehydration.) This is an endurance runner, not a sprinter with big bunchy fast twitch muscles like a racing greyhound. The look is simply the way the dog is constructed.

The purpose of fat and muscle is not to 'cushion the bones’ on any dog, muscles move the dog and fat provides insulation or energy storage. You do NOT want a layer of fat on a working sighthound, it insulates the body. Running produces a lot of heat and some of that is dumped through the skin, a fat layer prevents that and the dog will overheat. Most sighthounds appreciate a bed to lie on, but something I have never seen in a country of origin dog, which don’t typically have cushions or blankets, they sleep on the ground, in a basic shelter, or in a den, is pressure sores. COO Azawakh have a large variety of appearance, and many do not have the extremely dry look that is appreciated by Western breeders. It’s a matter of personal preference in Western breeding. 

 Note that the coat has a good deal of influence on how thin and dry the dog looks. A smooth Saluki in hard condition with no body fat and a very short coat can have a similar dry appearance. A feathered Saluki in the same condition would not, because the coat is long enough to smooth out the appearance, it hides the extreme contours. With coated sighthounds like Borzoi or Afghans you’d never see that degree of dryness, the hair hides it. Sighthounds also have much thinner skin than other dog types, and a good sighthound will have very tight, elastic ligaments, including the layer under the skin (if you pull the skin up on a sighthound, it should pull back strongly), so the skin will actually 'cling’ more tightly to the dog, emphasizing the musculature. 

 It is really difficult to explain this to someone who is freaked out by the appearance. It helps to get your hands on such a dog. They do NOT feel frail or sickly, they feel solid and muscular, dense, and they should have plenty of muscle over the loin and along the withers. It feels, frankly, like running your hands over a human marathon runner with little body fat. Same thing, actually, except that humans are constructed in such a way that they don’t have a lot of pokey boney bits that are visible. “


Step one of character design: don’t ever do research in public.

Exi is so fat after winter that we really, really need to start moving and losing some weight. Fortunately, it’s almost spring now so we can finally go for long walks and start riding the bicycle… He gained 3 kilos and weighs 20kg now, when his ideal weight is 17kg… oh well.


My kind of aesthetic, Taekook’s body differences. Dem shoulders, peck and arms doe jeon jungkook.

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Hello this will sound stupid probably but how do you do head/face construction outlines or how you think the best way to do it is

ahhh hmm.. I will try my best to give you some info at least on how i do it/good things ive seen? I don’t have a lot of rules about my faces and I tend to just kind of Go At It a lot of the time? But I can give you some things to think about or the techniques I like to use. There are lots of ways to construct heads and stylize faces. 

I think the most important things I keep in mind, like with everything else, is that the head is a solid object with volume, and that it has its own muscles and fat and stuff. 

in terms of anatomy, with the way i stylize stuff, i like to show a few key things

1) The head is not separate from the neck, and it is not just sitting on the next like a lollipop. The neck interacts with the head. Most people also have at least a little bit of neck/chin fat, if not just loose skin there so that you can move your head. that area is in general soft. 

2) the eyes are In the head, not just stickers on the head or spheres stuck to the head. (of course, this is not the only way to stylize, this is just what I like to show) the eyes are set into the cheek.

3) the mouth area makes no sense like thats not how that works but don’t worry about it. 

the most basic way i construct a head is i start with like, a sphere, which im sure you’ve seen before: 

the lines of the symmetry for me are pretty rough. i don’t follow them very specifically. I use them more for like “the head is facing this direction on this axis and this direction on this other axis” 

vertical line is how far left or right its rotated, and the horizontal is how far up or down. I know the horizontal line is supposed to also be roughly where the eyes go, but I don’t really follow that too carefully. I mean it helps figure out where the eyes are going to be, but if it ends up not feeling right, be free to adjust. It’s more for keeping the head volumetric.

then i have a second oval (of varying shapes for different faces) for the lower half of the face. the top of the cheek starts roughly at the horizontal line of symmetry. I tend to think of this also as a volume. 

This maps out the entire lower half of the head for me, so im sort of like, drawing all the way around underneath the head if that makes sense? it’s very helpful for drawing heads in weird perspectives. For example it helps with over the head perspective a lot because it sort of puts the jaw underneath the cheek bones, underneath the forehead, etc. 

then i construct the face over that, using the nose to indicate direction by keeping it right on the vertical axis or floating over the vertical axis.

In doing facial expressions, I think something really important to keep in mind is the retention of mass. Like, even when you’re stretching the face really far, don’t add mass. (at least, for the style that i’m working with. this isn’t applicable to all styles) This combined with remembering what parts of the face are hard and what parts are soft will make characters seem, more, Solid. 

so like: 

the jaw doesn’t grow or shrink with the mouth opening, there’s still the same amount of chin. the jaw opens to open the mouth, the upper teeth are not on a hinge so the lower jaw is the only thing that moves.

I totally do not always follow this, though. 

like, the chin here is probably a little bit “shrunk” to accommodate the mouth. However, other thing to think about that I’m trying to show with this, is that when one part of the face moves, so does the rest of it. Even if the facial anatomy isn’t realistic, it still all interacts. Like, the mouth opening up that wide smushes up the cheek muscles into the eye. (even though the mouth is just kind of drawn as a hole in the face) 

(more examples of this)

even if the face is kind of “rubbery” here, though, the overall mass is still kept consistent. like its stretched in the second on, but it hasn’t “grown” 

flesh is pulled over an imaginary skeleton underneath, and there is still “depth” shown by the angle of the teeth. there is also thought about how the eyes are sitting in their sockets, even though those sockets are being “stretched” a little bit. 

I hope this isn’t a completely incoherent mess and that its at least somewhat useful information? 

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What I find hilarious about the 'Roadhog Muscle/Fat' discourse is that... he's both. He's outrageously muscular, he can pull a mech suit 20 yards in 2 seconds. But... MUSCLE NEEDS FAT TO OPERATE! It's the same concept on how all functional muscles work. You want big muscles, you need a good amount of calories. So someone like Roadhog? Yeah, he's probably got an eight pack, he's probably shredded. But we're not gonna see because of how much fat he's got to keep that eight pack running. Very good.


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For the anon eating less than 300 calories per day and wanting to lose weight; You have to eat food in order to actually lose weight. If you starve your body it only eats away at it's self. It's not actually losing weight. It eats any muscle before it eats fat, and that can be bad news especially for your vital organs. Please eat a balanced diet for what ever your height is... the best way to lose weight is to eat about 4-6 small portioned meals a day. Please be healthy!


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Man Gaster's hips/thighs actually make sense to me. My cat is built like a tank around his legs an shoulders. Its covered by fat but theres pure muscle beneath it.

tru. you can justify his physiology when you remember he is a four-legged creature forced to walk on two legs for the majority of his life. the body doesn’t just magically adapt to that, i’ve always said his upper half is wayyy less developed because he’s suddenly had to have his entire weight on his lower half

ppl always try to justify his body to humanoid proportions when really he’s an animal and you can’t compare the two


Started: 2014, February 10th


  • Height: 5'2"/ 158 cm
  • HW: 126 lbs
  • LW: 89 lbs
  • Current Weight: 126 lbs
  • GW1: 115 lbs
  • GW2: 110 lbs
  • GW3: 105 lbs
  • GW4: 100 lbs
  • Ultimate Goal: 95~98 lbs

THE PLAN: My ultimate plan is to lose weight without screwing up my metabolism too much! So, to keep my metabolism where it is (and bring it up higher), I’ve decided to incorporate healthy eating habits, carb-cycling, low sodium, detoxing, and exercise into my plan!

Carb-Cycling: What it does – keeps my body from plateauing by continuously changing up my intake of carbohydrates, keeping my metabolism on its toes and promoting fat loss while maintaining muscle mass.

  • Mondays & Thursdays – NO carbs
  • Tuesdays, Fridays & Sundays – LOW carbs
  • Wednesdays & Saturdays – HIGH carbs

Detoxing: I will be detoxing once or twice a month (but not for extended periods of time) to cleanse my body of toxins. Regardless of how many people say that detox-diets are ineffective or unhealthy or whatever they want to say, I think it does leave me feeling a bit lighter from experience. However, my detox will only be for 3 consecutive days drinking only water and the infamous lemon detox juice.

Exercise: A combination of cardio and yoga/pilates.

  • Pilates/Yoga – at least 3x a week (30+ min)
  • Cardio – 3x a week (40+ min)
  • Dance – 2x a week (50+ min)
  • Walk as much as I can
  • Key – STAY ACTIVE THROUGHOUT THE DAY! So even if I don’t have time (aka too lazy to get my ass off the couch) to work out, I won’t feel too guilty.
  • This probably will change. It is way too constricted…

Indulging is Okay: I plan to have those “yolo” meals on Saturdays when I’m out and about. I really don’t want to feel too restricted to a diet and then go crazy and binge later on…

Food: Alright, people might be against eating only 3 times a day, but I’ve  tried eating a snack in between meals and it just doesn’t work for me.

  • Breakfast – 200 - 350 cal
  • Lunch – 300 - 350 cal
  • Dinner – 200 - 300 cal
  • Don’t eat anything after 6PM
  • Keep under 1,500 calories daily
  • Drink at least 4 bottles of water (2L)
  • Keep away from processed/junk food!
  • Don’t mistake thirst/boredom for hunger
  • Green tea is always good
  • So is black coffee

Rules to Keep:

  • Sleep before 11PM (my bedtime is usually 3AM)
  • Take vitamins/fiber supplements/calcium every morning
  • Don’t fall asleep after eating
  • No naps
  • Stay away from energy drinks
  • Exercise at least 30 minutes every day
  • Don’t eat while I’m distracted
  • Try to substitute all oils/butters with coconut oil
  • Stretch before I go to bed, and as soon as I wake up
  • Have a glass of water as soon as I wake up
  • Brush my teeth right after eating dinner (so I’m not tempted to eat something later)


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Why is it impossible to lose fat and gain muscle at he same time? I thought a combo of cardio and weight could help a girl lose fat and build more muscle mass so she's leaner? I'm so confused aha

its impossible for someone to GAIN muscle mass and LOSE fat because in order to gain muscle you need to have a surplus of calories and to lose fat you need to have a deficit of calories.. but yes it IS possible for someone to lift weights and do cardio and after awhile they may seem a little more tone and more in shape but MOST LIKELY you wont get huge muscles and also get ripped at the same time.. for example if you are in a caloric surplus you could get stronger with your lifts however you wont lose the fat and if you are in a caloric deficit you will lose your fat however you most likely would either stay at the same strength levels or even get weaker with your lifts

Tuesday Tips - SKULL and BONES

Even when drawing the nude figure, it can be difficult to find angles and structure in the body. The skeleton, even when buried under muscle and fat, can be something to rely on because its structural shape doesn’t really bend, inflate or sag like muscles, fat or hair (or clothes). Try to spot and define those bones to define the body more accurately. For example, finding and utulizing the angles of the clavicles really does help to define the head’s relationship to the torso. Try it out.

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🥀 In the past I have asked people what would happen if I stopped eating. They told me that I would only get fatter. I am 80kg (176 lbs) at the moment and I have never tried starving myself. I have never liked the way I look and I have recently had some trouble with self-harm. Do you think I would lose weight if I began starving myself?

I’m going to explain what happens inside the body when we do this to ourselves:
Initially, when we starve ourselves, we lose water weight. After the third day, your body will start to eat at its own fat and muscle. This isn’t just the fat and muscle that you would like to lose. It will eat at anything to continue to do its daily functions, including eating away at your organs if it needs to. Everything slows down in your body. In terms of your body’s gastrointestinal functions, you will lose the ability to have bowel movements. You will lose your ability to have a period and eventually have children. You will lose your hair and your nails will become brittle and as your body gets colder and colder it will grow a type of hair called lanugo in an attempt to keep you warm. Your brain won’t be able to function to its full ability, making it harder to concentrate and do even the simplest of things at times. Once you do finally begin to eat again, you usually end up gaining the weight back. Your body doesn’t know when it will receive food again so it stores it in an attempt to keep you alive. This is why many anorexics often purge some of their meals, especially after they fast is to avoid gaining weight. So to answer your question honestly, your body will initially lose weight if you do that, but as soon as you eat again you run the risk of gaining it all back. It is not not worth it. Please seek help if you are struggling with an ED. This is not something I will ever encourage or promote. I may struggle with one, but it is fucking hell and I hate it so much. Also, I hope you will no longer harm yourself beautiful💖 I used to cut and it got so bad at one point I went to the hospital and needed 88 stitches in one leg. And you are beautiful at 176 pounds. You don’t need to lose a pound.