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ahaha wait, what the heck…? how does UNDYNE know anything about all that…?

i think alphys more than anyone would be very understanding of when someone makes a mistake or keeps a secret. but just what kind of mistakes were happening when they were all underground…?

this is another page that was originally 2 pages of 3 and 4 panels respectively, then combined into 1. so it’s technically like getting two pages! i guess. sorry if it’s one-page updates for awhile. it’s a busy time of year!

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My kind of aesthetic, Taekook’s body differences. Dem shoulders, peck and arms doe jeon jungkook.

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Hello this will sound stupid probably but how do you do head/face construction outlines or how you think the best way to do it is

ahhh hmm.. I will try my best to give you some info at least on how i do it/good things ive seen? I don’t have a lot of rules about my faces and I tend to just kind of Go At It a lot of the time? But I can give you some things to think about or the techniques I like to use. There are lots of ways to construct heads and stylize faces. 

I think the most important things I keep in mind, like with everything else, is that the head is a solid object with volume, and that it has its own muscles and fat and stuff. 

in terms of anatomy, with the way i stylize stuff, i like to show a few key things

1) The head is not separate from the neck, and it is not just sitting on the next like a lollipop. The neck interacts with the head. Most people also have at least a little bit of neck/chin fat, if not just loose skin there so that you can move your head. that area is in general soft. 

2) the eyes are In the head, not just stickers on the head or spheres stuck to the head. (of course, this is not the only way to stylize, this is just what I like to show) the eyes are set into the cheek.

3) the mouth area makes no sense like thats not how that works but don’t worry about it. 

the most basic way i construct a head is i start with like, a sphere, which im sure you’ve seen before: 

the lines of the symmetry for me are pretty rough. i don’t follow them very specifically. I use them more for like “the head is facing this direction on this axis and this direction on this other axis” 

vertical line is how far left or right its rotated, and the horizontal is how far up or down. I know the horizontal line is supposed to also be roughly where the eyes go, but I don’t really follow that too carefully. I mean it helps figure out where the eyes are going to be, but if it ends up not feeling right, be free to adjust. It’s more for keeping the head volumetric.

then i have a second oval (of varying shapes for different faces) for the lower half of the face. the top of the cheek starts roughly at the horizontal line of symmetry. I tend to think of this also as a volume. 

This maps out the entire lower half of the head for me, so im sort of like, drawing all the way around underneath the head if that makes sense? it’s very helpful for drawing heads in weird perspectives. For example it helps with over the head perspective a lot because it sort of puts the jaw underneath the cheek bones, underneath the forehead, etc. 

then i construct the face over that, using the nose to indicate direction by keeping it right on the vertical axis or floating over the vertical axis.

In doing facial expressions, I think something really important to keep in mind is the retention of mass. Like, even when you’re stretching the face really far, don’t add mass. (at least, for the style that i’m working with. this isn’t applicable to all styles) This combined with remembering what parts of the face are hard and what parts are soft will make characters seem, more, Solid. 

so like: 

the jaw doesn’t grow or shrink with the mouth opening, there’s still the same amount of chin. the jaw opens to open the mouth, the upper teeth are not on a hinge so the lower jaw is the only thing that moves.

I totally do not always follow this, though. 

like, the chin here is probably a little bit “shrunk” to accommodate the mouth. However, other thing to think about that I’m trying to show with this, is that when one part of the face moves, so does the rest of it. Even if the facial anatomy isn’t realistic, it still all interacts. Like, the mouth opening up that wide smushes up the cheek muscles into the eye. (even though the mouth is just kind of drawn as a hole in the face) 

(more examples of this)

even if the face is kind of “rubbery” here, though, the overall mass is still kept consistent. like its stretched in the second on, but it hasn’t “grown” 

flesh is pulled over an imaginary skeleton underneath, and there is still “depth” shown by the angle of the teeth. there is also thought about how the eyes are sitting in their sockets, even though those sockets are being “stretched” a little bit. 

I hope this isn’t a completely incoherent mess and that its at least somewhat useful information? 

Tuesday Tips - SKULL and BONES

Even when drawing the nude figure, it can be difficult to find angles and structure in the body. The skeleton, even when buried under muscle and fat, can be something to rely on because its structural shape doesn’t really bend, inflate or sag like muscles, fat or hair (or clothes). Try to spot and define those bones to define the body more accurately. For example, finding and utulizing the angles of the clavicles really does help to define the head’s relationship to the torso. Try it out.

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Hi :) Idk if someone already asked you this - and I hope I'm not annoying you with this, but for how long can you do a fast? Like how many days before you in like SERIOUS danger?

hi. no questions are annoying dont worry :) its not recommended to go over 24 hours, because your body can start burning muscle as its energy source instead of fat, but the actually dangerious stage starts after 72 hours or so. Stay safe ♥

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You may not like questions like these. But what do you typically do to keep in shape. Such as diet and working out. Thanks

6 days a week. Each day has its own muscle group. Eat high protein/moderate fat/low carb. Find your TDEE and eat 250 calories under it. Download MyFitnessPal to track calories and macronutrients.

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Here's an idea for PULSE Snorlax. 1) Type: Normal and Fire. 2) Ability: Stamina. 3) Stats: HP: 160, Attack: 110, Defense: 110, Sp. Attack: 65, Sp. Def: 110, Speed: 30. 4) Moves: Curse, Body Slam, Flare Blitz, Drain Punch. 5) When it reacts to the PULSE, an endothermic reaction takes place inside its body. The fat melts away and becomes muscle. Fire and smoke erupts from Snorlax's wrists and neck. Its eyes open to reveal angry, red eyes. How's that for a slice of fried despair?


gonna be like Colossal Titan

i am scared


// B R E A K F A S T //

Counting calories is hard, but if you want the right results you have to pay attention to macros too! I try to hit 1500 calories a day, so I strive for 300 calories give or take every 2-3 hours. I find I’m less hungry is I’ve always got something to eat or drink! Always pay attention to science, not silly dieting fads. You won’t need a diet if you train yourself to eat right!

I need to start lifting weights or something because I’m losing body fat without building muscle to take its place and it’s making me look weak. Well besides my arms. My arms always look buff without me doing jack shit

Jeez dude, I don’t think you’re bulking up right, when the other guys did it they usually had bigger arms and stuff with maybe a bit of flab. You’ve just gotten fat to be honest man, if anything I reckon you have less muscle, its all fat there dude. Gained 20 pounds and not one of them muscle. You’re looking pretty damn flabby these days, look at your belly.

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 Before: Christmas of 2009, around 150 pounds

After (Still in progress): This summer, around 121 pounds

I’m 5'2" and was always an athlete. My problem was I ate a ton of crap. I was kinda big in high school (weight constantly fluctuating). Once I saw that I had gained the freshman 15, I had enough. I lost a lot of my weight last summer and its been a slow but successful process since then. I completely changed my diet and now eat clean. I did T25 last summer and I mixed workout programs and just lifting. I’m still working at shedding more fat and building muscle. Its a great process. 

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