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hey so, mlm transguy here. i just wanted to say i love your blog and pretty much all your content and I wanted to say that I hope that that one guy attacking you for being 'transphobic' (which, you weren't actually but I'm not starting that back up again) doesn't get to you too much. I really appreciate what you're doing here and how mature & calm you handle stuff like this. So before I let this mess rest entirely: thank you & you have at least *my* full support (whatever that's worth). <3

Shit, son, thank you! I’m really happy to hear that. It is lowkey a major fear of mine that I accidentally offend a large group of people and…Just get swarmed before I can even apologize/have the chance to explain myself.

I am very happy someone thinks I’m mature, hahaha, thank you! You are a very precious person, thank you.

hey fools i have an announcement for yall

I am going to try answering requests for teachers/adults in the series now. This is more of a trial run than anything, so if this goes away please don’t be surprised.

My only request is that you refrain from requesting Endeavor and, for the time being, any/most of the villains. This is more of a matter of personal comfort than anything, thank you!

I finally found this book with REALLY in-depth information on specific sailing terms (weirdly hard to find totally period accurate ones aside from the general sort of thing you hear in movies, and I haven’t seen a thorough set online or in my other books) and man lemme tell you. It’s so jargony it barely makes sense. So WISH ME LUCK. 


female awesome meme // (1/10) characters with the best growth - cordelia chase

“oh… and you’re welcome.”

May 17th is the Youkai AU’s Anniversary!

Thank you so much for your support! It’s been an incredible experience ♥

One-Word OC Prompts

Short and sweet, unless you want to write a couple paragraphs of elaboration! Tell us about your OCs with one word…

  1. that describes what/how they want to be
  2. that describes what/how they least want to be
  3. that describes their foremost goal(s)
  4. that describes their deepest fear(s)
  5. that describes their current life situation
  6. that describes their #aesthetic (feel free to kick it up to two or three words if you have to)
  7. that describes their family (or immediate familial friendgroup)
  8. that describes them as a whole