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Secret of These Hands Ch. 4 (Bucky Barnes x reader)

Hello darlings! I hope your day is going well. I’m finally going to be active again because my exams are done! I think I did really well, but that morning wasn’t so great. Anyways, here’s the next chapter of “Secret of These Hands” and I hope you all enjoy. I love you guys, xoxo

Description:You were born enhanced. Ever since you were a child, you had the capability to reach into people’s memories by the mere touch of your hand. Even the slightest brush of fingers, or a polite handshake could send you years back into their life without your control. To prevent any sort of incident, you always wore gloves on your hands, no matter what the weather would be. One day, you wander into a French farmer’s market, bumping into a man at a fruit stand who, oddly enough, fashions a glove like yourself in the summer heat. You step into his life, hiding secrets, and finding that he has some of his own. Will you ever come clean? And even then, will he?

Warnings: None

Chapter 3


You waited tables for another four hours, working through the heat that carried on through the sunset and into the night. The humidity made your hair stick to your face as you weaved through the number of chairs around the cafe, managing to not spill anything on anybody. Your gloves were thin, thank god, allowing your hands to have some sort of air flow despite the heat. The customers were a little cranky due to the weather, but you served them quickly, and kept a positive attitude despite your discomfort. 

“Have a nice evening.” You smiled at your last two customers as they stood up and walked down the sidewalk, waving you goodbye. You turned your back to them, beginning to clean up their table, mumbling to yourself. “Almost done.” The day had been long and exhausting, but it was worth it. The cafe had been packed that night, and the tips were more than generous. 

“Hey, F/N.” Your boss called you over as he finished drying one of the glasses, tossing the towel over his shoulder. As you picked up your tray filled with dirty plates and utensils and balanced your way towards him, he fished deeply into his pockets, pulling out a wad of cash. “Here’s a bonus. You’re doing great here and you deserve it.” 

You gaped at how much money was in his hand. It had to be at least four hundred dollars. “Oh my god, thank you. Thank you so much.” You smiled down at your gloved hands as you took the folded paper. 

“Go on and go home. You’ve had a long day. Oh, and I’m giving you tomorrow off, so you’re welcome.” He smiled at you shooing you off. “Come on, get out of here.” He chuckled out, whacking you lightly in the arm with the towel. 

“Okay, okay, I’m going.” You put your arms up in surrender, walking backwards to the coat rack where your bag was hung. “Call me if you need an extra hand.” You slung your bag over your shoulder, turning towards your boss. “Thanks again.” He gave you a nod, and you slipped out into the street, walking briskly across the cobblestone. 

Even though it was night, the air was still sticky and you could feel it underneath your clothes. The only thing that was on you mind as you walked the three blocks to your hotel room was the cold shower that was awaiting you when you got there. You were suddenly pulled from your little daydream when your phone began to violently vibrate in your bag. The call was from a number you hadn’t seen before, but you pressed the phone up to your ear anyways. 

“Hello?” You quirked up your eyebrow as you spoke. 

“Oh, um, hi. Is this a bad time?” You instantly recognized the nervous voice. It was Bucky, the man you met at the market. The day was so exhausting that you completely forgot that you gave him your number. 

“Bucky! You called.” Your voice softened from cautious to flirtatious. “I’m just coming home from work.” You let out a soft chuckle as you focused on your conversation, but also on not getting hit by any cars as you crossed the lowly lit street to the hotel. 

“I did, doll.” His voice was warm and welcoming, and somehow it made you feel whole. “And how’d that go?” His voice caught that comfortable vibe that he had when you were together that afternoon

“Actually, despite the awful weather, it went well. How has your day been?” You said as you gave the doorman a smile, walking towards the elevator. The ride up was quick, and you fished for your key that was buried somewhere deep in your bag. 

“You know, ever since I met you, it seemed to have gone better than expected.” He let out a chuckle under his breath. 

“Who would have thought I was capable of doing that?” You said sarcastically, sandwiching the phone between your shoulder and your ear, as you turned the key in its lock and stepping inside. 

“Quite frankly F/N, I think you capable of much more than just that.” There was practically a grin coming through the line as he spoke. You bit your bottom lip, trying to hide the blushing smile on your face. Maybe now was the time to ask him what had been racking on your mind ever since the conversation started. 

“Hey, Bucky.. are you- do you happen to be doing anything tomorrow, by chance?” 

He paused, which freaked you out a bit, and you hoped that you weren’t being creepy. “No, I’m not. Honestly, I usually just take a stroll and go to the market.” The both of you let out a laugh. “Miss F/N, are you asking me out on a date?” 

“Psh, no.” You matched his mocking tone, but you quickly gave in. “Okay, yes.” 

You could hear him laughing from the other side of the line. “Alright, when and where?” 

“Five o’clock, at the farmer’s market.” You didn’t realize it, but you had been pacing in your entryway ever since you walked through the door. 

“Then, I’ll see you tomorrow, F/N. I look forward to it.”

“Okay, I’ll see you then. Goodnight, Bucky.” You stopped pacing and placed you bag on one of the dining table’s chairs, looking out the window at the lit up city. 

“Goodnight, doll. Sweet dreams.” 

Hey darlings! I hope you had a wonderful day. So, I may or may not be opening up requests soon. I want to, but I don’t want to make you all wait for your request to be fulfilled if I’m not able to get to it. Anyways, I hoped you enjoyed and I love you all! xoxo



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Why do so many people think Sasuke hated sakura in part one?Where do they get that?He treated her way better than He ever did to naruto yet people say their gay for each other.Is the western fandom bad at understanding manga meant for 13 year old boys or something?these thoughts are popular.Sasuke as far as I know has never insulted sakura,it's funny how the fandom treats her like shit when the actual characters love her and would not like how they treat her.

Because apparently, Sasuke calling Sakura annoying and knocking apples out of her hand is just so much worse than him actually insulting Naruto time after time after time, and trying to kill him. Try and connect those dots.

Dates with Seunghwan

  • The dates are always either really small quick dates he can fit in and still have the feelings he wants to show you or they’re elaborate.
  • The smalls ones take place in coffee shops
  • Or at a bakery 
  • Buys you whatever little pastries and desserts you want to make up for lost time. 
  • The biggest one being your first year anniversary.  
  • It actually happens a few weeks later than the day of your anniversary because of idol scheduling issues. 
  • He sets up your backyard as a cheesy restaurant setting. Twinkling lights, roses, the works. 
  • He wears that button down and tie you so dearly love on him.  
  • Gets Yunsung most likely out to be the waiter and does an honestly really horrible french accent WHICH WASNT PLANNED SO SEUNGHWAN NEARLY CHOKED ON HIS WATER WHEN HE HEARD IT. 
  • Has the others control the ambiance and music (Kangmin accidentally plays like metal music or something at the beginning and nearly cries because he messed up. Milo took over after that). 
  • Hyunkyung brings out your food. As you two are eating, Seunghwan starts talking. 
  • Talking about how much he loves you, how much you mean to him. How much he loves seeing you. How much he loves hearing your voice over facetime or on the phone. How every text from you brightens his day. How he wishes he could be with you every day. How he feels like…such a bad boyfriend. 
  • Eventually, a tear sheds from his eye. 
  • You don’t hesitate going to his side and cradling his head to your side in a hug. Reminding him of how well he truly is. 
  • How much you love him and that just because he can’t fit a relationship in doesn’t mean he’s not the best boyfriend you could have possibly dreamed for. 
  • He grabs your arms and pulls you down into a kiss. 
  • All of the emotions he’s wanted to tell you and show you into a single kiss that could mean more to you than you ever thought possible.  
  • “I love you.“
  • "I love you so much more than you can ever imagine.”  
  • "Yo! I never fucked Wayne, I never fucked Drake" 
  • “IT WASNT ME THIS TIME!!! YES!“ -Kangmin
  • "YOU WOULD HAVE DONE IT” -Hyunkyung 
  • Seunghwan sighs. "Time to scold the children.”

Honestly, the Black Sails mantra of “know no shame,” which is at the heart of the gay main character’s personal struggle, is much more useful to me as a mantra than “love is love.”

I understand the political utility of “love is love,” but it doesn’t help me personally to feel better. If anything, it often makes me feel more alone and pathetic as a single lesbian who hasn’t dated much.

But “know no shame” cuts right to the heart of my own personal struggles, targeting the guilt and shame that I’ve been taught to feel by society and my religion.

Its not about convincing anyone that you’re love is normal–it’s about convincing yourself that who you are is nothing to be ashamed of.

Honestly, Black Sails has genuinely helped me to view some of my own underlying issues with regard to my sexuality in a new light. It’s helped me to feel less shame. I’m very grateful for the existence of Black Sails.

How come no one talks about @taylorswift “Sweeter Than Fiction”??? Like Taylor has been through hell and back and now has sooooooooooooo much happiness now. “Wish I could make it better, someday you won’t remember, the pain we thought would last forever and ever” and then the swifties as “there you’ll stand ten feet tall, I will say "I knew it all along”“ BECAUSE SWIFTIES HAVE ALWAYS BEEN THERE FOR TAYLOR AND SHE NOW HAS HER HAPPINESS AND IM CRYING RIGHT NOW

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Nick Spencer is the one who made Steve a nazi in the comics right? Honestly the quality of the comics is not what it used to be. They do a lot for shock factor like making Cap a Nazi or killing people off. It's crap which is why MCU even with its fault is better.

Yeah that’s the guy. Piece of shit honestly, asshole thought it was funny too? Not once did he apologise for how disrespectful it was, how distasteful it was, how much it went against the intention of the two Jewish men who created the character. But I’m not surprised Marvel okay’d it, when one of the heads of the company donated a large sum to Trump’s campaign 🤷🏽‍♀️

But yeah, the MCU even with its faults, and it has many, will always be better to me than the comics now, bc I ain’t ever supporting something that can turn a Jewish created icon into someone that would have murdered the men who created him.

2016 was a pretty great for me

I turned 26 today. The cool thing about having a Bday on the last day of the year its like I’m LEVELING UP Its funny I ended 2015 more depressed than I ever thought possible.
I Tried to be happy but I couldn’t bring myself to be like my old self so I just threw myself into my work as getting something done would be better than feeling sorry for myself and low and behold it worked. As I reflected on 2016 I noticed a whole a lot of things were dour. Celebrities we loved dying left and right, acts of racism and violence more prevalent then ever, and our candidates for presidency left much to be desired low-key I was terrified I would not accomplish much but besides a few setbacks here and there I can say

This year was honestly one of the best for me.

I entered and won a Modeling contest and became a Top in the state. 

Got filmed for a Fitness Documentary


I Grew my Online Coaching business and helped more people transform their physiques.

I got featured on the front page of Kotaku for my Love of DBZ & Fitness

My Youtube shot from 14k Subs to Damn near 90,000

I became Self Employed

I Did a Human Flag

My Anime/Cartoon/Video Game workout series got nominated for a Best of youtube award

Met a ton of new cool peeps and made many business opportunities

Not trying to gloat but I am proud of my accomplishments this year. I’ve had help, luck, and put in a shit ton of a hard work but It has all payed off. Hopefully in 2017 I can take my career further. I’ve turned 26 today and while I’ve had my trials and tribulations, everything seems great so far so I’ll sit back enjoy my cake and ecto cooler while the Ball Drops tonight. Happy New Year everyone.

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• when or if I started shipping it: I started shipping it after reading Savior by @dgalerab. Because that fic made me start reading all her other stuff and I came across her iwaoi smut series and its some good shit!
• my thoughts: Its pretty much the one ship in Haikyuu that is damn near close to being fucking canon. It has its pros and cons, as any relationship goes. But I think they work well together and understand the other better than anyone else ever would. I have a co-worker who I got into haikyuu, he doesn’t do fan fic but I asked him “They’re married right?” and he looked at me and said “Oh good god yes they are married. Who looks at them and thinks they aren’t?”
• What makes me happy about them: That Iwaizumi will always end up being there to make sure Oikawa doesn’t kill himself with over working. In turn Oikawa will always be there to remind Iwaizumi how good he is and how important he is to him.
• What makes me sad about them: The thought of neither of them ever being able to actually tell the other how they really feel. There’s this underlying tension that seems as though neither knows how to be honest with the other without sarcasm or physical violence.
• things done in art/fic that annoys me: When Iwaizumi just out right hates Oikawa all the time, yet they are together. There’s being annoyed a bit by someone and then there is just the outright hatred I see sometimes.
• things I look for in art/fic: Each of them being a support for the other. I love them in domestic settings too.
• Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other: I do ship Oikawa and Suga. I don’t know who I’d ship Iwa with, can I pick myself because good god that man is husband material.
• My happily ever after for them: Iwa convinces Oikawa to retire from professional volleyball before it kills him. They both pursued a degree in a field that actually makes them happy to work in. They live in a modest house in the suburbs. Two cats and a dog until they decide to adopt a little boy. He causes a bit of an uproar when he jokingly asks tells his fathers he’s going to apply to Shiratorizawa.
• what is their favorite non-sexual activity? Watching game shows and competing with one another


Its been a little while since I’ve gotten on here and told you how LUCKY I am that you’re in my life, how much I love you and how fucking amazing you are… so I thought I would pop by. 

You are the best friend a person could ever hope to have, thanks for that… and thanks for listening to me and understanding me better than anyone else! 

You’re the literal best ever!

4 am thoughts

its sad how dylan and eric didnt get to live their lives to today. its sad that the people that died didnt get to live their lives to today. yes, the people that were killed were innocent. yes, the people that were there were traumatized by the event and were victims of the massacre. dylan and eric were victims of bullying, which happens today. what also happens today is more massacres similar to columbine. its really sad that both problems are still very much active today and its very upsetting to even think about these kinds of things. what really makes me sad is that dylan died without finding his love. eric died with homicidal thoughts he could have gotten help for. eric was really doing better with his anger. dylan was depressed. i relate to both of them so wholeheartedly and it makes me wonder if i’ll ever end up like them. not in the sense that i would come up with a plan like nbk, but in the sense that maybe i’ll die sooner than i should have. maybe i’ll die depressed and severely suicidal with built up anger and hate for those who have done me wrong. it makes me sad that no one really listened to them. its sick to most people to even have sympathy for the people that killed a bunch of innocent beings, but in this case, i can’t help but feel so bad that no one was really there for them or really stuck up for them. i always wish to go back and meet them. stick up for them even if i get hurt doing so. i would guide them in the right direction to dealing with what they were going through instead of them taking the path of nbk. i would’ve been beside them and there for them. i would want to joke around with them and smoke with them and just chill if that’s all it took for them to forget their troubles. i seriously wish that i could go back and be there for them.

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Do you think Ash's litten should evolve

I would never oppose to any Pokemon evolving, but Litten is one of the few I’d be okay with staying as is, I just like the design sooo much better than its evos. I don’t hate Incineroar or anything, I respect the thought behind it, and Torracat is alright, but Litten is the purest cat in the line, and I love cats.

+if it doesn’t evolve Rowlet’s chances rise, and even though I ADORE Rowlet, one of the best starters for sure, Decidueye is ALSO one of the best starter evolutions ever, Ash NEEDS and deserves it.


Yaten and Taiki are like “You’re just a big poseur!” and surely if anyone would know about that, it’s them. They only reason Haruka can do anything is because of Galaxia, they claim, leading to these beautiful comebacks.

Haruka’s first is just amazing. The visual of the Starlights as tiny little papillon dogs in a well-manicured suburban yard with a chain link fence protecting them from the world, huddled in a corner and yipping at POTENTIALLY EVIL stony-faced golden retriever Haruka on the other side is divine.

Michiru though, lurking in the fucking shadows with BASICALLY THAT EXPRESSION. Like “Yes, please, Starlights, tell us more about how effective has been your ‘flee desperately away from the danger’ strategy. How many lives have you saved? Just your three? How interesting.”

But I want to dwell more on the “lurking in the fucking shadows” part, because for real. You know Michiru was there with Haruka watching over unconscious Usagi. You know she was there when Usagi woke up and started to cry. She was there as the first “E-I-E-I-O” echoed in Haruka’s head, she was there when Usagi pleaded with Haruka and started to ruin everything, she was there when Haruka slapped Usagi, and she was there when Haruka declared this was all the truth.

She watched it all, and I find myself wondering how long she would’ve continued to watch. What would’ve happened next between Haruka and Usagi if the Starlights hadn’t come in? How far would Michiru have let Haruka insist she was everything she ever thought about herself? (With, I like to think, some choice words from Mako and the others ringing in her ears.) Would she have stepped in?

I think maybe. Probably, even. Michiru can wear the role so much better than Haruka ever could.


So I was taking pictures for my blog today and I came across one of my favourite dresses in my wardrobe. I did a blog post on it in September 2013, which is the one on the left, and it was the first picture of myself that had gotten over 1k notes on tumblr. Its been a year since I took it so I decided to quickly try and recreate it, which is the pic of the right. Tbh I cannot believe the difference a year has made! I’m much better at hair, makeup, posing, but I am also such a different person. On the left I had just started college and would go onto to have my first heartbreak, to lose people who I thought were my true friends, and to deal with a hell of a lot more than I have ever before. However I also made more awesome friends, learned more about myself, becoming more confident and stronger, learned to truly stand on my own too feet, modelled for various people, been in a fricking magazine, and so much more! It’s been a year of ups-and-downs but I am so happy with the person I am now, and even though it was hard I wouldn’t change a single thing. xo

OK I waited 2 hours after watching Mad Max: Fury Road to say this:

Deep Breath.

It is better than The Road Warrior. Which I never thought I would say because I think The Road Warrior is one of the best action films around.

Now, get this.

I think Fury Road is one of the best films (period) I have ever seen. It is pure cinema. It oddly reminded me of a silent film with how much was communicated through visuals and action. It didn’t remind me of a silent film by how fucking loud it was (as it should be). So tactile. Its amazing how much weight things project when you aren’t assaulted with computer graphics constantly and you actual smash a bunch of cars and use stunt people in a real environment.