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So instead of doing anything else, I got obsessed with the Howls Moving Castle AU.  

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Dorian crawled into the stress box and pulled out a small bundle of rags. He opened it and handed it to Eremes. Inside were two small snails and a large one. "Here. For you. And you better like them, because I'm NEVER getting the slime out of my clothes." But despite his harsh words, he smiled and wrapped an arm around Eremes, trying to comfort his stressed little friend.

he tries


So many tomatoes in this strip

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Before y’all start freaking out...

BTS signed a joint contract with Def Jam Japan and BigHit. They’re not leaving BigHit. They left Pony Canyon, the company that was in charge of managing their Japanese promotions. Def Jam will be managing their Japanese promotions now.

“Your Move” Masterlist

The nine times Simon and Baz prank each other and the one time they don’t

Chapter 1 in which Baz’s tea needs more salt.

Chapter 2 in which the game begins.

Chapter 3 in which Simon makes a somewhat dangerous assumption.

Chapter 4 in which Baz takes the Normal route.

Chapter 5 in which Simon makes a terrible mistake.

Chapter 6 in which Baz is a grump.

Chapter 7 in which Simon crosses several lines.

Chapter 8 in which Baz breaks several rules.

Chapter 9 in which Baz moves out of turn and Simon starts to trust him.

Chapter 10 in which Baz makes a risky move and Simon finally figures something out.

Epilogue in which Simon and Baz are definitely not getting up for breakfast today.

I was on the Daily Mail site for a random reason and ran across this.  It’s not in the article itself (the one on 1D’s net worth), but it’s the thumbnail for it.

It’s 2017 and we still have these ridiculous stereotypes.  

Niall as the “wholesome” one?  Are they forgetting that he’s the one who cursed so much that he was quiet in interviews because he wasn’t sure he would remember not to swear?  Are they forgetting all the women they’ve claimed he dated while they already had other boyfriends or that supposedly left their boyfriends for him? (No, he didn’t really date those women)

Harry as the hot one?  I mean, Harry’s hot, but even my coworker who knows nothing about the boys and isn’t particularly interested was surprised at how attractive all of them are.  They definitely kick the boy band cliche of having a few hot members and a few that aren’t so much.  They couldn’t come up with anything more specific for Harry?

Liam as the “sensible” one?  It’s like we’re back to Daddy Direction which hasn’t really been a thing with the boys for years.  Plus, I find their definition of “sensible” interesting since they’re claiming that Liam was up for having a baby with a woman he’d only been dating for a few months who had 2 failed marriages and was still married to the last one. (No, it’s not really his baby)

Louis as the wild one?  Louis is definitely rebellious and mischievous, but they’re clearly capitalizing on the airport thing to try to make him look reckless and violent when he’s a level-headed sweetheart in reality.  He was super reasonable and peaceful in that airport debacle.  Many people would have engaged after being hit at, but all he did was break up the fighting and escape the conflict as soon as everyone was safe.

And Zayn.  It’s an absolute farce how much Gigi is in Zayn’s business where she doesn’t belong.  It’s to the point where even in this photo, she takes up 75% of it when it’s entirely about Zayn.  (No, he’s not really dating her) Also, the “brooding” one?  Just because Zayn has resting gorgeous-and-pensive face doesn’t mean he’s brooding.  He’s intellectual, principled, artistic, loyal, dorky, goofy, sweet with fans, and has a smile that lights up a room.


Hatsune Miku makes her appearance in Persona 4 Dancing All Night! (x)

‘it makes me look cooler’ Sirius didn’t know why Remus felt guilty, the full moon was over and he liked the new addition to his eyebrow quite a lot.


i drew this thinking i could play with expressions.. only to realise.. no.. not really.. and then i got really disappointed with myself and started doubting how i draw Rhys and well.. how i draw.. -side eyes- 

Tim Lawrence and Rhys©Borderlands
-disappointeeeeeed- ©me

Ed is a simple, very easy going, grounded guy. And Ed is an incredibly talented song writer, musician and  performer, way more out of the ordinary than we’re used to. Ed is also ambitious, self confident and aware of his possibilities, determined to be as successful as his talent allows him to be. 

Excuse me, I’ll be here counting to 5.297 while I look for reasons why any of this should be considered a problem.

She loved him too deep, too fast, so he decided to leave. Now after all this time he still finds himself searching for her at the bottom of empty bottles and strangers. But it never works, no one ever loved him like she did.
—  | Excerpt of a book I鈥檒l never write #86

I hope you like green.
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Lance flung his arms out and yelled, “I did not sleep with Shiro!”

There was a long moment of silence as the last of Lance’s words hung in the early morning air. “So … you were just naked in his tent when I walked in, then,” Pidge said.


My long-awaited @shancezine fic. 

I was leaving your house and wearing my green converse. I tied my laces and tucked the extra ends in the side of the shoe.
I got up and smiled and said, ‘okay, let’s go I’m ready’
You looked at me and couldn’t believe that I was so silly.
You told me to sit and you kneeled down and tied my laces for me.
You smiled and said, 'Now you are’

When we were crossing the street and there was a drunk man beside me you pulled me to the other side and stood in between with your arm around me.

It was your birthday and you asked me what I wanted. I was surprised because it was supposed to be the other way round. I then realized no one ever did much for you and only expected things in return.
I had half a dozen gifts in my bag wrapped in pretty paper that I couldn’t wait for you to tear open.
I said 'ice cream will be enough. Let’s get some ice cream’

We got double scoop ice creams and then walked to the park. We sat on the swings and you were already done with your ice cream. I didn’t feel like having mine, I gave it to you. After that night I never felt like having ice cream anymore. I realized there was something sweeter, I was shocked but also happy at my findings.

Every time I came over you made me cold coffee. And gave me chocolates if you had any. And asked me if I wanted Maggi.

You invited me to your brother’s wedding.
You introduced me to your nephew. When I was about to cry you asked him to tell me 'I love you’
You sat on the sidewalk and spoke to me until I stopped crying.
You kissed me on my cheek and then blushed more than me.

Maybe you weren’t such a monster.
Maybe you did what you did because you were damaged.
You were as fucked up as I am now that I am close to the age you were when you met me.
Maybe 20s just fucks everyone up.
But I’m not going to find solace in a boy 7 years younger to me.


amelia shepherd + violet turner
     ↳ private practice 6x03 – good grief

This kiss starts out a bit fiercely and desperately. Ladybug wants to save her partner and her brows furrow in concentration. But as she kisses him longer, she relaxes, tilting her head into him. While she started out so focused on her mission, for a moment there, she stops thinking.


If I get 100 likes on this post I will try to recreate it with my new cosplay.