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The Infamous White Shoes Ali Had “That Night” + Did Maya have the same Shoes?

Ok so something that I noticed a long time ago but never really paid much attention to, because i didnt know what i was seeing and just wasn’t sure if i should bring it up, i thought its probably nothing , but since theres rumors and hints that maya might be alive lately, im wondering if i just put this out there im guessing it might be nothing but i know those ali white shoes (quite fugly if you ask me :p) are important , it seems more than one person had those shoes on along with the yellow top and jeans.

Back in 1x13 this was when maya was leaving to true north, and she shares her last night with emily. In this scene, i noticed something (MIGHT BE NOTHING!) maya’s shoes. Now other clues have been hinted that maya had on the tory burch boots and hanna noticed mayas boots , and that you can tell a person by their shoes etc. ok so with that said, i figure hmm could these be those white shoes ali had on, ora hint at something? here’s the photos i took a screenshot of them because the camera shows them for a split second and thats it, its mostly the heel part of the shoes that looked similar to alis white shoes:

here’s another shot:

now heres ali’s shoes from “that night” :

remember in Ali tells All ep 4x24, we see hanna wear similar white shoes , and i think the camera meant to pan down to her shoes when she dropped the cookie bowl, coincidence? hanna jsut happens to wear these familiar looking white shoes the night ali told them what happened “that night” ? did hanna get nervous about something ali said before grabbing those cookies? lol hanna knows something:

These shoes are very important, more than one person were wearing ali’s whole outfit and shoes, whats the deal? I really would like to get your opinion on the maya shoes, do they look similar to ali’s white shoes? i tried to get the best shot for you guys.

some clues:

  • so we know maya was the first person who moved into the dilaurentis house, she became familar with ali’s leftover stuff in the house, probably found something before she died, hence the “MAYA KNEW” knew what? is still the question.
  • so maya is supposedly found dead in emilys back yard. pam said, they think its maya, so doesnt necessarily mean it was?
  • is it a coincidence they play the same song when they found the body in alis backyard , and mayas body in emilys back yard? since ali isnt dead, could it be the same for maya? could someone or a group of peope help her fake her death too? if anything i hope thats what it is, i really dont want maya to be Big A haha but there is a significant connection with maya and ali, both connected to emily. what is this triangle?
  • so question is, could maya have something to do with what happened that night? did she know ali? i know theres some clues that suggest she couldve known alison and shana that i’ve read before. i think the clue was in the webisodes, not sure.
  • many pointed out when maya was staying at the kahn cabin, ali’s bag was there as well, which would also suggest she might have known maya.
  • one of my fave clues, is the possibility that someone or a group of people couldve helped her fake her death. In emilys flashback of her at the diner, holden was there and , and also what appears is another person , could be maya? well those pills found in mayas purse were red and white, and some people noticed they looked like the same pills holden had in his bag. and even bigger question , why did maya have those pills to begin with?
  • something maya said before she left for true north in 1x13, emily asked how did you get here? maya says “ it took a village, and a very tall ladder” this reminded me of something andrew recently said in 5x21 to aria “ thats why we need to hang out more, im basically a human step ladder” (just an observation!)

Well thats all i got for now with maya, would like to know what you guys think of the white shoes, shoes are a big part of the show.:)

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