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Pretty Little Liars doesn’t make any sense. I mean, from a certain vantage point and if you squint the plot holds together, or at least forms a recognizable kind of shape, but week to week it strings you along, loses its way, gets lost in a subplot. This doesn’t matter. It is compulsively consumable, candy-sweet, candy easy to suck on and suck on ‘til your whole mouth is sugar and your tastebuds are wrecked. 

It helps that its four female leads are startlingly, almost inhumanly pretty, uncanny valley pretty: ageless, poreless, overwhelmingly lush. Their neon prettiness is an invitation to looking. Their stories are about all of the things that prettiness can’t save them from. Awful things happen to these girls. 

When they show starts they have common, adolescent secrets– eating disorders, closeted queerness, parents who are liars, who are faithless, who are struggling not to go broke. As it progresses, the stakes change: someone is trying to kill these girls, but also, at the same time, to shame and reveal them. 

The genius of the show is that it treats both kinds of threat as equally devastating.  

The point of melodrama is that it blows things out of proportion, but in the case of Pretty Little Liars that telescoping, Alice in Wonderland bigsmallbig effect serves to collapse the distinctions between major and minor traumas, which is, as far as I remember, accurate to what it felt like to be a teenage girl. You are watched, you are threatened, you are always trying to decide if someone’s invasions or incursions are harmless, or well-intentioned, or malevolent, and you never figure it out until it’s pretty much too late. 

In the early seasons, A. targets each girl specifically, in turn. The arc of these episodes is mostly expository– there’s no larger plot being pressed into motion, just the show introducing us to its characters by having us watch someone slowly, methodically take them apart. 

In particular, A. goes after athlete Emily by needling her relationship to her body: when she goes in for work on an injured shoulder, A. stands in for the masseuse. The scene is deeply unsettling to watch, in part because A. doesn’t hurt her. A. actually does give her a massage. When she realizes what’s happened, it’s too late to do anything about it. She lay there and let A. put her hands on her skin. 

More recently, A. trapped all four of the girls in an underground bunker and sequestered them in exact replicas of their bedrooms. For a month he tortured them, and forced them to torture each other. That’s major, major trauma. But the show almost entirely elides that. Instead, in the episode after the girls escape, it focuses on the lasting impact, the thing that seems minor but is, in fact, the point: their own rooms are ruined for them, now. 

A. takes their sense of home and safety as surely as he took Emily’s home in her own body, seasons and seasons ago. A. is in some sense the threat that all girls live under: that as long as you are pretty– as long as you are breathing– someone will always be trying to make his home inside of your head.

Anyway, my favorite parts of the show are the ugly or unsympathetic ways that the Liars respond to this particular kind of trauma. When A. tricks Spencer into believing her boyfriend is dead, she checks herself into a mental institution. She’s been the show’s type-A genius and resident good girl, and the show has been good about revealing the toll that takes on her, but we’ve all seen the valedictorian on pills before. PLL actually lets Spencer fall all the way to pieces. It gives her an unbearable truth and lets us see what happens as she fails to bear it. 

In an episode a few weeks ago, in the aftermath of the bunker, Emily took her father’s gun to a shooting range. Her mother found out and screamed at her, and told her never to do it again, and she went back anyway. She knows and we know that target practice won’t save her from A., but response to trauma is not linear, or useful. Sometimes it’s just squeezing the trigger until you’ve dissolved enough of what’s inside of you to keep going another day.

Hanna was the only one who actually destroyed something. She peeled the wallpaper off her walls and took her room apart. She sat on the floor at the empty center of the place she used to live, which she’d made as ugly and uncomfortable as she needed it to be. She didn’t run away from it. They’ve all learned, by now, that there’s nowhere to run. There’s only how you live with it, what you make of it, how bearable it seems, on any given day. 

This isn’t David Lynch’s all-American surrealism, in which the suburban sits like a mask over the poisonous and strange. In Pretty Little Liars, beauty is a fact in the world just like everything else is. It never considers that it’s strange that beautiful girls should suffer, because it knows that temptation– bright desire, ugly need– is the law of this and every land. 

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I'm British and I don't even think cuckoo is 'British humour' its very odd, greg Davies the guy in it I would say its HIS humour since all of his work is kind of the same but I found it funny in parts mostly because of Andy but to me British humour is stuff like misfits or chewing gum which is crude and dirty and grimey but yeah I did not like it much either...

also i couldn’t not see the mom as emily waltham

The Infamous White Shoes Ali Had “That Night” + Did Maya have the same Shoes?

Ok so something that I noticed a long time ago but never really paid much attention to, because i didnt know what i was seeing and just wasn’t sure if i should bring it up, i thought its probably nothing , but since theres rumors and hints that maya might be alive lately, im wondering if i just put this out there im guessing it might be nothing but i know those ali white shoes (quite fugly if you ask me :p) are important , it seems more than one person had those shoes on along with the yellow top and jeans.

Back in 1x13 this was when maya was leaving to true north, and she shares her last night with emily. In this scene, i noticed something (MIGHT BE NOTHING!) maya’s shoes. Now other clues have been hinted that maya had on the tory burch boots and hanna noticed mayas boots , and that you can tell a person by their shoes etc. ok so with that said, i figure hmm could these be those white shoes ali had on, ora hint at something? here’s the photos i took a screenshot of them because the camera shows them for a split second and thats it, its mostly the heel part of the shoes that looked similar to alis white shoes:

here’s another shot:

now heres ali’s shoes from “that night” :

remember in Ali tells All ep 4x24, we see hanna wear similar white shoes , and i think the camera meant to pan down to her shoes when she dropped the cookie bowl, coincidence? hanna jsut happens to wear these familiar looking white shoes the night ali told them what happened “that night” ? did hanna get nervous about something ali said before grabbing those cookies? lol hanna knows something:

These shoes are very important, more than one person were wearing ali’s whole outfit and shoes, whats the deal? I really would like to get your opinion on the maya shoes, do they look similar to ali’s white shoes? i tried to get the best shot for you guys.

some clues:

  • so we know maya was the first person who moved into the dilaurentis house, she became familar with ali’s leftover stuff in the house, probably found something before she died, hence the “MAYA KNEW” knew what? is still the question.
  • so maya is supposedly found dead in emilys back yard. pam said, they think its maya, so doesnt necessarily mean it was?
  • is it a coincidence they play the same song when they found the body in alis backyard , and mayas body in emilys back yard? since ali isnt dead, could it be the same for maya? could someone or a group of peope help her fake her death too? if anything i hope thats what it is, i really dont want maya to be Big A haha but there is a significant connection with maya and ali, both connected to emily. what is this triangle?
  • so question is, could maya have something to do with what happened that night? did she know ali? i know theres some clues that suggest she couldve known alison and shana that i’ve read before. i think the clue was in the webisodes, not sure.
  • many pointed out when maya was staying at the kahn cabin, ali’s bag was there as well, which would also suggest she might have known maya.
  • one of my fave clues, is the possibility that someone or a group of people couldve helped her fake her death. In emilys flashback of her at the diner, holden was there and , and also what appears is another person , could be maya? well those pills found in mayas purse were red and white, and some people noticed they looked like the same pills holden had in his bag. and even bigger question , why did maya have those pills to begin with?
  • something maya said before she left for true north in 1x13, emily asked how did you get here? maya says “ it took a village, and a very tall ladder” this reminded me of something andrew recently said in 5x21 to aria “ thats why we need to hang out more, im basically a human step ladder” (just an observation!)

Well thats all i got for now with maya, would like to know what you guys think of the white shoes, shoes are a big part of the show.:)

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