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MP100 Valentines Day 3: Snow

yknow when you skate really fast and suddenly stop?? yeah thats what im getting at, and before i experienced snow this hockey player did this and it was a magical experience to have ice shavings thrown to ur face

people who bring out the best in you // people who bring out the worst in you

aries: cancer & virgo
taurus: libra & leo
gemini: virgo & capricorn
cancer: capricorn & sagittarius
leo: gemini & cancer
virgo: sagittarius & taurus
libra: scorpio & pisces
scorpio: aquarius & pisces
sagittarius: aries & aquarius
capricorn: taurus & aries
aquarius: gemini & scorpio
pisces: leo & libra


aries: sagittarius & libra
taurus: scorpio & sagittarius
gemini: aquarius & pisces
cancer: libra & taurus
leo: aries & virgo
virgo: cancer & aquarius
libra: capricorn & leo
scorpio: aries & gemini
sagittarius: taurus & pisces
capricorn: gemini & scorpio
aquarius: leo & cancer
pisces: virgo & capricorn

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Mmmm peridot demon and lapis lazuli human ?? ;w;

Ei dude not sure what kind you wanted so I made up an AU for it and drew that.

Tfw you can’t tell if the terrible glitching and lagging in the new Twin Peaks episodes are from your $40 laptop struggling to play video or if it’s just David Lynch being David Lynch.

To men a man is but a mind. Who cares what face he carries or what he wears? But woman’s body is the woman.
—  Ambrose Bierce, written nearly a century ago and still applicable today


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How does Vera's elemental powers work? How does she change into her smoke form?

When it comes to shifting to her smoke form I think of it her body fades to a very compressed smoked form.

As for her powers, there’s alot of features that comes with her elemental powers, but shes still learning. These features can include:

Shadow manipulation is still in the works and can take a bit out of her, which is often why she dont use manipulation on herself or on shadows. 

This is not really elemental based, but rather a side effect from her past experiences but its mostly called “tantrum mode” that comes in all sorts of forms.

It’s recommended not to push her that far.

this is something i got last night, but wanted to give it a proper response. im gonna preface this with a disclaimer that i dont speak for every single trans person, and that this is based mostly on my own experiences with dysphoria.

i think its important to recognize that while dysphoria isnt a requirement for being trans it’s still something that affects a lot of us. and that its not something we dont have control over. and that even though having people around me that support my identity has been very good for me being able to feel even just a little comfortable with myself (seriously, ily all), it doesn’t completely get rid of that physical feeling of intense discomfort that comes with having this body. i know its okay for women to have broad shoulders. i know its okay for women to be flat chested. i know its okay for a woman to have a penis. none of these things make me see anybody as any less of a woman. but that doesn’t mean that i dont feel like these are things that i shouldn’t have. like they’re not really a part of me.

people who think of dysphoria as just an issue of not looking like your gender fundamentally misunderstand it, despite the fact that i genuinely do think that they mean the best. dysphoria is more than that. to me, its this feeling that the body i inhabit isn’t my own. its as if my brain was taken out of my body and plopped into a man’s. and so the only way i see to change it is to fix my body.

This book is set in a fictional small town here in Illinois, one that’s really similar to mine. My MC, Daisy, is the daughter of an alcoholic and an ex-addict herself, who suffers from chronic pain after a car accident and lives in a trailer with her mom and her little sister.

She’s carrying a torch for her BFF’s older brother, who plays baseball for the Cubs (natch), and after a family tragedy, he has to stay at home for awhile and Shit Happens.

I meant for it to be a fluffy romance but nah it’s a study on race, class, and gender in small town rural America.

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only true 30’s kidz™ remember professor hotdad

Oh my god Becca you nailed him!! Seriously I’m not even upset anymore that I can’t find screencaps of Professor Hadron because you’ve got the Zakk Tomorrow artstyle down pat!

I miss him and his ridiculous pink hair!!

every time i go to read clockwork i hope think i’m going to end up with a favorite who is not this bratty man but unfortunately here he is and here i am.

comic is here.