it's morphin time


They’re mighty, they’re morphin’, they’re in a brand new trailer.


It’s Morphin’ Time!


Power Rangers (2017) Trailer - It’s Morphin’ Time [source]

I’m growing to like the idea of a giant demon made of gold (Capitalism) being punched by a robots made up of smaller robots operated by a multi-ethnic team of Millennials.

i hate the new power rangers movie trailer
  • why are they cussing and making drug jokes in a power rangers movie
  • why does the megazord look like a bdsm gimp
  • i hate that there are maskless scenes while the rangers are in-suit because you just know that the actors were like “if my face isn’t in the movie i fucking quit”
  • a character actually said “it’s morphin time” in a badass voice like thats somehow a cool thing to say
  • unironically used kanye west’s “power” for no reason other than the fact that the song has the word “power” in it
  • why does alpha five look like a frog. i dont even like power rangers and i think alpha five being a bdsm spandex frog is awful
  • zordon’s square wall face was admittedly cool
  • seriously oh my god the guy said its morphin time out loud and it wasn’t played as a joke
  • awkward drug jokes, forced swearing, and weird racial humor are what makes people hate transformers movies and this trailer has all three
  • seriously im not joking this is hitting every single beat that transformers movies hit
  • cant help but notice that they didnt say rita repulsa’s name. i bet it’s because they couldn’t make it sound edgy and badass. i’d put money on her name being referred to exactly once in the movie and they only call her “rita”
  • if rita repulsa says “make my monster grow” she’s gonna say it all seductive and the movie is gonna try to make it cool and sexy and i hate it
  • i am going to bet money that the movie is gonna act like rita fucks goldar
  • no bulk or skull??????
  • fuck you, it’s forever
  • endless trash