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With the most recent tumblr update to mobile apparently completely decimating the tumblr careers of every artist and creator on this site, I figure this is as good a time as any to issue a reminder that reblogging the work of artists you admire on this website is arguably the best way you can support them.

anybody else feel like an absurd amount of foreboding for 2018 like 2016 sucked my soul out 2017 put my corpse into a really fast car i couldn’t control and i feel like 2018 is The Arrival At The Gates Of Satan

it’s a nice thought

“Why?” Eddie asked softly, furrowing his eyebrows. “What’re you afraid of, Rich?”

Richie’s heart started racing. He wasn’t sure how to tell his friends, Hey! My biggest fear is all of you dropping my ass and forgetting me! or Howdy, guys, my biggest fear? Haha, abandonment! He was fourteen. He was supposed to have a stupid fear. He looked around for an idea and when his eyes settled on the clown on stage, he knew it was logical. He turned back to them, adjusted his glasses and said, “Clowns.”

lotor is apparently gonna stay with the team for some time to talk to them and shit

jeremy said that lance and lotor do not get along despite what the fandom thought

the writers also said that lotor might take an interest in keith when he knows he’s half galra

i guess lance’s not liking lotor makes sense 👀👀👀


Dean Winchester | 13x02 The Rising Son


Cat Person / Dog Person


“Like a centipede.”


Why have them just own a flower shop when they could run a potion shop and just have a shit ton of flowers in it. 

enjoy and consider commissioning


YOU ARE SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOD!!!!!! I LOVE YOU MY SON!!!!!

| ASRA | The Arcana | Portrait Sketch |

My experience with The Arcana so far has been 62% screeching at Asra and 38% crying over not having any coins.


Eraserhead Week: Smile

It’s not art or writing but i saw the prompt and i couldn’t resist

aizawa shotoro