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prompt: makoharu playing with ren and ran ^^ btw i adore your blog <3

A sigh left Haruka’s lips as he was doodling in the corner of his notebook. He was so incredibly bored. It was summer and he wanted to go swimming, but alas it was raining hard outside and it didn’t seem like it was going to stop any time soon. Therefore Makoto had proposed that they should start on their summer homework so they would get it done early and wouldn’t have to do it last minute or when the sun was shining.

So now they were sitting in Makoto’s room at opposite ends of the table, books and papers spread between them. The benefit of doing homework together was that they could help each other out, explaining things when one of them didn’t understand something and the other did, trying to figure it out together if neither of them understood the subject. The downside, though, was that Haruka was even more easily distracted than usually.

They had been attempting to finish the English worksheet they had been assigned, but they were both absolutely terrible at English, so bad that if they tried to figure things out together, they’d only end up being more confused. Which is why they had been sitting in silence as they both tried to decipher the enigma that was the English language.

It didn’t take long for Haruka to lose interest and give up, so he had grabbed his notebook and began to draw on an empty page. The only good part about doing homework in the summer was that Makoto was here, completely unaware of the fact that he was Haruka’s model.

He was wearing his glasses, the dark frames accentuating how green and vibrant his eyes were - which in Haruka’s defense, made it even harder for him to concentrate because whenever Makoto wore them he felt like he was falling in love all over again. His fringe was falling in front of his eyes but Haruka could still detect a hint of a frown, as if the words on the sheet were personally offending him. Next to that, his lips were pouting, which only completed the cute look of utter concentration. The best part was that it was clear that he was unguarded, which made the whole image even more adorable. It would be a waste to let this beautiful sight slip away without capturing it on paper, wouldn’t it?

Finding this excuse good enough, Haruka continued the drawing. He was so experienced in drawing Makoto, both from sight and imagination, that it didn’t take long until he had sketched the scene before him. Though he was more than familiar with Makoto’s physique, he found that he could never quite capture his exceptional beauty on paper - even if Makoto disagreed - which led to him never being satisfied with his drawings of Makoto. Not that that ever stopped him.

This time, though, he deemed the drawing of Makoto good enough for a doodle. Now he just wanted to do something else.

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im really not sure why people are so sad about ksoo poteintially getting a kiss scene like???? do you not want to watch what happens to those lips?? and have you thought about the benefit it has to his acting career…like if it actually happens y’all better chill ok its just acting

inktober, day 21. 

i felt like this one deserved a post on its own, mostly due to the effort it took i guess.

it’s me with my current pokemon go team lmao

weisess replied to your post “excuse you but you said you read all the tags from your…”

‘i read all the reblogs’ why is this so AWESOME and yet so FUNNY I can totally relate to that, though. I love looking through interesting or funny posts’ Notes! The lack of tags and commentary can be disheartening ): But sometimes the picture speaks for itself, too, so you just gotta show it alone, haha (.::insert pervy Changkyun face::.)

@weisess Bahaha, absolutely! istg i use my tags to write everything I’m feeling, you can literally see me having melt downs over pictures of my bias and/or bias wrecker. and some people really do write the funniest things in there. But you are right, sometimes you don’t need to write anything cuz the gif could speak for it self. too funny!

I’m emotional thinking about how Loki is a villain in the eyes of Asgard again and how he did this himself on his own terms and we as the audience understand what’s up and Loki is confident enough in himself to do something like this but goddamn. Not that Asgard as a whole has been kind to them for years but they totally demolished that fragile truce.

Freyja can’t DIE because if she does that’s the line Loki has drawn for himself, that’s the point where if crossed he’ll consider himself unjustified and that’s some awful anxiety he’s got to be dealing with while being forced to endure sitting with his abusive father (who is still actively trying to kill him) and told to recount his crime for amusement and he still looks like a worried puppy because Loki is terrible at not letting his emotion bleed through

Gestures pathetically as if Thor as in the Odinson wasn’t already #done with Loki im worried he’s gonna come back swinging


Some posters to get you in the NaNoWriMo spirit. Text from tweets: onetwo.


Isaac - he will laugh, he will rejoice


You are the Dancing Queen, young and sweet, only seventeen
Dancing Queen, feel the beat from the tambourine
You can dance, you can jive, having the time of your life

day 27, some of my neighbors in animal crossing

There’s only one thing Bostonians love more than iced coffee in the dead of winter and that’s complaining about the weather.