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As a big thank you to everyone who reads the Caretaker comic, we are holding a raffle for the above set of printed postcards! The winner will receive all four 4 x 6 inch postcards, featuring the main chapter covers and the anniversary picture in high quality and free of text. The raffle will last for two weeks!

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Namjoon: yoongi what the fuck why’d u throw a cake at me now it’s all over my face



Some of you may have noticed that the Caretaker themself has a twitter beeper. If you ever wanted to message Chara and get nothing but self-indulgent snark and thinly veiled threats in return, now is your chance! 💔

Follow them @caretaker_au 

Best of all, even though Eruto and I are going on holiday, Chara’s twitter will remain active during the break. =)

blessedhunk  asked:

Oh my God please if you have any please present your pining!Lance headcanons

  • Lance gets flustered around Keith because of The Crush which makes him louder and more obnoxious, which then makes Keith get defensive and annoyed and 2+2=4 so here we are with the bickering, u know the drill
  • He makes a point to be more and more flirty every time they meet new aliens or save someone just so that Keith thinks he’s like this all the time and won’t be weirded out when Lance throws an arm around Keith’s shoulder and drops a dumb pickup line
    • Keith thinks he’s joking
    • Narrator: Lance was not joking
  • Lance refers to his crush on Keith as “the Plague” when he’s ranting about it to Hunk and Pidge
    • the rants usually consist of Lance saying how dumb Keith’s hair is and “who stands with their arms crossed all the time like what is that about like wow okay calm down Edgelord we get it you have a knife”
    • Hunk: can this still be considered a crush if all you talk about is the things you hate about him
  • Lance does not hate Keith’s hair
    • he has had daydreams about Keith laying his head on his lap and running his fingers through it and making small braids in it like he used to do for his sisters and nieces
  • He’s lowkey-highkey obsessed with the way Keith smells 
    • not in a creepy way but like a “Keith just walked by as Lance was taking a breath at the exact same moment and he smells spicy and minty but its soft and it’s really addictive” way
  • The first time Lance has a dream about Keith, he wakes up in a sweat and rips off his eye mask and lies there staring at the ceiling then scrunches his face up and grabs his pillow and tries to suffocate himself
  • Lance gets nervous training against Keith in the training room because watching how fluidly Keith moves and hearing him pant from the workout and watching his shirt get damp with sweat does Things to Lance’s stomach and his arms always get wibbly and the poles they train with sometimes just fall out of Lance’s hands when Keith pushes his bangs back off his forehead and wow how did that happen
  • The more time they spend together, the more comfortable Keith gets with Lance and their rapport becomes more jokes than just competitive challenges and there’s a night where they both end up in the main control room talking about the stories they know about the constellations they used to see back on Earth
    • Lance gets quiet because he gets that hollow ache in his chest again that he gets whenever he thinks about Earth and his family and Keith notices and gently bumps their shoulders together and says “hey, you get to name this one” and points out the big window
    • thats how they spend the rest of the night, naming constellations they’re passing and making up stories and shapes inside of them and eventually they both fall asleep with their heads on each other’s shoulders
min yoongi probably.....
  • Yoongi: hey namjoon teach me some english i'm bored
  • Namjoon: um okay
  • Namjoon: *in english* yaint finna steal m'bae
  • Yoongi:
  • Yoongi: i don't know what language that is but it's not english
min yoongi probably.....
  • Seokjin: aw man we ran out of milk what am I supposed to do about my cereal
  • Yoongi: just eat it as is milk is gross
  • Seokjin: i want a divorce effective immediately
  • Yoongi: we aren't even married
  • Seokjin: we will get married just so i can divorce you for badmouthing milk like this
  • Yoongi: fine, but i'm taking the television

Okay so I was checking out the new update (which is v pretty btw) and I just realized I’ve been playing this game for over a year,, it’s been over a year and here I am, still trapped in this fandom ha h

I almost forgot to post the results from our hottest-character poll. Almost.

At first glance, it may appear that Chara has the lead, but we’re counting “I’m not a furry” for Asriel which means… Asriel wins at 315 votes or 52.15%! A pretty thin margin, but a win nonetheless!

As for the Frisk poll…

Frisk is officially more cute than they are badass, but many of you appreciated their badassery nonetheless!

min yoongi probably.....
  • Jungkook: i am the worst jin-hyung was just like "kook-ah don't forget the sun is a star. a real big one." and i almost said not as big as your ass before remembering this is my motHER
  • Yoongi: jungkook you do know that jin-hyung isn't actually your mom right