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chapter one complete!

WE DID IT! After 3.5 months and 33 non-stop pages our first chapter is finally complete. Will Frisk make it back home, or will Chara succeed in taking their soul? And what the heck is Asriel doing there?

Now that chapter one is nicely buttoned up, we are taking a short  breather to get ahead on pages and sort out some blog business. However, we aren’t going dark! To accommodate our prep time while keeping the blog active, Caretaker-AU will undergo a temporary schedule change.

Ah! Wow! Woah! Here’s the next month:

Next week (Feb 20-26): One week of quiet. No major updates!

The following 3 weeks (Feb 27 - Mar 17): Weekly updates on Mondays. That’s one page per week for the 3-page Interlude.

After that we will resume the usual 2 pages per week schedule.

Why the schedule change?

Quite a few reasons actually! While the blog will be quieter, us mods will still be frantically working behind the scenes to prep the next section. We’ll be using this month to…

Get ahead! Despite tons of unforeseen obstacles, we’ve managed to never miss an update day… barely. These interruptions ate up our backlog and lately we’ve been working up until the last second every week. In order to spare ourselves, we’ll be using this time to work ahead so we don’t suffer deadline fatigue.

Fix the blog! We have a new theme in the works that should be easier to navigate and hopefully work around the mobile app issues.

Open commissions! We’ll draw what you want for the right price! Since we will be working around the main comic schedule, commission slots will be limited to just a few a month. Keep an eye out for the announcement!

Secret stuff! We’ve got some other blog stuff we need to finish up, but you’ll find out about that later… it’s a surprise!

Finally sleep? Nah, probably not.

And of course, we will continue to answer asks and post fanwork as usual! :D

“Interlude?” What’s that?

In our grand plan, we are using the space between main chapters to share mini-chapters we are calling “Interludes.” These short one-shots will provide insight and backstory related to Caretaker, and are a part of the overarching story.

Will you do this every time?

According to our script, Chapter 01 is the longest chapter in the story. Because of this, we may not need to change the schedule at every chapter break. It will all depend on our workload! Interlude segments will always be between main chapter breaks.

Interlude starts on February 27
Chapter 02 starts on March 20

Have an awesome day!

It’s Thursday!

The choice of “Thursday” lined up so perfectly that it feels like fate.

In the script, I chose Thursday to be the day Frisk says completely at random. This was written long before we even debuted the comic.

Google doc:

September 15 was chosen because it’s an homage to Undertale’s anniversary. Here you can see my note to look up what day Sept 15, 2112 actually falls on. I looked it up and…

WAIT– it’s actually a Thursday? Amused that my random choice was actually accurate, I left the script as is. BUT THEN

Long before we set an update schedule and nearly three months after the day was picked out, today’s page actually went up on a Thursday.

min yoongi probably.....
  • Yoongi: hey namjoon teach me some english i'm bored
  • Namjoon: um okay
  • Namjoon: *in english* yaint finna steal m'bae
  • Yoongi:
  • Yoongi: i don't know what language that is but it's not english

the 100 au: minty’s always been a thing (even back in season 1)

sassamyblake  asked:

First of all congrats congrats ily! You deserve ALL the followers Mel! (And all the Minty!) Fic prompt: my friend can’t stop talking about how they want to set me up with their other friend so we start texting each other and they’re hilarious but shy about meeting and ALSO there’s a cute bike delivery guy who brings my mail at work and winks at me whenever i sign for a package (surprise! they're the same person) AU

ILY ILY!!!! Here’s your fic :) 

“His name’s Monty.”

Miller waited.

And waited.

He gave in. “Uh, okay.” He raised an eyebrow. “And?”

Clarke raised an eyebrow in return. “And what? His name’s Monty. Here’s his number.”

It had been a nice day today– his coworkers weren’t being too big of dicks; it was finally dark past six o’clock; and his beer was good, so instead of falling back on his usual surliness, Miller veered into amusement instead. “You know,” he said, “I had been expecting a more effusive recommendation for this guy than this.”

Clarke rolled her eyes. “Well, I’ve tried that with you before with other guys and you always found some stupid thing about them to talk yourself out of texting them,” she said. “So I’m done doing the hard work for you. Talk to them yourself and figure out why you don’t want to text them.”

“Well, that’s no fun,” Miller complained. “Not to mention complicated.”

Clarke leveled him with a stare that reminded him eerily of Raven. “If you don’t text Monty, you’re missing out,” she said bluntly. “All you need to know is that he’s great and I wouldn’t steer you wrong, okay?”

Miller opened his mouth to respond with something snarky, but then shut it. Well, that was true. Clarke could be an overbearing bitch sometimes, but her heart was in the right place, and even if her own dating life was a complete disaster, she could pretty clearly see other people’s.

“Fine,” he grunted. “Give me his number.”

From Nate (8:10PM)


This is Nate

Clarke’s friend

She gave me your number?

From Monty (8:12PM)


Yeah, she told me she was going to


How are you?

From Nate (8:14PM)



From Monty (8:15PM)



It could be worse, I guess

This could be in PERSON

From Nate (8:16PM)

I’ll be fully honest– when you said that

I cringed

From Monty (8:24PM)

An introvert’s worst nightmare

I get it

This is meeting my social interaction

quota for the evening

So I don’t feel too guilty for sitting in my PJs

And watching Bob’s Burgers on Netflix

From Nate (8:25PM)

Ideal Friday night situation, imo

I love Bob’s Burgers

Did you hear they’re taking that off Netflix?

From Monty (8:26PM)

WHAT? NO!!!!!

What the flying fuck

From Nate (8:27PM)

It’s a fucking tragedy

They’re pulling a bunch of shows

Focusing on original content, I think

Which– if it’s like Sense8, fine

If it’s like Iron Fist, they can go fuck themselves

From Monty (8:28PM)

I have so many opinions

About both those shows

I don’t even know where to start

From Nate (8:29PM)

Lucky for you

I’m also doing nothing

We have all the time in the world

Keep reading

hassan0022  asked:

Wow, you're style is really cute and cool, can you draw Undyne giving Asriel and Chara piggy ride because... She's like a big sister to them

(Spear of Justice blaring at triple speed.)


*rises this art meme from the grave* WOO ALOLAN VULPIX VARIATIONS because WHY NOT i was thinking of mint flavours idk
Peppermint: Named for the green tint to its fur and the “leaves” on its neck. Smells minty fresh because of its habit of rolling in a certain plant.
Cinnamint: The result of breeding Kanto and Alolan Vulpixes. (Vulpixii?) Its body temperature is higher than other Vulpix, so the frost formed on its fur slowly melts into dewy snow. Its face looks “sharp” in comparison to other variants.
Ice Cream: The “Cat-Fanciers” version of a Vulpix. He fancy. The “sprinkles” on its fur are actually multicoloured ice crystals on closer inspection. Longer and more slender than other variants.
Candy Cane: With its festive colours, rosy cheeks and “stockings”, it becomes a mascot during the holidays. Its smaller, rounder ears and eyes give it a baby face, making it a popular pet.

min yoongi probably.....
  • Taehyung: *throws up*
  • Yoongi: gross
  • Taehyung: *stares* OH GOD I'M PREGNANT
  • Yoongi: what tae no that's not how pregnancy works
  • Taehyung: *runs out of the room screaming*
  • Jungkook: *walks into the room*
  • *everyone stares at him*
  • Jungkook: am i that beautiful

Me: Y’know, I don’t think I’ll bother with the new Final Mix? I already own all the original games anyway, it’d be kind of pointless.

Me @ any news about its upcoming release: