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Its okay Hypaa we'll love you and cherish you regardless of your pursuits. And if you DO publish an actual book. *starry eyes* PLEASE PLEASE INFORM US!!!! I WANT TO READ WHAT YOU WRITR CAUSE YOU HAVE A BRILLIANT MIND AND ATTENTION TO DETAIL *hugs*


I will most definitely let folks know on here when I’ve done such a massive thing like that. I’m great at building on already established universes, which is why fanfiction is so enthralling to me. Someone else started the idea, and all I have to do is finish it, lol! So the idea of starting from scratch and building my own characters and settings and all that got me like

My bf has really tried pushing me on writing a novel and I’ve been completely reticent on it because I don’t feel like I’m ready. But hell, when was I ever ready to do any of the things that have turned out great in my life?

Welp, until then… lemme just focus on smut. Yes. LOL

Guys, I am watching The Last Kingdom on Netflix and I gotta say… I highly, highly recommend this show. Why, you don’t ask? Here’s why:

Historical fiction, not focused on the king/queen.

Has a faithful Catholic nun WHO ALSO HAPPENS TO BE A BADASS SHIELDWOMAN who took up arms to defend others, and sets them down later because she feels that living a life of prayer is the more courageous route.

Many beautiful men. Beautiful as in they are truly well-developed characters, who show their emotions, who have significant flaws and who do their best to live by their moral codes.

Faithful Catholics.

Faithful Catholics who are close friends with pagans and don’t tell them that they’ll burn in Hell.

Faithful Catholics who are not close friends with the pagans and do call them filthy heathens who will burn in Hell, but they get reprimanded by a priest.

The fight scenes aren’t ridiculous, they actually do portray proper shieldwork and swordsmanship.

Politics that are not as awful as the US’s current cluster fuck.

Generally few sex scenes (amazing), and fairly conservative ones at that, no boobs showing. Like the most nudity shown has been when people go bathing and it’s only been their backs.

What sex there is has actually been usually either between married couples, or has been rape and construed as being the horrible thing that it is. There are a couple instances where it’s just plain fornication, but it’s not focused on or treated like a good thing.

The acting is A+.

This show literally has the purest relationship turned into marriage I have ever seen and it is beautiful. It made me tear up.

Recognizing corruption of clergy without blaming it on all clergy, or the Church as a whole.

Pretty horses.

Pretty swords.

Reasons to NOT watch:

It does have a few rape scenes, including that of a nun.

It does have domestic violence.

It does have gore. I’m talking chopped off heads and someone being mauled by wolves.

There is swearing.

There are occasional naked people backs.

You will want to punch half the characters in the throat at one point or another.


lmao I forgot I made this so I finished it.
this was just a little inside joke I was discussing about sugar daddy Viktor being extra af


Some tododekus from @pitviperofdoom‘s Summer Stars fic! Aka the fic that has been killing me with every update  _(:‘3」z)_

Has anyone ever noticed that in episode 4 Lance and Keith were chilling by themselves during the speech????

AND THEN Hunk joins them

and no Arusian’s turn to them to continue a conversation afterwards so 0u0 they were just talking and chilling during the party and that makes me v happy


I beg your pardon, ma'am. There are entries for your wage laborers here, but I see no accounting for the others.

You Brought Your Dog to the Wrong Neighborhood
glue70, Alex Kralie, and Schrodinger's Rufus
You Brought Your Dog to the Wrong Neighborhood

“You Brought Your Dog to the Wrong Neighborhood”, a mashup between glue70 and the dulcet tones of Alex Kralie. (Soundcloud link) 

Inspired by “You Made Monsters in the Wrong Neighborhood” by sharkbait-tumbles, which is in turn inspired by “You Reposted in the Wrong Neighborhood” by  SHOKK青, which is, in turn, a mashup.

breath of the wild horse tips

so i just caught this real good horse

and i thought i’d write out everything ive learnt since i started wrt horses??

catching a horse

catching horses is very simple, either drop down on it from above or sneak up on it. dont stand directly behind it incase it kicks.

you can run at a group of horse to split them up so its easier to sneak up on the individual horse when its calmed down, as when theyre in a group if one horse spots you they will all run away.

finding a good horse

there’s like lots of theories about horse colour and relation to stats but personally i dont find that a very practical way of identifying if a horse is good or not.

heres my advice:

- my general experience has been that solid coloured horses have wild personalities and the ones with the patchy butts are mild

- the harder it is to break the horse (soothe it into letting you ride) the higher its level.
if you don’t have much stamina, cook up some stamina restoration/boosts

- generally, the higher level the area, the higher level the horse.

That is to say, if the surrounding monsters are Extremely Dangerous, the horse will probably have more stars. I found Franziska beyond two lynels.

- If you want to find a fast horse, get on the nearest horse and chase some of the others around for a bit (dont boost!).

Wild horses wont gallop at full speed so if you have to hammer A to keep up, dismount and sneak up on it cause that horse is much faster than yours! Otherwise, you’ve found the fastest horse already. 

increasing your bond

there are a few specific moments where you can soothe your horse to raise its bond. you’ll need to get the timing right, but these are the triggers:

- when you get on your horse and tell it to move, you can soothe it.

- when your horse slows down and regains a spur, you can soothe it.

- new horses will sometimes toss their heads, you can soothe them then

- additionally a new horse will occasionally veer in a different direction. Redirect it back to the path, and you can soothe it

- as well as this, if you tell your horse to leave the path (turning sharply after leaving it on autopilot) you can soothe it

- if your horse doesn’t move at the speed you tell it to, you can soothe it and then boost

- if your horse rears back, you can soothe it

- if your horse jumps over something, you can soothe it

- if your horse gets hit, you can soothe it providing you’re still on it.

your horse will misbehave occasionally until you register it even if you max its bond

riding your horse

so in games like ocarina of time and twilight princess, the most efficient way to ride epona is to use between 1-4 boosts and leave the last boost so she doesnt get tired and recovers the boosts faster

not so in breath of the wild. there’s no slowdown penalty for using up all your spurs, it’s more efficient to use all the spurs and then soothe your horse when they slow down, and repeat.

trust your horse to know the best path, and only direct it when the path forks. if you’re riding a wild horse be alert for your horse running into walls, but otherwise let your horse pick the path.

you can climb most hills on your horse, but stick to cantering & non-boosted gallops, or you’ll not be able to direct your horse.

bonus: catching deer

to catch a deer easily, consume something that gives you speed up, or drop onto it from above.

If you want to sneak up on it like a horse, you’ll want level 3 stealth, their hearing is very sensitive.

I find it’s easier to just chase them, they’re not too difficult to catch with a bit of practice as theyre not as fast as horses.


Royalty AU - Princess Sabrina of the Raincomprix Kingdom

Read the fic here

(Marinette, Adrien, Alya, Nino, Chloé, Juleka, Rose, Nathaniel, Alix, Kim) (more classmates coming soon)


Uber’s first diversity report is getting roasted for its nicknames for minority employees

  • After a period marred by reports of abuse and other PR disasters, Uber released its first diversity report on Tuesday. The numbers of nonwhite, nonmale employees are on par with its peers — that is, equally abysmal.
  • The predominantly white and male company also included in its report a breakdown of its employee resource groups, or ERGs. “These groups are working on exciting new ways to improve our culture,” the report read — a culture currently under fire (and in the midst of an investigation) for allegations of workplace harassment.
  • The diversity report is making waves, but not because of its data. On Twitter, people were quick to point out some of the tone-deaf language and names used to identify minority groups in the ERGs — like UberHUE, the group for black employees, and Shalom, a group for Jews. Read more. (3/28/17, 3:29 PM)