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you know what? i want jake and amy to kiss just once in a casual way. like one of them does something cute and the other goes all heart eyes and just kiss them on the cheek/nose/forehead/lips, whatever. we’ve seen their kisses being driven by the first “i love you” and the reunion after 6 months and a dangerous situation and now i want casual kisses! give me casual kisses!!!

If Jungkook was a hyung, I wonder how Bangtan would’ve fare. Thank lamb skewers things are the way they are now.

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Red Velvet to make a comeback in FEBURARY! it is “expected to be a turning point for both red velvet the team and the agency.”

When Jeon  Jungkook turned into Mr. Jeon Spreading-Legs Cena for Jimin.

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Okay so it’s safe to assume that Caleb is beefier than Adam. I mean, cmon the boy plays fuckin football; idk if it’s ever been mentioned what position he plays (I’m thinking fs, I really can’t see him not playing defense. Except for maybe wr but still it’s a hard maybe), but like no matter what the boy is probably mostly muscle. And like naturally larger muscles means larger hoodies……I think y'all see where I’m going. I’m not saying that Adam wears Caleb’s hoodies, and that they’re big enough that he can do the whole “sweater paws” thing, and that Caleb may or may not find it fucking adorable, but that’s literally exactly what I’m saying IM TRASH BYE
(also id just like to say that I don’t know everything that’s been confirmed outside of the podcast, I know some stuff but there’s just so much, so if this is actually canon idk. If it is thank u Lauren for blessing me and also I’m gonna lose my gd mind)

I wish (part 3/final)

Selena looked over at Taylor every few minutes as they drove the 15-minute journey between Taylor and Adam’s houses. It was a journey Selena had gotten to know like the back of her hand, having on a few too many occasions gone to meet Taylor at her house when Taylor had been staying at Adam’s and considering that her home for a while. Each time she looked over at Taylor she noticed Taylor’s breathing speeding up and the smile that had been on her face faltering quickly.

“Hey, it’ll be okay. I mean…did you READ that letter? It’s a roundabout love story…. unique to you two.” Selena said, nudging Taylor, who tried plastering a smile on her face.

“I know…it’s just…. I don’t know.” Taylor said with a shrug.

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Switched [c.h.] // pt.2

pairing: calum x reader

word count: 1,993

wow this took forever to write god im sorry,,, just a lot has been going on

150 notes and ill write another part? is that possible friends? idk im gonna write a part 3 anyways im not stupid

requests are always open! hope you enjoy xx

in case you missed part one you can find it here

Sitting there, staring at his best friend and scared to try and say a word to him, Michael watched Calum pace around the room rambling about how his life was going to be over.

“She’s gonna be a freshmen and orientation ends tomorrow and how the fuck am I supposed to figure out who she is, track her down, and get my book back. What if it wasn’t even hers? What if it was her friend’s and she was just holding it for her and the slim chance that I do run into her, she doesn’t have the book on her because she had given it back to her friend and she’s already gone? What am I going to do then?”

Calum, for the first time in what seemed like an hour to Michael, had shut his mouth, so Michael took the initiative to speak. But right when he opened his mouth, Calum was hit with another wave of anxiety and frustration, and continued with his little spiel. “It’s not like I can just—”

“Calum, would you just sit down and shut the fuck up?” Michael said, interrupting him and nearly shouting to catch his attention.

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Pt 2~

Imagine you and pocket-sized Jungkook putting on a sheet mask before you two go to bed.
*lays back on your pillow and giggles*
“Y/n look what you did!! Now I have to fix it again!”
*smooths out the wrinkles on his mask*
“Shhhh I’m trying to relax~”
*glares at you and pokes your tummy to make you laugh*
“Jungkook! Why?! Now mine is messed up!”



A lil something I whipped up (AKA: sat on for 2 weeks and then finished in 5 hours–) for the month’s festivities. p:
These three salads are ready to celebrate Mad King’s Day!

5hrs in MS Paint and 40mins in GIMP for transparency