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I participated in @pjosecretsanta2016
and this is my gift for @thislittlecowcanfly ! :)
Merry Christmas Reine, I’m your secret santa! *surprise, surprise*
it was soooo nice talking to you on anon :9 I hope you like my Percabeth drawing and have a wonderful Christmas!

That anon’s whole “you better be attracted to women or you shouldn’t call yourself bi” thing just sounds so much like the usual old biphobia we get when we come out as bi and people try to get us to prove how many relationships we’ve had of each gender so they can check we are Certified Bi.

I shouldn’t have to go into detail about the ways I am attracted to different genders, that’s invasive and wrong, and me not wanting to prove to a random anon which genders I am attracted to doesn’t mean I’m that type of bi you are desperately trying to exclude from our community.

If someone says they are bi, I will accept them because they are going to experience all the biphobia that goes along with saying you are bi - a genuinely straight person is not going to want that negative treatment, no actual straight people are trying to “break in” to the LGBT community, they don’t want to be oppressed.

If someone says they are bi, I will accept them because I’m certain they’ve been through a similar journey to me, that internal struggle with not having many role models to look up to, not understanding why you don’t seem to be attracted to just one gender like everyone else seems to be.

If someone says they are bi, then I will accept them because that they have accepted that they are attracted to at least two genders and I won’t feel the need to quiz them for any further details.

I am here for all people who experience attraction to two or more genders, even if they prefer a different label to bi, because we have shared experiences and I will always accept that the label they have picked is the one that they feel most comfortable with and I won’t insist they prove that their attractions meet an arbitrary gatekeeping standard that makes no sense in the real world.


Cannot believe that today marks one year since Delirium was released. Thank you for creating such a fun and euphorically wonderful album @elliegoulding. I don’t know about y’all but Ellie’s music always seems to fit into my life. Halcyon helped me battle my demons and find the peace within the chaos and still does to this day. Halcyon awakened and healed my soul in so many ways and Delirium is the other side of that for me, it’s the clouds clearing after a long storm, finding happiness after countless years of darkness. I am forever grateful for Ellie, her music and the masterpiece that is Delirium. Happy Birthday, Delirium! :)