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day 5, song !!

sugar sugar is the first song that came into my mind, and i really liked the video so i just went with it lmao ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ i guess this counts as day 1 as well since i missed it. (version without the red and green bg is under cut, i like that one a bit better. also i wish i could say tumblr killed the quality but i just used a weird canvas size apparently)


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NADINE’S CHILDHOOD , great ! Let’s talk.  I’m such an unorganized talker and thinker so let me just spill this all out ok? I’ll most likely write  a better one down the line but I just wanna ramble and get this out about my Nadine, its so  messy EW . Now honey steal shit and get your ass hit, don’t fuck with me. and dontreblog  For starters there isn’t much said about Nadine’s life as a child, or her life in general so it leaves a big grey area for me to play with. For the past few days I’ve been thinking about this and started coming up with different stories and events and I think I’ve settled on one. ( I wanted to make it as original as possible )

  • Growing up in the Ross household wasn’t easy to say the least, Nadine’s father ( who hasn’t been given a name by naughty dog so I did: Shaka , south African name meaning ‘Greak King’ ) was hard on her very hard, Not that he didn’t love her ( which he did, dearly ) it was just because of the type of environment she lived in, war: he wanted her to be just as strong and independent as he was.  Which meant waking up early in the morning, training - being taught the basic things to survival and even theft.  Now at this time Nadine’s mother was around, and GOD didn’t she hate the things Shaka was teaching their child. Lalia ( the mother ) Wanted Nadine to grow up as a normal child to experience life as a regular kid would But her husband simply didn’t allow that, Nadine was something the two often fought about and she knew that.

  • She always tried to please both her parents  ( still does ) , to be a young lady with poise like her mother wished. And to be a tough cookie like her father wanted, and that really is something that stuck with her today, she is both those things, and that’s what makes their daughter, but not Nadine Ross, to herself, she’s not even sure about where she feels like she belongs or what’s for her. ( she doesn’t question if shoreline is something that she wanted in life tho these guys mean everything to her ok )

  • Now Nadine’s father wasn’t a great husband nor was he a great father, that is Nadine’s view of him.  He often taught her of loyalty and to put family first ( her mother, shoreline ) because that was her family, and this incident that had happen involving him really effected her.  Before her mother died of breast cancer, Her father was unfaithful and cheated on her mother. This did not help resolve any issues they had as a couple , in fact it only made things worse, Her mother n’ father  fought more , separated at times and even tried making Nadine pick between one another. Being the only child , It was something that often stressed her out, left her feeling helpless and confused.  It wasn’t long after that when  her mother fail ill and things went down hill. Though her father did put all negative things aside to help his wife, reconcile & be a family again but that  lasted a very short time. Over time lalia died, leaving Nadine with just her father. That alone was probably the hardest time in her life. She cried of course she missed her mother and she will always feel and remember that emptiness she felt inside.

  • Now growing up with only her father, Nadine didn’t feel like she had much going for her  she didn’t see herself having a future besides shoreline so she then began to train mercilessly, Day and night, even when she felt like she couldn’t do it, she pushed forward. Even in the hardest conditions she continued on.  All that time and effort SHE put in is why she Is the way she is today. not to say her father hadn’t playe a role , He did, But it really was her. Pushing herself, molding herself into this war. Her father was only there to watch, to see and my goodness he was proud. He saw that she took things he told her ( past things ) and applied them. He saw that in her since she was just eight all the way up into her teen years. he knew this about her.

Throwback to when Patryk left ew and so many people sympathized with him while I sat back and waited for the rest to realize they actually somewhat unintentionally drove out a creep. Sure it was an awful thing to loose support from this guy at first, but once everyone finally realized what this guy was up to it feels a bit satisfactory to not have him associated with Eddsworld anymore. Never did I harass any creators or really even involve myself with the discourse but I did know that what he was doing. Many did, but chose not to get sucked into that whirling abyss that is the messy Eddsworld fandom.

Even that Hellucard guy was a nasty man but I suppose it wasn’t very evident until a month or so ago. That was the point where I wasn’t involved with eddsworld much anymore at all, but I did still find it very gross what he did. Those were young girls, even saying they were okay with it because, “It’s hellucard.”

I feel like the Eddsworld fandom should dissolve a bit. Please follow the content and do a hiatus yourselves.. I don’t hate Eddsworld, not a bit. The episodes are fun and the comics are pretty cool, but there are many people who also enjoy it that bring toxicity along and create a path of discourse with them. Too many people are running it down more and more, and it scares me how many times caving in was narrowly avoided, driving out one after another vital creator.

Digital painting of Dan Howell & Phil Lester drawn in ArtRage 4.5.

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