it's melting i guess


Part 6! (Oh. So I was able to do part 6 today… umm.. surprise!!..?)




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So I had this really sad thought yesterday. Harry used to send all the beautiful smiley photos of Louis automatically to Jay the moment he snaps them. Just to say thank you for the beautiful human louis is. But now, he sends them to Lottie instead and tells them he loves them all as much as Louis does. Lottie saves every photo so she can embarrass them both at their wedding ❤️

I always like a good cry before bed 


twilight saga meme: [1/3] couples → rosalie and emmett

Emmett felt like he was flying. He managed to open his eyes and saw what he thought was an angel. […] He continues to think of Rosalie as his angel.

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How can Yona be so badass? How can Jahae be so damn hot? How can Zeno be such a sweetheart? How can Yuun be so loveable? How can Kija be so beautiful? How can Hak be such a dork and still be extremely scary? How can Shin-Ah be so cute? How can all of these characters be so perfect and still have flaws?

Revere the meerkat. Believe in the meerkat.

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Lockheed made a weaponized laser system that was able to burn through a truck's engine in under 3 seconds of activation So I guess it's true, jet companies can melt steel with beams

I once put grapes in the microwave thinking they would turn into raisins.