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So, I’m doing one of those aesthetic posts for ocs and one of them involved finding a pic of Elden’s home and I want to cry because I found one that sort of looks the way I picture Tevinter homes looking combined with the coziness that Elden would want, with lots of plants outside and in the windowsills and it’s just so nice and I’m so happy for them

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hey i just want you to know that i love the creativity of your premises and look forward to your writing whenever i see it. in a near-dead fandom where most content ends up retelling the same scenes over and over again, your ability to tell a new and exciting story is a breath of fresh air and as a fandom old un like myself who's been around for several years now, i want you to know how thankful i am for that

Sometimes I get this twinge of worry when I make a post or write something that someone has already made effectively the same post/fic - and that I just haven’t seen it.

Like I’m actually playing out some old hat concepts - so sincerely, thank you.

I started writing late into this fandom, and I generally wished that I’d actually started this a while ago when the show was still airing. Maybe starting up late was good though, because I’ve got too many ideas to stop writing these fics and everything anytime soon.

I’ve been developing healthier coping mechanisms recently, but sometimes it doesn’t work. I’m a very very emotional person and I use to let my emotions take control over me, but I’ve been trying to take control of them recently by distracting myself, using all my energy to take better care of my health, and to make more art. I even try to take some time to understand why I feel the way I do.

But some days the emotions hit me so hard, I freeze. Then I found out that I developed a new coping mechanism. Everytime I find myself getting emotional, I mentally check out and feel like a puppet. I know it’s good to let yourself cry and feel, but once I let myself do that, I’m back on that emotional rollercoaster. And that scares me.


Chapter 1:   Perpetual Suffering

Our four vampires- strangers at the start- found themselves taken from their havens in the dead of night. They awoke under strange and surreal circumstances, starving and confused.  

Jazdia the clever (but unluckily rolling) occultist awoke first, chained by the neck like a dog in a sea of refuse, reflected back at her from walls of mirrors.  She lowered herself, figuratively and literally both, to free herself from her unwanted collaring. Starving and alone, she stumbled and struggled, finding another victim of the same captivity and a few rats…all of which she did not deign to dine upon.  

Unable to break through the mirrors, more discarding of dignity discovered a door hidden behind more trash, and she climbed to freedom; left filthy and more lost than ever.

A hall followed brought her to our second room where Alyx the aggrieved awoke in tandem with Grier mild and tall, both finding themselves staked prostrate through the hands, worshipping a pile of gold more artifice than opulence.  Slowly being hanged- or perhaps beheaded- by means of a slowly-rising lead noose, Alyx managed to free herself from her bonds before Grier.

She debated an uncomfortable time on the vice and virtues inherent in freeing another of her kind…or perhaps it was petty amusement.  Whether prudence or spite, in the end she made the choice to release the towering Gangrel from his imminent discomfort, and Jazdia found herself joining them in their chamber.

They found themselves ever more at sea, looking across the strange chamber.  Words in latin, vampires hung from the ceiling from ropes crossed like a spider’s web, some strange windows high above from which they could hear laughter, fear, faint footsteps.  Were they being watched?

And to what purpose?

In another chamber, hedonistic Lenore awoke, under attack and ill.  Glass underfoot, broken needles and furniture, like the detritus of a late night.  Walls covered with dizzying distorting funhouse mirrors, light a sickly green, all designed to make even the stoutest stomachs succumb to nausea.  

Her attacker was drawn into another fight, throwing her aside.  Two vampires, mad with starvation and frenzy, tearing at one another.  She needed no other impetus to flee for a door she saw with some difficulty, bare feet lacerated by her frantic flight.

She fled down a hallway, entered through a trap door…and found herself joined with the other three.

Their confusion compounded now, four fold, they took some time to debate, to discuss.  Eventually they returned to the first chamber, those of less discerning palates than Jazdia’s perhaps enjoying a nice rat.  Retrieving the body from the refuse, they discovered that as suspected, yes.

Every victim seemed to be of their kind, their kin.

They awoke the vampire, and found him as mindless and ravening as the ones Lenore had encountered. Helpless, they watched as he hungrily scaled the wall in the second chamber, reaching through one of the high windows…and capturing a human.

It seemed they had discovered who their watchers were.  

He fed on her, until Grier managed to grapple the beast, taking control of him before he could turn on them.  With very few options, they decided to throw the mindless vampire down to fight the other, pitting them against one another. In the chaos, they slipped past.

Back in the room of twisted mirrors and shattered glass, they found themselves confronted with a channel of blood and another snippet of latin that instructed them to find ‘moderation in all things’.  With evidence in the room that the blood itself was dangerous, they fought their starvation and submerged themselves to pull free a hidden gate that was their exit out.

The last room in their strange trek was what seemed to be the way out, a place where three crosses stood upon a hill.  The highest unoccupied, the outer two holding crucified occupants hung upside-down, staked through the heart.  They also saw, for the first time, their watchers exposed and within reach.  Not as terrorized as one might expect, any amusement their observers might have felt was subsumed by fear when their sudden proximity finally sated some of our vampiric heroes’ lingering hunger.

Although a door was in view, Grier was determined to at least see if these of their brethren could be safely freed.  One of them, a blonde woman of small frame, was unstaked in the hopes of some civility and coherence.

They found the second, but not the first, as the woman furiously struggled and cursed.  Lenore silenced her with a second staking, but only briefly as they disagreed.  The woman- Sandra- was unstaked a second time, and released from her biblical bonds.

By then they had realized they were in some perversion of a 'Hell House’, a strange and Southern invention of some of the more aggressive religious sorts.  A fraudulent attraction, promising amusement and frightful fun, only to attack its guests with depiction of sin and suffering.  

But who was proselytizing here?

And who were they trying to convert?

With Sandra leading the way, they found themselves in the final section of the underground maze, ears filled with a sermon of fire and brimstone.  The humans herded into a cage labeled as their salvation, any deviation from that path instead led them to hell- or more specifically, the path of our heroes. 


Sandra caught one of these escapees to sate her own hunger, and then passed him along to everyone else. Jazdia went through his pockets, and marveled for a time over his crack pipe until Lenore informed her what it was.

This was, however, the end of the maze. With no freedom in sight for the terrified mortals in their cage, they left them behind and headed up a stairwell, into what seemed to be a church.  A very thorough perusal of some ecclesiastical robes proved them to be some form of Christian or Catholic vestments, confirming all suspicions- though heading into the room beyond clarified all.

They walked into an ambush; or more accurately, a welcoming party.

Some few vampiric kin stood behind the altar of a simple neighborhood church.  The leader, in the robes of a priest, began to speak to them, attempting to convince them of the importance of such a calling, terrifying the mortals who still had souls to be saved.  Grier tried to argue with the zealot, but he seemed beyond reason or shame for his strange recruitment methods.

Sandra was departing, and others had turned to follow her when there was an abrupt cacophony from outside.

A dozen or more vampires dressed all in black, inked and accessorized with religious iconography stormed their way into the church, led by a furious ginger-haired Irishman and a quiet Latina woman bearing a tattoo of the sacred heart on her chest.  He cursed and spat at those behind the altar.  Behind him, more quietly, his people lined up.  

The woman let him rant for a small time, and then gave the signal for her people to fire.  They laid waste to the men the Irishman declared to be 'fucking Baptists’, and then began the messy business of ensuring executions had been accomplished.  

It appeared as if our heroes had been unwillingly dragged into some sort of schism of the Lancea Sanctum, covenant of religious vampires.  Luckily, they had escaped just in time.

The arguably less insane faction leader approached them after a time, providing them with her name, Julieta, and that of her companion, Lachlan.  She also provided them with his telephone number, a set of keys from one of the murdered vampires, and then suggested they leave.


Leaving Our Lady of Perpetual Suffering on Mercer Island, our newly-formed (perhaps unwittingly so) coterie of vampires piled into a car and made the trek back to the city of Seattle.

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I think (I might be wrong) you followed me first and I was curious who you were so I checked out your blog?

Oh, jeez. You know, I honestly don’t remember.

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“H̢͈̣̟̗̖͐̽̀͗͆͑͐̉͢ọ̴̻̹̰͚̫̼̩̌͂̽̈́͆̓̾̊͜w̷̛͎̣̮̜͕͒́͊͆̓́ ḉ̡̛͙̼͔̖̭̻͎͉̊̃́͡ä͕̞͍̠̫̠̒̿̾̈́͒̍̆͢͜͞n̴̨̢̫̣̦͛̔̓͒̚͞ ý̫̖̹͇͋̑̾̏͟͟͡ơ̦̞͚̖̭̯͚̙̜͂͑͐̓͐͌̓̀͟͝ữ̰͕̗͔̗͈̦̺̾̚͟͝ͅ n̴̨͙̝̩͔̻̟̗̜̹͊͛͑̏͆̽o̶͕͇̰̳̯͗͆̀̂͘͡t̴̗͕͇̺̪̏͊̿͂̾͟ͅͅͅ r̨̝̦̣̘͚̋̀̔̒́͒̚e̹̜̙̠̬̾̊͐̆̅͋́͠ḿ͍͉͙͎̼̏̒͐̄͐̊̚͠ͅe̶̡̗̖͎̘̖̖͙͆̿̽͆͆̀͗̎̃͗m͔̰͖̝̙̓͗̆̄̃̍͜͟ḅ̡̢̟͚͇̼̩̔̏̒͘͟͞e̝̦̭̣͕̰̯͌͂̓̏͠r̴͚̰͔͉̘͉̻̦̂̈͌̌́̀̓?̶̡͕͕̠̜̣͎̻̅̿̆̅̚”

“I don’t know. I got busy!”

I want you to love Winter as I do. Between the quiet, the cold, and the surrounding beauty, I can’t pick a favorite.

things pidge used to do back at garrison

  • spends majority of her time under the desk
  • lance: pidge, iverson wants to see you
  • pidge: *slinks down her chair and merges with the shadows under the table*
  • hunk: where’s pidge?
  • *soft chewing and crunching and furious typing from under the table*
  • [taking attendance] “is pidge gunderson here?”
  • *a hand sticks out from nowhere and waves around*
  • sometimes lance or hunk walks pass and pidge gives them a sudden slap to the hand which she claims is a high five
  • she sleeps there too
  • skips class and finds empty classrooms to nap in
  • goes to the bathroom and kind climbs on the sink and kind of just. Sits there
  • “gunderson is my class too boring for you?”
  • pidge, making an insane amount of noise from the clinking and clacking of metal from the robot she’s building at the back of class: what no go on with the lesson

Before I knew it, I had forgotten… you don’t have to be a prisoner of your blood. It’s ok for you to become who you want to be.

…the book Pidge uses to study in the flashback confuses me a lot. First of all, the two pages are exactly the same:

Second of all, the math is wrong?? ???? 

₀∫ 1cos(x) dx = sin - 2x      ?? ?!??!? NONONONONO

₀∫ 1cos(x) dx = ₀[sin(x)] = sin(2π) - sin(0) = 0 - 0 = 0      yes,,,

And then this thing:

WP = √(sin²(θ))      = (sin²(θ))½ = sin(θ) 

Which. What the fuck. Assuming we’re looking at physics equations here and that W = work and P = power, the formula should look like this: P = W/t. Simple. The angle is throwing me for a loop, if W & P stand for what they usually stand for it doesn’t matter.

As for the sketch at the end, I’m not even sure what it’s supposed to show…

Me @ dreamworks:

wow just imagine spending thanksgiving with baby boy Seb and getting to take these pictures making sure to tell him “smile, babe!” And he’ll always, one hundred per cent of the time, pull a funny face because he loves hearing your giggle.

imagine being the one drinking some wine and eating some good food with your and Sebba’s family as his hand rests on your thigh comfortingly, as he tells funny stories from sets before saying, “you’ve got a little…” and wiping your bottom lip with his thumb sweetly as a blush grows on your face.

imagine being the one who gets to sit on the couch with him after you’ve eaten your body weight in treats, both your pants ready to burst from your food baby’s, your hand under his sweater tracing his tummy as his fingers play with your hair, some random movie playing in the background as you both relax after a long night.

and then imagine being the one getting to wake up next to him the next morning, still feeling full as you turn to face him meeting his dopey smile and disheveled hair as he says, “mornin’ pumpkin,” before pulling you closer to him and pressing a kiss to your nose making you scrunch it cutely.

then having a lazy day that consists of washing dishes (or trying to because Seb just keeps pinching your bum or flicking you with water) and eating leftovers while your feet are draped over his lap, his plate balancing on your shins.


Lapis and Peridot: abusive power + control

So out of curiosity in light of Raising the Barn, I was brushing up on power and control in abusive relationships, and I came across this interesting diagram:

These are tactics used by abusers to obtain power and control in their relationships. When used together, it creates what’s known as a climate of fear– and, with this, the victim will feel like they don’t have an equal voice in the relationship.

First off, I strongly believe Lapis was holding onto a sense of power over Peridot that she was at least somewhat aware of, leading to Peridot’s hesitation to voice her own wishes. And I’ll like to break down and illustrate the major tactics she used that unambiguously gave her power and control in her and Peridot’s relationship, because apparently there’s still debate on whether or not Lapis is an abusive character.

(mind you, not all tactics have to be used in a relationship, but considering I cover half of them below… I’d say it’s more than enough)

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Reddie headcanon : shoulder kisses

  • Shoulder kisses are their thing
  • They’ve done them ever since they met
  • Whenever one of them feels sad, alone, is scared or having a troubled time, the other will be there and calm them down with a shoulder kiss
  • Richie is a walking disaster, always has been and will always be
  • Especially in Pre-school, Richie had the habbit of falling over his own feet or any random object he didn’t see because he was too busy doing everything but looking where he was going
  • Eddie of course was always there to rescue him from getting an infection with some desinfectant and band aids
  • Whenever he goes to the doctor he gets a kiss from his mom for being good, so he always presses a soft little quick kiss to Richie’s shoulder (which both of them don’t find weird at all, because a thing such as personal space doesn’t exist to them) because he didn’t put up much of a fight when Eddie stitched him back up
  • It’s not only Eddie giving Richie shoulder kisses tho. Richie of course does it too
  • Whenever Eddie starts to panic, and gets an Ashtma or panic attack, Richie’s always the first to be by his side and calm him down or pull out the spare inhaler he always carries around for Eddie
  • He always pulls Eddie close into his side to show him he’s there and Eddie’s not alone
  • Richie then whispers sweet nothings into his ear and presses gentle comforting kisses to Eddie’s shoulder
  • When Richie grows older, things start to get really bad with his parents and Richie starts sleeping at Eddie’s more often than at his, because no matter how hard he tries he can’t sleep at home
  • Because the feeling of home and safety isn’t where his own bed is, but where Eddie is
  • Eddie knows this, and he never complains about Richie coming into his room at night
  • He always scoots over and makes space for Richie to cuddle into
  • When Richie’s all settled, Eddie cuddles into him and presses a light kiss to Richie’s shoulder, to show him that everything’s okay and that he’s safe, because he knows that’s all Richie needs
  • The day Eddie finds out about his mom lying to him, and that his meds are ‘gazebos’, he spends his entire day with Richie at the quarry
  • Whenever his breath starts getting a little erratic, Richie immediately pulls him a little closer and presses a kiss to his shoulder because he knows it calms Eddie down
  • Over time they stop only using it as a way to comfort the other
  • It has become a habit over the years, and the feeling of safety and familiarity it brings is all they really need.
  • They do it at least 5 times a day
  • When Eddie’s at his locker to get his books, Richie goes up behind him and presses a kiss to his shoulder as a good morning, because he knows better than to talk to Eddie in the morning, because as much as Eddie’s a sweetheart, he’s a bitch to talk to when he’s tired
  • Eddie’s mood always lightens up when Richie does it tho
  • One time, Eddie gets Richie to study with him for an upcoming chemistry test, and all the losers are surprised, because Richie Tozier always prides himself on not studying and still getting only A’s
  • Although they all know that Richie is 100% whipped for Eddie and would do everything he asks him to
  • Richie gets really bored at some point and starts watching Eddie
  • He finds himself thinking that Eddie’s really cute, poking his tongue out like that while looking very concentrated
  • Then he smacks himself because Eddie is always cute
  • The movement made Eddie look up, because he knows Richie is weird but why tf did he just smack himself in the face
  • But before Eddie can ask him about it, Richie leans over and presses a long, lingering kiss to Eddie’s shoulder and then proceeds to bribe him into getting ice cream with him
  • At movie night with the other losers they’re always cuddled up together under a blanket, because literally none of the other losers can deal with Richie’s constant commentary, opinions about the movie, stupid jokes and impromptu impressions of one of the movie characters whispered into their ear the entire time
  • They don’t know how Eddie manages to sit through the movies without killing Richie
  • Whenever Richie gets too loud, and Billy has to literally hold Stan back so he doesn’t strangle Richie, Eddie leans over and tells him to shut up but always presses a kiss to Richie’s shoulder for good measure, and that makes Richie shut up. At least for 5 minutes
  • Richie and Eddie think the losers don’t know about their thing but they know, because after almost choking Ben in a fight about who gets to put on the toppings on their Pizza next, then saying Eddie can go first and afterwards pressing a kiss to his shoulder isn’t all that subtle Richie
  • They all secretly think it’s cute as fuck
  • Eddie and Richie never stop with the shoulder kisses, even when they’re dating and finally get to kis each other on the mouth

I’m really sorry if anyone has done this before, just tell me and I take it down if one of you did it first, but I really love the concept of Reddie+shoulder kisses