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The Song of Achilles + character posters:

A C H I L L E S 

“Prince Achilles, son of King Peleus and the goddess Thetis. Aristos Achaion!”

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Imagine Gascoigne carrying both of the girls on his shoulders. The girls are laughing because they're up so high and can see everything, Viola's happy because its such a cute sight, Gasc is smiling because all of his girls are happy. There are good times all around and everything is okay.

a sweet suggestion

‘Anchor up to me, love
Anchor up to me, my love’
- Anchor | Novo Amor

(there is a tiny note on my sketchbook that say 'what if Achilles and Patroclus got secretly married before go to Troy’ and now we are here ;.; )



Fanmade trailer for The Song of Achilles coming soon…

movie rant

the movie flipped is kinda the best movie ever. I mean think of this: you have a crush for like your entire childhood, and then sometimes you just realize your crush really ain’t shit and you just drop them. but in this movie it’s crazy because after she drops him, he comes crawling back all desperate and in love and she’s like, “no dude, you ain’t shit to me.” and it’s empowering for her, because she wants someone who’s worth her time and not just someone who she’d had a crush on. but after a while he completely realizes how utterly special and creative this girl is, and how he’d fucked up by being a loser. so their roles are flipped(lol hence the name)!!! plus the movie discusses serious issues like mental illness, sexism, classism, and honesty.

add in how moving and cute the actual movie is, and you have a masterpiece😍

YouTube Channels I watch:

Many/most of these YouTubers fit into at least two of the following categories, but I’ve tried to group them by their more dominating overall theme :) Some are my friends, some are people I’ve never had contact with, and everything in between. I owe a lot of my feminist education to many of the ladies in that category, so I definitely recommend hitting subscribe on those channels.

(Asterisks indicates a channel I am obsessed with and love to binge watch) 


Feminism/Social Issues/Rad Women:

Spirituality and Life: 


If you have any channels to recommend based on my interests (or would like to share your own), please feel free to reblog or comment below :)

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Clue references in Poe Party (48/?): Someone rubbing his/her nose in the background

i drew some of the girls while doing facial expression practice so i figured i may as well post this up here since i was p happy with the results