it's made of brown


Sometimes I lay in bed wondering how it’s possible that the picture on the right was taken three years after the one on the left, and he looks like such a squishy baby. Are they even the same person¿



Subin Ibrahim, 17, a Sudanese-American hijabi girl and the second Spoiler. Was training for the US Olympic Judo team when she found out her mother was a villain, so she quit the team and made it her mission to round up her mom and her cronies. Ignoring Bruce’s direct order, Steph gave her the costume and the gear, and let her prove herself.


me trying 2 post in this fandom is going sssoooo wierdly like…!!! But im not discouraged so heres marv seeing whizzer 4 the first time in a 24 hr super market at 12pm and Jason is like hey i just want jiffy pop can we leave……also whizzer wearing that hooker 2000 shirt that andrew is wearing in my icon