it's ma birthday

An Artist’s Muse

Summary: Phil is a (sleep deprived) artist, and Dan is his muse, though he doesn’t know it (yet).

Word Count: 2.7k

hey this fic is for @vivunt-amant because it’s her BIRTHDAY!! (move aside dan, i’ve got FRIENDS to attend to!!) honestly she’s such an amazing person, a great friend, a fantastic artist, and an always unfailing beta. i’m super grateful to have been able to become her friend, and anyone who enjoys this fic in the slightest should go follow her bc it’s thanks to melea that it’s even here (also it’s her birthday and she’s wonderful so what are you waiting for???)

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Thanks for bringing us together..!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY @blogthegreatrouge-SENPOII!!! ✨✨ You have been such a huge inspiration in the fandom!! Hope you have a wonderful B’day!! ;;w;;


Happy Birthday, Kaminari Denki!

GIF Request Meme: High School Yearbook Awards

Boku no Hero Academia & Best Hair    asked by @cheshirescats

K a m i n a r i  e n k i


ITS MA BIRTHDAY IM 23 !! Sad I couldn’t get the meet and greet ticket for tonight’s werq the world show in London but glad I got a ticket nonetheless ! Can’t wait to see Sasha and Shea perform !! ( and all the other queens too)

Also I have no friends who like drag so I’m going alone lmao if you see me and recognise me at the show please say hi!