it's lovely and curly and think and

things some girls do that are cute

-scrunch up their nose when they smile/laugh

-long hair: put in ponytails. bonus if the ponytail bounces

-curly hair: just cute no matter what ?? 

-short hair: b e d h e a d

-running a hand through their hair absentmindedly when they’re thinking

-also having short hair but it’s kind of grown out past its shape so their hairs just really floppy

-wear clothes that are too big and the sleeves go over their hands

-flannel shirts

- b l u s h i n g

-get really excited about things they like and their whole face lights up when you mention it

-being happy

-love their pets a lot

-squint when doing makeup like it’s the most complicated thing ever because tbh it is

-sing/hum under their breath thinking no one can hear

-love their friends a lot

- ;) 

girls are such a blessing oh my g o d

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sooo i don't really have a question but i would like an analysis of the new amazingphil video if you have one,, or just your favorite moments, idk i just want you to talk about it, i love your "reviews"

hahaha of course i’ll talk about it!!!!! it’s interesting bc when i first watched this i was actually like not that into it??? it just felt like 10 very calm and chill mins of dnp hanging out which is obviously great but i think i was sort of distracted so i was like mmmm it wasn’t as entertaining as their usual collabs, esp bc on first watch i was like, dan keeps going for these weird dark jokes about torture n maiming and it’s all v Standard Fare but then i thought about it more and realized ,, if this isn’t the biggest evidence yet about how far they’ve come and evolved since last year then idk what is??? like i just can’t believe it’s gotten to the point where i could watch 10 minutes of dan softly playing around with phil’s hair and both of them being a bit calmer and more muted in front of the camera, freely touching each other and joking around about more Mature Themes (hats off to the dildo joke and the “safety word” bit) and have all of that feel completely STANDARD and unsurprising!!! it’s just crazy to me that they’ve normalized these behaviors so much that a video like this could feel so completely expected and ~chill~ 

but then i watched it a second and third time (bc duh) when i was less distracted and there really were so many little moments that stood out to me and so many cute smiles and soft lil jokes that made me wanna melt and it was all just so good. it’s nowhere near their funniest or most captivating video but it’s just vv vv v v soft and chill and natural. when comparing it to something like pastel edits which is probs a close parallel in terms of them playing dress up and touching each other a bit in direct response to a fan request, you can see how this one is far softer and a little bit less performed–they seem less ‘on’ for lack of a better term, and a lot more laid back, dan doesn’t spend as much time demeaning the idea or teasing the fan base for wanting it, and all of it is just so enjoyable to watch. i’ve included (way too many) timestamps below (plus way too many screenshots, as usual, of stupidly cute moments ugh): 

  • 5 seconds in this is already alarmingly cute w dan grumbling behind the pillow that phil wants to give him a creative nickname and phil giggling and looking down at him when he starts complaining
  • :17 dan gives phil permission to just call him dan and phil looks cute n happy about it
  • :27 dan needs to reiterate he was a nerd in school
  • :34 ‘japes’ k dan
  • :48 i live for the way phil looks so earnest and excited when he asks dan why he decided to ‘embrace the curls’ like he genuinely wants to hear dan explain this .. phil is genuinely obsessed w dan’s curls he wasn’t lyin when he said that in the pastel edits vid :(
  • 1:00 i hope phil was the one who chose that photo as an example of dan’s hair looking good in a pic,, phil thinks dan’s best look is his crunchy 2013 leather jacket n his scoop neck t shirt … #confirmed
  • 1:10 ‘you’ve left me alone!’ calm down phil he’s right next to u
  • 1:12 did phil pick that photo too ..  the one of dan in his tank top n hair straightened to within an inch of its life and silvery earrings making a pouty face ,,, lmao i love that he’s picking the cringiest emo-est throwbacks possible
  • 1:54 phil’s like ‘i thought we could eat 400 crusts to see if my hair goes curly’ and it’s altogether a lame joke but dan is staring at him like he’s the most beautiful person on earth. i’d be uncomfortable if i wasn’t so busy melting. then phil stares at dan giggling and it’s all a bit much for me
  • 2:41 ‘what’d happen if i balded you right now?’ dan is so concerned for phil’s well-being that he forgets how to grammar
  • 2:45 the fuckin dildo joke i s2g why are they making sly references to dildos in a g-rated hair curling video why did phil immediately follow dan saying ‘that looks like something else’ by going ‘ooo’ and shoving the curler near dan’s mouth why are they gross
  • 3:21 dan unnecessarily rubbing the curler all over phil’s shoulder and neck … ok
  • 3:41 phil sounds so serious when he asks dan if he thinks the curly hair will suit him, like he really needs dan’s Hot Take on this important issue but dan’s just shuts him down hahaha. i feel like this is reminiscent of the faceapp vid in which dan was completely NOT DOWN with any alteration to phil’s appearance whatsoever bc (vom) he thinks phil is perf jst the way he is (i might actually be sick) 
  • 3:47 idk why but i’m obsessed w phil saying ‘dan, don’t mess about with it’ and dan responding ‘i’m nOT’ in his whiny voice w his eyes all wide. cute
  • 3:56 lmao dan bringing up babuse (i can’t type that without thinking of ‘let me see that babussy’ i hate the fucking internet) and saying it was the last time he was on this bed, i am living for these bants and also phil’s expression of mock horror
  • 4:08 ‘curl me up, bess’
  • 4:11 dan’s going for ‘teen nick jonas but without the face’ his crush is going strong i see,, and then he can’t even follow through and tell phil his face doesn’t compare to nick jonas’s so he turns it into a joke about burning his face instead, nice save bro
  • 5:01 something about this bit when dan’s like ‘got a whole clump it’s undignified’ and their proximity, the way their arms are sort of pressed together and it looks like dan could be resting his hand on phil’s leg and dan is also sort of just looking down at phil ,,, Good
  • 5:08 when phil kinda squeaks and pulls away all of a sudden i feel like dan is legit actually concerned he could burn phil as evidenced by his voice going all high pitched when he’s like ‘you can’t do that!!!!’
  • 5:13 more completely unnecessary dan playing around w phil’s fringe n brushing it away. it goes on for like 8 seconds plus there’s a jump cut in the middle of it lmao,,, ugh the way he touches phil’s hair is so soft it makes me feel things
  • 5:32 ‘gonna pork you up phil’ does dan know the meaning of ‘pork’ as a verb ??  ? ? ??? ??????  for reference:
  • 5:36 ‘my life is flashing before my eyes’ ‘ooo is it really boring’ dan is showing yet again that he flirts like a five year old who pulls their crush’s pigtails in the playground grOW UP MATE. phil loves it tho
  • 6:03 omg idk why but i LOVED phil saying ‘i’m finding you so disturbing right now’ it feels so authentic??? something about the way he phrased it is so funny??????? like he genuinely needs dan to take it down a notch w the grim humor lmao
  • 6:47 ‘we need a safety word’ oh my god these boring vanilla fucks call a safe word a ‘safety word’ could they be LAMER hahaha (in all seriousness i can’t even believe that’s a joke dan went for at all let alone on this channel and that phil just chuckled n went along with it what the fuck what a time we live in honestly,, the flirting and touching and the whole premise of a dan-curls-phil’s-hair video is already so much but, like, let’s just add a fucking allusion to bdsm into the mix while we’re at it!!!!!!! wtf!!!)
  • the whole sped up montage of dan doing the curling is just rife w gratuitous hair touching so like obvi i immediately turned the speed down to .5 and just sat back to enjoy it (also @kay-okays uploaded a slowed down version here if ya wanna look at that or like bookmark it for ur own uses ,,  whatever ur into m8)
  • 7:18 those two gentle pats that dan gives to the back of phil’s head before phil looks at his finished hair … so fucking adorable bc it’s the way dan pats down his own hair when he’s fixing it pls save me
  • 7:29 dan obvi needs to make it a point to emphasize they have the same hair again as has been his constant refrain about their haircuts for the last like 3 years (tbh i’m convinced that he literally misses having the same hair as phil which is gross and just as sappy as i’d expect from him) and in order to demonstrate how ALIKE they are again he proceeds to mirror phil playing w his fringe bc why not .. 
  • ‘this was the only thing that was separating us’ PLS
  • 7:38 dan’s Hot Take 2.0: ‘you look like a cool australian surfer … like a weird goth one that has never been to the beach’
  • 8:14 dan asserts on phil’s behalf that phil ‘needs’ the edge of his emo fringe and phil immediately agrees. rip to anyone who was hoping quiff!phil might be on the horizon
  • 8:39 dan goes defensive about how he could’ve done a better job and phil immediately jumps in to say that he thinks dan did well in the most sincere voice of all time, accompanied w cute/soft smile
  • and then he cuts dan off entirely to remind him that he didn’t burn phil’s face off and to v fervently thank him (he litro NODS while he thanks him it’s so SERIOUS) and then dan does some weird touchy thing to phil’s chest or arm or both and phil decides to boop dan’s cheek and you should really SLOW IT DOWN bc when you do, you notice it’s more of like a lil squeeze as opposed to just a v light tap and it’s gROSS:
  • 8:59 then, since this video has far too much dan gratuitously touching phil and phil was surely feeling deprived, phil reaches over to give dan a ‘zayn curl’ and play w dan’s fringe a bit n at this point i’ve had Enough of this cute ass shit
  • 9:20 dan couldn’t just leave it there, he needs to take a moment to re-assert the ~dnp don’t go outside or go to parties or talk to people Ever~ branding just in case ANYONE forgot (but also seems like a low key way for dan to gently remind the audience not to get attached to this in any way bc it will probs never happen again)
  • 9:40 phil dubs dan the “original curly man” n idk how to feel about this but i suppose that is a fitting conclusion to this absolute roller coaster of emotions 

ugh. just a really great video. i’m sorry this post is massive,, there’s jst so much here and i needed to have pics of ALL OF IT

(dan curls my hair!

Bill Skarsgård x Reader Headcannons

Bill Skarsgård x Reader

Requester: Anonymous

Prompt: Bill headcannons

Warning: None

Note: I finished before 9 I’m happy. Enjoy! :D!

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-The first time you met with Bill was when you were an extra in Hemlock Grove

-You had a scene together where he’d bump into your purposely and spill the books everywhere only your stupid feet betrayed you and you tripped and hit your head on a locker

-You felt really embarrassed about it but Bill was with you the entire time in the infermey

-You had to get stitches so he had to hold your hand as they did it

-It wasn’t painful you were just nervous

-You contiued to see and talk to eachother randomkly after that until you finally became friends

-You once got drunk during a party and Bill drove you to his place

-For some reason you kept pawing at the windows like a cat

- When he arrived to his house you were  surprised that it a nice looking house in the suburbs

- When he was checking the house out he found you munching zombie-like on snacks

-He had to fight you to get into bed. Like legit you’d run from him and he’d have to grab you and pull you back

- You were shouting the entire time you needed to find Batman to save the army of frogs with purple nails

-Do frogs even have nails?

-Eventually he had came to an agreement with you and laid on the bed with you

-You wouldn’t stop snuggling to him

-In the middle of the night you said you loved him in your sleep and he just smiled and said he loved you back

-He meant to get out of bed and go to his own room but he ended up sleeping there for the rest of the night

-When you woke up with a slamming hangover had left a couple advils and a glass of water

-Bill was making breakfast which was sooo good

- He makes good waffles =P!

-When you had to leave he finally talked about what you had said and asked you if it was true

-You said yes and he kissed you

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love how in the WW film when diana starts fighting with her costume in full view, her hair becomes more curly. and sure, she had it in a bun or ponytail for most of the movie so maybe we just couldn’t tell, but it’s clear the production fluffed it up for her wonder woman scenes so it looks more heroic and majestic, and all i can think about is diana’s hair doing its own thing whenever she’s in full WW mode. bruce and clark just staring for a bit before joining the fight because

clark: is that… supposed to be possible
bruce: too many variables. will investigate

Hogwarts Houses

When you think of Hufflepuff, think of dimpled smiles and curly hair. Think of diverse individuals. Hufflepuffs are more than loyal and cutesy. They’re fierce lovers, passionate, and sensitive. They’re not yellow flowers and sunshine. There are Hufflepuffs that are sad, depressed, angry, grieving, and lonely. Hufflepuffs are loud music, screaming the lyrics and long car rides where you don’t have to say anything, yet you can feel all the conversations between you and the passenger. Hufflepuffs are good at being independent, but can also be lovely company. Hufflepuffs remind me of smirks that change into laughter that rings  in the air, making its way in ripples to the listener’s ear. Hufflepuff is gentle by nature, but not afraid to be vicious and unstoppable when someone they love is in danger. Hufflepuffs are more that ditsy throw aways, they’re accepting, lovable and tough.

When you think of Ravenclaw, think of beautiful braided hair and glasses sliding down the bridge of a nose and painted nails. Ravenclaws are more than lonely, quiet, brains. Their intelligence is a gateway for them to be innovative. They have pride in their minds, but they also see value in athleticism, creativity, and whatever will make them happy. They analyze situations and are ridiculously empathetic. They’re unwavering diligence is what takes them places and makes them lifelong companions. Ravenclaws are blueberry tea, but not in a quiet, dimly lit room, they’re a cup of blistering tea being served to a community of people, uniting and provocative. They’re the smiles that shine on people’s faces when their favorite show comes on, and the ideology to never give up. Ravenclaws are the unity of the sun and the moon, and they’re not cowardly. They’re not people with their nose in the book, they’re better than that, they’re the curious people running their hand over the pages, feeling the text in the ridges of their finger. Ravenclaws are warm sweaters and a feeling of serenity.

When you think of Gryffindors, think of a confident smile, and energy that radiates to everyone in the room. Gryffindors are more than brave and brash. They’re immensely caring beings, with a soft spot for kittens and puppies. They’re charitable, and understanding. They are people walking around, eyes glazing over patrons, making sure there’s nobody in trouble. They’re the people waking up in the middle of the night and tiptoeing to see if their parents or siblings are okay. They’re the tiny creak in the wood floor and the fuzzy socks over cold feet. They’re not loud mouths, rather they’re the reason for the laugh. Their words echo, because they’re unexpected and appreciated. Gryffindors are a breath of fresh air on a foggy day. Don’t doubt their rationale, because they’re always thinking a step ahead. Not every Gryffindor is brave all the time. They break down and have weak moments, but their true characteristic is their ability to bounce back efficiently and not let the past stop them.

When you think of Slytherin think of furrowed eyebrows and bright eyes. Think of delicate hands and smirks. Slytherins are more than coy and cocky people. They aren’t all clever and plotting. Sometimes they’re just creative and think in a  different way. Slytherins are the pockets of friends that will never drift apart, because they get each other. They’re the misunderstood, the daring, the controversial, and the fantastic. There’s not an inevitable evil to them, but an inevitable spring in their step, and quiet intelligence that guides them. Slytherins are the people in the front of the class visualizing the material and going home and practicing in their own way. They’re invested in their own growth, but when they find someone to love they grow for them. They’re not selfish, but timid, and wary. Not all are judgemental and harsh, some are just vulnerable and want to make everyone happy, and realize that sometimes the only way to do that is to be reserved. Slytherins aren’t bullies. Slytherins aren’t out to get you. They’re willing to teach to help others grow, but they won’t be taken advantage of. Slytherins are like black skinny jeans and a need to improve their self.

some ...angst anyone?

can we have a scenario where Izuku just ACCIDENTALLY brought up the bullying case to Katsuki while they are fighting (bc my bby cinammon roll is in too much hurt cause bakacchan kept shouting at him) 


They’re at it again.

And they’re yelling over something stupid.  They can’t even remember how it started, or who said what first, but they can’t stop. They won’t stop, because that’s how their arguments always go.

Katsuki is wrong. Izuku is also wrong. They’re both in the wrong, but they keep yelling, because until they’re sick and tired, and can’t look at each other anymore,  they won’t stop.

Katsuki is closing the space between him and Izuku then, as he raises his voice louder. “ …And you act like its not a fucking problem! ”

Because it isn’t, really.

“Why should I?? It’s not anything you need to be worried about!  Why are you getting so angry??” Izuku presses his brows together and he inches himself toward the other. Their faces  are close,  they can feel the tense air between them as they glare into each other’s eyes.

Breaths heaving in annoyance and distress, they continue to stare each other down. Katsuki being unable to hold his anger well, opens his mouth again.

“Are you dumb, Deku?? Are you seriously askin why I’m angry? ”

And he reaches a hand out– he grabs onto Izuku’s wrist, and he regrets it right away, when he sees the sudden horror that forms in the latter’s green eyes. Because thats fear written on his face.

No, he doesn’t want to scare Izuku. Even if he did take his wrist, it wasn’t going to be to hurt him.

It isn’t bad intentions at all. He just wants to hold onto Izuku– Hold onto him tightly so he can’t run away. So they can argue their way through this dumb misunderstanding and pretend like it never happened, or laugh about it later.

“S..stop Kacchan!” Izuku snatches his wrist back and moves a few steps back.


“Why are you acting this way- what were you going to do? Knock some sense into me like before?”

Then his mouth shuts instantly, and its his turn to feel regret. He swallows hard and suddenly his anger is gone. It dissipates faster than the blink of an eye, because Katsuki is just staring at him. There’s a hint of saddness and something close to realization painted all over his face. “K-Kacchan I didn’t mean-”

“So you think I’d do that? ” Katsuki isn’t yelling anymore.  Just speaking softly, more to himself than his boyfriend.  “You really think I’d throw a punch at your fuckin face..?”

“No. Kacchan, I didn’t mean that. I didn’t mean to say that.” Izuku’s voice is pleading, and it only becomes more weary when he sees tears beginning to wet Katsuki’s cheeks. “Kacchan, please-”

“I see. Okay. Whatever.”

Izuku is begging him more, hoping he can erase what he just said, but Katsuki is ignoring him,  brushing him off while he puts his shoes on.

Then he leaves.


And Izuku is sitting alone in the house now,  going through the argument that just happened, in his head.  Why did it start?  How did it escalate this far? Why would he say something like that?

Because he knows Katsuki. He loves Katsuki. He trusts him. So why did he draw back in fear? And why did he bring up the past?

Izuku hates himself more than anything right now.. he doesn’t know what to do but wait for Katsuki to come back. He has to eventually, doesn’t he? They live together. They argue all the time. Its just what goes with clashing peronalities, doesnt it? So Katsuki will come back. And Izuku will mend things.

But he doesn’t come back. Not until at least 4 am, anyway. Izuku had made his bed on the sofa, waiting for his significant other to return.

When Katsuki walks through the front door he looks at Izuku before going straight to the bedroom.  He’s tired, hes stressed, he’s cried all self hatred and anger out,  so he’s ready to talk to Izuku when he wakes. Of course, it occurs faster than he thought.

The sound of the open and close of the doors in the house stir Izuku enough to wake him. And he sits up rather quickly, searching in the darkness for the familiar face.

“Kacchan..” His voice is soft, when he enters the room, and Katsuki lifts his gaze from his hands to the other. Izuku keeps his distance, while he watches. “..Kacchan..I’m really–”

“Deku. I’ve thought things through.”

There’s silence between them. Its only a few moments,  but to Izuku it feels like an eternity. “..We should break up. ”

Suddenly everything is going blurry. Izuku blinks his eyes once, trying to clear his vision–blinks again, because its still all a blur. When he blinks a third time, thats when he feels the hot tears start spilling down his cheeks and he realizes that he’s crying. 

Katsuki is avoiding eye contact as he speaks.  “Clearly we don’t trust each other as much as we thought.  I don’t blame you.  I hurt you so fuckin bad before. I thought you were crazy for even wanting to date me. I thought things could really work between us.. But you made it kinda obvious today that there’s still distrust and uncertainty.  So.. yeah. We should just end it now. There’s others that’re more deserving of you. Todoroki likes you.  Mirio does. Iida, might.  You got an endless list really. So do you really need me?”

There’s more silence. Katsuki is rubbing at his neck slowly, keeping on his ‘cool’ act. Though he can only manage to keep it up as long as he looks anywhere but at the one before him.

“No.. No,  Kacchan, please..” Izuku says between sobs. His hands are up against his face, so his words are coming out muffled. “I don’t want you to leave-I don’t want to leave you! I’m sorry for what I said,  I don’t know what made me say it!” He coughs a bit,  before continuing. “I love you. I trust you-  I didn’t mean to hurt you.. when we argue, sometimes I can’t help but remember back then. And it isn’t because I don’t trust you,  its just out of habit.. and when I said what I did.. It was stupid.  I’m stupid!” He shakes his head pulls his hands away from his face, finally looking at Katsuki. “Im so sorry.. I’m an idiot..”

Katsuki is watching him now. And he’d be a huge liar if he said it didn’t hurt to see Izuku crying like that. He can’t help but think he’s taking things too far, but despite Izuku apologizing now, he had to have meant what he said.  He doesn’t have the trust Katsuki thought he did. He’s afraid that Katsuki will hurt him. He thinks Katsuki will turn back to what he was.

“..Sorry, Deku.” He says. “..I just think it’d be better to stay apart.”

He leaves it at that.

Izuku continues trying to talk to him–trying to make things right.  He has to fix what he broke, because surely this isnt going to be their last fight. Katsuki is only saying this because he’s upset. They’re going to fix it– Izuku is going to fix it.

But days start to pass, and they don’t see each other.

Katsuki took majority of his things and left. He’s staying with Kirishima, and despite Izuku’s efforts to talk to him, there’s no luck.

Weeks pass.

There’s not a moment when Izuku isn’t thinking about Katsuki, and vice versa. Izuku is starting to lose hope, starting to think that its really over.


He’s sitting on his own in the living room one evening, when he hears a knock on the door. He stands himself up,  expecting Ochako to be there because he had invited her over for a bit. ( Anything to help get his mind off things.)

But when he opens that door and looks,it isn’t her.

Izuku’s eyes widen slightly, tears starting to fill them.

Katsuki is standing there, bag slinging over his shoulder. He’s looking down at the ground, trying to figure out what words to say.

“Deku.” He adjusts his stance,  before glancing up finally.  “…Deku, I’m sorry.. I was being a bastard by ignoring you. I love you … do you wanna take me back?”

Izuku isn’t wasting another moment before his arms are thrown around the other.   He’s letting out a sob,  as he buries his face into Katsuki’s chest. “D-don’t apologize-  its all my fault!  I hurt you and I’m the one who should be sorry–”

“Shh..” Katsuki lifts a hand up and sets it into the curly green locks,  stroking them gently.  “We both were wrong.. and.. After takin time to think about it,  I realized if you’re still feelin afraid it isn’t your fault.. you’re doin your best.  And that just means.. I gotta try harder too. We’re gonna get better.”

Izuku nods,  sniffling. A small smile forms on his lips and his voice is muffled.

“Okay, Kacchan.. okay… I love you. I’m sorry..”

“Me too.. I’m sorry and I love you too.” Then he kisses the top of his head.

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It's a beautiful day for first kisses, bless. My (recent) favorite first kiss thing to think about is John dropping a soft kiss to the top of Sherlock's curly head out of habit. Like every morning John kisses Rosie's little head while she's sitting at her highchair on his way to the coffee pot, and one morning he presses his lips to Sherlock's head and he freezes when he he realizes he's got a face full of frizzy Sherlock bedhead and they like, stay frozen that way for a full minute

lolololol love that domestic bliss

the wedding

part 3 of The White Dress series (with the help of the lovely @infinityywar )

part 1 part 2

request stuff here

  • tom’s wearing heel inserts in his shoes so he’s not ThAt much shorter than you
  • “tom…. are are you wearing lifts ? you weren’t this tall at the rehearsal dinner”
  • “uHhhHhH what? no . i’ve always been 5’ 10”
  • you have one of those signs at the back of the isle that says “pick a seat not a side, we’re all family”
  • robert walks you down the isle and gives you a kiss on the cheek before giving you to tom
  • “you look so absolutely beautiful, darling.” tom takes your hands and he’s shaking
  • chris evans officiates the wedding he took a special class online just for you and tom
  • after the ceremony everyone cheers for you and tom aS you leave the chURCH he puts on tHE MASK and does a backflip off of the last sTAIR
  • “i just got married!” he yells and takes you in his arms and you just giggle
  • “well hello there, spider-man”
  • “hello there, mrs. spider-man”
  • in the lobby where you guys have the reception theres a box that says “leave a note here for mr and mrs spider-man”
  • anthony writes “remember to give him his juice box every 5 minutes, (y/n). i’m warning you.”
  • “please welcome mr. and mrs. thomas holland!”
  • he whispers in your ear how much he loves you and has waited for this moment since he met you while you have your first dance.
  • your first dance is to (there is) no greater love by amy winehouse bc you both love that song and it’s so sweet and jazzy and adorable
  • and you surprise him by having the dj play umbrella and he’s so compulsive that he has to do the choreography when he hears it you’ve got an umbrella on standby
  • when he gets to the part “and you can run into my arms it’s ok don’t be alarmed,,” he walks over to you and does the lil dance and you’re dying ! and he’s living it uP
  • eVEryone around you is hooting and hollering
  • after the dance ends his hair is a mess and it’s super curly and its so cute bc the curls are in front of his face and you lOVE that
  • there’s another slow dance and toms in the bathroom so robert takes you on the floor and tells you “you make him really happy”, “he talks about you all the time” i swear he never shuts up about you, it’s actually kind of sad how much that boy loves you", “i don’t think i’ve seen anyone more in love than that spidey boy”, “i’m so glad he finally found someone as wonderful at you”, etc.
  • it’s time for toasts and anthony gets up to the mic “listen toms still a lil asshole alright”
  • and his dad does a toast and it’s really funny and then gets like rlly sweet and he’s like “i’ve always wanted to have a daughter, because four boys in one house was a chore, but better late than never right?”
  • and his mom starts crying before she even gets two words in and she can’t even finish her toast and you just stand up and hug her and she whispers “welcome to the family” and you cry harder bc you’re a holland now?????
  • “it’s weird to think that you’re an official member of the holland family now, although ever since tom brought you home i’ve always thought of you as our daughter”
  • and harrison’s toast would be so cute but low key jealous bc he’s tom’s best friend but he knows that you’ll never take him away from him and he says “i remember when tom told me that he loved you, and i was so over the moon because he finally found someone to make him happy. when i asked him how he knew he loved you he said, ‘she didn’t look at me weird when i asked to do the spider-man kiss’ now that, that’s true love right there.” and everyone claps but before he sits down he says, “we’re going to need a new name for the trinity now that you’re in it too”
  • noW it’s your guys duty to find harrison a lovely girl bc you guys reaLLy want to double date
  • paddy makes a toast “you’re so much cooler than tom i’m impressed he actually tricked you into marrying him” and tom shoves him while everyone chuckles
  • harry and sam go on to talk about how happy you make tom and how they can’t imagine a time where tom wasn’t talking about you
  • “well he’s your problem now so good luck.”
  • tom making a toast: “i’m so glad i caught you in my web” likE someone stoP him “i told you tom, 5 references only!”
  • “i’m sorry darling, i can’t help it!”
  • he’s toasting and goes to pull out something from his coat jacket it’s the spider-man diary from when he was a kid and itS THE FUCKING KISS LOG “i remember when i first kissed y/n” and he’s kEpT a lOg oF all yOur kiSses and they all were rank 10 up until like 4 kisses in then he started ranking them 12
  • omg the pictures , the groomsmen all have spideR-mAn soCks and tom is wearing the maSk
  • and robert is wearing the iron man mask and he takes a picture with tom and tom posts it on his instagram and he’s like “thank you for always being my mentor” and it’s so cUTe
  • and just a picture of you, tom and tessa and she’s licking your cheEK
  • tom’s caption: my favorite girls

anonymous asked:

Ahhh may I request a Riza in half-pony, with slightly curly ends (sorry, that's so specific XD)? It's just that we already have her in pony tail and messy bun, I think it's good to have her in half pony! (And maybe a Roy at the side, ogling her? XD) P.S. If you're busy or not into it, it's okay! Have a nice day! 💖

Ahhh!! I love half-ponytail Riza! THANK YOU FOR REQUESTING THIS!! OH MY GOD!! I’m hoping to do a better version of this someday when I’m not busy! A version where it’s just riza in a half pony, probably looking fancy 


If the Batboys had an S/O with curly/textured hair

.(Guess who’s back??!! Its been awhile guys, enjoy!) 

Requested: Yes 

Request: *Can you do headcanons for how the batboys would react to having an S/O that has a hard time accepting her natural hair? like curly, kinky or textured hair? Thanks!* 

Ps. I loved this request soooo much!!! as a person with 3c hair I myself was thinking of writing my own little batboy themed story or headcanons for this; so thanks for the request hun! You read my mind! 

(Disclaimer: as usual, Damian is older in these head canons -he’s around 20)  

This is for you, my lovely readers with kinky, curly, and textured hair. Enjoy loves <3

Originally posted by salmoninyourrice

(Gif made by @salmoninyourrice)


-When you guys first started dating you always straightened it out of fear that he’d dislike your curls, but after he convinced you stay the night at his apartment out of the blue and it got frizzy -you had no choice but to just wet it and tie it -and to your surprise, HE LOVED IT.

-He loves it whenever you leave your hair natural because he just loves playing with it (even though you told him plenty of times that he can ONLY TOUCH YOUR HAIR AND NOT A RANDOM PERSONS!) 

-one time you bought a relaxer from CVS and he found it and tried to sit you down and lecture you about it after reading the ingredients in it 

-he knows you have a hard time liking your hair but he always tries to boost your confidence with it by reading up on stars that went natural, or edging you with small hints that your hair is already gorgeous the way it is, or how unhealthy it is when you put chemicals in it to make it different.  

-once you decided to do a big chop and stop relaxing it, he kinda just watched from a distance like a proud dad watching their kid’s first haircut -like HE WAS SHOOK, ALL TEARY EYED KNUCKLES UP AGAINST HIS TEETH LIKE “MY BABY’S FINALLY STARTING TO LOVE HERSELF” 


-THIS BOY THREW YOUR IRON OUT THE FIRST FUCKING WEEK. The moment he saw steam he was like, nope, bye bye straightening iron. You got mad pissed at him but he stood his ground on it (that lil shit)  

-every time you tie it back he’d just look at the puff all hidden in the back and frown a bit before looking at you and giving you a “really?” look 

-but when you started to grow confidence in wearing your fro, he really started to admire you from afar for it; hell he even started to do his own research on textured hair maintenance, protective hairstyles, treatments, washouts, EVERYTHING. 

-he even made a lil routine where he’d sit on the couch with you under him on the floor, and you guys would just watch tv and talk while he twisted in Bantu Knots for you 

-he just loves seeing you in the morning when you twist out your hair and puff it up a bit before heading out the door, he loves seeing the confidence you have in it knowing that it’s all you and nothing but you -it makes his morning every damn day.


-Being a black american, duke knew quite a bit about naturally kinky hair because he had it himself -although he considered the toughest part of working with his hair was finding a good barber (he liked to keep it cut clean and easy -a nice fade too for the appeal) 

-Although Duke never had to put much maintenance into his hair besides shaving and cutting it, he still never forgot the amount of effort women put into their kinky or curly hair; and he honestly admired it. 

-While most men would rush their girl out the door in the morning or criticize her for how long she’s taking; Duke was quite the opposite. He loved seeing you work your hair every morning. 

-He has a habit of just standing in front of the bathroom door watching the whole process; wetting it under the tub, drying it off with a towel, the coconut oil lather, the way you pout a bit in pure concentration when you gel your edges down -it just kinda mesmerizes him 

-and honestly, whenever you didn’t lay your edges down or you didn’t use any product or oil, He was even more entranced; that you had the confidence and the power to step out into the world knowing you didn’t have to do those things to be beautiful -knowing you didn’t have to do those things to be accepted, and to him that was the icing on the cake.  


-Tim is the smartest guy you ever met; at least that was until you met him for coffee a couple days after you crocheted faux locks in -and he thought your hair magically grew 12 inches overnight 

-You let him think that until he found out for himself that they were actually extensions, and believe me, when this boy researched he researched hard. You’d started to notice his efforts when he tried to talk to you about cornrows the next day -he’s trying..

-after a good month he really started to understand the hard work and sometimes even pain that went into maintaining your hair, and once he started to have deeper conversations with you about how you were made fun of as a child for your hair, or how you always wanted long silky, flowy hair like the other girls -his heart melted. 

-he pressed you to wear your hair natural, no extensions, no iron, no product, to just show him all of you because he wanted to see all of you -and when you finally did agree to let him see you with nothing in your hair, it was like your relationship reached a new tier. 

-You felt like you didn’t have to keep up the appearance for him anymore, like you could finally take out the extensions and just relax, massage your head, hell he’d massage your head for you.  


-Damian was the most prideful robin, the most prideful of his brothers, and the most prideful person you’d ever met. He took pride in his appearance when it mattered, and just like his father, his pride in his appearance meant something to him. 

-so when he met you, he was shocked a person could be so embarrassed, so utterly unloving of themselves because of their appearance; you were his best friend turned beloved, but he never realized how self conscious you really were until he started dating you 

-hat’s, hoodies, and hair ties were your best friends, and although Damian was completely fine seeing you not put effort into yourself; he knew there was something wrong there -you weren’t throwing on a hoodie or throwing into a semi hidden bun to save time or simply because you weren’t feeling it that day -you were doing this because you didn’t want to try anymore with your hair, you wanted to hide it, figuring it was too ugly anyway to even try -and it shattered his heart to fucking pieces to see you like that. 

-It took baby steps, and it all started when he took you out for ice cream before having a serious one on one conversation with you about how he was worried for you, how he felt you weren’t loving yourself as much as he loved you. When you asked him why he felt that way and he told you, you broke down in front of him for the first time. 

-From that moment on you promised him to start trying to love yourself more, to stop hiding your hair when its natural and getting sew in’s just to feel comfortable in your own skin. and god as time went on you really did grow, you started from the bottom and grew to wake up and smile in the mirror, to brush your fingers over your beautiful, textured, 4c hair; and in the corner of the mirror, you can see him smiling in awe too.  

Slash's straight hair
  • Axl *about his tattoo (Appetite For Destruction cover)*: Slash wanted straight hair, so we gave him straight hair.
  • Slash: I didn't ask for straight hair.
  • Axl: Yes you did. You totally did. Yes you did.
  • Slash: I've never said that.
  • Axl: Yes you did, totally.
  • Slash: What makes you say that?
  • Axl: Because you did.
  • Slash: Why? Was I drunk?
  • Axl: I don't know, yeah i think you were, you were at the hell house.
  • Slash: Oh, yeah. Because I told Bill... I told Bill... I said: "You'll never gonna be able to draw curly hair right."

anonymous asked:

Nyello! Welcome to the community! Can i request something for Lucio, McCree, and Reaper seeing their s/o's hair in it's natural state for the first time? (I have thick hair with big curls that i usually straighten to make it easier to manage, but sometimes i don't have time and i leave it natural and it's really fluffy). It's alright if you don't want to write this cx good luck with your blog! <3

My friend’s hair is like this and it’s my favorite thing!!


  • When Lucio doesn’t have his hair up it’s curly (I would like to think).
  • He thinks of his own curls as a bit bothersome, and that’s why he has his hair up all the time.
  • The first time he saw your curls he gasped.
  • You look so gorgeous!! He loves it so much, and it looks really good on you.
  • Runs his fingers through your curls as you just chuckle.
  • Sometimes both of you will have curly hair, and for the whole day its basically you two running your hands through each others hair.

Jesse McCree

  • It’s compliment town, population: you.
  • Immediately starts tugging and bouncing the thick curls, if he tugs too hard he will apologize and just tug a bit softer.
  • He loves to see them bounce? It’s an obsession. 
  • Whenever the two of you are cuddling he will be scratching your scalp, running his fingers through your hair and twiddling with the ends. 
  • Will subtly try and get you to keep your hair natural from now on. 


  • “Hey, your hair is curly.”
  • He totally has curly hair in a pompadour style, all natural and fluffy as well. 
  • He will pretend not to really care too much about it but he plays with your hair a whole lot more, and you get just a smidgen more affection.
  • Suddenly your flat iron isn’t in its usual spot, and suddenly Gabe is no where to be seen.

anakinspajamas  asked:

For humanizations (if you're still doing em) Cruz?? :D

AAA sorry for how late this is omg!! Thanks for the ask! i love her and also: two designs because i couldn’t pick….. im partial to the shaved one but the big curly hair is so so good too

tbh im prob gonna go with curly haired one but still… look at her… beaut

anonymous asked:

Star Trek AU where everything is exactly the same except Spock has beautiful glossy curly hair

ive kept this ask in my inbox for like three months because i love thinking about this but its time to release it into the world

anonymous asked:

Gah! I just love how you make heather McNamara's hair curly and fluffy! She looks really cute as they way you draw her

thank you!!! I need to draw her more but tbh i still haven’t 100% settled on a design for her. Other than I know she’s not a natural blond.

which @power-of-innocence did for her modern heathers but i think its a super cute idea aahhhHH

a-giant-nerd9  asked:

Hey,could I request Ushijima,Kuroo and Akaashi with a s/o with really curly hair(long,medium and short bcs there's a lot of people with curly hair) and is really proud of it but kind of suffers when it gets all knotted?

I love this! Especially since you made this more applicable to many readers!

While I may not have been blessed with curly hair, I always admire it from afar! Hope you enjoy!

While there had been many things that had drawn him to them, Ushijima wouldn’t deny that he had memorized the details of their hair before anything else. He remembers the day he told them this and the way they laughed, head of curls falling further down their back just beyond their shoulder blades. It made him want to embed his hand into those corkscrew locks, fingers looping through them easily, and he knew they’d let him - any attention to their beautiful hair was welcome. But he didn’t, instead lifting his hand to gently push one of those stray gathers of curls from their face, finger grazing over the skin of their cheek.

They turned to look at him then, his eyes taking in the way each individual strand seemed to move as they did. Their smile was kind, wide and he knew he loved them, untamable hair and all. He’d gladly spent mornings - and many times throughout the day - untangling their tight curls from each other if it meant he got to spend that time with them.

Returning their smile, he allowed his fingers to curl into those twisting strands as he brought his lips delicately to their own.

Their hair was so… long and Kuroo loved every piece of it. The way it spilled down their back, loose at the top and tighter at the ends. He loved the way those twisted strands gathered over the pillows on his bed, sometimes trailing over the edge in a waterfall of loops. He loved every piece of that hair even when it became a little hard to handle at times.

“It has a mind of its own,” he grumbling, fingers working delicately at unknotted the easily matted hair, “next time I’m just cutting it.” It was an empty threat, they both knew it, especially with how many times that words had actually come out of his mouth without any proceeding actions.

Their hands reached back to grab protectively at the curly hair, voice dangerous as they nearly growled, “Don’t even think about it!” And, by god, he would never dream of getting rid of a part of them he cherished so much. He laughed lightly, tapping at her hands for them to remove them in order for him to finish his work. His fingers dipped into the curling mass and he smiled, they really were beautiful.

It was how he spotted them. Every morning Akaashi would watch and wait for that curly mop atop their head make its way into his view. He would always smile, admiring the right curl of the short strands, before standing to greet them with a sweet kiss. And it was his constant bad habit throughout the day to trail his fingertips along the bare skin of the back of their neck up into the curly mass, allowing his nails to scrape along their scalp as he did. That was the perk he relished in with them being seated directly in front of him and it had no doubt gotten him into trouble more times than he could count.

But they’d never stop him, even if they chided him lightly at one point or another, because they truly loved the attention. Not only the attention he gave them but that he also gave their hair - those looping strands just waiting to be touched.

“I love your hair,” he told them, voice tender as his hand taking the locks that we’re currently in the process of knotting together. When they turned to look at him, he met with their eyes and smiled, “I love you.”

Happiness In Strange Places Pt. 2

Requests: Part two of this imagine was sent in on multiple occasions so here it is

Pairing: SingleParent!Leo x Nanny!Reader

Fluff | Smut | Angst

A/n: This is soo bad, I’m tired and I honestly couldn’t give two fucks about how well this is liked, peace out bitches, I’m going to bed.

“I’ll… I’m just gonna go. Thanks for hanging out with me, though.”

His warm and calloused hand entrapped your soft and reasonably small hand in his own, “Wait!” His mouth moved on its own and –he guessed– his mind was made up.

“I think I love you too.”

You stood motionless, did he just say he loved you?
No… he said he thinks he loves you.

“Don’t,” You managed to get out, “Please just… don’t.”

Leo looked up at you in bewilderment, his grip slowly slipping from your hand as he lost all the confidence he had collected earlier. A scoff escaped his lips as he looked away, his hand dropping from yours and finding its way to his curly locks. His mind now polluted with thoughts of negativity, why would you even confess to him if you weren’t going to accept him? Did you just prank him? No, you looked so sincere and embarrassed when you confessed. If this was a prank, then you were a damn good actor.

His blood boiled in anger the more he thought about the whole ordeal. This was absurd, you confessed to him so why are you dismissing his feelings like they were nothing; as if he were nothing. His emotions that swirled throughout his entire being confused him greatly, his heart ached with sorrow of a lost love, his pride bore a gaping hole from rejection, yet, he was furious.

“Is this seriously how it’s going to be?” His voice held a venomous bite that was entirely new to you. His hands curling into tight fists as he tried to control himself.

This new side of him had scared you more than anything, was he really not the man you remembered? You watched his knuckles turn white and small sparks ignite from his fists, hesitantly you placed your hand delicately on his shoulder in hopes to console him.

You retracted your hand with a hiss, his shoulder was hot to the touch and you could tell he was seriously upset.

“Leo,” You mumbled carefully, “You need to calm down, let’s talk about this–” Your speech was cut short due to the surprise grab Leo made for you. His hands wrapped around your forearms as he slammed his lips to yours in what felt like panic.

You could feel his nervousness and his temper as he kissed you, his lips trembling and hot as his lips danced across your own. The kiss itself was short lived due to the fact that he was still mad and when he was mad, he was hot. Not hot in the term of being attractive, but hot in the term of heat.

You shoved him away harshly and let out a rather loud yelp of pain as you doubled over.
Leo furrowed his brows in confusion, “What? Why do you keep pushing me away?”

You looked up at him with an angry glare, Holding your arms against your stomach while they stung with pain. “You fucking burned me that’s why.”

The deep regret and panic you saw in his eyes did not deter your mood in the slightest, still glaring hard at him while you made your way to the kitchen sink to cool off your burns under the water.
You let out a soft whimper as the cool water soothed your aching arms.

Leo hadn’t moved from his spot, sitting on the couch you had pushed him onto when he burned you. He burned you. He promised himself when he was just a child that he would never hurt someone he cared about with his abilities, not after what he did to his mom.

Noah padded into the living room clad in his black jogging pants, a red t-shirt with a white faded band name on it, and his mismatched striped socks. Leo turned his attention to the little boy rubbing his tired eyes, mentally cooing at his son’s “big boy” attire.

“Daddy? Are you mad?” Noah innocently questioned as he peered curiously at his father’s sitting form. His question took Leo off guard but Leo answered him nonetheless, “No, mijo. I’m just confused about some things, no need to worry.”

Of course, his son inherited his mother’s never-ending care for others and kept prodding at his father’s feelings, “About what? Do you wanna talk about it?” Leo grinned at his son, he was rather smart for his age and tended to repeat what others have said to him, he guessed he got this phrase from Y/n.

“I’m just confused about my feelings right now, I’ll be okay, though,” Leo reached his hand out to muss Noah’s hair, “It’s late, mijo, let’s get you back to bed.”

Leo stood up from the couch with a soft groan and a small stretch, he bent down to lift Noah onto his hip while he carried the sleepy boy back to his bed. Leo knelt down onto the small bed and placed the small child back into his comfy bed. He tucked Noah in gently, brushed back his curly mop of brown hair, and kissed his forehead.

Before Leo could say goodnight and go back to the living room to hopefully apologize to Y/n, Noah had called out to him in a timid voice, “Daddy?” Leo looked back at Noah, leaning against the doorframe as he listened, “Hm?” It was hard to see how much Noah’s tiny body fidgeted with nervousness as he asked ever so quietly, “Can I call Y/n mommy? She’s real nice and takes good care of me. She even kisses me goodnight when you can’t!”

Leo’s eyes widened and his mouth went agape, he could hardly fathom the thought of Noah actually WANTING to have a mom. Noah has been content with just having a dad for as long as he could remember, he’s always just wanted a dad and nothing more, or at least that’s what Leo thought. He’s imagined many different times and had many dreams that his and Noah’s small family were complete, but never once did he think Noah would want Y/n as his mom. Leo cleared his throat, “That’s up to you, bud. If you feel that way then it’s up to you, just…” Leo paused and looked down at his feet, rubbing the back of his neck in guilt, “Just don’t get upset if she doesn’t like it, okay?”

Noah slowly nodded and slunk back down underneath his Bob the Builder blankets– a gift from his Uncle Percy. Having said goodnight to Noah, Leo shuts the door and stalks off to the living room couch to once more slump down in his own shame.

Meanwhile, Y/n had taken a seat on the kitchen stools and contemplated her next move. You knew that you had confused Leo to the point of anger with your change of feelings, but you didn’t want a relationship out of pity. How could you approach him now that he’s upset? You mulled over these thoughts for a good while until you decided it was in both of your best interests to sort this out now. You nervously peek around the corner of the kitchen wall and make sure Leo is calmed down. Once you scan his body for any noticeable heat marks with your eyes, you make your way into the living room, sitting down on the couch and alerting him of your presence.

He didn’t look up at you and even moved away from you when you sat down. “Hey,” You muttered, “I know you didn’t mean to hurt me.” Leo shook his head and scoffed at your words, “Why is it always you?”

You furrowed your brows in confusion, reaching out hesitantly to touch his arm, “What?” You scooted closer, testing your limits. Leo didn’t seem to notice your movement but retreated away from your touch, “It’s always you,” his voice cracked in emotion, hurting your heart as he continued, “I always lose control around you, I’ve never hurt you before though and I promised I’d never h-hurt anyone with my abilities, not again.”

Leo hid his face in his hands while mumbling somewhat incoherently, “I didn’t mean to hurt you… I’m sorry.” Your heart drops and so does your face, “Aw Leo,” You croon, “It’s not as bad as it seems. It just shocked me that’s all,” Your hand reaches out shyly to smooth down his curls, not making a difference of his wild curls. He flinched away from your touch, looking up at you with a gaze that looked more hurt than a kicked puppy.

“Your arm is red, it’s scarred and it’s all my fault,” His eyes started welling up with tears, “I love you, Y/n. But all I do is hurt you. When I left, when I was with Calypso, when I lost contact with you… How could you still love me?”

Your hand slid down to his cheek, resting there and turning his sorrow filled face towards you, thumb wiping away the stray tears that fell without his permission. You leaned forward and kissed him on his lips, slowly to savor the taste of him. The faint taste of root beer he drank earlier in the day lingered on his lips, mixing excellently alongside the sweet taste that was none other than the original taste of Leo.

You withdrew from the kiss, answering his question before you dived back in for yet another kiss, “Because you’re Leo Valdez, my best friend and the only man I’ve ever loved. I will love you always”




anonymous asked:

hello! your writing is so nice, it warms my heart tbh. If it's okay, can you make a scenario where shinsou and bakugou (separate) s/o wants to go to the beach with them but they are insecure of how their body will look (a lil chubby) and how their hair will look (very curly and doesn't react well to water)? If not, that's totally fine!! Keep up the good work, and don't over work yourself!!! ❤❤❤

Hello lovely! And thank you so, so very much for your wonderful words, that you think so makes me very happy <3 <3 I very much hope I could write it well enough and that you’re going to like it! And I will do my best and to take some time off for myself as well <3 <3


When his partner tells him about their worries, he is quiet for a moment. Shinsou is aware that they feel self-conscious at times and he makes sure that he knows what he’s going to say before he attempts to open his mouth.

Reaching out, he takes their hand and when they shuffle a bit closer to him, he laces their fingers together.

“I’m proud and happy to have you at my side.” He says, voice quiet and serious and his eyes are sincere when he holds their gaze. “I love your body and I love your hair, it’s all you.”

He reaches out with his free hand to run his fingertips over their hair and brushes his knuckles gently along their temple. When they tilt their head into the touch, he cradles their cheek.

“If you want to go, we go and I look forward to it.” He gives them a small, soft smile. “No one’s opinion but your own should stop you from doing what you want and from having a good time.” He rests his forehead against theirs. “I love you and I’m with you, no matter what you decide to do.”


A frown and scowl appears on his face when his partner tells him about their insecurities and for a moment, he wonders who all the fucktards are that made his partner feel this way and if he can still throw explosions at their asses.

“I don’t fucking care about other people.” Bakugou says once they finish and he takes their hands in his. His voice is honest and clear when he talks. “I fucking love you and if you want to go somewhere, we go. I am fucking happy to take you anywhere.”

Softening his voice a little, he rests his forehead against theirs and gives their hands a gentle, reassuring squeeze.

“You are wonderful and I’m damn proud to be with you. I love all of you, from your smile and hair to your habits and body. All of it is you and you are perfectly fucking fine.” He brushes a kiss against their forehead. “I love you and I got your back, okay? And no fucking matter what, I’ll love you regardless.”

anonymous asked:

Hello! I have to say that I love your blog and I support it so much, thank you for contributing to the BNHA fandom and sharing such nice content to us, todomomo fans! Also, I was curious about your headcanons for Shouto reacting to Momo in the Uwabami's commercial, seeing her with curly hair for the first time! I would love to read what you have in mind. (That's all, have a lovely day~!)

Thanks so much, its so nice to hear positive messages from you guys :) I was thinking about this last night actually after I watched episode 19… haha

-Todo was pleasantly surprised when he saw momo’s commercial….what kind of internship was she doing? To say the very least, he was curious…to the point where he had to ask her about it.

-Not that he didn’t like the advertisement. Frankly, he found momo’s performance very well done. He couldn’t think of anyone else that could pull off such a natural model-esque demeanor like Momo had. 

-”Uwabami-san wanted to teach us about the reality of hero work….I guess?” The girl smiled meakly

-Todo cocked an eyebrow; he didn’t recall his dad doing this sort of thing, but every pro hero is different, he decided. Momo squirmed uncomfortably, a blush creeping up her cheeks. She wanted to slap herself awake…the strongest boy in the class asking her about this was too much for her!!

-”It’s…kind of embarassing, isn’t it” Momo said and peeked through her bangs, head slightly tilted downwards. Unexpectedly, she saw him shaking his head.

-”No, I actually thought you looked quite good in it. Being a model could be your side job” 

-Hearing that made Momo jump a little….did…did Todoroki just compliment her?

-”Thank …thank you so much Todoroki-san!!!” Her mouth opened wide with her hands pushed against her face. She was elated beyond words….and thinking she’d be making a fool of herself on tv…well she hadn’t! 

-Was it her imagination or did his lips tug into a small smile?

-After school, Todo carried a bag of something back home. Fuyumi’s expression had question marks all over 

-”Shouto, what’s inside the bag? Looks heavy” “Ah,sis, do you want to try some of these? Apparently, it makes girls hair curl up or something like that” 

-Fuyumi’s brows knitted together in confusion. Why is her little brother buying her hairspray? 

-”Oh, I know this brand, Shouto….” She took the metal spray bottles out one by one and realized that all of them had the same girl on it…….hey, isn’t that Shouto’s classmate?!

-”Why did you buy so many? and they all have the same model’s face on it?” “Oh, that’s Yaoyorozu, she was modelling with Uwabami. Her hair’s all curly, I’m guessing the spray really does work.” 

-Todo’s sister blinked a few times, “…HUH????????”

-Fuyumi concluded that her brother was probably overly stressed from school or had a fever because he had NEVER EVER cared about a packaging enough to buy the products, LET ALONE A MODEL?! Did he just talk about the model???

-”Shouto, come, let me check your temperature….must be your quirks acting up again…making you sick” “Sis, I’m totally fine, what are you talking about?” 

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Can I just say that I love his hair on that wedding picture! It's so curly and I just want to tug on them and have them on my hands! Can't stop thinking about him eating me out and he's so fucking pissed out of his mind. Just feeling how sloppy and how giggly would he be during the whole thing and possibly how much louder and touchier would he be since he's drunk. 😭😭😭

“Taste so fucking goooood,” he whines like a child, diving back in for more, drunk off of you, your sweaty thighs sticking to his ears. MERCY.