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Please save Lin Xi.

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Look!! I got a new icon :D it’s by the super duper amazing @xlausenpai !!! And heck I really really love it ^-^ here’s their commission info too if you want to get anything! They’re really really nice!! And also!! I know it’s not quite as good, but I animated a little something for my header ^-^ I hope it looks okay! And I hope you’re all having really nice days too!! Ya!

lancemcdorable  asked:

C7 with Coran Hieronymus Wimbleton Smythe 😎

i knew i loved this man from the moment he stepped out of the cryopod


You sinners, drop everything
Let that harmony ring
Up to Heaven and sing
Sing, you sinners

so this game is pretty neat

(that’s an understatement)

(this game is really really neat)

Anne’s moment in This Is Me is the closest I’ve ever come to seeing someone just shout “Fight me!” at their love interest in a movie musical and I am absolutely here for it.

conflict of interests

(it’s been like more then 5 minutes since I drew dancing ducks so that means it’s time to draw that again right)

“The foreigner line of nct is great” I say into the mic.

The crowd boos. I begin walking off the stage in shame, when a sudden voice speaks and commands silence from the room.

“I lived in America for four years that’s why I’m here,” they say. I look for the owner of the voice. There in the 5th row stands: Jung Jaehyun.

((right to left)) 


(submission by @amplyempathetic)