it's loud too

Are you a sun autistic or moon autistic?

Sun autistic:
-Lots of loud noises
-Bright colours everywhere
-Only wears the same clothing
-Only eats the same food
-Always talks too much, all the time
-flappy hands™
-Big meltdowns

Moon autistic:
-Chews on everything
-Very quiet/non verbal
-Always decked out in 100 stim toys
-its too loud!!
-Ear defenders, dim lights, etc.
-eye contact? in ur dreams

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Is it me or did Lance seem ……strained this season? Most of his lines were rambly, he was confused as to why the mermaids would want HIM to help, he talked to the dog-alien (who’s name I forget) about how cool is teammates are yet called himself a seventh wheel.

It just felt off, like he was making up for something or trying to be loud so they wouldn’t forget he was there. He seemed really, really happy too when Shiro called him sharpshooter but then really mad when Shiro chose Keith to go instead of him. I really hope next season is gonna focus on him or Hunk because I want to know if he’s alright.


My brilliant fiance, this man of talent, Dustin Lance Black 💖

exo: *acting up*

suho: all of you shut the f *sees a camera* the f…..the front door! its too loud outside and i only want to hear your sweet voices! love you my brothers! #exoweareone


(May 2016)

a cluster of thoughts

No offense but I would find an episode that was completely action packed and had to do with fighting the diamonds defenses totally rad than watching ep where like. Idk fucking Ronaldo’s ex shows up and we gotta watch them try to get back together.

Like did su fans get bored of episodes with lore or conflict or fight scenes? No lmao


hc that Reigen knows signlanguage (granted this is all American sign language)

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pink slime on crinkly iridescent cellophane (theres all some background noise i hope its not too loud !!) 

I’m such a slut for those tropes where pairings run into each other in the kitchen at like 3am and then proceed to eat cold leftovers together and chat in quiet whispers and laughs bc they’re afraid of waking everyone else up


I hope every1 having a very good Saturday meanwhile I helped a lady find soap in a bathroom with no soap in the automatic dispensers except for the one I was standing in front of. Bless her soul lol

Also my friend introduced me as “Rachel” to his friends from his pyramid scheme job but I was too shocked to correct him so I went with it, and later when I told him he didn’t even believe me U n r e a l but I remember his friends’ names: Gigi and Kavika 💕