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Jace and Simon in the Season 2B trailer


how do you silence the voice in your head that tells you you’re a talentless hack and everything you write is garbage asking for a friend

I was reading this great fic and I was very inspired so I just had to draw something for it!! 

Also I 100% accept Evan getting Connor’s signature on his cast as a tattoo as cannon now

hey everyone! i reached a personal milestone for my blog not too long ago and i figured i would give my thanks by doing my first follow forever!! i have been on and off with tumblr but this time i can finally say i feel content with the results of this blog and i look forward to the future with it and all of you!! thank you for every one of you who follows me. i’m not entirely exciting or outrageously funny nor am i very active, but i still manage to keep your follows so thank you!!

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I believe you can see a lot
in people’s eyes
You can hear what’s coming out of their mouths
But you can see how they truly feel when they look at you
Maybe that’s why it broke my heart
Whenever I saw you over the years
Your smile never quite met your eyes
It was strained with everything you wanted to say
I could see the love you still had in your eyes
Torn between sadness and regret
But the thing that got to me the most was that they looked so haunted
The ghost of memories and what could have been
Lingered there
Its always been burned in my memory
And if you really looked in mine
It was like a mirror
That everything you felt
Was staring right back at you

concept: Lolan Eve not being, like, the only named abducted woman to have died in the mansion, or having her only four character traits be “dancer” and “lesbian” and “Black” and “dead”.

concept: Lolan Eve surviving, escaping, and having a happy life with her girlfriend - perhaps a Merli-based character? (Meera Night, estranged half-sister of Lazuli Blue?)

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Do you have any tips to people who want to start drawing? I really want to start but I'm afraid it will never turn out how I want it.

That’s wonderful!! Always great to hear people want to get into drawing :D 

Ok here’s some things that helped me when I was starting out and I hope they’ll help you too:

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you are not a hero.  monsters do not deserve that title.

you used to be something bright, something hopeful.
but that was before you had everything you held close
and thought was safe ripped away from you and
torn to shreds and the pieces thrown back in your face.
because when does the universe not mock little boys who hope?

so you’re not a very whole boy.  you’re not a very holy boy.
you don’t pray or beg or hope for things.  you just
let the world spin on its axis and whatever happens,
happens.  you don’t let yourself care.
you learned to just strike a match, and let the world burn.

let’s take a look at gold.  gold is pure.  it doesn’t tarnish,
doesn’t rust away to bone.  it gets sculpted
into something beautiful and strong, and then it holds true.
heroes are born from gold,
and then they hold true.

how about we put it like this:
if you’re a hero, then you’re made of gold.
if you’re a monster, then you’re not made of gold.
if you’re not made of gold, then you’re not a hero.
therefore, monsters cannot be heroes.
now let’s say that’s valid, let’s say that holds sound.
so if monsters cannot be heroes, cannot be made of gold,
what are they, then?

monsters are something more molten, something more susceptible to rust.
they’re impure, the edges of a shadow.
not the middle, of course, not the darkest part,
that’s more something like demons,
something that never had the chance to be good and right.
but monsters,
monsters are close enough to the light to touch, and they refuse it.
monsters make the choice to be monsters.
you make the choice to be you.

now to clarify how you fit that mold, how it is that you are,
definitively, a monster.
you did not have to kill her, but you did.
you did not have to push them to the edge of their lives, but you did.
you did not have to leave him hanging, but you did.
you did not have to let him think you could actually help him, but you did.
these are choices you’ve made.  these are things you have done.
on purpose.
these are lives you have ruined.
on purpose.

because, see, here’s the thing, you didn’t have to do this.
you really, really didn’t.
but instead you have blood on your hands and a hole in your chest,
and you let it all happen, made it all happen.
so what if you may have saved some of their lives?
you broke more of them into pieces.
you broke yourself into pieces.

you are a monster.  you failed to be a hero.

—  the tyrant // es

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fyi the fun fact about Ceres is mostly true. look it up, its actually interesting if you arent so dissmissive right away

nah dawg I wasnt saying “this is fake” i was pointing out how fake it SOUNDS

cereal is so mundane that it seems like a gigantic stretch to say that it’s name was taken from a greek god, even if it is true (which i do know it is).

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Natsume yuujincho is literally what I think about when I need to remind myself the world is beautiful <3<3<3 It feels really rare to find other people who know it though!

Natsume always gives a feeling of fullness~
It’s like a tender smile,
It’s like a sweet hug,
It’s like remembering the happy moments in our life,
But also some regrets,
And the comfort of it.
It’s about friendships,
It’s about family,
It’s about the simple things of life,
And the beauty in it.

This anime is all about emotions 

And it deserves so much more to get noticed for it.

1) my activity feed is still drowning

2) some people have actually responded negatively to that doggo lingo link

3) i found the bottom half of a baby (probably adolescent really) bird in the yard

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-slams the door wide open-Is the art request meme still going? Because I would like to request Liz in the giraffe sweater, if you may.

Perfect nap sweater (conveniently finished before I should be going to bed).

(Clothing prompt is from here)