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A fan told Seungkwan not to lose more weight and he pointed at a pic of himself and said “don’t you think I look better this way?” and she said “yess I do but I also like you with more weight, seriously stop losing weight 😭” and he replied “you speak so nicely” aND I WANT TO CRY

Godzilla 1985 - Red Menace reconstruction v1.0

This fan reconstruction uses footage from the Monsters HD TV broadcast recording of Godzilla 1985 and Toho’s transfer of The Return of Godzilla to recreate Godzilla 1985 in HD as accurately as possible. The US version’s editing was matched as closely as possible, numerous on-screen captions from the Japanese version had to be covered up, and the original subtitles for the Russian dialogue were carefully recreated.


 Notes on this version:

  • The Japanese footage was sourced from the Kraken Releasing Blu-ray as opposed to the TV broadcast recording used for previous versions, so the TV station icon is no longer there.
  • The Toho transfer has had its contrast adjusted to help alleviate the issues with the black levels and also been slightly color corrected.
  • The opening credits have been stabilized somewhat.
  • The English subtitles for the Russian dialogue have been carefully digitally recreated based on an Australian VHS rip that featured the original optical subtitles.
  • Grain has been applied to the entire project to help the standard-definition US footage blend a bit better with the HD Japanese footage.
  • While most of the film is accurate frame-for-frame, some minor differences in the timing of cuts and reel changes between the Toho and MHD transfers means that some shots will be about a frame out of sync - this isn’t noticeable while watching, though.


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A friend said I should try going digital so I did and made it a bit harder for myself by making gifs haha please appreciate my efforts, tumblr :*

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shizuo used spin attack, it was super effective!

Hello there Bisexual peeps!

My name is E.C Miller and I run a store called “Thready To Go” which specializes in LGBTQ related bracelets, namely pride flags!

There are currently 3 types of bracelets!

Large woven

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and Beaded!

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If you are interested please check out the store, it’s always open for buisness. They ship internationally and are done in a fairly quick pace at an inexpensive price! Also on top of that you are helping a fellow LGBTQ person! So everyone wins!

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Facebook fires trending team, and algorithm without humans goes crazy’ - The Guardian

Just months after the discovery that Facebook’s “trending” news module was curated and tweaked by human beings, the company has eliminated its editors and left the algorithm to do its job. The results, so far, are a disaster.

Over the weekend, the fully automated Facebook trending module pushed out a false story about Fox News host Megyn Kelly, a controversial piece about a comedian’s four-letter word attack on rightwing pundit Ann Coulter, and links to an article about a video of a man masturbating with a McDonald’s chicken sandwich.

The dismissal of the trending module team appears to have been a long-term plan at Facebook. A source told the Guardian the trending module was meant to have “learned” from the human editors’ curation decisions and was always meant to eventually reach full automation.

Give Dan Howell the role of Christopher Robin in the new Winnie the Pooh movie

This petition needs about 4,000 more signatures to reach its goal!
This petitions goal is to get Dan to play Christopher Robin in the next Winnie the Pooh movie and we all know how fantastic that’d be

Link: (if it’s not working for some reason just message me)


Now, you may have seen these images:

Rather humorously linked with:

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But, what about the golden inscribed and cursed ring that had J.R.R. Tolkien actually called to the temple site of its discovery to work out the translation for?

I find that to be far more interesting.

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Friendly Reminder

if you see an outrageous “””news””” story on tumblr, check the link. check snopes if you have to.

unsourced statistics are worth shit

basically any unsourced claims are terrible and you should never believe them. If you hear something that sounds ridiculous being portrayed as truth, ask. for. a. source.

if you cannot find a source. it’s not true.

never take anything at face value.

泣雨  by  death-the-cat

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im trans & have rlly bad dysphoria & bpd and self harm on a regular basis and its nothing bad enough to cause permanent scars or anything but i really want to stop, do you have any tips? i gotta wait 2 more years before i can move out and i cant transition until then bc my parents are transphobic af, nor can i go to therapy

oh my gosh im so sorry! here i found a link which had pretty good advice on how to stop yourself from self harming in my opinion: ( dysphoria// transphobia// self harm// )

Curses, hexes, jinx

It has become clear to me that most people don’t know the difference between hexing, cursing, and jinxing.  This could be because of multiple reasons, largely due, in my opinion to different cultures and/or language barrier.  Keep in mind this information is based solely on what I personally have read so as I have done in previous posts, I’ll link my sources below.

Cursing: A curse is a sort of last ­ditch effort; it is intentionally putting adversaries at harm through magickal means. Cursing is basically weaponizing your energy to hurt another. Because you are using your magick to take down your enemies or whoever has wronged you, this is the most severe out of the categories. A curse will run its course until the desired outcome is reached.

Hexing: Hexing seem like the most popular out of the witch community in modern times.  A hex is not as rough as a curse and is usually meant to teach another a lesson. Say if your ex cheated on you, you could put a hex on them that would cause their next partner to cheat on them as a sort of a retribution for what they did to you. The proper way to do this would be to create a spell that would die out once they have learned their lesson (if not, then it’s a curse).

Jinxing: A jinx is the least worrisome out of the three here.  A jinx is usually placed on an object or person and only reeks havoc for a short period of time. Jinxing isn’t is as common modern times, at least in my experience.

(Many of these vary from place to place so don’t yell at me, I don’t want to hear it.)