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this fandom is beyond ridiculous and fucking irritating, henrik didnt say anything wrong lmao and as someone whos done acting and had to answer questions like that, what he said was totally normal? he's not in the US right now, his acting career in norway is still small, he doesn't need to be as cautious as high profile actors in the US. this fandom... its like they understand nothing. theres a time and a place, he talks a bit different in each interview with different people...

and his thing abt ‘supportive friends’ was totally true tho, some people who are ur friends can get too obsessed with your character and treat you different and put you on a pedestal. its incredibly unhealthy to continuously take your work (e.g. even which is a complex character) home and be hounded abt it 24/7 bc you need to take care of yourself too. thats why in acting there is so so much talking and analysis so you’re also able to separate yourself at the end of the day, it’s work.


yeah see this sums it up about right. 

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I don't get why everyone thinks Mika's 'obsession' with Yuu is unhealthy, but when other characters like Mikasa (for example) are even crazier and more obsessed with a person, it's okay? (I love Mikasa, but it's true)

Both Mikaela and Mikasa have very good reasons for being the way they are towards their respective loved one what with the things they’re going through.

I’d say neither relationship is very healthy because (well, I’m not sure about Mikasa because I don’t read the manga, but) both are relationships of dependence.
Mika goes wherever Yuu wants and has no other option but do what he wants (even reluctantly) because he has nobody else and has no other reason to live.
That is not healthy, and if they were in a modern/normal situation the relationship would be pretty difficult.

But they’re not. They’re in a situation where Mika’s fears and paranoia over Yuu’s safety are 100% justified, just like Mikasa’s.

And let me remind you all this:

No relationship in Owari is actually healthy. All of them are pretty fucked up as of now, for obvious reasons.

So when I say “Mika and Yuu’s relationship is not healthy” I don’t mean it’s something abnormal or that they’re the only ones. No.
This blog is about Mika/Yuu for a reason. I’m not going to spend my time explaining why each and every single relationship in this series is unhealthy.

Now, do not make the mistake of confusing the words unhealthy and abusive.

Yuu/Mika is not an abusive relationship. It’s just unhealthy because the situation does not allow either of them to heal, but they’re not abusing each other in any way.
If anything, they’re trying to protect each other in the best way they can in their own way…

Obsessive relationships are not healthy. Believe me… I’d been in one.
Mika’s obsession is not that bad, though. He’s protective but at least he’s not possessive and he doesn’t expect anything from Yuu apart from his safety.

Juvia Lockser pt 2 (or, we can’t argue that Gruvia isn’t unhealthy at this point)

Gruvia is hands down the most controversial semi-canon pairing in Fairy Tail, and given the nature of the ship it’s fairly easy to see why.There’s really no problem with liking Gruvia in its current form, and there’s equally no problem with disliking Gruvia either. In my personal opinion, the problem starts becoming evident when the argument is made that Gruvia in its current form is healthy, or normal, or even the ideal romantic situation. This is simply not true. Given the nature of this essay, I’d like to state that while this isn’t intended to be anti-Juvia, it is anti-Gruvia and technically anti-the way Gruvia’s written and Juvia’s role in it, so anyone not wishing to read such content is advised to step away. Since this is part of my Juvia series, I’ll be focusing on why Gruvia is unhealthy for Juvia, and I may retread to focus on why it’s unhealthy for Gray later…

In addition: I’d like to thank everyone that liked, reblogged, messaged and followed me following the first part of this series. I love all of you, and I really hope this essay meets your standards! Given that the next part might take a while, I’m also open to suggestion as to what my next topic should be! 

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I feel really bad for eric, while Dylan’s parents fought to get his things back and cherish his memory by talking to people and sharing stories of his life, eric gets the short end of the stick. To me at least, it seems like his parents just want to forget about it. I understand that everyone has different ways of coping with bad situations but i feel like eric deserves to have stories of his childhood told like dylan gets to.

Hoomestuck 6/28/15 Upd8: Bro Hug

I started using LibreOffice, and being able to copy-paste images from it made a WORLD of difference. Its not perfect, but its better then what I used to do. Anyway, I LOVED this upd8, and I suspect I’m not alone. We’ve been waiting for this interaction between the Striders for a LONG time. I kept expecting this upd8 to end at any one page, but for once Hussie didn’t leave us hanging.

Reaction and speculation below!

Highlights from mousing over the old convos today. First, we have Rose apparently daydreaming about  smothering Jasprose? That’s…kinda fucked up. Anyone else a little worried about this?

Jasprose herself is headed for LOTAK. I wonder why?

And Calliope is now meeting with the Mayor! That should be fun.

Today’s convo is Dave and Dirk. Let’s see how this goes.

After some talking about Jack English, we have yet another awkward silence. Come on guys…

And Dirk seems to realize how awkward this is. He’s clearly trying to break said silence, but its not going well.

This looks like a promising line of inquiry.

Dirk obviously was looking forward to this meeting more then Dave. But Dave, on the other hand, has made it clear that he’s been near dreading this:


Naturally, learning how much Dirk looked up to Dave takes the latter off-guard. Dave hasn’t had the best self-esteem (see his ‘I’m not a hero’ line), and for most of his life, he’s put his Bro up on this pedestal (Keyword: Most, as the rest of this upd8 later showed). Hearing how an alt-version of his Bro actually hero-worshipped him, well, it kinda throws him for a loop.

Dave puts my words right into my mouth.

Now THIS should be interesting. Because Dave back when everyone was gathered near Skaia made an interesting comment about Bro:


I’m expecting this upd8 to peeter out any second now. Probably after this beat panel:

Or this one, or…Huh, it just keeps going.

Oh ho?

I’ve mentioned on this blog before that back in April I got validation from my psych that well…Well, it was a bomb, to say the least. Long story short, I can relate to a lot of what Dave says on this page SO FUCKING MUCH. Where do I even begin?

Like the sense of overarching dread he describes here.

Or how he was convinced for the longest time things were 'normal’ before piecing together in hindsight that, no, it was NOT normal.

Or how he came out with an incredibly low sense of self-worth that only started to be fixed when he was around people who actually, genuinely, cared. Which also probably helped him piece together what happened and realize what he went through was NOT okay.

Sorry, some personal stuff came out there. But this pretty much confirms Bro was abusive. Its nice to see it taken seriously, rather then being played for laughs like it was early on in the comic.

This entire page were Dirk takes responsibility for what happened and apologized was great. And likely to some degree cathartic to Dave. Its not the same, true, but…(I’ll get into this more later.)

Dirk and Jake’s relationship is also confirmed unhealthy. I don’t think that’s going to stop the DirkJake shippers, though.

This is important, I think, because its Dave acknowledging that Dirk is different from his Bro in a good way. Because before now I think Dave was kinda equating them in his mind, and this bit shows he’s detaching them. Which is important because if Dirk really WAS the same as Bro in personality, Dave wouldn’t want much to do with him for obvious reasons. But this is Dave pretty much starting the clear the way for him and Dirk to try having some kind of relationship.

Dirk pretty much telling Dave that 1. He was awesome and 2. Is probably a good person. I would hope hearing about his Post-Scratch self would help Dave’s self-esteem a bit.

Okay, I’ve wrote about this EXACT THING in another post (when I was making comparisons to Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker):

Well, first, the Wind Waker was about letting go of a lost past. At the end, the old Hyrule was flooded. Link and Tetra/Zelda sailed off to establish a ‘new Hyrule’ in a far off land. I’ve speculated in the previously mentioned John and Vriska post that Vriska will help John properly come to terms with his dad’s death. The theme of ‘letting go’ would also tie into one of more tragic elements of Sburb: The fact that these kids never got the chance to ‘properly’ grow up on their world:

But despite that, signs point to them being part of something incredible. Whether creating a new universe, or even a new reality. Their old world may be gone, but they have the chance to establish an entirely new world.

So apparently, I was onto something? Who knows.

This is sweet in some way. Dave has had this obsession with being a 'coolkid’ for most of the story. Dirk is pretty much saying, 'You aren’t cool, but in the way that actually means jack shit, and that’s actually a good thing.’ I also like how it acknowledges Dave is cool in the 'right way’. Its really hard to describe here, but this part right here feels like a 'capstone’ in Dave (and to a lesser extent, Dirk’s) character arc. Or at least an important turning point.

Omigosh, Dave is actually HUGGING HIM! SQUEE! (I’m such a sucker for these kinds of moments you have no idea.)

And Dirk is hugging him back! AGH, I could die from the cuteness! (I already spent the 'dead’ card a while back, though.)

So, this whole thing clocked out at 14 pages (counting images) according to LibreOffice. I repeat, being able to copy-pase images from that made a HUGE difference. Anyway, this was an AWESOME upd8, one of my favorites in a while. Tomorrow’s convo is Roxy and Kanaya, where Roxy will presumably give Kanaya the Matriorb.  And then, well, who knows what will happen. The battle will begin? I can’t wait to find out!

Hope you enoyed!

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Seriously tho, being severely obese is not something to be proud of. It's not discrimination to say it's unhealthy, it's a fact. Oh btw, smokers have higher healthcare costs too bc people who abuse their bodies are more likely to have health issues and have to use insurance benefits. It's statistics and facts, and they don't care about your feelings.

“Fat isn’t healthy.” 

Sweetheart, that’s just not true. Those naughty little facts you mentioned proved you wrong. 

Copied from another post of ours:

Obesity is largely genetic, rather than caused by willpower or a lack of exercise.  Obesity has many different factors, not all of which are related to lifestyle.

Health is complicated, and in fact, a lot of healthy fat people do in fact exist.

Losing weight isn’t as easy as just “exercise and eat right.”

A lot of health problems people associate with being fat are caused by other things.

We have a whole list of resources on why the idea that fat is unhealthy is bullshit, if you care:

Mod G totally destroyed someone for making these kinds of “fat people are unhealthy” comments not long ago.

So basically, our comments on this aren’t made up. Got it?

I think you need to read this:

I am also going to add this:

“It’s not discrimination to say fat is unhealthy”

Except, when we talk about discrimination against fat people… That’s not what we are talking about.

Copied from that same post:

Fat people are, in fact, discriminated against.

For example, people stereotype us as bullies, as lazy, as ugly, as unathletic (yes, fat people can, in fact, be athletic), as incapable of having sex, as a fetish object, as nothing but fat friend material (and no more important than that), etc. I mean, I could go on for a while.

When we are represented on TV, which is very rarely, our character’s lives revolve around their weight. All the time. It’s really amazing how badly we are represented. Hell, this whole page is full of evidence that fat people are badly represented in media! (It’s even worse if you’re a fat black woman.)

Oh, and people use weight as a reason to not vote for certain political candidates!

Fat people also get worse medical care than thin people, simply because doctors don’t want to treat us. Fat trans people find the poor medical care thing to be especially difficult. This also happens to fat people with mental illness.

Doctors are definitely some of the worst fat shamers. Need proof? Try this:

All of that is just fat shaming caused by doctors. Seriously.

And who could forget these fat shaming, ableist memes:

It’s harder for fat people to find clothes. And we are limited in what we are allowed to wear. And stores like getting rid of whatever clothes would fit us.

And there was this whole mess:

I mean, fat people are constantly discriminated against everywhere, as I have explained plenty of times. How anyone could not see that is beyond me.

Here’s a whole fact sheet on ways fat people are discriminated against:

And here are some more resources that prove fatphobia is real:

You can read the rest of that post here:

“Oh btw, smokers have higher healthcare costs too bc people who abuse their bodies are more likely to have health issues and have to use insurance benefits.”

First of all, don’t compare fat people and smokers. Okay? 

Second, @ok2befat has debunked the idea that fat people cost people more money multiple times. 

Third…. What does this have to do with anything?

Anon, you’re fatphobic. Shut up and go away. -V

About the Junkrat/Roadhog Age Gap...

I’ve been hearing tell that people are getting shit for shipping Roadrat because of their difference in age, among other things. See, I find this to be quite bullshit, and I’ve got a little story to tell everyone so we can stop bitching about this.

I have a very good friend who is actually approximately Junkrat’s age. For the sake of this story, let’s call her Unicorn. She likes unicorns, shut up. And one day at work, she meets this nice lady who we shall call Polar Bear. Polar Bear happens to be in her late 40′s, about Roadhog’s age. They became quick friends at work, and it eventually turned into a romance. They now live together quite happily, with no more drama than any “normal” couple with a more socially acceptable age difference.

Now, that’s not to say everything’s peachy. They still get into little arguments and tiffs, like any couple does. They’ve both got their share of issues. Unicorn has a family history of schizophrenia and other mental illness, something she keeps a keen eye out for in herself. She grins and giggles madly when she’s nervous. She’s had trichtillomania since she was a little girl, which makes her compulsively pull her hair out, especially when she’s nervous, resulting in bare patches in her hair. (incidentally a headcanon I have for Junkrat, prolly because of my friend here) She has anxiety issues, she has social issues, and she’s got a lot of shit on her plate. BUT!! That does not mean she lets people push her around in a relationship, regardless of size or age difference. She is not weak because of her mental issues, she is strong in spite of them.

Polar Bear is slightly different, albeit in a similar boat as Unicorn. She’s the tough one in the relationship, and would probably deck you one if you said something to upset Unicorn. She’s quiet about what bothers her, and has a bad habit of letting all of her stresses and anxieties and problems build up inside until they’re ready to explode. Still, she doesn’t lash out at Unicorn when this happens. She talks to her, tells her what’s wrong, and Unicorn listens. And afterward, Polar Bear feels a little better, not because the stresses are gone, but because she’s shared them with someone she truly cares for and it’s helped take a tiny bit of the burden off of her shoulders. The difference in their age completely disappears when they’re together. It doesn’t matter to them. They’re equal in every way in each other’s eyes, and most importantly, they love each other.

So no, I don’t think the Roadhog/Junkrat relationship is unhealthy because of their age difference or even because of any mental illness or disability. I prefer to think of their relationship as being like the one Polar Bear and Unicorn have. People may whisper, people may judge, but as far as those two are concerned, everyone else can go wank off, because they’re happy together and that’s all that fucking matters.

I fully acknowledge that this will not happen, but I ask you to just think about it. Fate and family were the founding themes of OUAT. Doesn't it just make more sense for Emma to have hastily gotten into a plainly unhealthy codependent relationship following the death of her True Love that would lead her to the Underworld where she could be given a chance to look back on her journey and eventually save the more worthy man? I can't help it, it just seems like a stronger narrative to me. The setup is there, sadly I know the framing is not and it's infuriating. Emma and Co are going on a Bogus Journey to rescue the serial killing asshole that tried to send them all to hell and it's going to be built up as Emma's epic romance. But it's shitty writing and a horrible message. I implore some talented writer to fic the ever loving fuck out of this. There is real potential in this story that will be utterly wasted otherwise.