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That one morning argument which they don't speak of:
  • Prompto: Noctis, shut that sexy face of yours, or I will seriously slap you!
  • Noctis: Wait did you say "sexy"?
  • Prompto: What did I just fucking tell you??
  • Prompto: *Slaps Noctis's ass* you know it

Merry (late) Christmas to @haikujitsu!!! I made this comic from this amazing drabble that brought joy into my life. I hope you like it, sorry it’s late! I hope your Christmas was amazing, and I wish you a happy new year!! <3


he’s so beautiful (´▽`ʃƪ)♡

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Typical female percussionist conversation: Me: I'm a musician Them: Cool! What do you play? The flute? Me: No, I'm a percussionist. Them: Really?? Me: Yeah What I'm thinking: BANG BANG PARADIDDLE BOOM BITCH Sorry if this isn't appropriate, but I get that a lot. "You look like a flute player." We discussed this in my Music Ed class and how much people, especially young students, tend to place instruments with a specific gender. There are 3 female percussionists in my studio of 25. It's crazy.

Percussion studio gender ratios are usually worse than low brass studios, which is both impressive and terrifying to me.

Kids do this a lot, which makes me upset. At a very young age they associate instruments with gender, because their parents or music teachers have already done this for them. Every time I would go to a new teaching placement in my degree program, I would have the kids guess what instrument I played. I would say that 75% of the time, they guessed flute. I actually had a little girl cry once because I was the first adult female trombonist she had ever met and she didn’t know that there were others like her out there.

That should not have had to happen.

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I know this is a bit more serious than your normal awesome anons so I'm sorry, but I really look up to you as an artist and wanted to know if/how you deal with negative feelings about your art? I just spent the past hour trying to draw anything remotely good and I'm crying and so frustrated and hopeless. It doesn't help that I keep giving up for months on end but it's so hard to deal with. Do you have any advice? I'm sorry you don't have to answer I know it's not a cute or funny ask I'm sorry

Please don’t feel the need to apologize, I appreciate your ask, it’s okay!
I understand what you’re going through, especially since I constantly feel like I’m disappointing myself or that I can do so much better. For me, I think the best thing to do is to not deprecate yourself. You’re doing your best, and it’s amazing that you decided to pick up a pencil today, you’re doing great already! 

Try to find the things that you’ve done well in your drawings! Maybe that one brush stroke was really smooth and your lines are amazing or that color looks really good and that one circle actually looks like a circle. Even if it’s a really small detail or something you liked during your drawing process, then you’re succeeding !!

Take your time, and be lenient with yourself. If it feels like you’ve been drawing for hours and nothing turns out the way you want it to, take a break. you can come back to it later, you did your best for the day, it’s okay
Allow yourself to doodle whatever else is on your mind without thinking about how good it should turn out, kind of like as stress-reliever or just to blep down silly ideas

Be proud of what you can do because you’re giving it your all, you’re constantly improving with every line you make, and you’re the only one who can draw the way you do! even if it wasn’t a complete piece, whatever you’ve drawn is already making you a better artist, so please keep going <:

Jay Park - Unspoken Rule

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“Park Jaebum?!” You repeated in a high pitch voice, your jaw dropping wide open. You wanted to confirm that you heard her right and that your ears weren’t deceiving you.

“Yes. Is there a problem?” Your boss asked you, surprised by your flabbergasted reaction. She arched one of her almost non-existent eyebrows at you, looking at you with questioning eyes, which were also partly filled with concern.

“N-no,” you answered reluctantly, shaking your head in response. Well, there wasn’t a problem per se. You didn’t even know him personally. But you weren’t very enthusiastic about working with him either. One of your close friends had broken up with him several months ago. And she didn’t really have nice things to say about him. Even while they were still in a relationship, she was mostly complaining about him. His lack of time and attention, his perverted music videos and lyrics, his big ego, his playfulness, his rudeness, his randomness. And the list went on endlessly.

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Has anyone done the “immortal and time traveler” au for davekat yet because if not please imagine it, and if it’s already been done, I’m sorry!

But there’s so much that can be done with this AU, I’m surprised it’s not already popular. With Dave as the time traveler and Karkat as the immortal. 

Imagine all the different time periods Dave and Karkat could ensue their antics in. Watching Shakespearean romcoms but its ACTUAL Shakespeare, being real life knights, finding out Jack Noir is actually Jack The Ripper or something stupid like that, making money off predicting historical events. Not to mention all the different time periods, Ancient Greece, Ancient Egypt, Edo Japan, Renascence Rome, Industrial England, 50′s/60′s/70′s America. ANYWHERE and ANYTIME. (assuming Karkat moves around)

Imagine Dave bring Karkat col future things while Karkat just calls the future stupid but he sure does like the “Dane Cook” fella. 

Imagine Dave staying for a couple of months and the whole time he and Karkat would do nothing but talk and cuddle because Karkat missed him so much.

Imagine Dave feeling guilty for making Karkat wait so long, and Karkat feeling worried when it’s been a very long time since he’s seen Dave.

Imagine Karkat getting upset when he noticed Dave is aging, and he isn’t.

Imagine Dave never wanting to leave, and promising Karkat that one day in the future they can get married. 

Imagine them both being there for historical events, totally fucking shit up in the background. 

Imagine each of them giving the other something to remember them by.

Optional, imagine that Dave is from the 2000′s and can’t travel beyond that point, meanwhile Karkat will only be able to say “immortal” until the 21st century (I guess temporary immortality isn’t quite immortality but you can’t die) so after them waiting until the year 2000 to see each other a minute before new years, and then finally being able to lead out the rest of their lives together, normally, while being able to age, linearly, after so many years of waiting and worrying.

Imagine Dave dabbing in historical photos and Karkat doesn’t get it until many years later. 

Dating Alex Standall Would Include (Male Reader):

hey guys! sorry it took me so long to get this out, ive just been super busy this week. again, this is super long and i feel like i could have done better, but i didnt want to keep you guys waiting so long. thank you for your patience! please give me your feedback!


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  • the first time you officially meet alex, youre completely unprepared
  • its the first day of junior year and even though its only third period youre already exhausted
  • youre one of the first students to walk in to ap english and youre horrified to note that this class not only has the desks paired of in twos, but also has a seating chart
  • you take you assigned seat (thankfully in the back of the class) and wait for more students to file in with baited breath
  • you decide to just pop your headphones in scroll through twitter instead of watching the door like an idiot, ignoring the anxiety that comes with being in a new class
  • its about a minute before the bell rings when someone plops down next to you, startling you away from your phone

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aaAa here it is!! Bokuaka from shilles’ atla au!!

I really really love this au *o* you’ve chosen all the elements so well for everyone, I’ll probably draw more of it in future!!


the calendar (2011) vs. the good, the bad, and the dirty (2016) -


 Guys I have a sad thing to tell you all. I’ve been not payed about my last comission and looks like I will not. I fought for some months for it but nah, I will not receive what is mine so soon. So unfortunaly, commissions will need to payed before I do the art, cause there is no way I can let it happen again. My family barely have money to keep us feeded everyday, I cant work for nothing. Its sad I cant trust people anymore, I am devasted. 

 The only cases that the payment can be done after the deliver is people that ALREADY bought me art, regular costumers. I am so, so sorry that it have to be like this. 

 Anyway, my commisson tab is here for anyone that wants to read it. 

If Silver was as passionate about Flint I wonder how many people would be telling him he’s wrong? If he chose Flint’s love over the war would you still hate Him? If Thomas showed up tomorrow and Flint walked away would you be angry or say after all this man has been through he deserves to fight for what he wants above a tenuous alliance bordering on friendship. Are we really mad Silver finally said enough! Oh, but Flint saved his life and Flint is about the war and how could he?? No you sit the fuck down because your ship sunk the fuck at the bottom of the ocean and NOW conveniently after ignoring Madi are famgirling her because she’s the only one left that Flint is a one man vengeance show. His arguments are THE SAME shit he’s been spewing from day one. All the people he has killed to cover his manipulation and betrayal to his own crew that included Silver. HE killed a man like a father to Billy. He drove his crew into a storm to kill them all cause he was mourning but we can’t see how desperate love could spur Silver. Yeah ok. These people are transparent as fuck and I don’t give a fuck. Flint got what he’s been working on from day one; someone honestly just saying you got to go because you are not mentally healthy enough to lead anything as not only does it only have to be YOUR way but you keep dragging reluctant or naive ass people to be something they dont want! I mean does Silver really have a right to refuse or what? I guess not. Everyone doesn’t share the same dream and because his is love it’s “crazy” and making him unrelikeable. Well news surprise Flint is a selfish asshole that will lead you to your death as this man has no intention of stopping. If he DID respect his friend at all in the first place he wouldn’t have betrayed him or are we forgetting that? As of its the first. I wish people would stop acting like they are th epitome of friends when then NEVER were. I’m sorry but Do you consider your friend as someone that you have to watch your back with? Someone who is using you when you don’t want to. I get fighting to the greater good ( though we all know that is not Flint’s truth. Toby Stephens Fucking said it himself so fuck a this Flint is doing it for the right reason bullshit. He’s not. Period.) But it IS a choice. I’m sorry but when did pirating become the way? I get it’s a pirate show but it’s clear they are showing that things worth dying and fighting for can be just as important as a war on the basis on if people can get along. Which as a black person is very unnerving to hear especially then which shows even Flint’s naive thinking. It was never going to work. He’s trying to make a pirate state a thing as if it should be. Silver has been introduced to this life but never embraced it. He was a conman not a murderer not a rapist. Not a gambling drunk as most of his brethren are. To Flint they are numbers. To Silver it’s more. He knows after his own experiences that he could ( Silver by not getting her away from Flints influence) could be the reason she does for him bringing her in it To tether him because you know…he was afraid to have to go to the darkness to reach Flint. Shouldn’t that be concerning itself that to get tons person you have to stoop to their own depravity. I could go on and on but what’s the point. Too many people shocked about a ship that never to sail which is fine really. Have your outrage but let’s not pretend Flint is altruistic. Don’t pretend you care about Madi if you’ve barely mentioned her name in your posts. This woman is the ONLY one fighting for something good and all Silver is trying to do is make sure she achieves what she wants minus the man who always go left. His whole purpose right now is valid. She wants to save her people. Flint wants to hammer at Emgland in revenge and destroy everything it has by taking 200 people out and sacking civilizations and people and children who didn’t do shot but be born on that soil. Listening to all arguments in the end Flint’s vision wasn’t enough to sway Silver. He’s done hearing the same false, completely ridiculous, and very loose ideals that cover the truth and Madi is so damn Queen but ultimately still trying to maintain the alliance for her people because in the face of it all that’s all she can do but will talk about my bae in another post. Flint got what was coming to him. You keep screwing over people as he has many a done time comes for karma. Now he knows what its like to be murdered by someone you thought was a friend sorry not sorry lol. I love Flint but I’m not blind to what he is. Hands down Silver is not going psycho for Madi. He’s doing what needs to be done so that she makes it to complete her dream that doesn’t need to happen via war. Peace treaties are a thing. Julius would agree and I love Madi but she wasn’t a slave. Dying a martyr is nice but when you’ve never had your freedom it’s not beneficial. She dies and then what? Nothing accomplished and Flint sure as hell has already mentally moved on to Barbados and Boston so she dies, Flint moves on with the army she and Billy helped create and Nassau is left to have humanity find its way cause he has faith…. Silver is like

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