it's like whipped cream

you: vassa is white she has red hair 

me, an intellectual:

i’m sorry i couldnt 

hear you over the 

sounds of 

the sixth queen

queen vassa 

the cursed firebird

She’s Beauty and she’s Grace, she’s Alolan Dugtrio (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) 

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ooooh my god i love ur headcanons so much!!! any possibility of some chub thomas in winter being fluffy with his bf (thats a lot to ask m'sorry) either ham or mads, whichever you like



  • Turns into an introvert (he’s already semi-introverted to begin with) but now he’s always home. Reading and drinking hot cocoa like its water
  • Like he has packets of that Swiss brand filling up his trashcan, and its not regular cocoa its got the works of whipped cream and marshmallow fluff (Like gramma makes it) 
  • He visits home during the winter because fuck that Northern snow
  • His siblings tease him about his weight gain because Thomas has always been the tall and delicate sort of boy growing up
  • If he’s dating Mads they wear matching sweaters, cute couply sweaters 
  • Mads enables his winter habits, they cozy up and fluff up together
  • If he’s dating Ham its constant ass grabbing “nice~” comments
  • Ham finds winter Thomas really cute, they silently read books side by side, holding hands not speaking for once. 
  • Its the only time they aren’t yapping
  • Ham drinks Mocha though, he can’t just do sugar, its gotta have caffeine 

can you tell how tired i am

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what's your favorite flavor of ice cream?



Does it have to be just one flavor? I like sundaes or at least some sort of additional garnish to it. I guess strawberry lol^^ but I like it with a drizzle of caramel or chocolate, or something, and I like berries, and whipped cream, and even pocky or maybe a waffle with it! There are such amazing looking sundaes in Japan that I can’t wait to try, they sometimes make them look like cute animals too! But I guess anything fruity as its base is what I like hahah~

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…I like whipped cream and bonbons with mine too.