it's like we're on a date or something

  • Konoha: Akaashi, have something to do tomorrow? Komi and I are gonna visit this new game store near the train station.
  • Akaashi: Sorry. Have to babysit all day.
  • Komi: Whoa. Didn't know you have a younger bro. Or was it "sis"?
  • Bokuto: *shouts from the other side of the court* Akaashi, don't forget our date tomorrow!
  • Akaashi: Babysit.
  • Konoha and Komi, knowingly looking at each other: Ohhh...

everyone knows that boruto and mitsuki are dating except boruto and mitsuki bc they’ve been this affectionate with each other since they were kids????? this amount of touching and cuddling and pet names is normal??????