it's like watching animals at the zoo

RFA with child that wants to be like them in future.

Maybe I will add V/Saeran in future!


- He is very happy to hear that. He cries tears of joy hearing that.

- His eyes brighted at the idea to teach his own child about that wonderful job!

- But he is a little worried that he will mess it up or bore him/her.His son/daughter has to ensure him he is not boring/ he will do fine. 

- Will tell them story how he went to university because of his cousin (involving story about Sally) and how their mother motivated him to continue learning.

- Oh boi, will he talk about you.. how did you two meet.. how much he loves you.. even how you went one day to cinema to watch horror film ( he will say that you were the one who was scared and he protected you, but in reality  he was the one who got scared the shit out of him)

- Litterally takes that kid to his job to show everything to them.

- If there is a pet his child wants/is their favorite. He is going to buy/adopt it (unless its something like tiger lol) He will tell them all curiosities about that animal!

- Will take her/him to zoo, barn, aquarium, forest or even safari! Anything related to animals! Of course if you acccept that kind of trips. Mother’s sentence is very important.

- He will have heart attack if his child  come near dangerous animal. Please dont do this to him. Later on, he wont let her/him go too far without him

- Very fun but anxious/worried 24/7.


- Here we see the most proud parent of the year.

- Seriously. He LOVES the idea to be his child’s mentor.

- Will always be at his son’s/daughter’s performance at school. He will be the one loudly screaming ,, THATS MY BOY/GIRL!” even if its terrible. He will be here for his child.

-  He will practice with him/her a lot. When I mean a lot I mean a LOT. More than 50% bonding with his child is practicing/helping them with their lines but that doesnt mean there is no fun. Remember he is a cool dad.

- He is that one parent that shows everyone their child’s performances like ,,Have you seen her/him? Isnt he/she just the most talented kid you have seen in your life? Look its her/him here!”.

- Straightforward registering his child to theatre/dance club.

-He will make sure they look FABULOUS. Makes sure they are a star above all.

-If any other kid makes fun of them. He will fight them. He will scare shit out of him/her. You will need to calm him or he will fight that kid right there for insulting his precious baby.

Jaehee ( coffee franchise not assistant!):

- She freezes for a moment. Wait are she/he for real?! THATS AWESOME.

- She is very passionate to show you everything.

- Trips to coffee franchise every week! But she/he cant drink it until they are older. She worries for their health!

- Jaehee is impressed that her child wants to continue family buisnsess ( you both are partners/lovers so). Amazed at the fact she/he interest in coffee when she/he is very young.

- Shows them all kinds of coffee beans.

- How can you breed perfect cup of espresso? They know that all thanks to their perfect momma.

- Jaehee wil teach them everything. She is a perfect teacher.



- Just imagine how teacher and classmates were confused by how much she/he knows about coffee.


- Well he knew his child would continue family’s buisness so he is not suprised at all.

- What he is suprised is that he/she wants to be perfect as he.

- Well he might seemed not intrested but oh were you wrong.

- He employed the best teachers that  he ( not his assistant. He shows all interests in his baby by himself.) could find.

- After that, the child is well educated in anything that is related to buisness (including cat buisness).

- He will give him/her advices.

- Although, he wont be so great. He learned his way to sucess on his own. He had to be perfect so it might be hard for him to show it to his child.

- He dont pressure him/her. Despite everything he wants his child to be happy.



- He is excited. Very excited. Please calm down.

- But deep inside he worries for them.He wants them to be safe and this job is very dangerous.

- Still he shows her/him all those cool stuff you can make on computer.

- One day his child scared the shit out of uncle Yoosung by placing a jumpscare in LOLOL file. Seven was very proud of her/him. You werent suprised by that at all.

- Will he talk about floppy disks. He will.

- Shows them memes by the chance.

- Teaches him/her about slang (can you name it like that?) like jk, rofl, idk.

- He talks about new and old computers.

- She/he is a computer expert.

anonymous asked:

so i was thinking about getting an american toad but my friend thinks that they would be boring pets. i know theyre not like dogs or cats or whatever but i think theyre cute and id still be interested in getting one. whats the best part about keeping toads?

Well I would only recommend getting toads or any land-dwelling frog if you can appreciate them for what they are. Its true they’re not a social or affectionate pet, I rarely ever handle mine except for pictures or cleaning, and 2/3 of them are hidden so often I only see them maybe twice a week on average. Their enclosures take up a lot of space, their food costs add up, and my male keeps me up at night with his calling. [But its so cute I can’t even be mad.]

Their appeal comes less from what they can give me and more from the satisfaction of giving them an environment where they can preform their natural behaviors and thrive, but I would say this is also true of most people who keep herps. Its kind of like going to the zoo, you don’t go to a good zoo to pet the animals, you go to watch them do their own thing at a distance. So if you really really like frogs, just getting to observe them is the reward that comes with keeping them. Although a big difference is that Moontoad now recognizes me and comes barreling up to the glass to see if there’s snacks.

I was at the zoo today so what abt Marius and Cosette going there i mean

  • Marius knowing the most irrelevant trivia abt the weirdest animals there like “Did you know the Binturong smells like a freshly made batch of popcorn to discourage predators” and Cosette would just “yeah okay bUT LOOK HOW ODD THAT ONES TAIL LOOKS ITS ADORABLE”
  • Marius walking too fast for tiny Cosette with her tiny legs so he has to walk super slow (not to mention how long theyd have to pause at every animals’ cage to watch it)
  • Cosette giving 80% of the animals names (”oh look now Rita cuddles with Margret” “no Marius thats Daisy look she has a spot on her butt!”) but sadly failing to do so at the walk through budgie cage
  • sharing icecream and water and fries
  • Goats at the petting zoo being incredibly fond of Marius, accepting him as their leader and probably knocking him down more than once (resulting in a hilarious snapchat story) 
  • associating every Amis with different animals (”that one totally looks like Courf” “Ferre would love that huge tortoise!!”)
  • Marius’ face lightening up tremendously every time kids gather around him to listen to what he has to say about certain animals (Cosette comes back from the bathroom to see him acting like a shimpanzee and imitating a birds cry bc “they are so underrated but they are so amazing you totally have to see them tiny friends”)
  • piggy back rides at the end of the day bc tiny Cosette was too enthusiastic abt all the pets
  • basically just both of them being dorks and spending the most amazing day together
Felis Rufus

Pairing: Billy Kaplan/Teddy Altman

Notes: For ardatli, who sent me the prompt (the scientific name for bobcats is Felis rufus), and who is having a bad day.


 “Oh my god,” Billy says. “Ohhhhh my god. It’s so fluffy. It’s so fluffy.

Teddy snorts. “Seriously, babe, how can you have never been to the zoo before?”

Billy grins apologetically at him. “Mom and Dad don’t approve of them? They don’t like seeing animals in captivity. They like aquariums ok because science, but they don’t like zoos.”

The moon bear they’re watching rolls onto its back and yawns massively, then starts scratching its stomach with one paw.

“I bet I could teleport myself in there and give it a hug. It’s so fluffy.

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A Trip to the Zoo

As a committee member of our university’s veterinary zoological society, I organised a behind-the-scenes tour of Knowsley Safari Park for thirty veterinary students. We had an amazing day with a guided tour of the drive-through park, a wild animal care workshop and we got to watch some giraffe training as well.

My notes on technicalities of keeping animals in safari parks:

  • Difference between safari park and zoo
    • Safari park has more space per enclosure
    • Safari parks are more likely to have mixed species in an enclosure
    • In zoos animals go into their houses routinely, therefore are easier to monitor
    • Harder to replicate specific habitats and climates in safari parks
  • Peer David’s deer have webbed feet to move on marshy ground
  • The Iberian wolf is harder to manage in captivity than the typical Grey wolf found in zoos, because of its different pack structure and limited knowledge about the specie
  • African Lions
    • Castrating a male –> no mane growth
    • Vasectomising a male –> mane remains
    • Vitamin A deficiency –> thicker skull bones –> press on brain –> ataxia, head tilt, neck ventroflexion
      • Giving cod liver oil and vitamin A capsules will reduce behaviour
  • Roan antelope are very prone to parasites and secondary infection
  • Infanticide is common in baboons, to confirm status in troop
  • Rhinos – problems with second generation breeding
    • In zoos worldwide, second generation breeding a problem (ie the second generation born at a zoo does not breed well)
    • This may be because of the female offspring staying too close to the mother
    • Separating males from females may help develop more natural behaviour
  • Controlling reproduction in lechwe antelope is difficult 
    • Ring castrating 3 day old males makes horns grow towards eyes, meaning surgery is required
    • Ideal is surgical castration at 8 months
  • Elephants
    • If not continually breeding and pregnant can develop pathologies that reduce likelihood of pregnancy later on
    • Sedation 
      • Inject sedative IV into ear vein on back of ear
      • Check sedation by amount of trunk movement
      • Major risk is falling down after sedation
      • Pressure on tusk while lying down on concrete floor – sand is better substrate
      • Post-anaesthetic myopathy can occur due to reduced blood flow to limbs
      • Elephants need equal lying-time on both sides of body
    • Steps involved in elephant translocation
      • Training beforehand with positive reinforcement – crate/truck/loading training
      • Work with the elephant during the time of day that the translocation will occur (eg evening) so that the elephant isn’t disturbed by the presence of keepers at an unusual time
      • Assessments made
        • Faecal samples to measure steroid levels
        • Tracheal lavage and culture to check for tuberculosis
          • Local anaesthetic into trunk
          • 5 meter endoscope entered into trunk
        • Rectal ultrasound to check reproductive status