it's like watching animals at the zoo

I was at the zoo today so what abt Marius and Cosette going there i mean

  • Marius knowing the most irrelevant trivia abt the weirdest animals there like “Did you know the Binturong smells like a freshly made batch of popcorn to discourage predators” and Cosette would just “yeah okay bUT LOOK HOW ODD THAT ONES TAIL LOOKS ITS ADORABLE”
  • Marius walking too fast for tiny Cosette with her tiny legs so he has to walk super slow (not to mention how long theyd have to pause at every animals’ cage to watch it)
  • Cosette giving 80% of the animals names (”oh look now Rita cuddles with Margret” “no Marius thats Daisy look she has a spot on her butt!”) but sadly failing to do so at the walk through budgie cage
  • sharing icecream and water and fries
  • Goats at the petting zoo being incredibly fond of Marius, accepting him as their leader and probably knocking him down more than once (resulting in a hilarious snapchat story) 
  • associating every Amis with different animals (”that one totally looks like Courf” “Ferre would love that huge tortoise!!”)
  • Marius’ face lightening up tremendously every time kids gather around him to listen to what he has to say about certain animals (Cosette comes back from the bathroom to see him acting like a shimpanzee and imitating a birds cry bc “they are so underrated but they are so amazing you totally have to see them tiny friends”)
  • piggy back rides at the end of the day bc tiny Cosette was too enthusiastic abt all the pets
  • basically just both of them being dorks and spending the most amazing day together