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inspired by that scene from the fanfic The Leonardo Effect where Leo shows Ezio a telescope. and everybody should read that amazing fic tbh, it’s so well-written and beautiful and gave me many feels


Sense8 | All I Want Right Now Is One More Bullet

At least we know the name of the restaurant.


Jun was worried for Mingyu.

At one point Sam’s temperature climbs above 108 and he goes down hard in the bunker’s hallway, wandering half-delirious with Dean fluttering anxiously at his side. Dean sees Sam start to crumple in his periphery, catches his brother by the underarms and lets his dead weight carry them gracelessly to the ground.

Then Sam starts seizing.

Dean gets a thigh wedged under his head to keep it from banging against the cement while he lies twitching and jerking on the floor, holds him steady like that with fingers wound tight in the fabric of his shirt. There’s saliva foaming up between his lips, dribbling down the sides of his face and his breath is making an awful choking, rattling wheeze in his throat. Dean tilts his brother’s head to clear his airway, hangs on with adrenaline and sick dread churning away in his stomach.

Eventually the spasms stop and Sam goes still. Dean keeps him there on the cement, head pillowed in his lap, rubbing circles into his shoulder and speaking soothing, senseless things while Sam’s eyelids flutter—the way he used to when Sam would have nightmares, or when the hallucinations got so bad there were long bleeding scores on his arms and throat where he tried to claw out the maggots he saw writhing there.

Like those times, it takes a while for Sam to come back to himself. His eyes are half-open but unfocused, failing to take in much of his surroundings. His lips are parted and shining, moving a little as he sucks in air rhythmically. Dean mops the saliva from Sam’s chin with the cuff of his shirtsleeve, smooths the sweaty hair back from his forehead.

Sam is still searing hot to the touch. Burning up from inside. Transforming.

Dean hangs on tight tight tight—prays with all his strength Sam won’t crumble to ash beneath his hands.

alien covenant

so it turns out everyone who shit-talked this movie is bad and wrong and needs to go sit in the corner reserved for garbage opinions.

so i’ve had this kinda random idea of neighbour!astro so like,, here’s a neighbour!astro au in which all of the guys live on the same floor of an apartment building! 


  • everyone in the building knows who he is and loves him
  • like myungjun doesn’t leave, return to, (etc) his apartment without saying hello and smiling at every single person he passes 
  • he’s always ruffling kids hair on the way by and always has candy with him to hand them
  • at first all of the parents were freaked out by this dude giving their kids candy but eventually they got used to it bc they realized myungjun is literally a harmless bean
  • there’s a lot of house plants in his apartment
    • succulents on the desk in his bedroom
    • a flower called a clivia on the living room table (everyone says this flower is just myungjun as a plant due to it’s orange and yellow petals)
    • grows aloe and various herbs in the window in his kitchen
    • random flowers and other plants scattered around the various rooms of his house
  • once sanha broke one of his plants and he cried 
    • he didn’t talk to sanha for a whole week and only forgave him when sanha bought him a new plant
  • doesn’t care at all about anything else in his apartment looking good though and jinwoo is constantly yelling at him bc “myungjun hyung you literally have yellow walls and your bedsheets are blue and you have purple and green striped pillows whAT ArE YOu dOIng” 
  • jinwoo has tried like five times to get him to buy matching stuff and each time myungjun gets out of it by distracting jinwoo with his flirting skills™️
    • cue flustered jinwoo with super red cheeks and barely responding to anything myungjun says
  • he introduced all of the guys to one another and they all kinda credit him for their friend group
  • is the friend who brings them all coffees, treats, etc whenever he goes out
  • loved unconditionally by everyone for his ever present smile and positivity around the building


  • has his dog’s name on the name plate next to his door alongside his
    • everyone thought that it was the name of his child for a really long time bc he refers to his dog as his kid and bc his dog’s name is jihun which is a pretty common name
    • takes his dog on runs/walks every day and when he sees the old women in the park doing yoga/exercising he yells out a “looking great ladies” with his signature smile nd literally all of them are in love with him 
    • ”omg i wish he would marry my daughter” “psh please mrs. kang i want him to marry me” (sucks for all of them though bc he only has eyes for myungjun)
  • has way too many things for his dog scattered around his apartment,,, somehow his house is nearly as neat as dongmin’s
  • his apartment is the epitome of aesthetic and everyone who comes in is jealous of his white walls and white bed sheets and completely matching green accents
  • (if only he could keep a plant alive, then it would be perfect in his mind)
  • only has mugs in his kitchen and no one knows why he doesn’t own any glasses 
  • he met myungjun bc he was constantly throwing out dead house plants and myungjun saw and started to leave ones he had been taking care of for a while outside jinwoo’s door
    • kept it up for like 3 weeks before jinwoo finally caught him trying to sneak back into his apartment across the hall
    • jinwoo thinks that he should probably be offended that myungjun had no faith in his ability to grow a plant but he can’t be upset bc the cutest guy in his building is giving him plants and its a great excuse to talk to him for “tips on keeping his plants alive”
  • is the one of his friend group who all of them go to for advice whenever they’re having trouble with something
    • he’ll sit them down on his couch with a mug of tea and let them pet his dog as they rant to him about whatever is wrong
    • gives them great advice and a good hug before sending them back to their own apartments
  • highkey the kindest and most genuine hearted person in the building and he always has something nice to say to everyone he sees when leaving, coming, walking around, (etc)


  • has been living in the building for the longest time of all of the guys
  • he tutors like half the kids in the building in various subjects ranging from science to english
  • he met myungjun the week that he moved in bc he thought myungjun was trying to kidnap one of the kids he tutors
    • myungjun ran into the boy as he was returning to his apartment and told the kid to come in for a minute bc he just bought new chocolates
    • cue dongmin freaking the heck out bc he thought that his new next door neighbour was actually going to murder the 10 year old or something
    • calmed down after myungjun explained himself and gave dongmin some chocolate too
  • his house is literally spotless and no one knows how he does it bc he’s so busy
    • though it’s not as aesthetic as jinwoo’s apartment it’s super nice and well decorated and put together
    • has complete matching utensils and plates and glasses (and even has a set of wine glasses)
    • a closet that, according to myungjun, is “bigger than my bathroom wtf” and is filled with super nice pieces of clothing that the other guys steal from time to time
  • doesn’t talk to everyone he sees bc usually he’s rushing around to get home for tutoring, to school, or to his part time job but always offers everyone a smile
  • the most organized and put together person in the building,, you’ll never catch him in any drama like he’s so lowkey it’s unbelievable 
  • hosts weekly drama-watching nights for all the guys bc his living room is the biggest
    • doesn’t get caught in any irl drama but will binge watch an entire show in 24 hours and rant to anyone who will listen about why it sucks/is a must see while in the laundry room
  • everyone who lives in the building either wants to be him, marry him, or have one of their kids marry him tbh


  • everyone in the building describes him as “unique”
  • no one really knows him that well but they also can’t really complain about him bc for the most part he’s a great neighbour
    • he’s quiet and keeps pretty much to himself,, never really has people over very often 
  • lowkey a hoarder though bc he finds things that he thinks are cute, different, (etc) at stores and buys them for no real reason and then stacks them on his shelves
    • dongmin is always trying to get rid of these little trinkets like “wtf bin why do you need this mini statue of a rooster??” “bc it’s cute, okay, and the lady told me it was a good luck charm i can’t get rid of it”
  • highkey in love with dongmin,,, everyone knows it,,, even dongmin knows it,, but it’s okay bc dongmin is highkey in love with bin too
    • the two spend hours together /studying/ but actually study bc they just like being around each other even if they’re not talking
    • sanha, being the buildings Drama King, has tried to find dirt on their “study dates” but can’t bc they literally just study
    • go on coffee dates 25/8 bc they’re both struggling university students, pray for them (sanha and minhyuk are constantly annoyed that they don’t get invited for coffee bc they are also struggling university students, jinwoo reminds them that dongmin and bin are in love™️ and they need to chill)
  • he’s the only one who actually knows how he and myungjun met bc myungjun doesn’t remember
    • bin lives across the hall and to the left of myungjun, next door to jinwoo
    • basically he lives on the end of the hall, with jinwoo in the middle and minhyuk on jinwoo’s other side; sanha lives directly across from him, myungjun in the middle of the opposite side and dongmin on myungjun’s other side
    • one night myungjun somehow manages to knock on the wrong door and totally confess to jinwoo how much he likes having him as a friend bc he’s only his second friend in the building aside from dongmin
    • except he tells bin all this stuff and bin is like “uhh i mean, i know i’m great but who are you??” 
    • they end up friends after that somehow,, it helps that myungjun is friends with dongmin 
  • bin will bring all the cats back home each time he comes back to his apartment
    • like he’ll see a familiar black cat and be like “oh that’s miss. kim’s cat, mina, i better bring her home!!” 
    • then gets the cat to follow him home bc cats love him for some reason and returns the cat to it’s apartment 
  • smiles so much bc he loves smiling and being smiley and everyone loves seeing him walking around
  • super nice when you get to know him but comes off as slightly intimidating
    • the guys know he cries at dramas, and offers to fight anyone who hurts them


  • athlete extraordinaire in a nontraditional way
    • aka the shelves of his apartment are filled with dance and taekwondo trophies 
  • really quiet and pretty shy tbh like no one really talks to him unless he wants them to
  • he lived next to jinwoo for almost a month before anyone met him
    • they literally never saw him and thought maybe it was some kind of ghost tenant or something living in the apartment
    • and then one night when myungjun was working jinwoo went over bc he heard minhyuk playing a song by bts that he really liked the dance to
    • cue him and minhyuk bonding over dance and becoming dance buddies
  • his apartment is really messy,,, like there’s clothes covering every spot in his room and no one knows how he can tell anything apart
    • he’s the person who will just grab a random shirt off the floor like “eh this is good” and wear it 
    • dongmin is always telling him to clean up but he doesn’t ever listen
  • he’s really observant which is a benefit of being quiet and not talking much
    • him not talking much is also why him and sanha bond so well bc sanha incessantly talks but in like a good way bc minhyuk loves it
  • hardcore pining after sanha and everyone knows it except sanha bc he’s oblivious
    • does absolutely anything sanha asks him to bc he just cares about him so much
    • even helps him with finding dirt/drama about people around the building even though it’s not really his thing
  • he heard about a few of the kids wanting to attend dance lessons and not being able to afford it so he convinced bin and jinwoo to help him teach them for free,,, took none of the credit even though it was 110% his idea
  • everyone has a lot of respect for him bc they know he works hard 
  • is super polite to everyone so pretty much everyone likes him and they leave him alone for the most part
  • definitely the balancing personality in his friend group bc while he can be excited and joking when he wants to be he’s pretty serious for the most part and makes sure they’re not doing, saying, (etc) anything silly or stupid


  • only moved in like 3 months ago and lives on myungjun’s other side
    • when he moved in myungjun helped him carry some boxes up without even saying anything to sanha first
    • the poor boy thought this guy was trying to steal his stuff and only realized myungjun was helping him after he yelled at him
    • quickly forgave him bc they live right beside each other and have quite a bit in common
  • absolute Drama King like he doesn’t start it or get involved in it but he knows everything there is to know about everyone
    • he goes to tea at the houses of the gossip ladies and bc he seems so innocent they just talk about everything in front of him
    • someone: “did you hear about what miss. kang did with mrs. kim’s husband??” 
    • sanha: “uhh no please fill me in” 
  • all the ladies love him and invite him back every single week
  • he doesn’t spill any of the secrets he learns unless he has to,,, chaotic good tbh
  • his house is surprisingly clean,,, bc he’s so young everyone expects it to be like minhyuk’s but somehow it isn't 
    • his plates, bowls, cups, other kitchenware are yellow and everyone loves it bc they think they’re adorable
    • constantly falls asleep at the desk in his room due to staying up late to do homework and jinwoo is always telling him he needs to get proper sleep and use his bed
  • the buildings largest child tbh,, everyone kinda watches out for him and all the parents pinch his cheeks and think he’s adorable 
  • the most oblivious person on earth
    • everyone has told him that minhyuk likes him, including the gossip ladies but he won’t listen bc he’s stubborn
    • doesn’t believe that his huge crush isn’t one sided until minhyuk kisses him one day while they’re having a very very rare argument about something
    • when the guys find out they yell/say variations of “finally” and myungjun buys minhyuk ice cream as a congratulations
  • like myungjun, he’s super positive and always smiling his super nice smile and everyone loves having him around

castieltaking-hobbits2gallifrey  asked:

I need more batman media but I don't know what to watch or where to watch it and Netflix took off Young Justice and Justice League :(:( do you have any fic recs or fun facts

A.  Blogs to follow if you haven’t already followed them, the first three write FREAKING AMAZING fanfic and the fourth creates THE BEST fanart I have literally sat and scrolled through these blogs for hours

@camsthisky (good GOSH I love her she writes so much about Dick Grayson)




B.  Random Fics to Read (and honestly there are so many more, I just can’t think of them at the moment):

1. The Acrobat Series 

by fishfingersandjellybabies

Look anytime anyone talks about how much Dick loves his family they’ve won my heart and soul. I especially like the Kori section.

2.  Mori Shej 

by dickiegayson

OH MY GOSH.  I love this story so freaking much.  Ok, imagine if Jason Todd, after coming back from the dead and going through all that stuff with the Lazarus Pit and training, goes after Dick Grayson to get his revenge on Bruce.  Except when he shows up at Dick’s apartment, ready to kill the Golden Son, he finds something completely unexpected.  Jason has a lot of issues, Dick has a lot of issues (courtesy of the Blockbuster incident).  I have read and reread this story countless times, and I can never not cry because I love my broken sons so much.  There is a lot of anger, some cursing, much regret, and brothers being brothers.  And Dick is the sweetest most protective [redacted because spoiler] and Jason has a mushy heart after all.  It can stand as complete but I think the author is writing more?  Also, either before or after, or both, go to and listen to the song.  It is my new favorite song and CAN YOU IMAGINE DICK SINGING IT OH MY GOSH

3.  the road will only be wide (the rain will never stop falling) 

by weird_bird (2weird4)

A collection of Dick and Damian moments.  So very beautiful.

4.  The Robins United Series, first story is Bird by Bird 

by laceymcbain

…some hurt/comfort, Jason doesn’t know what the hell to do with his family, and they all insist on calling him brother.  *shrugs* family feels are my drug of choice

5.  Penny Lane 

by @jerseydevious

Damian wants a horse, and drat I’m crying?  (tbh I cry very easily over my sons…but still)

6.  Sun Spot 

by Dawn’sEternalLight (@preciousthingsareprecious)

This fic is a quiet moment of beauty and rest for Dick and Damian.  Damian draws, and Dick watches his talented little bro.  There is sunlight.  You skin will clear and your crops will grow and any heartache you have ever had will be healed like magic!

C.  A bunch of fics by Kieron_O’Duibhir

1.  The Till-Then From the Ever-Since  

There is a problem in the Batcave, as in, younger versions of the Batfam keep turning up. It’s absolutely fantastic, and one of my favorite things is younger Jason being SO done with his older self and calling him out on stuff and being all protective of his brothers.  It gets better and better with every chapter.

2.  But a Walking Shadow

 So this story is not finished yet and the author takes waaay long to post updates on it but she has promised not to abandon it soo…It is Nightwing-centric, with a whole mess of comic Teen Titans making appearances.  The author has written a lot of stories about a world where Dick became a Talon, and in this tale Talon-on-the-run winds up on Earth-1 and Nightwing is trying to figure out who this apparent clone of his is.  Talon Dick has always intrigued me, and it is interesting seeing him and Nightwing face off.

3.  All the Roofs of Uncertainty

HOLY HECK this is one of my favorite Jason Todd fanfics EVER.  I love the description by the author “The one where Dick bleeds a lot and Jason argues with everybody.”  Jason is in the wrong spot at the wrong time, ie. He finds Dick bleeding to death and is forced to save him.  Tim and Damian make appearances.  Jason has anger issues.  That doesn’t stop him from caring.  Bruce and Jason hash things out in the most beautiful (painful) way.

4.  Wheel and Blade

 In which Dick confronts Damian about his practice of taking weapons to school, and also gets slightly distracted by the idea of living in a vardo.  I love this story because it shows the best way to parent Damian—not by telling him no “because I said so” but by explaining and debating things like he is smart and capable.  

5.  I Pass the Night Watchman on His Beat

This is a cool one-shot of Dick and Amy, his partner on the Bludhaven police force.  I freaking love Dick being a cop.

D.  Okay now if you want something to watch:

 1.     Nightwing—The Series 

by ismahawk

This is THE BEST Nightwing fan film I have ever seen.  I love the Dick Grayson in it—he’s got acrobatics, sounds like Jesse McCartney (Robin/Nightwing’s VA in YJ), and is quite handsome.  He fights, gets the stuffing beat out of him and keeps getting back up, has a bit of a temper, loves Barbara—perfection.  Watch it, you won’t regret it.  (Also Jason is there yay!  I will take him in any capacity I can get. And I kinda really like the actor for Bruce?)

2.     Red Hood: The Series—Episode One “Homecoming” 

by tenshunn

My favorite Jason Todd fanfilm!!!  Heavily featuring Tim Drake!  Look this adaption is fab, I love the actors and the dialogue and the fight between Jason and Tim (spoiler?)  As far as I know they are trying to put together a second episode.  Watch the video where Jason Todd tries to get people to donate money for it, its HILARIOUS

3.      Batman The Animated Series is on Netflix till September 1st.  I’m in the second season and love it a lot…Alfred is so freaking sassy!  

4.     Damian Wayne: Robins Fly at Night

 It’s just five minutes and doesn’t have any dialogue, and it doesn’t come close to deserving an Oscar, but dang it it’s hard to find Damian stuff…and also seeing a little kid running around in the Robin costume made me realize that there is nothing I want more than to see Damian Wayne on the big screen, being all angry assassin kid, and Dick Grayson capturing him in a hug…

5. Gotham on Netflix

I am pretty sure you already watch this? But if not, DO!  It is AMAZING.  I love it so much, especially Bruce and Alfred and Selina Kyle

E.  Some things from Batman: Dark Victory

Okay I know he is a talented young acrobat and all but how the FUDGE did Dick get up on that chandelier?!  the kid can truly fly (yeah yeah, the stairs probably lead up to a hallway floor/balcony that Dick leapt off of but still) I wonder how many grey hairs the kid gave Alfred in those first weeks alone

On dark days I like to remember the time bby birb Dick Grayson caved in the Joker’s cheek with a well-placed kick.  My nine or ten year old son then proceeded to smash in the Joker’s teeth with a stick a few minutes later and it was amazing

You think I lied??  Nah my son Dick Grayson was cracking teeth and bones and witty puns from Day 1.  Go Robin!!!

Okay so just look at this picture.  Bby Dick is SO FREAKING TINY!!!  also very intense. OMG Batman’s fists are as big as his first son’s head!  *cue a very many feels in my heart*

F.  Random things I am including because I feel like it, and they all revolve around Dick Grayson mostly because he is my fave so…

1. Apparently some official websites say that Nightwing’s martial arts specialty is Aikido.  I do not think that word means what they think it means

2. “I close my eyes now for a few moments and I can see my parents riding the air current with me. Forever young. Forever strong. Their faces wide with excitement, big smiles on their faces, enjoying the adrenaline surge even more than I do. And there is one thing I am sure of … my parents would be proud of my life.” (Nightwing, Nightwing #141, 2008)  

3.   [Talking about Blüdhaven] “It’s a hopeless case. A lost cause. A town so mired in corruption and sin that it’s drowning … When Batman sent me here, I thought I’d solve one case and book. But then I realized … if I could make a difference here – well, that’d be something. This filthy old town needs me…. Surrounded by a dozen of my worst enemies. No way out. Nowhere to hide. The little brat was right. I do love it. (Nightwing, Nightwing Secret Files #1, 1999)

4.  There once was a dumb writer who thought killing Nightwing for real would be a good idea, and he tried writing toward that end, but everybody else was like hahahaha NO

5.  I used to hate when fic writers would shorten Damian’s name to Dami (kind of like how I majorly dislike when people shorten Sirius Black’s name to Siri, he is not an iPhone gosh).  But then I read a post on tumblr that said something about Dami actually meaning something in Arabic, something like blood or life-blood or heart blood…I can’t exactly remember what and maybe it isn’t even true but I choose to believe it is and that Dick knows exactly what it means and he calls Damian Dami as a way to show how special he is, how much Dick loves him.  Because Damian is his little brother/son and means the absolute world to Dick.  And Damian, though he pretends to despise all nicknames, absolutely LOVES that Dick calls him this

Doctor Eggsy

Here, have 1334 words of Doctor Who AU nonsense, featuring Eggsy as the Doctor and Harry who is confused. 

For @your-eggcellency

It hurts like hell, but he knows that it’s time. This body has been wearing down and it’s time to let go now, to take a new form, to start all over again. He has done this many times, but it doesn’t make this one any better. It still hurts, the energy burning through him like wildfire.

Gingerly, he touches his face once the last bright orange sparks of the energy have left his new form. He feels younger, and his new jaw is alarmingly sharp. He heaves himself up and staggers around the console on his new and unfamiliar legs. He’s definitely shorter than he used to be. He swings the mirror around to get a good look at his new face.

‘’Who’s this pretty boy, then?’’ he asks himself and then coils back in surprise because this new body comes with a new accent. ‘’What in the…?’’

It’s unnerving – it always is – but the more he looks at his new, younger face, the more he ponders over his new South London accent, the more he starts to like them. He’s been in old bodies and younger bodies, but this? This is new and exciting in a way very few things are when you’re a thousand years old and seen entire planets born and die.

‘’Yeah,’’ he says to the empty TARDIS. ‘’Yeah, this’ll be fun.’’

He looks down on his new form, still dressed in the ill-fitting clothes of his previous self. ‘’But first, we need new threads.’’

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Sometimes you don’t fall in love with someone at first sight. Sometimes it happens over a period of weeks, months, years; sometimes it happens over and over again.

Alternatively: Vivi Swore She Wouldn’t Write Angst Anymore but Here She Is, After Watching Hyunsik’s Swimming MV, Full of Regrets (ok there isn’t any angst in this first part thank god it was too long so i chopped it i swear)

  • Eunwoo’s parents making month-long annual trips every school holiday to Eunwoo’s mum’s hometown by the sea 
    • Baby!Eunwoo gurgling and laughing when wet by sea spray 
    • One year old Eunwoo holding a smol crab in his hands, eyes wide in awe
    • Two year old Eunwoo making smol footprints with his dad in the sand 
    • Three year old Eunwoo stacking rocks and happily talking to himself 
    • Four year old Eunwoo sticking his feet in the sea and squealing loudly for his mum to pick him up because it’s cold, mama it’s cold 
    • Five year old Eunwoo holding his brother’s hand and clutching a fish and beaming at the camera 
  • And it’s on this sixth trip that Eunwoo’s mum winds a silver chain around Eunwoo’s neck and brings him to a neighbourhood jewellery store 
    • It isn’t so much of a jewellery store as a trinket shop that happens to carve sea glass beads
    • Eunwoo’s mum gets a new one every year and only swaps it out when she heads back to her hometown, almost like a renewal of sorts, as if telling the sea and the sky that she’ll keep them in her heart and she promises, promises, promises that she’ll come back the next year 
    • And even if Eunwoo and his brother don’t grow up with their feet in saltwater and sea breeze in their hair, she wants them to have at least something that reminds them of her own home 
    • So every year she intends to bring Eunwoo and his brother to the store to let them pick out colours they like and swap out the previous year’s charm for a new one
  • And so Eunwoo is five when he stumbles into the shop for the first time 
    • He’s entranced by tinkly windchimes and odd-shaped mirrors, hands wandering over soft cushions and old silver boxes, surrounded musty wood-lacquer smell and a stronger, overriding smell of the sea 
    • Eunwoo stopping by a quaint little mirror 
    • Eunwoo blinking because this doesn’t seem like a mirror 
    • Those aren’t his eyes and that isn’t his hair 
    • And when he reaches out a hand his not-reflection blinks and moves out of the way 
    • Eunwoo blinks
    • Eunwoo: “you’re not a reflection" 
    • Not-Reflection, blinking back: 
    • Eunwoo, stretching his finger 
    • Not-Reflection squeaking and scuttling off 
    • Eunwoo, jumping back slightly and scrambling to find his mum 
  • And he sees Not-Reflection sat down on a glass counter, small chubby arms wrapped around a woman’s neck and head tilted so he can monitor Eunwoo out the corner of his eye 
    • Eunwoo raising a hand to say hi 
    • Not-Reflection ducking his head and burying his nose in the woman’s shoulder 
    • Eunwoo’s mum cooing: "awww he’s shy, isn’t he? Eunwoo was like that last year too" 
    • And suddenly the two women are talking like old friends, gesturing and using Big Words and stuff until the woman lets Not-Reflection down to the floor
    • The woman: "Go make friends, Binnie!" 
  • Cue Binnie peeking out from behind the glass counter, big eyes blinking at Eunwoo 
    • Eunwoo doesn’t know what to do????? 
    • Eunwoo: "Binnie? Hi?" 
    • Binnie peeking at Eunwoo: 
    • He raises a hand in greeting like his teacher taught him and Binnie immediately ducks back behind the counter 
    • Eunwoo pouting until he notices Binnie poking his head out again 
    • Rinse and repeat until Eunwoo notices Binnie starting to giggle each time he pokes his head out 
    • Oh
    • They’re playing hide & seek 
    • Eunwoo grinning because he’s good at this!! 
  • Except his mum is calling for him and asking him to choose a bead 
    • Bin pouting because does this mean he can’t play with his new friend anymore?
    • Eunwoo’s mum setting his brother down on the glass counter and letting him point at random beads and babble 
    • Bin’s mum lowering a tray of beads to the floor so Eunwoo and Bin can kneel over it and pick
    • Eunwoo carefully scrutinising the beads before settling on a cloudy white one 
    • Bin beaming and shaking out a thin black corn from under Binnie’s shirt because look !!! 
    • The same!!!! 
    • Binnie & Eunwoo can match!!!! 
    • Eunwoo’s mum laughing 
  • Eunwoo leaving his mum to discuss with Bin’s mum how she wants the number 6 carved on the bead since it’s Eunwoo’s sixth year visiting in favour of poking Bin’s cheek 
    • Very squish, Eunwoo approves 
    • Bin looks mildly offended before prodding Eunwoo’s too 
    • Eunwoo, giggling a little before offering a slightly garbled: "my name’s Eunwoo!!" 
    • Bin, with his finger still buried in Eunwoo’s cheek: "Eu Noo?" 
    • Do you remember when Bin used to tag his 달콩 photos with 으누 instead of 은우 I’m so weak
    • Eunwoo, gently dislodging said finger: "Eunwoo!" 
    • And as his mother’s taught him to greet new friends, Bin reaches up to Eunwoo on his tippy toes and presses a sticky kiss to Eunwoo’s cheek 
    • Eunwoo blinking 
    • Eunwoo breaking out into a smile 
  • And this is how Bin ends up stuck to Eunwoo’s side the rest of Eunwoo’s visit 
    • Down to the wooden-plank pier? 
    • Bin’s trailing behind Eunwoo, talking Eunwoo’s ear off about how that one time he saw a bird as huge as a monster fly down and scoop chips from his dad’s open hand 
    • At the candy store? 
    • Bin pointing out different candies he really likes and Eunwoo using his extra height to scoop more of them to shove in a bag 
    • In Bin’s mum’s shop? 
    • Eunwoo’s reading aloud to an increasingly sleepy Bin until Bin’s cheeks squish against Eunwoo’s shoulder and Eunwoo dozes off too 
    • In Eunwoo’s grandpa’s garden?
    •  Eunwoo’s pointing out different plants and giving them random names like "the Terminator” and “Butt” and Bin’s laughing like it’s the funniest thing he’s heard in ages 
    • Eating snacks? 
    • Eunwoo’s counting the number of marshmallows Bin can stuff in his cheeks without them bursting and Bin’s giggling because Eunwoo looks so focussed 
    • Both of them yelling in dismay when all this gooey, pink marshmallowey gunk starts spewing from Bin’s mouth as a result of him giggling 
  • The month winding up way too soon and all of a sudden Eunwoo’s mum’s packing up Eunwoo’s stuff into luggage bags 
    • And when the day comes for Eunwoo to leave their mums promise to stay in touch and Bin’s looking at Eunwoo like he doesn’t understand the concept of a year 
    • Bin: “How long’s that?" 
    • Eunwoo, thoughtfully: "Long." 
    • Bin, suddenly fiercely hugging this boy with bright eyes and beautiful smile who ran his fingers over boxes and sauntered into Bin’s life 
    • Eunwoo being slightly stunned but smiling and hugging him back because he’ll miss his friend 
    • But it’s okay!! He’ll see him in a year and that’s really all that matters
  • Except they don’t really know how long a year is
    • Bin, two days after Eunwoo left for the city: “Ma, when’s Eunwoo coming back?”
    • Bin, three days after Eunwoo left: “Is a year up yet?”
    • Bin, four days after Eunwoo left, picking at his fingernails and refusing to look up: “Why isn’t Eunwoo coming back?”
    • Bin’s mum answer’s always: “Eunwoo’s coming back in a year, baby” but Bin never knows how much that is 
    • Bin, rolling on the ground: “Is a year up yet?”
    • Bin, face squished against the glass counter as his little feet kick the air: “Has it been a year yet?”
    • Bin, rubbing the pale white stone around his neck: “It’s been a week and Eunwoo isn’t back yet, when’s he coming back?”
    • Until one day Bin’s mum hands him a calendar and a marker and tells him to cross off the days and once he makes it through an entire calendar, he’ll see Eunwoo again 
  • And of course Bin starts on it right away 
    • He crosses off every single box every single day for a month 
    • And then promptly loses his marker and forgets all about it 
    • Because Eunwoo or not, life as a four year old goes on and Bin has things to see and places to explore 
    • Until a year rolls around and Bin’s curled up on the sofa in his family shop tinkering around with some wind chimes 
    • And a boy with a white sea glass bead on a silver chain barrels into the shop, yelling: “BIN!!” 
  • And just like this, Bin and Eunwoo fall back into place, side by side, hand-in-hand, running around and falling asleep and eating and yelling and playing hide and seek and doing dumb things
    • Bin: “I dare you to eat sand.”
    • Eunwoo:
    • Bin:
    • Eunwoo:
    • Bin: “no actually you’re right don’t do it”
  • Eunwoo picking a pale blue sea glass bead and Bin picking an exact same one and both of them staring curiously as Bin’s mum snaps a magnifying glass on and starts carving a small 7 on Eunwoo’s bead’s smooth surface
    • Eunwoo smoothly sliding Bin’s bead onto his black cord and looping it around his neck and tucking it into his shirt 
    • Bin’s chubby fingers sliding Eunwoo’s piece on Eunwoo’s chain and Bin beaming with pride when he hands it back to Eunwoo 
  • And this time, when Bin sees Eunwoo off, he presses a small glass vial, half-filled with sand and topped with seawater (prepared by Bin’s mum under Very Careful Supervision by Binnie himself), so “when you go back to city life you’ll still think of me!”
    • Eunwoo throwing his arms around Bin and laughing because look!!! his friend made a thing!!!!!!!
  • And there it stays, on Eunwoo’s windowsill in the city 
    • Eunwoo looking up from where he’s playing on the floor when sunlight streams through his window and the seawater makes the light dance 
    • Eunwoo lying on the ground and squinting at the shadows and rainbows the bottle casts
    • Eunwoo adjusting him position on the ground and watching sunlight filter through the bottle on his windowsill right onto his hands 
    • Eunwoo watching the water ripple sometimes when a door bangs somewhere in their apartment and pretending it’s the same way his best friend’s eyes sparkle when he’s talking about something he loves
    • Eunwoo sometimes pulling the bottle from his windowsill and feeling its soft, small weight in his palm
    • Eunwoo pretending that here, this is it, this is an adequate replacement for him holding his best friend’s hand, going around with sand beneath their feet and salt in their hair and cheeks flushed red from laughing
    • Eunwoo smiling because yeah, he just got back from holiday but suddenly he’s really looking forward to the trip next year again

see i told you there wasn’t any angst (yet)

Why didn’t anyone warn my gay ass about Thalassa in Xena (S4E7)?????? Where is the wlw solidarity??

I was not ready and I’m weak!!! 

Badass scars + incredible villain aesthetics (with a side dish of Captain Phasma) + tough and tortured trope + arc of “I’m gay and soft on the inside” with Gabrielle… This is everything!! 


Say, Can I Tempt You? - by define_serenity

 (Seblaine Cruel Intentions AU)

Hunter makes a bet with Sebastian, his stepbrother, that he won’t be able to take Blaine’s virginity. If he loses, Hunter gets the Jaguar, if he wins, Sebastian gets Hunter.

@aprillikesthings I saw this and couldn’t help myself!!!! I seriously hope tomorrow’s a better day! Until then, have some cute fluff (I hope it’s fluffy enough, at least!). 

Peridot looked at the chalkboard. Though it was late at night, an old lamp Steven gave her for nights like this illuminated the entire barn. Simple sketches, they were, ideas to look over and discuss with Pearl for the future should they need them.

She heard the warp pad come to life and turned. A flicker of worry ran through her, but it did not last long. Amethyst dragged herself and sighed. Pulling back her messy hair, she revealed a bruised face and half lidded eyes. She waved with a weak smile. “Sup, dude?”

Peridot frowned, eyeing Amethyst’s torn clothes and slouched posture. She knew what this meant. It was that kind of day. She placed the chalk onto the board and approached Amethyst, wrapping an arm around her. “What was it this time?” she asked as she guided Amethyst further inside the barn and towards her couch.

“There were four of them,” Amethyst whined. She threw her arms out. “Four too many if you ask me. And they all had these… weird ray guns. One of them had a good arm, too! So lame,” she finished under her breath.  

“Are they still… around?” Peridot sat Amethyst down on the couch, beside an arm of the couch. She walked off for some things nearby. Things kept in the corner that had become commonly used on nights like this.

“Nah, we bubbled them all. But man, they were hard to poof. They put up a fight.” Amethyst leaned back.  

“Don’t worry about them, then. As long as there aren’t any more ships to worry about, right? Though you didn’t happen to grab one of their ray guns, did you?” Peridot couldn’t help but ask.

She returned to the couch, where Amethyst was grinning. “Actually, Garnet snagged one. Probably has it somewhere in the Temple. You can ask for it tomorrow, if you want.”

“I haven’t used anything similar to a ray gun in so long! I most certainly will” Peridot said, wrapping the blanket in her arms around Amethyst and tossing some snacks that she… borrowed from the Temple beside Amethyst. She placed a video in the television in front of them. 

Amethyst’s smile was small and warm as she took a bag of Twizzsticks. “What movie is it this time?” she asked Peridot, who jumped onto the couch and lay there beside her. 

“Something called The Big Talon,” Peridot answered as she threw an arm around Amethyst.

“A true classic. You’ll love it.” Amethyst snuggled closer to Peridot, moving the blanket to share it between them. “Start!” 

The movie was old-movie cheesy, black and white, and the effects made them giggle with laughter. It was the perfect, typical movie for them to watch on nights like this where Amethyst crashed at Peridot’s barn. Amethyst just said it would get better, but Peridot doubted the use of the word “better.” 

“This one looks so old… and the effects pale in comparison to newer films,” Peridot pointed out late into the movie, long after the giant, bird, clearly a badly designed puppet, made its appearance. By now, the giggling morphed into great cackles. 

“Old rummaging through my garbage piles can find the best stuff,” she murmured with a yawn thereafter. 

“We can turn it down if you’re tired.”

“Nah, I’m good.” Her eyes, slowly closing, wandered up to Peridot. “You’re the best, Peri. You know that, right?” 

Peridot blushed. “From what we’ve been facing, war is exhausting,” Peridot admitted quietly. “But that doesn’t mean we can’t have a night to ourselves, right?” 

Amethyst, eyes now shut completely, nodded. Peridot looked down at her. 


And she started snoring. Peridot quietly gave her props for falling asleep that quick. She also covered her mouth so she wouldn’t laugh. Because of course Amethyst was tired, but… stars, her snoring was incredibly adorable! 

Peridot rested her head atop Amethyst’s, letting rest of the movie play as she, too, eventually drifted off to sleep. 

Did I prompt myself? Yes. Is this probably ooc? Also yes. But this prompt from @meetcuteprompts just screamed Andreil AU and here we are! I tweaked it slightly, but enjoy! :)

Neil doesn’t necessarily hate his job, but he wouldn’t go out of his way to say he like it either. He had only agreed to it to help out Matt and Dan. He lets them pay him slightly below minimum wage while they get their quaint little coffee shop up and running. And in return, he gets a place to live and endless free coffee. He supposes it could be worse. 

At least, the regulars keep the days interesting enough. Neil knows them all by name now and knows what he needs to start preparing as soon as the little bell over the door gives a cheerful jingle. 

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anonymous asked:

I wish you would write a fic where Hera and Kanan have a serious diagreement and others (I don't really mind who, it can be any onlookers from the Ghost crew to Hondo or Inquisitors or whoever) are super uncomfortable about it bc they're the ORIGINAL SHIP HERE SERIOUSLY stop fighting and kiss okay? Bonus if Ezra is the only one who is super cool about it. What say you? XD

“Are they still at it?”

Sabine looked worried.  She was biting her nails as she strained to hear what was being said on the other side of the wall.

Ezra frowned, she seemed far more bothered by this than made sense.  “I dunno.  I guess so?”

Sabine tucked a nonexistent strand of hair behind her ear.  “I don’t understand,” she said.  “Why are they doing this?  It’s Hera and Kanan; they don’t fight!  I mean, not with each other, anyway.”

It was true, during the time he had been with the Ghost crew, Ezra had witnessed disagreements, differences of opinion, he had seen both of them frown or roll their eyes at something the other had said, but he had never seen anything on this scale.

“I mean,” Sabine continued.  She got to her feet and began to pace back and forth across the room.  “How long has it been now?”

Honestly, he wasn’t sure.  “An hour, maybe?” He suggested.

“Should we go in there?  Maybe there’s something we could do?”

Ezra shook his head vehemently.  “No way I’m getting in the middle of that,” he told her.  “What are they even fighting about anyway?”

“I don’t know.  I wasn’t there for the start of it.”

Ezra shrugged.  “People fight.  They’ll stop eventually.  Hey, why don’t we go for a walk or something?  Get out of their way.”

Sabine frowned hesitantly.  “Sure, I guess,” she said.

“Have they gone?” Hera asked.

Kanan was quiet for a moment, head cocked slightly to the side as though listening as he reached out using the Force to check on the whereabouts of the rest of the crew.  Chopper and Zeb had left earlier, reluctantly roped into helping out with something around the base.  Sabine and Ezra had shown no signs of leaving at all.

He nodded.  “Coast is clear,” he confirmed.  “Finally.  I thought they were never going to leave.”

Hera sighed.  “You don’t think that was a little mean, do you?”

“Yeah, definitely,” Kanan told her.  He stretched out on the bed and grinned a little wickedly.  “So, I figure they’ll be at least a couple of hours.  We have the ship to ourselves for this first time in years.  What do you want to do?”


Even Superman coordinates his primary colors (but your legs sure look nice in those tights) by @coalitiongirl

She is not going to swoon. She’s the mayor of Storybrooke City and she’ll be damned if Superman Lite gets anything from her. But it’s a challenge not to swoon at least a little when she’s being flown bridal-style across her city, the woman’s arms– strong arms, has she mentioned that yet? Because wow– loose but firm around her. Regina is breathless and frustrated and breathless and the woman knows it.

She quirks a grin at Regina’s glare and says, “Madam Mayor, it’s been a long-standing fantasy of mine to sweep you off your feet.”


LAST GAME: Kagami's announcement

Okay so I just watched the Last Game movie (finally!) and first and foremost let me say…I was kind of disappointed in it. I mean, I knew the film wasn’t going to be great (deviating from the manga and all wtf with that ending =_=) But it just felt so…shallow. This is just my opinion, but when I compare it to the series that I’ve loved for like 3+ years it really falls short. Of course, I still laughed with some parts, and of course getting excited towards the end as we do with these basketball dorks. It can’t match up to the series though, just my personal thoughts. 

But I thought this scene was handled relatively well (and was probably the most real moment of the movie) when Kagami made his announcement.


So after he told everyone he was leaving, it was kind of like “…what o.o” from Seirin - which I totally get, because it really did come from left field. I felt Kagami leaving for America was a really weak plot line, just thrown in there to make the plot supposedly more meaningful, but it was really only mentioned at the start and end points of the movie with very little emotional depth. 

(excuse the movie title in some shots, my bad guys)

After the shock, everyone turns to Kuroko, asking if he knew. This shot is really important, since Furihata, Kawahara and Fukuda (pls correct if I messed any of their names lol) are representing us basically, the audience. They’re upset and confused, and Kuroko has this slumping posture. He’s clearly saddened too, even though we can’t see his face. Kagami doesn’t say a word during this exchange, which I find interesting. It makes me think he’s already had this conversation with Kuroko, and countless times Kuroko’s reassured him that this was the best path for him to take. 

Now we see his face, and he’s so clearly conflicted. Even though he had known from the moment Kagami received the call from Alex, it’s still hurting him. I wish we had seen more of just Kuroko and Kagami knowing about it, the conversations they had about it. At first, was Kagami reluctant?? Was Kuroko the one who convinced him to go??? In my mind, it seems that way. Kuroko is not the type of person to let the past hold him down, or anyone else for that matter. That’s why, when Kagami came running back to him at the airport he was firm until the end that it was only right Kagami should go. To leave him there, to move forward. Even when he’s so upset, he won’t let Kagami be held back (especially not by Kuroko’s own feelings about it)

Then, they all ask Kuroko, “Are you okay with this?? To send him away like this???” Like…I’m sorry but this scene was so romantically coded for me. It’s just like if a couple has to part, one of them has to leave and the other is left behind. Kagami is still silent at this point, but notice he’s standing by Kuroko’s side. They are each other’s support, which is why Kagami decided to tell the team with Kuroko, rather than have Kuroko pretend not to know or to really hide the truth from him. He can’t lie to Kuroko, and Kuroko knows him better than anyone. 

But then, Kuroko lifts his head and stands tall, like he always does, and SUPPORTS Kagami. He does NOT want Kagami to go. Yet, he would never tell Kagami to stay and sacrifice his chance at making his dreams come true. And despite the two of them not being a couple, this is what real love looks like. You don’t hold back the person you care dearly about, even if it hurts you so much. From the start, Kuroko has believed in Kagami - and Kagami has completely trusted Kuroko as well. It’s because Kuroko believes so much in Kagami, more than anyone, that he can send him away with a smile and his fist extended warmly towards him. 

If there is a message (there’s not many tbqh) I could pull out of watching Last Game, it would be the timeless saying “if you love something, let it go”, and if it loves you too, then it will find it’s way back to you…

…”Let’s meet again!”


ODO: Living on Deep Space Nine has made you a little rusty. Your lies are becoming more transparent. You should be careful. You don’t want Tain to know that you’re feeling guilty about what you’ve done.

Every single thing that Odo says about Garak in Improbable Cause/The Die is Cast is 100% true. 

He sees right through Garak’s attempts at dissembling and that scares the fuck out of Garak. Garak is supposed to be above it all, to blend in with the shadows. He’s supposed to be an enigma. But Odo’s had a lot of practice seeing through bullshit and Garak’s is no exception. Odo has his number from the very beginning. 

I just have a lot of Feelings about this? Like, Garak is barely holding it together around Tain. As much as Garak likes to pretend he could go home again, the truth is, he’s a fundamentally different person from when he was exiled from Cardassia. “You had quite a vicious streak in those days,” Tain says, but Garak can’t help asking what happened to Parmak. “It would be a shame to have her killed,” he says of Mila. He won’t let anyone else interrogate Odo. 

It would be so easy to give in, to give Tain what he wants. Odo is nothing to him, after all, and what’s the betrayal of a few friends when accolades and his father’s acceptance and home is on the table? 

But he doesn’t.

Fic Author Self Rec

@phd-mama tagged me to do the fic author self rec, where we rec our own fics and then tag other authors. Anyone who knows me knows that I start to freak out if people actually… get excited about my fics. So this is good practice! Love thyself. Love thyfics.

5. Six Weeks. This was my Big Bang from last year, and also the first fic I ever started planning. It’s also the closest I’ve ever gotten to something like angst, and by reading it you’ll be able to tell that yes, I am apparently a fluff fiend at heart.

4. Down the Backs of Tabletops (and ticket stubs in the attic). I wrote this for a fiction writing class, and every day when I had to bring it in to class for discussion, I just did a mass name-change from one direction to random names, ahahaha. So approximately 20 English majors read this and sort-of approved of it (except one asshole who drew memes all over it and told me that it shouldn’t have a happy ending because that’s “expected” and “drab” like, fuck off). It’s weird and you’re not going to understand what’s going on until, like, halfway through? But halfway through 7k isn’t that far! I believe in you, dear reader!

3. Record Your Fate (and Write Me In). This fic makes me think of watching Frozen at 2am with my roommates spooning on the couch next to me and talking in their sleep, because that’s when I wrote 90% of it. One thing that you need to know about me is I’m a sucker for hurt/comfort, but also for weird fantasy, and I was somehow able to squash both of them into this fic. It’s weird. You should read it.

2. For the Love of Honey. This was all written between the hours of midnight and 3am, and by reading it I think that’s obvious. This fic reads like something that someone who never sleeps and also has just drunk a venti caramel macchiato sans-milk would write. Personally, I think it’s funny. But maybe that’s just me.

1. I Don’t Love You I Want in Your Heart. For some reason I’ve become so… attached to this fic. If you want something else to make you laugh, this is (hopefully) it. It’s also a/b/o, which I know is not a lot of people’s cuppa tea, but I’ve been told that it’s good even if you don’t like it! High praise, let me tell you.

Okay I have NO clue who has and hasn’t done this at this point (but damn I’m always one of the last ones to do this, how inconvenient!) so I tag @lululawrence, @so-why-let-your-voice-be-tamed and @hrrytomlinson